xubuntu13wFuck, I don't understand anything.00:55
knomeplease notice this is a family-friendly channel00:59
xubuntu13wAaaa, I'm sorry01:01
knomealso, if you have a support question, just ask01:03
xubuntu13wI'd like to listen some music via headphones... And I don't know what to do. :D I've always used Windows. (This is my boyfriensa computer)01:04
knomeplug in the headphones?01:05
xubuntu13wAnd these headphones are wireless (or whatever)01:06
knomehave you tried just turning them on?01:06
xubuntu13wYes. I tried. :D01:06
knomeand nothing happened?01:07
xubuntu13wI think i just have to move something somewhere.01:07
knomemaybe... i don't use wireless headphones myself, so i'm not going to be of much help01:07
knomethat said, if they usually work, i can't imagine there being anything weird you need to do01:08
xubuntu13wOMG, I made it :DD01:10
xubuntu13wSorry for bothering01:11
knomeno worries01:11
xubuntu13wRegards: Idiot from Finland01:11
knomethis is an english-only channel, but hyvää vuodenvaihdetta anyway ;)01:12
xubuntu13wSitä sammaa :D01:13
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senposHello. I found an article, that starting from 17.04, Ubuntu (so probably Xubuntu too) will use swap-file instead of swap-partition. But as far as i know, hibernation doesn't work with swap-file. Does it mean that hibernation will be not active in future?09:49
senposAnd do i need to install my fresh system (16.04.1) with swap-file for opportunity to upgrade to 18.04 in the future, which will use swap-file?09:51
flocculantsenpos: as far as I am aware if you have swap partition already then you don't need to do anything09:57
flocculantas far as hibernate goes - no idea - not something I would care about personally09:57
Artemis3flocculant, interesting, why would ubuntu do that? and if i were to guess hibernate would probably not care as long as the file is bigger than ram13:28
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flocculantArtemis3: http://blog.surgut.co.uk/2016/12/swapfiles-by-default-in-ubuntu.html14:33
Artemis3flocculant, i see... doesn't make much sense to me but whatever14:48
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ArashkMy "Software" is unable to start.16:22
ArashkToday, for the first time I clicked on it to run it but it encountered an error and could not run.16:23
ArashkToday, for the first time I clicked on it to run it but it encountered an error and could not run.16:29
xubuntu68wCan someone answer me?16:46
xubuntu91w"Software" cannot run.16:57
xubuntu91wToday, for the first time I clicked on it but it encountered error and could not run.16:58
xubuntu91wWhat is wrong and what is the solution?16:58
xubuntu91wI want to uninstall some applications.16:59
gr1dl0ckxubuntu91w: try synaptic16:59
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flesk_Is seahorse (Gnome keyring GUI) supposed to work with XFCE?21:51
flesk_It doesn't appear to be to me. Nothing seems editable.21:51
flesk_I've found some old forum posts on disabling the unlock keyring prompt in XFCE, but they don't seem to work.21:52
flesk_And the files related to keyrings on XFCE seem to be located under ~/.local/share/keyrings, which is different from the path my Google searches have turned up.21:53
flesk_Thinking I might rename/remove login.keyring to see if that solves anything, unless anyone has any better ideas?21:54
flesk_That does exactly what I want: Deleting ~/.local/share/keyrings/login.keyring opens a prompt to set a password for the new keyring the next time I trigger the keyring, and if I just enter blanks, I'm able to use a passwordless keyring.22:01
flesk_Does anyone know if there's a global setting for changing context menus from right-click to some other button combination?22:09
flesk_Or alternatively, disabling it altogether.22:10
knometbh, i don't think so22:10
flesk_That's a shame, if so. :/22:10
knomewell it's a pretty essential/core feature to any modern desktop, would feel weird to disable it22:11
flesk_I'm trying to configure this installation to be as easy to use as possible for two toddlers, and that always inadvertently gets in the way.22:12
flesk_Depends on your usage. You can easily use a browser and type into a text editor without ever having to use it.22:12
knomei understand, but that's not what the majority of people are doing... :P22:12
flesk_I don't use it much myself to be honest.22:12
flesk_Yeah, I know it's not. :P22:13
flesk_Other than that, Xubuntu does seem very promising as the basis for a "toddler friendly" desktop OS though.22:14
knomenot sure if that's going to be one of the best selling points, but if you post that on social media (has to be one where xubuntu has an account), i'll get it shared from the official account :P22:16
flesk_And I really want my kids to get started with Linux before it's too late.22:16
flesk_You mean that I want to disable the context menu or that I think it's promising as a "toddler OS"?22:17
knomethe latter22:18
flesk_Ah, yeah.22:18
knomesorry if that disappointed you ;)22:18
flesk_Haha, no, it's OK. :P22:18
flesk_I only started experimenting with it a few days ago though (when we last spoke here).22:18
flesk_I will keep you updated though.22:19
knomestuff like that might not be something useful for you, but you might want to look at different kind of things targeted for so called "kiosk" environments22:19
knomeeg. public places where you don't want anybody to mess with the system, basically only as much UI as you want to show them22:20
flesk_Yeah, that might be an option too.22:20
knomeor an additional tweak or two.22:20
knomei tried to do/did something like that more than 10 years ago22:21
knomenot for toddlers, but to keep people from messing up with the system as much as possible22:21
knome...with guests that were likely going to try to do that22:21
flesk_What are the main disadvantages (if any) of kiosk mode?22:23
knomeback then, it wasn't working perfectly, but we found our way to work around most of the issues22:23
knomebut i'm not sure you'll want complete "kiosk mode"22:24
knomeespecially as i believe stuff will be better now22:24
knomepractically it could mean you would be much more limited than you wanted22:24
flesk_I need to at least be able to open and save custom files and "wrap" a few web pages in something like NW.js for easy access.22:25
knome(and fwiw, i don't think right-click context menus are removed with any kiosk mode)22:25
flesk_What kind of limitations are we talking about?22:25
knomeyeah, that's kind of a problem already - in true kiosk mode, sessions and files are wiped on logout22:25
knomelimitation as in you can only use the browser22:25
knomeor a small subset of the UI22:25
knomewhich might be too tight for your needs22:25
knomekiosk mode is usually referring to a "browser only" environment, where all session data is wiped when logged out, often with some kind of timer22:26
flesk_Maybe right-click context mode isn't so essential. Right now they find it confusing that the mouse buttons have different behavour, but maybe it wouldn't take them too long to learn. I don't know.22:26
knomelearning the idea of the context menus will be useful22:27
flesk_Yeah, that would be too limited. :/ They'd want to make drawings and write files that they can save.22:27
knomeyou can always close them by pressing ESC, so you don't need to maneuver the mouse to close it either22:27
knomeso maybe that's the sensible workaround - tell the users to press ESC when one appears and they don't want it22:28
flesk_Yeah, that might work.22:29
knomenow that i think it, it MIGHT be possible to handle both of the mouse buttons as left buttons22:30
knomeeg. not touch the context menu functionality, but rather change what kind of signals are sent to the system22:31
knomedon't ask me how to do that though ;)22:31
flesk_Another thing: Is it possible to rename desktop shortcuts? Rename is one of the options in the context menu, but changing that name seems to rename the name of the .desktop file, which isn't what I expect. I could make copies in ~/.local/share/applications and change the name there I guess, but it seems like more of a workaround to something that shouldn't really be a problem.22:32
flesk_Haha, ok. I'll try to google that then, thanks.22:33
knomei don't use desktop icons myself, but have you tried to select the icon and press F2?22:33
flesk_knome: Wow, that works! Thanks! :)22:34
flesk_I wonder why that isn't what the option in the context menu does though. Seems really confusing as it is.22:35
knomethe desktop is actually handled by thunar, so judging it from that point of view, it's a bit more logical22:36
flesk_Thunar is the file manager, right?22:50
flesk_Is that exclusive to XFCE? I've not heard of it before.22:50
knomeno, you can use it with any desktop22:51
knomeit's an "xfce project" though22:51
flesk_Yeah, I meant as in pre-installed only on XFCE.22:51
knomei've no idea22:51
knomeand "only on xfce" doesn't really make sense as there is no xfce os, all distributions using xfce do their own file manager choice and the xfce team isn't affecting that at all22:52
flesk_Yeah, I know, but that wasn't what I meant. Just musing over why I hadn't heard of it before.22:53
knomei guess the file manager name isn't that important for people :)22:53
flesk_Heh, you're probably right.22:54
flesk_It doesn't even say Thunar unless you open the About menu.22:55
flesk_It just says "Filbehandler" (file manager).22:55
flesk_Dolphin, on the other hand, has its name placed prominently at the top of every window.22:56
knomedifferent approach then, i guess22:57
flesk_Dolphin is more of an all-purpose tool though, I think.23:07
flesk_I use it for managing remote network disks, including smb and ftp connections.23:09

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