rick_hHappy New year16:12
gamerchick02yes! happy new year!16:22
cmaloneyHappy new year!16:51
cmaloneyNow I don't know what day, month, or year it is. :)16:51
cmaloney$.99 each for all of their electronic goodies, one day only.16:53
gamerchick02thanks for the link17:27
cmaloneynp. Hope you find some goodies. :)17:29
gamerchick02i'm into pathfinder right now17:29
cmaloneyYeah? Have you checked out 13th Age any?17:32
jrwreni finished December without going over. 995GB of 1024GB  YAY17:35
cmaloneySmall victories (and I'm assuming you meant MB)17:36
gamerchick02nope i've not checked that out17:36
gamerchick02going over what? a data cap?17:36
cmaloneygamerchick02: It's a blend of 3rd edition and 4th edition17:36
cmaloneyby Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet17:36
gamerchick02oh cool17:46
gamerchick02i've been a player in Pathfinder, not running my own campaigns.17:46
cmaloneyYeah, Pathfinder is pretty much a default17:53
cmaloneythat and D&D17:53
cmaloneyHappy birthday, widox! :)18:31
gamerchick02oh hey, didn't know it was widox's b-day today22:26
gamerchick02my mom and i saw Moana. OMG so good22:26
jrwrennver heard of it. What is it?22:29
jrwrenoh! I did see a preview for that.22:29
rick_hYea, was a good one22:31
gamerchick02movie. Disney. SO GOOD OMG22:41
rick_hwell > dory but < incredibles and such. I thought it was better than recent movies but not one of the best23:02
rick_hbut I'm a cranky old man23:02

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