AfshaalWhat is the real location of Lubuntu's XDG menu?07:56
AfshaalI'm beginning to think it isn't in /etc/xdg/lubuntu/menus07:56
Afshaaloh it's in /etc/xdg/menus isn't it07:58
Afshaalthink whole time I've been using the wrong menu file lol07:58
Afshaalsomething still ain't right...08:03
Makdaamhow can I disable autologin of a user through GUI tools?17:24
cd4456lubuntu or xubuntu?17:52
Guest90630Hi all, quick qn. Installing Lubuntu 16.10 on a laptop with windows on sda1. Existing 10.04 on sda5. Am installing / to sda8.  Install finishes without error but grub menu does not list 16.10.  Boot repair not fixing this. Anyone have any hints?19:17
lynorianGuest90630, does it list a just ubuntu ?19:23
lynorianDoes it also list 10.04?19:23
lynorianGuest90630, it normally has the new install to the top19:23
Guest90630yes, it lists the old 10.04 and lots of previous kernels and the Windows but it doesn't list the newly installed partition19:34
Guest90630The top entry is usually the most up to date but is still 10.04.19:35

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