bivoSince the update a few days ago my wifi has been having weird slowdowns, I've tested on my Mint 18.1, android and windows systems but only this is having slowdowns00:12
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nathanMorning all. Happy new year :D06:09
nathanCan anybody assist with a Virtual Box guest additions error? Unable to connect to VBox Kernal Services. Access Denied06:10
nathanSomething like that. Any tips would be great. Thank you!06:10
tmathieuBonne Année à tous ... Happy New Year11:09
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codemanJust want to say that Ubuntu Mate is WAAAAY better than Raspbian.15:54
codemanJust started with this on my RPi, unsure why Raspbian is based off Debian.15:54
cannamanAnyone have any suggestions for getting php working properly?19:41
cannamanCan't get .php files to load right.19:41
simkohey all20:00
randallis there a way to turn off pop-up notifications all together? certian games get completely buggered when a pop-up comes up over top of them20:19
jack-the_rippercan any one help me gparted wont reformat a thumb drive it has locked files on it that are from the mate install and it wont format it cuss of that22:02
jack-the_ripperwhats up22:09
hetiiI just install ubuntu mate and have no mouse pointer22:09
hetiieven in live cd session pointer was invisible22:10
jack-the_ripperhow did you get this open man xD22:10
hetiiI try switch from terminal session and back to ligthdm but still without success22:10
jack-the_ripperlet me think22:10
hetiithe pointer icon itself stock on left upper corner22:11
hetiiI can use my mouse and for eg draw are to select icons etc...22:12
hetiiso only by that way i`m able to see where my mouse is :)22:12
jack-the_ripperthats sucks22:13
hetiii try to remove/load psmouse driver but also i does nothing22:13
hetiias well as restarting ligthgdm22:14
randalljack-the_ripper, the end all and be all method of formatting stubborn thumb drieve requirs a mint live session22:14
jack-the_rippertry updating the packages i did a search and some one on a forum said it worked22:14
hetiiwhat is odd also that my mouse icon change also from arrow to hand22:15
hetiidepend where my mouse is22:15
jack-the_rippermint live session?22:15
hetiinow its installed on my hdd22:16
jack-the_ripperwhat is?22:16
hetiiok I start upgrading it and will back after reboot so maybe it will change something22:16
jack-the_ripperyea i think it might work22:17
hetiihdd == hard disk drive 0.o22:17
jack-the_ripperi know this22:17
hetiiok time to reboot22:20
randalljack-the_ripper, mint has the best usb tools in the business as standard equipment22:22
hetiiits still the same issue22:22
jack-the_rippermate does not22:30
hetiiok now all works :)22:31
hetiiwhat I did was install nvidia driver for my gtx1070 and some intel microcode.22:31
jack-the_ripperi wish i could get ride of this last file x(22:32
jack-the_ripperi open the file browser as root and it let me delete every thing but one22:33
jack-the_rippersays not permitted how i am root??22:33
TrentPinstalled Ubuntu-Mate 16.04 on a couple old boxes for relatives yesterday....theming....the welcome center....everything looked awesome and worked great!22:34
TrentPThe old ideacenter k410, with a lowly pentium literally took days to boot Windows10, now boots Ubuntu-Mate 16.04.1 from a new 850 evo in about 15 seconds.22:36
jack-the_ripperthats great man22:37
bivoUbuntu-Mate 16.10. Wifi has been incredibly slow ever since some updates about a week ago, every other OS or device I try gets the full 700Kbps download, but can't seem to hold a stable connection over wifi, averaging 10-250Kbps with spikes to 450Kbps but sometimes complete drops of the connection.23:01
BlueProtomanI'm using Ubuntu 16.10 MATE 16.10.  For some reason, the menu bars (File, Edit, View, etc.) in any Qt application (I tried in at least Tiled and qpdfview) don't appear.  Source is this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/appmenu-qt5/+bug/1307619 , but the suggestion of uninstalling appmenu-qt5 didn't work.  Apparently this has something to do with dbus?  Any tips?23:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1307619 in appmenu-qt5 (Ubuntu) "All Qt5 applications' menu bar is missing at non-Unity DEs after appmenu-qt5 installed" [High,Confirmed]23:02

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