Kiloscompliments of the season to all you geek types. may this year be just great for you06:36
SEpticHappy Happy08:03
paddatrapperHappy new year Kilos and everyone else 09:01
Kilosty paddatrapper , hope all good there09:32
magespawngood afternoon all11:54
theblazehenhey magespawn12:16
magespawnchat later all14:01
=== smile|away is now known as smile
LangjanHello everybody, may you be blessed in 201715:30
Kiloshi Langjan 17:03
Kiloshappy new year to you and family17:03
LangjanThanks Kilos how was your new-years day?17:13
Kilosquiet and pea ceful17:14
Kilosall alone here, ian went swimming, couldnt take the heat haha17:14
Kilosthey dont make men like they used to17:14
Kilosand there by you Langjan ?17:16
Kilosim actually poegaai, the midnight stint isnt my cuppa tea17:17
LangjanAl well thanks Kilos 17:27
Kilosok tell me you broke something17:28
LangjanHave you checked this out? http://ezbatteryreconditioning.info/?gclid=Cj0KEQiA7qLDBRD9xJ7PscDCu5IBEiQAqo3BxK0IZYdzKpd92X__q2m53s3wQLuSv5t-LnDL5_uyXMkaAmz78P8HAQ17:28
LangjanOh and make your day so you can promote kde?17:28
Langjancaught you!17:29
Kiloscome on, out with it17:29
Langjanwith what?17:30
Kiloswhat broke17:30
Langjansuspense killing you?17:30
Kiloslol ja17:30
Langjanjust that full screen bug still lingering17:30
Kilosoh my17:30
Kiloswhat happened to the graphics card you bid on17:31
Langjanwill live with it until the developers sort the bug I suppose17:31
Langjannothing, dont think thats the problem17:31
Kilosare they working on the bug17:32
Langjanwell one post indicated they had solved it but I have not seen the solution17:32
Kilosthen mail the guy that said its solved17:33
Langjangood idea17:33
Kilosor post there and leave your email addy17:33
Langjanwill see if I can get back to that post17:34
Kilosgood luck17:34
Langjanthks 17:34
Kilosmaybe the festive season is making them forget that life goes on]17:34
Langjanwhat do you know about the battery repair system in the link? 17:34
Kilosill read it when i more awake17:35
Kilosi have the page open in browse17:35
LangjanOK chat again tomorrow, sleep well17:35
Kilosyou too sir17:36
Kilosty for popping in17:36
Kiloskeep well17:36
LangjanMy pleasure thks and keep well you too 17:36
inetprogood mornings19:08
inetprogood to see you all survived the journey into the new year19:09
inetproHappy New Years to all and sundry!19:10
inetprooh and that goes to you oom Kilos as well19:10
Kilosty so much inetpro and all the best there by you as well19:11
inetproand on that note, I shall call it good night!19:18
Kilossleep tight inetpro 19:21
inetprodankie jy ook19:21
smilebye! :)20:56
KilosMaaz tell langjan that battery link sounds good but costly21:06
MaazKilos: Got it, I'll tell Langjan on freenode21:06
Kilosnight all, sleep lekker22:57

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