zakiwb Kilos08:28
zakii was waiting for u08:28
Kiloshi zaki 08:30
Kilosim here08:30
zakihey i can't join Glory warrior08:30
Kilosyou must be on that server08:30
zakiit says if u want 2 join br level 140+08:30
zakiyes i changed my server last night :D08:31
Kilosjust join ian will accept you08:31
zakiwhatever I alrdy applied for it08:31
zakioky :D08:31
Kiloshe has accepted you08:32
Kiloswelcome on board08:32
zaki thanks :D08:32
Kilosyou welcome08:32
zakiyou are in lv 4308:34
Kilosbeen a week of hard work08:35
zakihe he08:35
zakiwhat now?08:36
Kilosand always scrambling for supplies and gold08:36
Kilosand save every chocolate you can get , its used for upgrading your generals08:36
zakihey I'm donating now08:37
Kilosi havent donated anything08:37
Kilosno cah to give away 08:37
zakinah, can't donate08:38
zakiwhat chocolate?08:51
Kiloszaki most of those wars are above my level then you get killed quick and use lots of supplies without gaining many points so i look for those lower than me15:16
zakihmm 16:34
zaki"Happy New Year" everyone18:09

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