zmoylan-pihappy new year folk o/00:00
oracologyHappy New Year!00:00
penguin42HNY oracology00:00
m0nkey_Happy new whatever from Montreal05:17
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:36
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zmoylan-pinew year sales aren't what they used to be.  all shopping centres open with key stores (supermarkets) open and everyone else closed...19:53
Azelphurzmoylan-pi: well, Amazon has GTX 1060s up for £16 (pricing error)20:01
AzelphurI bought 24 of them so far, lol20:01
Azelphursomehow I don't think I'm going to get them.20:02
zmoylan-piif only there drones were doing the delivery you'd have them already... :-P20:04
diddledanAzelphur: looks to not be found by search20:10
AzelphurI've got 30 ordered20:10
diddledan"no longer available" :-(20:10
diddledan30 is a bit greedy, no?20:11
zmoylan-piit's cold weather forecast and those heating the home will make it toasty warm :-)20:12
* penguin42 giggles - it's Scan as well20:13
diddledanAzelphur's gonna use them all for bitcoin mining? :-p20:14
Azelphurdiddledan: trade em in at CEX for £4000 of CEX credit and go on a shopping spree?20:14
diddledansounds fun20:14
penguin42Azelphur: So the fun thing is that if I search for the ID in that link it doesn't sohw them, but if I pick it from your link it does20:14
diddledanthey might think you nicked them if you do it all in one visit20:15
penguin42Azelphur: I've just ordered one - we'll see :-)20:17
penguin42Azelphur: On Scan's site they list them at 272.9920:17
penguin42(Not that I want an Nvidia graphics card, but for that price...)20:18
penguin42Azelphur: Hmm I wonder about scripting a comparison between the default price amazon shows you and the cheapest in the new list to see for major differences; or between Amazon's prices and a sellers own shop20:20
Azelphurhaha would be fun20:21
diddledanwon't let me order one20:21
penguin42now if we're lucky they'll dispatch my one little card and not give a second thought until they go WTH at Azelphur's order20:24
penguin42I've bought a lot from Scan over the years, they're almost local - I first used them in ~93 when they were pretty small20:25
popeypenguin42: do you recall a bbc demo which was like the amiga bounce demo which had a red/white ball bouncing?20:29
popeyused palette switching to do the animation20:29
penguin42popey: Yeh20:29
popeyany idea what it was called or where one might find a copy?20:30
popeystuart used an amiga screenshot20:30
penguin42popey: No, I remember it used just shifting the start of video memory to move it20:32
popeythat too20:32
popeyi think shifting memory to move the ball, and palette switching to do the ball rotation20:32
popeyhappy new year by the way penguin42 :)20:37
penguin42popey: And to you sir!20:39
penguin42popey: I think they did the same trick on the Commy 6420:40
popeycpc too20:40
popeythat's where I learned it20:40
zmoylan-piwhen all you had were 8 bits you had to do a fair bit to make it dance and sing20:43
diddledanmanaged to get an order in for that supremely cheap gfx20:53
* zmoylan-pi rings plod and reports cyber hackers trying to diddle poor honest retailer amazon20:54
daftykinscor my old man's been hiding all the old PC mag coverdiscs so he doesn't have to throw them out - also clinging on to his VHS collection - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xlofld1lzj0bjxv/AACL8S8dxyZOuCr-wW3LQFgva?dl=021:11
zmoylan-pithe betamax is probably stashed under his matress... :-P21:13
zmoylan-piwhen i was clearing out the last of my audio casettes in early 00s i did find 1-2 spectrum cover tapes that had managed to smuggle themselves into audio section21:14
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daftykinszmoylan-pi: :D21:18
zmoylan-pisome of the tapes did contain best of zx spectrum game music so... you know... very rare :-D21:18
daftykinsi found my psion series 3c sync cable for PsiWin so then hoped we could find the main unit and pop it on ebay :D sadly my Dad put it in a very safe place21:19
zmoylan-piso it will only reappear 1 week after you get rid of the other piece...21:20
daftykinschaos storage theory21:20
zmoylan-pii had a keyboard disappear 3 months ago.  my place is really small. and i went through everything twice... till i stopped looking and sorted a replacement... and then of course it reappeared in a laptop sleeve21:21
zmoylan-pia packard bell keyboard sold with a pc with winme preinstalled.21:22
zmoylan-piso it's obviously precursed... :-P21:23
daftykinsdo you even own anything you can use a real size keyboard with? :D21:23
zmoylan-pii was holding this keyboard till one day i acquire the dremel skills to install a rasp pi zero, battery, usb hub and screen :-D21:24
zmoylan-piand i use it at the mo with a lenovo laptop whose own keyboard decided it didn't want half the keys to work on.  my second lenovo for this to happen to...21:25
daftykinsyou must be falling asleep on them and dribbling into one side :)21:26
daftykinsthis a super budget end ideapad thing, or?21:26
zmoylan-pionce is odd, two laptops is very weird.  weirder is that 2 other, older laptops i have are both fine so i'm pretty sure it's not me21:26
zmoylan-piboth lenovos were got cheap in argos at end of catalog sale...21:27
daftykinsah har21:27
zmoylan-pia €400 laptop for <€25021:27
daftykinsyip can't sniff at thata21:27
daftykinsi've priced up a little revver to put in this case i just scored for free, well it's a full core 2 duo setup but i'd throw all that out :)21:28
zmoylan-pi4gb of ram and 1tb spinny thingie...21:28
zmoylan-piso my console text really flies by... :-)21:29
daftykinseasily upgraded to be sane!21:29
daftykinslook at that glorious tax free price21:29
zmoylan-pistarting the daftykinism religion was best decision ever :-P21:44
daftykinsi haven't gotten around to getting high as a kite and writing a book for my followers yet though21:45
zmoylan-piin time, in time.21:46
diddledandaftykins: I'm gonna start shipping stuff through you as a fence so I get taxfreeebies :-p22:04
daftykins;) they closed that long ago, has to be muled over to sneak it now22:05
diddledanoh, awesome, thanks for offering!22:05
daftykinsmy mule credentials are quite long22:06
daftykinsalso fitting that Guerns are nicknamed 'donkeys'22:06
diddledansaid the bishop to the actress22:06
daftykinshttps://www.amazon.co.uk/Gears-War-Standard-Windows-Download/dp/B01GSJ2FFO/ wow that's £41 on the MS Store22:08
daftykinshrmmm how much did The Beano and The Dandy cost back in the 90s?22:25
daftykinsi thought i'd make a convo of it rather than try to look it up online :)22:25
zmoylan-pii used to get 2000ad until around 1990 and iirc it was 28p uk22:27
daftykinscor :D22:27
zmoylan-piof course in ireland it was 35p irish iirc22:28
zmoylan-pi::checks online:: 40p in late 1989... not to far off from memory... http://www.2000ad.org/functions/cover.php?choice=651&Comic=2000ad22:32
zmoylan-piyou can check by prog number here... http://www.2000ad.org/?zone=covers&page=progs&FirstProg=651&LastProg=700&MaxProg=199722:33
daftykinsi think i've seen a comic store over here now, although i don't know if it's survived... the two i mentioned were the closest i ever got in my youth22:34
daftykinsthose multi-part "build-a-something" ones suffered big time over here 'cause you'd get the first then nobody would have any further, not sure if it suffered a similar fate up on the mainland / Ireland :D22:35
zmoylan-pimy father worked as a porter in a hospital.  i think i got all the comics that were been discarded... :-) but i did buy 2000ad as it was great sci fi22:35
daftykinsah har! a good source22:36
zmoylan-pimultipart build it up collectibles did very well here... my father was a fan of a few of them and built them up and had them in their proper bound covers22:36
daftykinsooh very nice22:37
daftykinsi don't really get how my brother managed to mess those up since we have newsagents covering certain areas22:38
zmoylan-pialso for empty bottles which back in 80s had a deposit that was worth 10p each.  i once helped him fill a tiny datsun to drive slowly to bottle bank and redeem over 88quid...22:38
daftykinsah just like the US system with cans in some states22:38
zmoylan-pithey should bring it back to stop the dumping of plastic waste in environment22:43
daftykinsbefore i was allowed out earlier at my folks, i was asked to look through a drawer of old AC adapters to sort through important stuff :D22:46
zmoylan-pihow many old nokia adapters did they have? i might need one :-D22:48
daftykins0! but there were two sony ericsson ones22:48
daftykinsnokias must be hiding elsewhere ;)22:48
zmoylan-pithey've been promoted to calculators and socks hiding place22:49
zmoylan-pibut still below bic pen hidey hole22:51
daftykinssingle colour? :)22:52
penguin42popey: Excellent!23:14

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