ekimhello all.07:02
MASM_Hellos, someone help me with mdadm problem, i want to add a disk to my new mdadm array but it run so slow, and the system freeze... https://hastebin.com/etivovonar.sql08:07
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NwSHeya guys, Is there any good guide on how to create a self-signed certificate for TLS use?12:01
andolNwS: Self-signed as in directly self-signed, or as in self-signed using your own CA?12:02
NwSandol, I have no idea tbh.. -.-" I just want to make the mails use TLS instead of nothing atm..12:03
andolNwS: Might as well grab a "real" certificate from Let's Encrypt then?12:04
NwSandol, As far as I remember that only lasts for a few months or something?12:06
andolNwS: Yepp, hence the automated renewal12:09
NwSOk will check it out. Thanks!12:09
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ikoniaNwS: most mail servers will reject self signed certs12:47
ikoniakeep that in mind12:47
NwSThank you for the info ikonia!12:47
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tomreynMASM_: the reason why your RAID array (in a mirroring configuration) goes slower when you add a new member is that data is synched initially. See line 18 for the initiated synjch process. Once this is complete, operation should be as fast as before or faster.15:12
tomreynoh okay, i missed the very low synch speed of 541K/sec15:14
MASM_tomreyn: and what i need to do?, it is so slow, 200 k/s15:14
MASM_tomreyn: right now it was 94k/s15:15
tomreynyes this suggests something is not right - unless you have ongoing massive reads / writes?15:16
MASM_tomreyn: the server is in runtime, but when i stop mysql, apache, it was the same...15:18
tomreynbad partition alignment could cause reduced performance, but usually not that much.15:18
MASM_tomreyn: You recomend me that run server in recovery mode and do it?,15:18
tomreynMASM_: if you removed the production workload off the disks and the performance remained in the KB/s area then this won't help.15:20
tomreynMASM_: but you can try the laignment check: "sudo parted /dev/sdX align-check optimal N" where X is the block device (such as "sda") and N is the partition number.15:21
MASM_tomreyn: 3 partitions said aligned15:23
MASM_tomreyn: from actual disk and new disk, i start a check in new disck with smartclt, maybe the new disk is failing15:26
tomreynMASM_: yes, you can run a -t long on those15:28
tomreynMASM_: are sdb and sdc the same disk model?15:28
tomreynwhich disk models are those anyways?15:28
MASM_tomreyn: who i find it?15:29
tomreynsudo hdparm -i /dev/sd{a,b,c}15:32
MASM_tomreyn: new disk is ST1000DM003-1SB102 ,   second ST1000DM003-1CH16215:34
tomreyn"sudo smartctl --info /dev/sdX" provides more readable output15:34
MASM_tomreyn: https://hastebin.com/widimelihi.vbs15:36
MASM_tomreyn: https://hastebin.com/vigumokufe.vbs15:36
MASM_tomreyn: https://hastebin.com/biquxedike.cs15:37
tomreynso those are seagate barracudas 1TB, different generations apparently15:39
tomreyni'm trying to understand what the difference between 1SB102 and 1CH162 is15:39
MASM_tomreyn: i think its the generation of disk...¿?¿?15:45
tomreynMASM_: yes, probably, it's the same marketing model, just different firmware versions. have you looked at the firmware updates information?15:46
MASM_tomreyn: no, I intuited15:50
MASM_tomreyn: i was searching that, i only found a pdf with first disk, the new15:50
tomreynMASM_: so read those links which are found in the smartctl -i output you posted15:51
tomreyn(or rather the web pages these links point to)15:51
tewardis there an easy way in Postfix to tell it to deliver mail for a given email address to a specific user on the system?15:54
tewardmaybe in aliases somewhere?15:54
MASM_teward: http://serverfault.com/questions/144325/how-to-redirect-all-postfix-emails-to-one-external-email-address15:55
tomreynteward: virtual mail domains or just a single (system) domain?15:55
tewardtomreyn: ultimately irrelevant, because all domains on this box would point to the same user(s).15:57
tewardtomreyn: though, if we're being specific, for now a single system domain15:57
tewardtomreyn: as in, mail to foo@bar.baz and foo@bar.baz.bash would both to to user foobar instead fo 'foo'15:58
tomreynteward: well then just add an alias mapping, rad aliases (5)15:58
tewardbasically, just trying to map a specific address to a specific local user mailbox15:58
tomreyni.e. you probably will just end up editing /etc/aliases or /etc/postfix/aliases and add somethign along the lines of:15:58
tewardI sometimes forget my aliases knowledge :)15:59
tomreynoriginalrecipient: newrecipient@example.org15:59
tomreynor, in your case:15:59
tomreynoriginallocaluser: newlocaluser16:00
tomreynmy postfix is rusty, though, i hope that's correct OTOH.16:01
tomreynMASM_: in case you're not happy to do the firmware updates you may be able to have the disks replaced instead. also, did the long self tests complete, yet?16:02
MASM_tomreyn: i see it will last 108 minutes, it finish in 45 minutes16:08
MASM_tomreyn: i have server dedicate, i saw one disk is failing, mdadm raid send me mails about it, i send to hosting, but i think they didn't change it...16:09
tomreynMASM_: you should note down serial numbers when this happens16:11
tomreynalso "sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdX" may tell16:11
tomreynand surely dmesg -T16:12
tomreynif a disk is broken this could very well explain the bad performance you see16:12
MASM_tomreyn: i was searching about the ids i take noete, yes they change it16:18
MASM_tomreyn: i need wait to finish long test in /dev/sda for do a  "sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdX"16:20
tomreynMASM_: you should already be able to run it now, getting the latest information16:26
MASM_tomreyn: this is the result https://hastebin.com/uxusopabux.erl16:30
tomreynMASM_: thats the ST1000DM003-1SB102 - your newest HDD, i guess16:33
tomreynit's only been powered on for 65 hours16:34
tomreynwhat about the other two (? I saw you had sda, sdb, sdc) disks?16:34
MASM_sorry i didn't say you, when i start i saw /dev/sdb and /dev/sdc16:36
MASM_tomreyn:  and then when i reboot the server the /dev/sdc change to /dev/sda16:36
MASM_tomreyn: and yes /dev/sda was /dev/sdc, and it is the new disk, i confirm the device serial number16:38
qmanthat's why you should always use /dev/disk/by-id in scripts and config files16:38
qmanthe other names are fine for humans who know they change16:39
tomreyni see. so what's the output of "sudo smartctl -a /dev/disk/by-id/ata-ST1000DM003-1CH162_S1D9YSS6"16:41
MASM_qman: thank for the information, I did not know it, i'm a beginner in this16:41
tomreynthat's probably sdb now16:42
tomreynand are there any ata errors in dmesg16:42
MASM_tomreyn: https://hastebin.com/iluvizafob.erl16:43
tomreynokay, so both disks look alright for now, except the possible need for a firmware upgrade, except the unfinished long offline test.16:46
tomreynthere were, however, ATA ABRT errors on ST1000DM003-1SB102_Z9A4SRJX when it had 58 hours of uptime (currently 7 hours uptime ago).16:49
tomreynthis could point to bad wires, connectors, disk issues, controller issues.16:50
tomreynalso power supply and thermal issues, but less likely.16:51
MASM_tomreyn: maybe because i reboot server, with panel from hosting, because it was freezing, like when they are resync :S <-- Could this have been?16:53
tomreynMASM_: no, rebooting the server should not normally result in aborted ATA commands,18:13
MASM_tomreyn: okey, i'm waiting for test it have 50% of it. , changin conversation, i remember that before some one help me and i think that person was you, 3 or 4 months ago, xD18:15
tomreyni wouldnt remember18:16
MASM_tomreyn: don't remember this :http://askubuntu.com/questions/809823/error-raid1-not-unsynchronized-a-degradedarray-event-had-been-detected-on-md-d18:17
tomreyni'm afraid i don't18:20
tomreynbut my memory is not very good.18:21
MASM_tomreyn: don't worry, your memory is selective18:22
tomreynok ;)18:31
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MASMtomreyn:  https://hastebin.com/orocenocab.sql this is the new information about smartctl check with long test21:28
tomreynMASM: one of them hadn't finished, yet: "# 1  Extended offline    Self-test routine in progress 10%        70         -"21:31
tomreyn10% lef to be checked21:31
tomreynthe other jdd looks fine, though21:32
rhigbyI found this irc channel from the conjure-up.io page21:33
rhigbyIs this a room that provides guidance with openstack deployment?21:33
rhigbyI have been trying to get a POC off the ground.  I have a beefy 56core/256ram physical box with vmware running.21:35
rhigbyI have been deploying 16.04 over and over trying to use the conjure-up method but I keep running into issue.  The first was the accounts.yam file missing.21:35
rhigbyI was able to get past that and now I had around 5 of my vm instances running, then it bombed out due to a "handoff error"21:36
rhigbySo is that a no on the assistance?21:48
MASMtomreyn: https://hastebin.com/ipazeteguv.sql it finish, it isn't with errors22:32
MASMtomreyn it will be the firmware ? :S i never change firmware of hard disk22:35
tomreynMASM: might be, might not be. could also be the controller, or bios, or something else entirely. you shouldn't do it yourself if this is a rented server22:36
tomreynat least not before checking with support22:36
MASMtomreyn: yes it is a rented server22:37
MASMtomreyn: the slow resync will be because i didn't  use   "     fdisk /dev/sda   "  to format disk?22:43
tomreynMASM: the sfdisk export and reimport method should be fine for duplicating the partition table23:11
tomreynMASM: check the output of "blkid" for duplicate id's, just in case23:12
tomreynthis shouldn't have created any, though, since partition tables and partitioned block devices don't have uuids assigned, just the partitions themselves.23:13
adrian_1908what is the purpose of the "ubuntu" user? I've started using my first VPS and was surprised to find a user under this name.23:20
tomreynadrian_1908: this will be specific to the images your host provides23:21
tomreynit is not a default user account23:21
adrian_1908tomreyn: ah ok, thanks. I'm using OVH.23:21
tomreynyou could try asking in the unofficial #ovh channel then23:21
adrian_1908I didn't even know that channel existed. Happy new year!23:22
MASMtomreyn: https://hastebin.com/apuxejucot.sql i find some uuid duplicate, but it was similar than another server that my friend have23:28
tomreynright, raid members in a mirror setup actually need to have the same uuid23:30

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