PozzoI'm not able to have gnome-screensaver working properly :-(02:49
Pozzosomeone have an idea ?02:49
Pozzothe screensaver starts... the screen becomes black...02:49
Pozzoand then 1 second later the backlight of the screen reappears : and the screen displays the cursor (arrow)02:50
Pozzothe screen is black... with just the mouse-cursor (and I clearly see the backlight of the screen is on)02:51
PozzoI'm using gdm3 ... and the nvidia proprietary driver (375.26)02:52
Pozzoall is working properly except this screensaver02:53
Pozzoit's really strange : the screensaver starts (if I try super-L by exemple), and then "a event fires" and the cursor appears02:54
Pozzoand of course if I move my mouse, the cursor move too and the login-screen appears02:57
Pozzoand it's just a fresh ubuntu-gnome 16.04.1 install02:59
PozzoI don't know if this bug was already there (or not) with the nouveau drivers... but I need 3D acceleration... so the nvidia proprietary drivers03:00
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1292041 in Unity "Lockscreen doesn't turn off the screen" [High,Fix released]03:09
Pozzoit's exactly the same behaviour in this thread... comment #39 from january 2015...03:09
PozzoI can't believe it's not solved almost 2 years later03:10
okieiamhello, does anyone know gnome shell 3.18 rotation icon in Ubuntu 16.04 kernel 4.4.0-31 for touch screen laptop03:58
goose_Can anyone help me out? The menu bar in my apps arent showing06:40
goose_Example http://i.imgur.com/qqd6M6z.jpg06:40
goose_Figured it out06:55
Pozzono one here ? only bots ?12:23
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