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ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (freedumbs)04:38
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bazhangmore xp09:55
bazhanglike it's an rpg09:55
bazhangikonia, he's crossposting and not listening to instructions in either venue10:00
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bitchhi there! I wonder why [09:28] #ubuntu *!~*@gateway/shell/elitebnc/* set by wolfe.freenode.net (Fri Oct 07 16:23:02 2016) has been implemented?14:30
Menzador(a) Probably because users have been spamming using EliteBNC, (b) why do you have an inappropriate nick?18:56
bitchMenzador, this is not a inappropriate nick, i represent the technical word for the female dog.19:30
bitchI am sorry for typing in colors.19:31
MenzadorEither way, I believe I answered your question.19:32
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||||||||||||||||I have been not spamming #ubuntu under elitebnc.19:35
hggdhok, then19:36
daxthe answer's wrong, btw23:16
daxEliteBNC uses an ident daemon. Sometimes it breaks. When it breaks, they start having ~idents and Drone` detects them as clones of each other and ends up banning the whole gateway.23:17
daxSo, we ban EliteBNC users trying to join who connected when the ident daemon was broken, so that EliteBNC users who connected while it was working can still join.23:17
daxthis is documented in bantracker, and iirc there are one or two other gateways that had the same problem23:18

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