ekimhello all.02:06
Bashing-omekim: Welcome to the frying Pan .02:07
Bashing-omekim: so what's cooking at your place ?02:09
ekimNada much!  Just downloading Ubuntu and gonna give it a try again.  Hopefully on a usb bootable setup!  :)02:10
ekimIt has been quite some time since I have used linux and wanted to try a distro or two out again!02:11
Bashing-omgood deal. so long as ya know that from a liveUSB will not be a speed demon . USB is slow !02:14
ekimYeah I know but it is either that or just a live cd!02:18
Bashing-omekim: Well, when ya ready to bite the bullet and install 'buntu ; we are here to help !02:19
ekimI will be doing that once I get a chance to test out the distro for a while.  I will be installing it on a Asus laptop.02:21
ekimThanks though and I appreciate the help or will I am sure!  :)02:21
Bashing-omekim: Well. there are several to choose from . I personally have a liking for the xfce environments .02:23
ekimYes there are.  Too many for my liking but that isn't really a deciding factor.  Just gotta work with what I have (ie laptop, printer, etc).02:25
ducassegood morning all07:03
* ObrienDave waves07:04
Bashing-omG nite Good folks07:46
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BluesKajHappy New Year folks !12:01
Ben6420 more hrs12:05
ducasseonly 9.5 here13:36
BluesKajwell, some just have to state the obvious :-)13:38
ducasseBluesKaj: you boot your rpi from usb, don't you? is that basically a matter of copying across / and telling the bootloader (whatever that is) where to look?13:38
BluesKajducasse,  I boot the rpi from the microsd card, then it boots the / dir on the usb. Change the / dir in  /boot/cmdline.txt  to the / partition {sda1 for example ) This is one tutorial of many , http://www.instructables.com/id/Boot-the-Raspberry-Pi-from-USB/?ALLSTEPS13:50
ducasseBluesKaj: brilliant, thanks. that was the procedure i expected :) the sd card with my install has become totally borked, so i was thinking of using a usb stick for the next one.13:55
BluesKajducasse, here's an experimental tutorial to boot from the usb  https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/hardware/raspberrypi/bootmodes/msd.md13:57
ducasseBluesKaj: thanks, i'll look at those tomorrow. too bad the hardware can only boot directly from microsd.13:59
BluesKajducasse, the second url is for booting the rpi from a USB, but so far it's till experimental afaik.14:06
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ducasseBluesKaj: it says rpi3 only, mine is an rpi2 :(14:08
BluesKajthey aren't much diffrerent14:09
ducassebut nvm, the sd card won't be used much if / is on usb.14:09
ducassei'll see tomorrow what works and what i end up with, this particular sd card only lasted a couple of weeks with very little actual usage.14:11
BluesKaji reformatted one about 9-10 times and then it died14:12
BluesKajwas trying different OSs on the rpi14:13
ducasseshouldn't that fall under warranty or something? 9-10 formats is nothing imo.14:14
BluesKajI couldn't be bothered , had a 64Gb microsd and pu that in my phone and used the 16Gb card from phone to boot hte rpi14:16
BluesKajand  boot card working fine14:17
ducasseluckily i've got three or four cards i can use here, was thinking of only using a 4gb card to boot - that should be plenty. also means i'll finally find a use for it :)14:18
ducasseBluesKaj: well, thanks a lot for the guides, saves me googling for a good one. now i have an interesting project to start the new year with \o/14:32
BluesKajright, they're relatively easy to follow, you'll be using a usb as your / drive in no time ;-014:38
BluesKaj:-) even14:39
ducasseseems straight-forward enough, what i needed to know was basically what to add to cmdline.txt14:40
ducasseBluesKaj: well, enjoy your evening, best wishes for the new year! i've better get ready to go stuff my face with turkey :)14:44
BluesKajducasse, this the simplest tuotial/guide i could find, less clutter than the others , http://magnatecha.com/using-a-usb-drive-as-os-root-on-a-raspberry-pi/14:47
ducasseBluesKaj: thanks a lot, i think i've got it covered now. i've gtg, dinner in an hour. enjoy your evening!15:18
BluesKajducasse, ok, have a Happy New Year!  :-)15:36
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Bashing-omPizza !22:21
OerHeksHappy New Year !23:00

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