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IrcsomeBot2<tsimonq2> Hey @acheronuk, am I go to move Plasma 5.8.5 to Backports Landing?00:12
tsimonq2clivejo: Sponsor pls: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plasma-integration/+bug/165339300:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1653393 in plasma-integration (Ubuntu) "Fix regression in which the save dialog appears as an Open dialog" [Undecided,In progress]00:24
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tsimonq2Prediction there: "Kubuntu moves into the top 5 of distrowatch or is disbanded."06:20
tsimonq2Then we have this from http://skellat.freeshell.org/blog/staring-ahead-at-2017.html06:20
tsimonq2"Lubuntu will be subsumed into the Kubuntu project as a light version of Kubuntu."06:20
tsimonq2I wonder where people are getting these things from...06:21
tsimonq2(maybe someone's noticed that both me and Walter are in both Lubuntu and Kubuntu, and to be honest, that move wouldn't be a dumb one...)06:21
[Relic]not everyone works for the created news network, some people go it alone to make things up  :)06:23
IrcsomeBot2<tsimonq2> Well why not, say, Xubuntu into Kubuntu? Somebody HAD to connect the dots...06:25
IrcsomeBot2<ahoneybun> Because Xubuntu is still GTK?07:28
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blazehey, how are you doing in 2017?10:40
blazekinda lost that moment when qt5.7 with qtwebengine did appear in proposed10:44
acheronukblaze: not bad so far :)10:47
acheronukshame it's there but depwaiting on the other 5.7 stuff10:48
BluesKajHappy New Year everyone12:38
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acheronuktsimonq2: you about?19:56
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acheronukmamarley mparillo DarinMiller there is a backported fix for kdebug:356479 in zesty staging ppa? can you or anyone lese test please?21:51
ubottuKDE bug 356479 in general "plasmashell uses 100% CPU when there is an animation in the task bar" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]21:52
DarinMilleracheronuk: will do shortly...21:54
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DarinMillerhmm, can't seem to get past the ubiquity crash on zz daily download install.   Anyone know a workaround?  (tried both live boot and direct install, same crash)22:26
acheronukDarinMiller: only by downgrading ubiquity AFAIK22:30
acheronukI did....22:32
acheronukdpkg -l | grep ubiquity22:32
acheronukin konsole to double check what ubiqity packages were installed22:33
acheronukthen from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/16.10.14/+build/1101058322:33
acheronukdownloaded the 16.10.14 versions of those to a folder22:34
acheronukthen in that folder did 'dpkg -i *.deb' to downgrade the installer in the running live session22:35
acheronuka bit of a hassle, but I was trying to diagnose if it was the new version of the installer at fault, or something else.22:35
acheronukDarinMiller: I have uploaded the potential fix to plasma-staging for xenial and yakkety if that is easier to test?22:36
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-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Yippee, build fixed!22:47
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project xenial_unstable_plasma-workspace build #107: FIXED in 24 min: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/xenial_unstable_plasma-workspace/107/22:47
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project yakkety_unstable_plasma-workspace build #119: STILL FAILING in 18 min: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/yakkety_unstable_plasma-workspace/119/23:01
valoriehow's everyone?23:02
valoriedone with your hangovers?23:02
acheronukvalorie: avoided one this year, but yes. all good :)23:04
IrcsomeBot2<ahoneybun> also didn't drink this year23:04
acheronukjust had a nightcap or 2 here23:05
acheronuknothing hangover inducing23:05
valoriewe just drank champagne, so no hangover either23:16
valoriethank goodness!23:17
clivejoacheronuk: so apps are ready for upload?23:17
IrcsomeBot2<tsimonq2> valorie: tired af23:17
valorietired here too23:19
valoriethe little kids get up early no matter what23:19
acheronukclivejo: to archive? you want to do pa partial upload?23:19
valorieand coffee doesn't replace sleep for me anymore23:19
acheronukclivejo: there is still stuff to sort for them23:20
clivejowhat needs sorting?23:22
acheronuktsimonq2: you able to to anything at the moment? or are you away from PC?23:23
acheronukclivejo: still have to go through those new deps23:23
acheronukclive: a few packages to fix. okteta, kalzium etc23:24
acheronukclivejo: want to check the fix I did for ksirk with someone who has better C++ than me23:24
acheronukclivejo: I then have no idea if uploaded as they are, apps would cause a huge mess with the tests23:25
acheronuk*if they would23:26
IrcsomeBot2<tsimonq2> acheronuk: Nope I'm waiting for my ride from work23:28
IrcsomeBot2<tsimonq2> acheronuk: Can I move Plasma to Backports Landing when I get home?23:28
IrcsomeBot2<acheronuk> @tsimonq2, I did that23:29
mparilloacheronuk: When are there animations in the task bar?23:31
acheronukmparillo: I think when you get a ping in konversation, copy large files, and a few other thing mentioned in the bug23:32
acheronukmparillo: to be honest, I don't have any of those enabled, not hard for me to test.23:33
IrcsomeBot2<acheronuk> @tsimonq2 what I wanted to ask, is could you please tag your ubuntu2 of plasma-integration with a gpg signed tag please, since it has been sponsored and uploaded23:35
mparilloI tend to set my panel to autohide, but I never noticed any of those things.23:37
soee_Linux 4.10-rc2 Released To Kick Off Kernel Testing For 201723:38
IrcsomeBot2<tsimonq2> @acheronuk, Oh really?23:46
IrcsomeBot2<tsimonq2> OK23:46
DarinMilleracheronuk: sry for the delay. will your patch work in conjunction with the KCI unstable ppa or will KCI trump your patch?23:47
acheronukDarinMiller: KCI already has the patch as it's included in the KDE master branch, and my patched 5.8.5 in plasma staging won't install if you have that enabled23:49
DarinMillerOK. I am reconfiguring one of my test boxes now (attempting to install 17.04 with 16.10 ubiquity as you mentioned above).  Will test as soon as I win the install battle.23:53

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