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[Relic]I can get seperate X screens (one on each monitor) but I can't get each screen to operate independantly and each have essentially a full kubuntu session running at once.  Would changing sddm to lightdm make that possible or is it some other component that is stopping me?01:33
sentre[Relic] just me again wish i could help , i think we're both gonna have to go direxctly to the kde developers thru forums or bug reports or something01:35
sentremy problem isn't fixable either  :(01:35
[Relic]what is yours?01:36
sentregonna wait till 5.8.5 lands on backports01:36
sentrecan't get unified outputs to display in correct resolution for each display01:36
[Relic]I remember that01:36
sentreso if main is 1900/x whatever and notebook is 1333 x what ever one or the othewr is useless01:36
sentreso make using duel monitors freakin useless lol01:37
[Relic]so cloning display on two different resolutions doesn't work well01:37
sentredoesn't work at alol01:38
sentreplus the extended display is freakin anoying01:38
sentreto me atleast01:38
sentrepick one monitor as main , then all window jump and and max on main , but all functions are avaailable tgthe real desktop on secondary?01:39
sentreum who thought that one up :)01:39
sentrenot to mention no capability to project a screen thru wifi01:39
sentrei just think duel support is like back of list atm01:39
sentrenot sure why sinse almost everything short of a pi pc comes with hsmi out now atleast01:40
sentreif they worked on duel monitor config they way the do on windows config , kde would be light years ahead of alot of distros01:41
sentrei mean sizing reshaping affects ect. now windows os :)01:42
sentrenot windows01:42
sentrethe os01:42
jackTrying to update from 16.04 to 16.10 followed instructions from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YakketyUpgrades/Kubuntu when I go to upgrade it does nothing04:57
jackI enteredsudo do-release-upgrade -m desktop -f DistUpgradeViewKDE04:58
jackI entered sudo do-release-upgrade -m desktop -f DistUpgradeViewKDE manually04:58
jackand got the error FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/usr/share/ubuntu-release-upgrader/fetch-progress.ui'04:58
jackhow can this be fixed?04:58
[Relic]is that the one that needs the ->  This can be fixed by installing the package ubuntu-release-upgrader-qt via Discover/Muon or another package manager.  Or alternatively by installing in Konsole or other terminal application with 'sudo apt install ubuntu-release-upgrader-qt'.05:04
[Relic]jack, if you don't have that package installed like it says on that page it can prevent the upgrade05:05
sintrehappy new year all05:05
[Relic]or if you are on your third+ drink, hippie nude deer05:06
sintrejack > update , then upgrade everything you can05:07
sintresudo apt-get dist-upgrade05:07
sintresudo do-release-upgrade05:07
[Relic]the error he shows means the upgrader wasn't installed05:08
sintrehow did that happen?05:08
sintreok probally a question we don't wanna try to find tonight lol05:08
jackthanks guys05:08
jackgoing to reset pc05:09
[Relic]best guess it was LTS and people didn't put it in the LTS05:09
sintrei use lts and its in lts05:09
sintrewell guess we'll never get to bototm of that one05:09
[Relic]first time I did 16.04 to 16.10 it wasn't there05:09
sintrewell i was coming from backported upgraded 16.04 last time i did that upgrade05:10
sintreso maybe its not be default05:10
dorothyHi, for some reason the network symbol from the status bar of my Kubuntu 16.10 vanished that I am unable to connect to WiFi through GUI. How can I reset the status bar so that the network symbol in status bar reappears?05:30
sintrego to settings05:31
sintreksry had to much to trouble shoot this of top of my head05:33
sintremean drink05:33
sintregive me a minute to think lol05:33
dorothysintre: talking to me?05:33
sintreyea hope you ignored me :)05:33
sintrewas gonna follow that up with a how to but distracted atm  :)05:34
sintreplus i'm using 16.04 lts so problally not best to help with this one05:35
dorothysintre: I just need a gui to connect to WiFi. wpa_cli is not working well05:37
sintreyou lost connection editor somehow correct?05:38
dorothysintre: Yes which you see in system tray05:38
sintrei'm in it now but can figure out its name to activate it , has a setting to add to try05:39
sintreso finding it if i can05:39
sintreok i'm drunk now officall05:41
sintreright click on desktop05:41
sintrethen go to widgets05:41
sintrelook fr widget that says connection05:41
sintrethats the manager05:41
sintredrag and drop where you want it05:42
sintreof course last place i'd look for it :)05:42
dorothysintre: Have searched there. No widget called connection05:43
sintresorry it says networks05:43
sintreagain been long night :)05:43
dorothysintre: I have tried those keywords. Only "Network Monitor" shows up05:44
sintreno do't use key words in krunner05:45
sintreright click on disktop then click add widget05:45
dorothysintre: Yes, I am talking about widget part itself05:45
sintrethen go find the icon that says networks05:45
sintreclick on it then drag to deskktop05:45
sintrethen click on it again05:46
dorothysintre: Nada. Not there05:46
sintreits there but in the lil box the widgets pop up it may not have an icon05:47
sintreuntil you drag it and place it on desktop05:48
sintreits probally by notes if that helps05:49
dorothyI am 16.1005:49
dorothyNo such widget05:49
dorothyI am on*05:49
sintrewell i am using 16.04 , but upgraded , i can't imagine it not having a widget05:50
sintreif you haven't solved you problem i'll update a different pc05:50
[Relic]called system tray in 16.1005:50
[Relic]system tray settings05:51
sintretomorrow when i'm sober enough lol , thx relic05:51
[Relic]usually shows the triangle the speaker and the scissors05:51
dorothy[Relic]: I dragged system tray, it's without network management icon05:51
sintreok screw new solution05:52
sintretake curour to right or left o screen05:52
sintrethen right click and say add panel select default panel05:53
[Relic]right click and call up the system tray settings and make sure network is checked05:53
sintressee if that gives you one05:53
dorothy[Relic]: There is no Network option either in hidden menu nor in configuration05:53
dorothy[Relic]: For System Tray widget05:54
dorothysintre: Yes, have done that as well. Nothing. It's again with network icon05:54
sintrei jsut gave myself three panels around entire border all came with them hmm05:55
dorothyEven tried direct ethernet connection, not working directly05:55
dorothySomething is messed up on network level05:55
[Relic]so when you right click on that and bring up the system tray settings general categories has 5 selections, then below that in extra items the 3rd item here is Networks05:56
dorothySystem Tray Settings > General > Categories - no network option here. Then Extra Items - no network option here as well05:57
dorothyI have done all this05:57
[Relic]that section scrolls, but it should be there05:58
sintrei believe you dorothy > but this is a head scratcher05:58
dorothy[Relic]: Yes, I checked it thoroughly05:59
sintrethat even making new default panel won't bring up network config in the panel05:59
[Relic]weird thought but have you just tried a reboot and see if it shows up?05:59
dorothy[Relic]: Yep. Nothing even after multiple reboots05:59
dorothyEven connecting to WiFi through cli is failing06:00
dorothyKernel module for WiFi is loaded already06:00
dorothywpa_cli is failing06:00
dorothyNo GUI06:00
sintreupdate and upgrade everything?06:01
dorothysintre: How will I update and upgrade? lol06:01
dorothyThere is no network connection06:01
sintreif not network how are you talking to us06:01
dorothyI am chatting through another system06:01
sintrewell honestly even sober i wouldn't know where to go from here06:02
dorothyYeah, even I am thinking what to do06:03
sintrewell go nuclear aka reinstall06:03
sintreafter you back up06:03
dorothyAh ni06:03
dorothyAh no06:03
sintredecide  if its easier than trying to trouble shoot this06:03
sintrewell thats up for you to decide of course06:04
sintrewell tomorrow alot more people will probally be around06:06
sintrehopefully they can come up with a solution for you06:07
dorothyThere must be a qdbus command to trigger network management window06:07
sintrewell why the widet itself decided to disapear from your entire os is well stranger06:08
sintresudo start network-manager06:09
[Relic]system settings -> network (settings or connectivity) do anything?06:09
dorothy[Relic]: I could not see option to connect to WiFi through System Settings>Network anywhere06:10
sintreis it possible you have a laptop with wifi fn+ key you may of hit and disabled wifi by acident?06:11
dorothysintre: uh what. command not found"06:11
dorothysintre: Nope, tried06:11
dorothyEven ethernet is not working directly06:12
dorothyUSB tethering is not working06:12
dorothyThe entire network system seems to have been affected06:12
dorothyifconfig shows fine06:12
sintrewell sound like something went really wrong with your install at this point06:12
dorothyIt's not a fresh install06:13
dorothyUsing this version since launch06:13
sintrewell up to you to decide how many hours you want to mess with trying to fix this06:13
sintreits not normall06:13
[Relic]system setting -> start up shut down -> background services is network status checked and running in the startup services box?06:13
dorothy[Relic]: Okay, this I didn't try. Hold on06:14
[Relic]also plasmanetwork management module06:14
dorothy[Relic]: Okay, System Settings>Workspace section > Startup and Shutdown > Background Services > Startup Services section - Network Proxy Configuration and Network Status are working06:16
dorothyRunning that is06:16
dorothy[Relic]: Now about plasmanetwork management module, where is it?06:16
[Relic]two down from the one above usually06:16
[Relic]plasma networmanagement module06:17
dorothyUnder Startup Services itself?06:17
[Relic]should be right under notification helper06:17
dorothyNothing by that name. Only Power Management and Print Manager starts with letter P06:18
[Relic]in that bottom scroll box06:18
dorothyYes, there itself06:18
[Relic]should be right above print manager06:19
dorothyOnly two things starting with letter P06:19
sintremine is right above print manager and right below notification helper06:19
dorothyYeah, missing here06:20
dorothySomething really got messed up06:20
sintreok dorthory something went wrong somewhere06:20
sintrereally need to back up and thnk about fresh install06:20
sintrethe time we've been troubleshooting this you could of done a fresh install already06:21
[Relic]libkf5networkmanagerqt6 installed?06:21
sintrelove to help but were going in circles06:21
dorothy[Relic]: already installed but it;s asking to install resolvconf06:23
dorothyI remember comming across resolvconf before [Relic]06:23
[Relic]I am hardwired here so no idea  :)06:24
dorothyThanks for your time and help sintre and [Relic]06:25
sintrenp , wish i could of been more use06:25
sintrebut honestly just for peace of mind i'd reinstall at this point06:25
sintreif it were me facing this problem06:26
sintreto each there own though06:26
sintrehappy new year btw dorothy and [Relic] :)06:27
Noor_egyhello i did made mistake i did sudo chmod 777 -R / which gived write permission to alot of my system files06:56
Noor_egynow when i try to build some application it gives some errors when i asked they told me that its because the user dont have execution permission even when i used sudo06:57
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BluesKajHappy New Year everyone12:38
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hay207Hi, i get alsa errors when trying to run a steam game, Here 's console output:16:24
Vincent45Happy new years!19:32
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stavHi ! Anyone there?21:49
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user|86137Yes, hello.21:49
NytramI am, but I'm probably not going to be of much help. ;)21:49
user|86137Is there someone who would able to help<21:50
NytramYou need to ask the question first.21:50
user|86137With Kubuntu 16.04 LTS21:50
user|86137boots only to tty21:50
user|86137not loading the KDE plasma gui21:51
nuxmunchergetting an error message with ubuntu lo memory in root filesystem... happens after running bleachbit... can someone here assist?21:51
nuxmuncherspecifically: "the-volume-filesystem-root-has-only-0-bytes-disk-space-remaining"21:52
Nytramuser|86137 probably a gfx driver issue.21:53
user|86137no, it worked fine21:55
NytramI have stopped using bleachbit for that exact same reason.21:55
user|86137i upgraded to plasma 5.8 via ppa backports21:55
NytramThere are certain items you can "turn off" to work around the issue but it isn't a fix.21:56
user|86137did not work well, so i downgraded21:56
nuxmuncherso I lets ubuntu run 'free like willy' ?21:56
user|86137and it does not work since21:56
nuxmuncherno maintenance whatsoever21:56
nuxmuncherapt-get clean is enough from time to time?21:56
user|86137what does apt/get clean do21:58
NytramI always use the propriatary nvidia drivers so I'm not sure how well plasma works with the free driver21:58
nuxmuncher... just switched my production box from winbloze to ubuntu (finally) so I'm unfamilar with many 'workings'.. trying to avoid any curveballs in this respect21:58
IrcsomeBot2Maksim Muruev was added by: Maksim Muruev21:58
nuxmunchercan anyone recommend 'best practice' for same?21:58
IrcsomeBot2<Maksim Muruev> Hello, I've got21:59
IrcsomeBot2<Maksim Muruev> problem with sound system21:59
IrcsomeBot2<Maksim Muruev> Basically I have multimedia monitor with HDMI and internal sound card, also BT headphones. And I want flexible and easy way switch between those devices.22:00
NytramWhen I feel I need to run Bleachbit I let it run overnight and simply kill the process in the morning. I always stalls with one minute remaining.22:01
IrcsomeBot2<Maksim Muruev> For now I have my monitor and internal sound card as ONE device?!  Why? In ubuntu HDMI shows as separated. Also sound volume control stop work for 'master'' when I do switch.22:02
nuxmuncher...so bleachbit perpetually broken?22:03
NytramLast I looked it was.22:03
nuxmuncheris there any other way to gage overall box health?22:03
nuxmuncher*automatic* way22:03
NytramI wouldn't want to automatically run something like bleachbit.22:04
nuxmuncher... so just 'shotgun maintenance'  is what you recommend?22:04
NytramSafest way I work is to use one drive or partition to do your work in and purge it periodically.22:05
nuxmuncherfair play... what's best practice for periodic  backup?22:06
nuxmuncher? please splain "purge it"22:06
NytramI run a chron script using rsync22:07
nuxmunchergots 1x ssd drive,  2x hd drive and one external hd drive (archive & backup)22:08
nuxmunchergots virtualbox running a win10 instance on ssd drive (i like it snappy) with loads of ram..22:08
nuxmuncherand I have servers runing on one of the hd drives... so I 'work' on two drives22:09
NytramDon't confuse the linux purge command with what I said. What I meant was to back up important stuff and simply format the partition and start again. If you need deeper deletion I can't help you. ;022:09
nuxmuncher... so chron scripts with rsync for work drives... and deal with any other issues "as they break"... is this normally how ubuntu linux users run?22:13
nuxmunchernothing more proactive?22:13
NytramDon't judge ubuntu users here and now by the answers you get here and now. I for one am rather drunk, but feeling in a helpful mood. There are many answers to your question, but I for one am not able to help. I trust myself to know when a backup needs to happen and I trust myself not to do anything that requires data to be purged. Sorry.22:18
nuxmunchersorry.. i didn't mean to imply any judgement whatsoever22:23
nuxmunchersincere apologies if that's what it seemed like22:24
nuxmuncherjust trying to determine 'best practice' for maintentance and backup22:25
nuxmunchersincerely sorry if I caused anyone to feel judged or offended22:34
nuxmuncherI guess I'll search elsewhere22:38
nuxmuncherthanks anyway22:38
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omarramohey guys22:49
omarramois there a way to disable mouse accel via ui? it only goes down to 0.1 x on my system22:49
NytramCan't you click in the box and manually enter a number? (Sorry, I'm on Mint atm)22:52
omarramoyup but you cant press accept22:53
NytramOh! Let me look22:53
omarramoreally weird, why would they not let you disable mouse accel22:53
NytramNope.. seems to be a KDE thing. 0.1 is the minimum22:55
omarramoNytram: seems like the best you can get via ui is setting the threshhold to 0 which would still be polynomial acceleration23:00
NytramNot that I'd ever need to go there, but yeah, seems you're right.23:03

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