ducassegood morning all, happy new year!06:47
BluesKajHappy New Year everyone12:39
ducasseyou too, BluesKaj :) enjoying the first day of the new year?14:49
BluesKajyes ducasse, relaxing :-)14:50
BluesKajhow about you?14:50
ducassejust taking it easy, been setting up i3 for the third monitor. /me likes :)14:51
ducassethe poor cat was quite scared by the fireworks last night, so i had to spend most of the evening here looking after her. i think we're both glad that bit is over :)14:54
BluesKajwhat do you think of i3 ?15:23
ducasseBluesKaj: i really like it, especially that everything can be controlled from the keyboard, and you can script just about anything. can't imagine going back to a stacking wm.16:53
BluesKajI had a look at i3 a while back , but yakuake serves my needs for terminals well enough17:00
ducassei3 is a wm, not a terminal emulator17:01
BluesKajyeah, but doesn't it work best with shells ?17:02
ducassewell, many i3 users use mostly terminals and cli apps, but it works just fine with gui apps. it can even handle windows as floating as opposed to tile them.17:04
BluesKajok , ...bbl...stuff to do for a few17:05

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