squish102anyone have a good scanner to discover all servers and details about the servers in an ip address range00:41
squish102trying to find all servers created in this lab that I have just inherited 00:41
squish102mixture of linux/vmware hosts and hyperv hosts00:42
squish102oh crap, i need to download stuff from amazon s3 and it is 5TB... gonna take 10 days on my lab internet connection... probably need to make another plan03:44
smileKilos: :)08:42
* smile is fading away08:43
Kiloshi smile09:18
Kiloseat more09:18
Kilosand drink black coffee so you dont fade away09:18
smileeating more tonight will succeed, I think.. we're having a end-of-the-year-party09:20
smilenew year's celebration party :)09:21
* smile sings "Bee Gees - Too Much Heaven"09:21
smileI've been reading "Dance, dance, dance" by Haruki Murakami :) It's a nice book09:23
smileI'm halfway throuh09:23
smile* through09:23
Kiloshi inetpro 09:44
Kilosenjoy the party smile 09:45
smileKilos: thanks a lot :)09:45
smileare you having a party as well? :p 09:45
smileinetpro: goeiemore ;) het jy lekker geslaap? :p 09:45
Kilosno i am gonna skype audio chat debs for her mdnight and mine09:46
Kilos31 years exactly since we met09:46
inetproeh, how goes it with smile and oom Kilos?09:46
Kilosok ty inetpro and with you and family?09:47
smileinetpro: fine, fine! :D you? :D09:47
inetproall good thanks09:47
inetprojust getting hot again today09:47
smileinetpro: were you cold? :p 09:47
inetproand looks like there's little chance of rain to disrupt the fireworks here tonight09:49
smileIt's especially cold here, -2°C09:49
smileThere might be a little bit of melting snow today or tomorrow09:49
inetprodogs will be suffering 09:50
smileinetpro: yeah, cats too09:50
smiledo you have animals yourself?09:50
inetprohave two dogs plus a stray dog who lost his way a week ago, probably neighbors on holidays09:53
inetpropoor dog kept coming back here when chasing him away09:54
Kilosas long as it dont fight with yours thats ok10:09
Kilosbut dogs eat lots10:09
smileKilos: humans can eat a lot too12:48
MaNImine barely eats at all13:04
smileis your dog old already? :p13:04
MaNInope - healthy dogs just eat impressively little ;P13:04
MaNIwell huskies at least, maybe other inferior breeds need more 13:05
theblazehenWith fireworks a few years back a dog dried to jump a fence that had those short arrow like things :( I think he survived though after he went to the vet14:33
MaNIyeah dogs and fireworks is a problem14:41
MaNIThough I find the blame to be often with the dog owners as well. Our dog doesn't handle fireworks well so we accepted that and stopped going out on nights where fireworks are likely.14:42
MaNIOther dog owners seem to want to still go out and party and leave the dog alone, and then get all angry and yell about how selfish the firework people are.14:42
MaNIPeople should take more responsibility on both sides of the situation IMO14:43
magespawnhi guys14:45
=== smile is now known as smile|away
Kilosnight all. may you all have a great old years night and a wonderful happy 201717:57
squish102Maaz: what is the time19:09
Maazsquish102: the time is in the past by the time you are reading this19:09

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