JanCadrian_1908: you might also want to consider that there currently is a dispute between Canonical & OVH over the fact that OVH provides defective Ubuntu images (according to Canonical)00:14
JanCor there was a dispute some time ago, I'm not sure if they fixed that by now  :)00:17
adrian_1908JanC: I heard something about that. I need things really cheap right now, so I'll live with that possibility for the time being. Thanks for the pointer.00:17
JanCyou can always create other users00:18
JanCand should be able to remove the ubuntu user00:19
JanC(after creating your own user)00:19
adrian_1908yes, i someone in another chatroom said so too, and I'm trying that right now to see how it goes. I got nothing set up yet, so I can start over if that "ubuntu" user was special somehow :รพ00:20
JanCthere are other cheap providers BTW00:22
MASMtomreyn: the slow speed in resync will be for all services that are running?, apache, mysql, supervisor, postgret, nodejs??00:32
MASMtomreyn: the slow speed in resync will be for disk new, that isn't same device model, before was two disk ST1000DM003-1CH162, but with this new model are ST1000DM003-1CH162 and new disk ST1000DM003-1SB102)00:34
MASMtomreyn: I sent a mail to my hosting support and I put all this information about my problem i hope they help me, ;S if not, i will have to do a backup Scheduled, every x time...00:38
tomreynMASM: good luck. no need to ping me about everything you do, though. ;)01:04
tomreynJanC: defective how? i only know ovh's perspective on that issue so far.01:10
tomreyn(but would like to read up on it if there' anything public on it)01:11
tomreynokay i found this https://insights.ubuntu.com/2016/12/01/taking-a-stand-against-unstable-risky-unofficial-ubuntu-images/01:17
tomreynit's sadly not specific in what the issues are (but i don't mean to insinuate it could not be correct).01:19
MASMhappy new year for all03:01
MASMhappy new year for all03:01
MASMhappy new year for all03:01
MASMthanks for your help tomreyn03:01
MASMand happy new year03:01
spammyhappy new year :P03:24
SamuelMarksI've developed a new DSL for orchestrating deployments of distributed-systems. It's terrible. What makes a good one? - http://softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/q/33922306:58
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