CoderEuropehttps://plus.google.com/communities/101683336200914838165 FIrst message of 2017 Ha !00:03
AbuMaiaCan someone help me recover the mouse double-click speed setting for 16.10?00:03
user_user_is there a way to say which graphics card to use as a grub permission?00:04
AbuMaiaI find I am unable to open any file by double-clicking unless by clicking very rapidly and repeatedly00:04
wedgieAbuMaia: settings -> Mouse & touchpad -> Double-click00:05
AbuMaiawedgie: that setting is missing: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ti6gk766k0v9q5u/Screenshot%20from%202016-12-31%2016-57-49.png?dl=000:06
wedgieAbuMaia: uh.......... Not sure. Hopefully someone else knows00:07
arooniwas trying to follow http://tipsonubuntu.com/2016/09/13/vim-8-0-released-install-ubuntu-16-04/ to get latest version of vim; but then i got https://gist.github.com/arooni/6f8d55f2291c26d3a85b7c155d09ea7e .. ideas?00:12
bivoSince the update a few days ago my wifi has been having weird slowdowns, I've tested on my Mint 18.1, android and windows systems but only this is having slowdowns00:12
kk4ewt!mint |bivo00:13
ubottubivo: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org00:13
bivokk4ewt Read it again, I'm asking about my Ubuntu install00:13
OerHeksarooni, see comments.. "It seems it is compiled without python support"00:14
bivokk4ewt I'm saying I tested on other distros and OSs00:14
arooniOerHeks: the ppa version?00:14
OerHeksYes, according to tipsonubuntu00:15
AbuMaiaCan someone help me recover the mouse double-click speed setting for 16.10? https://www.dropbox.com/s/ti6gk766k0v9q5u/Screenshot%20from%202016-12-31%2016-57-49.png?dl=000:15
OerHeks.. and then; many of my normal key mappings are not working correctly in vim8.00:15
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html00:16
AbuMaiaOerHeks: was that for me?00:21
sn9i think it was for anyone who knows00:21
sn9much like what i asked00:21
sn9sadly, no one seems to00:22
OerHeksAbuMaia, no, for arooni00:22
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fearnothinghi folks, trying to figure out issues with my logging config00:32
FrostyBytesfearnothing: what are the issues?00:32
fearnothingI'm trying to send logs that are being sent to /var/log/syslog to a remote server, but not everything I want to send is turning up at the destination00:33
fearnothingI'm getting cron events, and a couple of other bits and pieces00:33
fearnothingbut what I'm really interested in is the slapd events, and those are not coming through00:33
FrostyByteswell it must be your configuration post your configuration00:34
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fearnothingcoming up, gimme a sec00:35
sn9[Sat 2016-12-31 03:27:39 PM PST] <sn9> yesterday, i rebooted after a long uptime on trusty, applying a bunch of updates incidentally, including bringing the kernel from -101 to -106, and today i notice that ever since, ethernet does not work anymore. i want to be able to fix this without rebooting again. thanx00:37
sn9[Sat 2016-12-31 03:29:14 PM PST] <sn9> 00:19.0 Ethernet controller [0200]: Intel Corporation 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection [8086:1502] (rev 04)00:37
sn9[Sat 2016-12-31 03:53:43 PM PST] <sn9> as for my issue, i already tried removing and reprobing e1000e, still doesn't work, although the spew in dmesg changed00:37
FrostyBytesfearnothing: well it doesn't look like you have any entry for slapd00:39
rizonzwhen I do a tftp boot my isc server give for tftp the right address but when it does another DHCP request from the OS I get one IP higher00:39
Sean_McGsn9: is it possible the NIC itself is physically dead?00:40
FrostyBytesfearnothing: you may want to uncomment the catch-all for var/log/messages block00:40
sn9Sean_McG: worked fine up until the reboot00:40
Sean_McGsn9: did it possibly get renumbered (no longer eth0)?00:41
sn9Sean_McG: no00:41
Sean_McGnothing in dmesg?00:41
fearnothingok, clearly I'm not understanding how this works correctly00:41
sn9yes, stuff in dmesg00:41
Sean_McGwhat does it say?00:41
Sean_McG(regarding the e1000)00:42
fearnothingmy system doesn't even have a /var/log/messages, how would uncommenting a line that applies to something that doesn't exist be useful?00:42
sn9before the rmmod and modprobe:00:43
sn9[61324.589644] e1000e 0000:00:19.0 eth0: Reset adapter unexpectedly00:43
sn9[61326.609189] e1000e: eth0 NIC Link is Up 100 Mbps Full Duplex, Flow Control: Rx/Tx00:43
sn9[74576.274405] e1000e 0000:00:19.0 eth0: Reset adapter unexpectedly00:43
sn9[74578.226118] e1000e: eth0 NIC Link is Up 100 Mbps Full Duplex, Flow Control: Rx/Tx00:43
Sean_McGthose lines both suggest the NIC is fine00:43
sn9[74588.258943] e1000e 0000:00:19.0 eth0: Reset adapter unexpectedly00:43
sn9[74590.206644] e1000e: eth0 NIC Link is Up 100 Mbps Full Duplex, Flow Control: Rx/Tx00:43
sn9[74590.206655] e1000e 0000:00:19.0 eth0: 10/100 speed: disabling TSO00:43
sn9cut off a line00:44
Sean_McGah hrm... autonegotiation failed? or do you only have a 10/100 Mbit switch?00:44
sn9but there it is00:44
sn9the switch i have it plugged into is 10/10000:44
Sean_McG(not sure what TSO is)00:44
fearnothingFrostyBytes - any word on that question?00:45
phwarbirdhello, I'm trying to reinstall grub from a ubuntu live cd00:50
phwarbird`sudo update-grub` gives me an error: failed to get canonical path of '/cow'00:50
sn9Sean_McG: another pkg that got updated was linux-firmware00:51
Sean_McGsn9: that could be your culprit00:55
Sean_McGsn9: is this machine a server?00:55
sn9Sean_McG: changelog doesn't mention a change to e1000e, and it's a laptop00:55
Sean_McGsn9: my theory is that maybe something needs a BIOS or EFI update to go along with the firmware00:56
Sean_McGsn9: in any case, I'm not sure this is fixable without a reboot. maybe try downgrading linux-firmware and see if that helps00:58
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nchambershow can I tell what process/pid I have running on port 5301:24
sn9sudo netstat -plunt01:25
Sean_McGmost likely it is dnsmasq01:25
sn9but that will tell him pid01:25
Sean_McGtru dat01:25
nchambersthanks guys01:31
LordNelthondoes anyone use oh-my-zsh and agnoster in gnome-terminal? If so, how do you solve the issue in line height?01:32
dbclkfolks..i'm running this .sh file to install mariadb and install a blank password for root but, it isn't working https://gist.github.com/dbclkclk/4f89560334ed6f97382241a6fb66db2701:34
dbclkany ideas?01:34
radenshello, I'm on an arm computer and I'd like to install gcc for cross compiling to an x86 target.01:39
radenswhat package should I look for?01:39
smaudetHappy New Years01:48
sentre3 hours and ten minutes to go for me01:49
sentrebut happy new years :)01:49
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Guest1842hello, how can I configure a wireless network from the command line and if I restart it connects automatically to the same network?01:54
icyjugi want to disable ipv6 on the runtime02:03
icyjugi was thinking using sysctl02:03
amnixI am getting very low wifi speed on ubuntu compared to my phone or any other windows devices.02:03
sn9Sean_McG: your suggestion made me google: e1000e "firmware" linux02:03
amnixwhy is that?02:03
icyjugand the kernel module "ipv6.disabled=1"02:03
sn9Sean_McG: found this, will test: http://www.linux.org.ru/forum/desktop/1138714402:03
Sean_McGsn9: good luck02:04
icyjugwould that simply be sysctl ipv6.disable=1 ?02:04
sn9Guest1842: depends on whether or not you are using network manager02:04
icyjugor doesnt it work that way02:04
Guest1842hello, how can I configure a wireless network from the command line and if I restart it connects automatically to the same network?02:07
sn9Guest1842: depends on whether or not you are using network manager02:07
Guest1842sn9 Im not. I only have cli and not gui02:09
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sn9Guest1842: make sure it's not installed, first02:09
Guest1842sn9 I just installed it. Ill remove it. How do I enable wifi then?02:10
Random832can someone pastebin /etc/fstab? it's a long story02:11
priporgwhat is fstab?02:11
ItalianBreadPwhat's up? I needed some quick help.02:11
Sean_McG(f)ile (s)ystem (tab)le02:12
priporgSean_McG, nice02:12
priporgSean_McG, is PPA specific for Ubuntu?02:12
hggdhItalianBreadP: just ask your question02:13
Sean_McGpriporg: yes02:13
hggdhpriporg: pretty much. Other distros may have something similar, though, but PPAs are for *buntu02:14
ItalianBreadPI cant seem to get apt-get to work on my new linux system02:14
priporgI read there are two ways to add a PPA in Ubuntu. Not sure why there is a difference.02:14
sn9priporg: older, newer02:14
k1lItalianBreadP: can you show the output in terminal when you run "sudo apt update" on paste.ubuntu.com ?02:14
priporgsn9, it had something to do with the type of PPA...02:15
k1lpriporg: and yes, ppa is specific to ubuntu. its 3rd party repos build and hosted on launchpad.net02:15
k1l!ppa | priporg02:15
ubottupriporg: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge02:15
priporgfor example, sudo add-apt-repository ppa:<name> OR sudo add-apt-repository <url>02:17
k1lpriporg: the first one is a ppa. the second one is another 3rd party repo hosted somewhere else02:17
priporgah..got it!02:18
priporgk1l, thanks. i understand now,02:18
ItalianBreadPif i try to download any app through apt-get, though, it doesn't work02:18
k1lItalianBreadP: you still have the cdrom entries in your sources.list activated. go to system settings > updates und software  and disable the cd rom there02:19
k1lItalianBreadP: and you have already enabled some ppa with kritalime which is misconfigurerd02:19
ItalianBreadPsorry if this looks like a basic problem for you. I'm very new to ubuntu, so I don't understand some stuff02:20
ItalianBreadPin which tab do I disable the cd rom?02:21
priporgCan someone walk me through how to install Nvidia driver 304.134 properly on Ubuntu? I believe I tried almost everything. The previous update to driver gave me endless login loop. After updating the driver to the latest via adding ppa and running sudo apt-get update I get a black screen after login in GUI. Help is much appreciated.02:21
k1lItalianBreadP: on the second tab, called "other sources/programs" there should be a checkmark for the cdrom. disable that02:22
ItalianBreadPah, yep!02:22
ItalianBreadPdisabled it02:22
ItalianBreadPlol sorry, my network kinda dropped02:23
priporgI then tried the manual install via Nvidia installer, it complained "failed to load Nvidia Module" during installation, And on reboot gave me a black screen after gui login.02:23
k1lItalianBreadP: ok, close the updates and programs window. the in terminal run "sudo apt update" again02:23
k1lok, now please run "grep ^ /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* | nc termbin.com 9999" which will output an url, show that url here please.02:25
priporgw.if-not-true-then-false.com/2015/fedora-nvidia-guide/ <-- this guide says Nvidia driver 304.xx requires a patched Nvidia Installer as it's incompatible with certain kernels. I'm wondering if this is the same case with some Ubuntu Kernels? Anyone know?02:27
k1lItalianBreadP: ok, we need to delete one line of a file, which is causing that last error: so please do "sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/kritalime-ubuntu-ppa-xenial.list", then delete  the last line (which is the same as the 2nd line). then press ctrol+o for saving. ctrl+x for exit.02:28
Sean_McGpriporg: possibly, I use the graphics-drivers PPA02:28
Sean_McGjust installed nvidia-37002:28
k1lItalianBreadP: after that "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade" and you are good to go02:28
k1lpriporg: its 2017 now and there is a lot that changed since 2015. so if you name your exact card, exact ubuntu and kernel others could help in here02:29
priporgSean_McG, I'm using graphics-drivers PPA as well. Until most recent update to driver 304.134 I was getting endless login loop. Now just getting black screen after gui login.02:30
ItalianBreadPThis shows up on the bottom:   File Name to Write: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/kritalime-ubuntu-ppa-xenial.list02:30
k1lItalianBreadP: yes, press enter then to make it save02:31
Sean_McGpriporg: which GPU and Ubuntu release are you using?02:31
priporgk1l, I'm using geforce 7400 go, which uses drivers Nvidia 304.134. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Not sure on the kernel.02:31
* Sean_McG grumbles about laggy ssh connection02:31
ItalianBreadPokay, cool02:31
bivoAnyone else getting flakey wifi speeds since the recent updates?02:31
priporgSean_McG, ^02:31
ItalianBreadPshould I try apt-get to install an app now?02:31
TallaHi all I'm in need of some help02:32
k1lItalianBreadP: i would first run "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade" to make sure you got all the updates installed. then go ahead and install the new programs you like02:32
TallaI tried to upgrade from 15.04 to 16.10 (some steps in between) and due to a power cut... I'm having a lotta trouble02:32
bazhangstate your issue please talla02:32
AbuMaiaTalla: what kind of trouble?02:32
Sean_McGpriporg: I wonder if 304 even works on the kernel in Ubuntu 16.0402:33
TallaWell for one, my old installation won't start up02:33
tomreynTalla: what was your upgrade path, how did you upgrade? what was the last upgrade you started?02:33
Sean_McGlooks like my upgrade to 16.04 broke my nameserver... boo hiss02:33
k1lSean_McG: priporg there is an nvidia-304 package on 16.04 and that works. maybe that card needs some special treatment02:33
priporgSean_McG, I wonder the same. I know it works on Fedora but only using a patched Nvidia installer as it's incomptible with some of their kernels.02:33
TallaI started by using the termin upgrade-manager -d or some such02:34
Sean_McGk1l: possibly, not sure myself. I have a GTX 107002:34
k1lpriporg: that is not the case on ubuntu. ubuntu ships nvidia packages02:34
Tallasince the software center wanted nothing to do with it.02:34
ItalianBreadPk1l: I get this http://paste.ubuntu.com/23720170/02:34
TallaI was just about to complete the upgrade between 15.10 and 16.04 when the powercut struck midway though.02:34
TallaI think I was just past the lightdm selection stage.02:35
Sean_McGanyways I'mma take a break. back later.02:35
priporgk1l, i tried the shipped nvidia 304 package and was getting endless login loop. tried lots of remedies to no avail.02:35
TallaWhen I tried to launch I now get: Failed to start load kernel module02:35
ItalianBreadPyo priporg: I had the same issue. Did you try turning off secure boot on BIOS?02:35
TallaI tried to launch in recovery mode but02:35
TallaI can't access sda1 because it refuses to mount02:36
Tallaand I can't get dpkg to reconfigure because it's locked (on sda1)02:36
priporgItalianBreadP, no, but i'm not sure I have secure boot. i'll check later.02:36
TallaThe reason it won't mount properly is because it is missing some "IO iso885...something or other"02:36
TallaSo far as I can tell02:36
Tallaaka: Royally screwed02:36
ItalianBreadPpriporg: yeah, you should haha. I had the same issue yesterday and it fixed as soon as I turned off secureboot02:37
TallaIn the mean time, I've booted a live disk in the hopes of saving my data02:37
TallaI have 300GB of data and no where to put it.02:37
TallaI can't simply upgrade (which I would like to do) because...well it just refuses.02:37
priporgk1l, Sean_McG, Admittedly I did a manual nvidia install first before using Nvidia-304 package. Not sure if that screwed things up?02:38
k1lpriporg: yes, possible02:38
priporgItalianBreadP, what driver are you using?02:38
TallaAnd I have no idea how to partition off my data so that it's protected from the install (I'd like to reintergrate it later)02:38
ItalianBreadPpriporg: I used 375, I believe02:38
Random832seriously though can someone pastebin /etc/fstab mine got deleted and i need an example of a good one02:38
ItalianBreadPk1l: did you get my pastebin? I still seem to get the same issue02:38
sn9Random832: 14.04, or 16.04?02:39
ItalianBreadP(or paste.ubuntu.com)02:39
Random832sn9, not sure it really matters but 16.0402:39
k1lItalianBreadP: i am looking into it.02:39
priporgItalianBreadP, yeah you're ok. I'm like trying to run the last supported Nvidia driver on Ubuntu.02:39
ItalianBreadPk1l: thank you02:39
Random832Talla, i had the same error message while dealing with my issue, try mount -o iocharset=cp43702:39
tomreynTalla: "IO iso885..." hints at s cd/dvd rom/writer. do you have some optical media in the drive which you dont need for booting?02:39
Random832tomreyn, no it really doesn't, that's an error relating to the fat32 filesystem02:40
TallaNo optical media in the drive02:40
Random832iso 9660 is cdrom, iso 8859-1 is the default character translation for fat3202:40
tomreynbut... which FAT partition?02:40
k1lItalianBreadP: some of your 32bit stuff is making issues. try a "sudo apt-get -f install"02:40
Random832whichever one they're trying to mount when they get the error02:41
usuariolinux is the worst shit ever02:41
usuariolinux users must all be gay02:41
nohackerNot only did russia manipulate the elections, russia took over all media using indians working there and is now absolutely manipulating the media by force. I am a personal witness to this, because my blog which contains more evidence about google and microsoft collaborating is being suppressed: http://pressthejustice.wordpress.com02:41
TallaSomeone ban him02:41
ItalianBreadPI still get this http://paste.ubuntu.com/23720187/02:41
tomreynusuario: this is not a discussion forum, please stop.02:41
priporgBefore I check my Bios, what is the difference between apt and apt-get?02:42
usuarioif you dont know the differnce you are total fucked02:42
FrostyByteshey I've been using ubuntu for years without knowing the difference02:43
priporgthey seem to work the same...02:43
k1lpriporg: apt is the new command trying to merge some apt-get, apt-cache and other apt- commands02:43
xanguausuario: don't do that again, thanks02:43
nohackerthe hacking is being diverted to electric grid hacking, actually they collected and manipulated information using google search, gmail and windows OS02:43
ItalianBreadPusuario must be a user who lost interest in linux ahaha02:43
priporgk1l, should i be using apt over apt-get then?02:44
k1lpriporg: yes.02:44
tomreyn!ops | nohacker usuario02:44
ubottunohacker usuario: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu02:44
FrostyBytesif it ain't busted don't fix it -- I will keep using apt-get02:44
TallaBefore I go rebooting my system with that iochartset idea...02:44
TallaI wanna try the updating root again02:44
priporgFrostyBytes, I'm guessing apt is completely backward compatible with apt-get ...02:45
k1lFrostyBytes: apt-get and others are still fine to use. but with apt the changed the naming a bit to be less confusing (apt-get dist-upgrade vs. apt full-upgrade for example)02:45
Italianbreadp_I'm back, k1l02:45
Italianbreadp_did I miss anything?02:45
k1lItalianbreadp_: <k1l> ItalianBreadP: some of your 32bit stuff is making issues. try a "sudo apt-get -f install"02:46
Random832Talla, rebooting? i thought this error was from a mount command02:46
TallaThis is from trying to upgrade my system02:46
Tallaand it failing...02:47
Italianbreadp_k1l: already tried bro, got another issue popping up02:47
TallaThere we are02:47
Tallagonna reboot02:47
k1lItalianbreadp_: which one?02:47
Italianbreadp_k1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23720205/02:47
nohackernot true. not only did russia manipulate the elections, russia took over all media using indians working there and is now absolutely manipulating the media by force. I am a personal witness to this, because my blog is being suppressed: http://pressthejustice.wordpress.com02:47
xangua!ops | nohacker again02:48
ubottunohacker again: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu02:48
hggdhnohacker: stop02:48
k1lItalianbreadp_: removing apt is not good.02:48
Italianbreadp_why'd I quit?02:49
k1lItalianbreadp_: better remove aptitude since that seems to make a lot of issues02:49
cfochwhat packages does libboost-all-dev install?02:49
Italianbreadp_k1l: how do i do that?02:49
k1lItalianbreadp_: sudo apt remove aptitude02:49
AbuMaiauntil an op comes by to kick them, putting them on ignore works too02:49
xangua!find libboost-all-dev02:50
ubottuFound: libboost-all-dev, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W: (and 18 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libboost-all-dev&searchon=names&suite=yakkety&section=all02:50
Italianbreadp_k1l: another error! http://paste.ubuntu.com/23720213/02:51
Talla2okay I am in recovery root, and trying to apt-get update but dpkg demands a reconfigure.02:52
k1lItalianbreadp_: it seems that something made a mess with your system. were there other PPAs in use before?02:52
Talla2however apparently that's on a read-only system02:52
Italianbreadp_k1l: I tried installing java and steam manually before02:53
Talla2any way through this?02:53
Italianbreadp_k1l: will I have to completely reset linux on my machine?02:55
Italianbreadp_(By the way, if you need to know, this is in a dual boot setup with w10)02:55
k1lItalianbreadp_: no, dualboot doesnt interfer with that.02:55
Italianbreadp_k1l: alright02:56
k1lItalianbreadp_: i am thinking about a possible way out that dependency loop there. somewhat from your manual installs must have made that loop.02:56
Italianbreadp_k1l: I mean, I'm fine with having a clean install with my system again02:57
Italianbreadp_k1l: just takes time haha02:57
k1lItalianbreadp_: "sudo apt remove aptitude:i386"02:58
k1lItalianbreadp_: what is the output of "dpkg --print-architecture"?02:59
Italianbreadp_k1l: it shows amd64. my OS is in 64 bit, in case you need to know03:00
k1land "dpkg --print-foreign-architectures" shows i386?03:00
Italianbreadp_k1l: yep! it shows i38603:01
Italianbreadp_and sudo apt remove aptitude: i386 gets me this paste.ubuntu.com/23720223/03:01
k1lItalianbreadp_: "sudo apt install google-chrome-stable"03:02
Italianbreadp_k1l: same issue, unmet dependencies03:03
Italianbreadp_k1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23720240/03:04
Talla2is there somewhere more appropriate to ask?03:08
k1lItalianbreadp_: apt-cache policy libudev1:i386 libudev1 udev aptitude:i386 ppa-purge| nc termbin.com 9999"03:08
Italianbreadp_k1l: http://termbin.com/8o9403:09
k1lItalianbreadp_: sudo apt install libudev103:10
cfochhave you installed ICU?03:13
parsniphi, any ideas for this: "man: can't execute pager: Too many levels of symbolic links" http://sprunge.us/ffiF03:13
Italianbreadp_k1l: again--same issue :/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/23720279/03:14
k1lthis is somewhat the sledgehammer method: sudo apt-get -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-depends" install libudev103:19
Ben64parsnip: ls -l /usr/bin/pager /etc/alternatives/pager /bin/less03:21
k1lItalianbreadp_: if that doesnt help now. you can try to remove all the packages making issues there and try to reinstall them afterwards with apt. because the next step would be a reinstall. somewhat of your manual installs must have made that mess.03:21
k1lItalianbreadp_: i need to leave now. maybe others can assist then03:22
Italianbreadp_k1l: alright, thanks anyway for the help03:22
Italianbreadp_much appreciated03:22
parsnipBen64: seems to be /usr/bin/pager -> /etc/alternatives/pager -> /bin/less http://sprunge.us/SbTi03:28
parsnipthere's also /usr/bin/less -> /bin/less03:28
Ben64parsnip: that looks normal03:31
wannabejHappy new year all03:36
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sn9Sean_McG: i've now tried 3 different cables, even recrimped one, same result04:06
plshelphow do i change which partition my computer boots from04:38
plshelpis it the boot flag04:39
Ben64plshelp: you'll get better results if you explain what you're trying to accomplish04:42
plshelpi want a prompt for which partition to boot to on startup04:43
plshelpi have partitions for windows 10 and ubuntu and it automatically logs into windows04:44
sn9plshelp: then you need to recover grub04:44
sn9unless you use uefi04:44
lethuplshelp, you need this https://sourceforge.net/p/boot-repair-cd/home/Home/04:52
plshelpjust installed it on a live cd of ubuntu04:52
lethuplshelp, you can make a bootable usb stick out of it with unetbootin04:52
plshelpis recommended repair probably fine?04:53
lethuplshelp, yes04:53
plshelpinstalling grub in a specific partition automatically boots to it?05:00
plshelpif i specify the disk does it prompt me05:00
plshelpi feel like a small child pestering parents with impossible questions05:01
Ben64grub goes onto the hard drive for example sda, not a partition like sda105:01
plshelpit offered the option of sda or sda105:01
Ben64and you chose sda1?05:02
plshelpi am deciding05:02
Ben64well thats why it doesn't boot05:02
xXEoflaOEXxI have installed GNOME yesterday and I put lightdm as the login manager, now how do I change the login manager from lightdm to gdm?05:04
uxfihappy new years to all05:04
Sean_McGyes, happy new year05:08
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plshelpum it didn't let me install grub to either05:10
=== ghishadow_______ is now known as ghishadow
=== al2o3-cr_ is now known as al2o3-cr
regeditwhere are the unity launcher bar files located?05:26
xanguaRegedit what do you want to do?05:26
regedittrying to edit *.desktop files in ~/.local/share/applications doesn't seem to take effect on the launcher icons05:26
regeditxangua: trying to modify exec parameters of a launcher icon05:27
regediti've googled and found mention about something "unity favorites" but can't find it here on 16.1005:27
ubuntu-matehello world05:30
regeditooh i found this: gsettings get com.canonical.Unity.Launcher favorites05:31
hydr0_burn_Is IRC dead05:39
xXEoflaOEXxhi anter05:43
antermy names anter iam Egypt05:44
TakagamiHAPPY NEW YEAR!05:51
uxfiThanks so much Takagami05:53
TakagamiJust thought I would pop in and say hello! Doing some server VM installs... on new years eve... good times...05:54
str8flushnew to irc how to i look at the topics06:20
linuxpccan we rely on the page hit ranking in distrowatch.com. And also, there is custom filter option to choose distros based on certain specific needs like linux for beginners, for old computers etc. Does it provide a reliable information to decide on a particular distro?06:23
allorderlinuxpc: its a bit like horoscope06:24
linuxpccan you suggest some websites like distrowatch.com where I can get some info on various linux distros?06:28
PythonProblemsHi all. After updating Ubuntu Packages on my little HP Microserver, I now receive an error when I try to run deluged. https://paste.ubuntu.com/23720726/ Can anyone give me so advice as to how I can troubleshoot? Apologies if this is the wrong place to be asking!06:29
allorderlinuxpc: its a good place to get info, dont take rank number too seriously06:29
Takagami@PythonProblems ooks like the python version / syntax may have changed? Tried updateing Deluge if there is one available?06:30
linuxpcallorder, ok.06:30
PythonProblems@Takagami Thanks for the fast reply! I don't think there is a Deluged update available. I added the deluge-team/ppa repository, and ran apt-get update and still end up with the same error when I attempt to run the daemon.06:36
TakagamiYou may lose some settings but have you tried to reconfigure the package since the system updates?06:37
Takagami'sudo dpkg-reconfigure deluge*'06:37
TakagamiJust a stab in the dark...06:37
=== stan is now known as Guest60868
PythonProblems@Takagami Hmm. It's a headless configuration on a little HP MicroServer. So I ran the update for Deluged* and not Deluge, but I still receive the same error: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23720776/06:43
=== stan is now known as Guest15906
PythonProblemsran the dpkg-reconfigure command, not Update. Apologies06:44
=== stan is now known as Guest60239
TakagamiPythonProblems not sure what else to try... I'm not up on python and I don't use Deluge or the Deluge headless daemon... But from the error it looks like the python code that deluge uses is not being executed properly by the version of python installed... maybe try to roll back any python updates that occured, if any?06:51
TakagamiIf the system updates you installed have been out for a few days, there may be some entries on the Deluge github for bug reports? I dunno...06:52
kang0Drone` hi06:54
PythonProblemsOk. Thanks for your help mate. I'll keep investigating. Cheers06:54
TakagamiNo worries PythonProblems! HNY!!06:55
PythonProblemssame to you!06:56
TakagamiI wonder if my web cacheing service is doing weird things with apt-get.... maybe that's why it has size mismatch issues...06:59
hilai want help about this question  http://askubuntu.com/questions/857155/how-to-create-system-restore-point-with-rsync07:03
pavlosufw question ... I deny port 22 for both in and out (ufw deny in 22, ufw deny out 22) but nmap still reports 22/tcp open07:03
eelstreborpavlos, did you reload ufw?07:04
eelstreborsudo ufw reload07:05
ballpenpavlos I don't understand the mystery of ufw :)07:05
pavloseelstrebor, let me try ... ballpen, ufw is fine07:05
ballpenSure it is07:05
pavloseelstrebor, nmap continues to say port 22 open after reload07:06
Takagamipavlos, also, unless your system is directly connected to your ISP with no router, check your port forward rules on your router. Sometimes it will report as open if it is forwarding, even if the destination is closed? Just an idea...07:07
eelstreborit will if you're scanning the localhost07:07
eelstreborpavlos, try using grc.com "shields up" app07:09
pavlosI'm working on my 16.04 system, I have ssh running. I decided to deny access to 22, hence the rules. But, from another term I can still ssh 007:09
eelstreboror scan the firewall from another pc on the networl07:09
pavlosI thought ufw would block access07:09
TakagamiI like https://pentest-tools.com/network-vulnerability-scanning/tcp-port-scanner-online-nmap personally...07:10
eelstreborpavlos, if you did it right it should block the port - what does ufw status show you?07:10
TakagamiGRC's brute force password calculator is awesome! 76.8 trillion trillion trillion million years... hehehehe07:12
nohackerNot only did Russia manipulate elections using Indians working in different places, they are noe forcefully manipulating the media. I know it personally because they are supressing my blog: https://pressthejustice.wordpress.com/07:14
ducasse!ot | nohacker07:14
ubottunohacker: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:14
eelstreborpavlos, looks ok to me - you could try being more specific by executing ufw deny 22/tcp07:15
pavloseelstrebor, done ... pastebin is http://paste.ubuntu.com/23720874/07:16
eelstreborpavlos, what does a port scan shor now07:17
pavlosnmap canyon reports 22/tcp open and nc -zv canyon 22 reports Connection to canyon 22 port [tcp/ssh] succeeded! canyon my hostname
eelstreborpavlos, don't know what to tell you - the port should be blocked - maybe try  ufw reject 22/tcp? with no rules ufw will block all incoming traffic  - you might try running ufw without any rules and see if that blocks incoming attempts to port 2207:23
pavloseelstrebor, I tried reject rule instead of deny ... same behavior. It is strange b/c I expected not to be able to ssh 0 ... I will read more on ufw. Ty and happy new year07:25
ducassepavlos: is ufw enabled at all?07:32
pavlosducasse, yes, ufw enable and ufw status reports the DENY ports07:34
pavlosI must be missing something simple07:35
pavlosalso tried ufw deny ssh (kinda simple, using protocol name)07:36
TakagamiYep... looks like my web cache messes with the apt repositories.... ugh... Looks like some exception rules are in order...07:41
al2o3-crit should be as simple as sudo ufw deny port 2207:43
piousminionHi, I've added "ppa:materieller/teamspeak3" and ran "apt-get update", but it's packages do not appear when I run "apt-cache search teamspeak".  What am I missing?07:49
pavlosal2o3-cr, I put all the steps here ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/23720945/07:49
sachinHello, which is the best schedule app for ubuntu?07:50
piousminionsachin: cron?07:51
cfhowlettsachin, there is no "best".  they are free to install and test for yourself - as you should07:52
=== anon is now known as Guest36299
sachinnever tried cron, and which one works best for you,07:54
piousminionsachin: I'm pretty sure you're using cron right now.07:54
cfhowlettsachin, dude. there are over 1000 people in this channel so we do not poll here.  ask #ubuntu-offtopic for that kind of stuff07:54
pavlosor anacron as well07:54
sachinOkay, what kind of activities is this channel mainly for?07:54
piousminionsachin: "ubuntu"-specific support. a "schedule app" has nothing to do with "ubuntu" itself.07:55
sachinYeah, I get it.07:55
ducassepiousminion: which ubuntu version are you on?07:57
pavlospiousminion, I assume you added the ppa with ... sudo add-apt-repository ppa:materieller/teamspeak307:57
piousminion ducasse: xenial07:57
piousminionducasse: 16.04.1 LTS07:58
ducassepiousminion: no errors when you run apt update?07:58
piousminionducasse: none07:58
piousminionpavlos: correct07:58
ducassepiousminion: any output from 'apt policy  teamspeak3-client'?07:59
pavlospiousminion, let me try ...07:59
piousminionducasse: N: Unable to locate package teamspeak3-client08:00
ducassepiousminion: take a look at the .list file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d08:00
wrl_about an hour ago, I rebooted from xfce.  I did not get any of the normal bootup messages and the xlogin screen was blank.  However, the console screens are fine.  No errors in /var/log/xlog.  Any ideas?08:01
piousminionducasse: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/materieller/teamspeak3/ubuntu xenial main08:01
pavlosapt-cache search teamspeak3-client08:01
pavlosteamspeak3-client - TeamSpeak 3 Client08:01
piousminionpavlos: odd. Ideas?08:02
piousminionThis is a fresh install as of last night btw.  Not that the average user couldn't mess it up in that time. :P08:02
pavlosthere is no teamspeak but there is a teamspeak3-client (and a teamspeak3-server)08:02
piousminionpavlos: I'm aware. None of those appear in the search.08:03
pavlosI did apt-cache search teamspeak*08:03
piousminionpavlos: I did that just now. No change.08:04
pavloscould it be that the repo did not load correctly?08:05
piousminionNo idea. No errors.08:05
tayzarhello any one08:06
cfhowlett!ask | tayzar08:06
ubottutayzar: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:06
tayzari want to know any question08:06
cfhowletttayzar, what is your first language?08:07
tayzaryeah , why not support amd graphic ubuntu 16.04 versions08:08
cfhowlett!amd | tayzar08:09
ubottutayzar: Open driver for AMD cards: amdgpu (cards >= GCN1.2 aka GCN 3rd gen), radeon (older cards). Closed drivers: amdgpu-pro (>= GCN1.2) fglrx (older cards, unsupported by AMD in 16.04+). For info on GCN levels, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_AMD_graphics_processing_units . For fglrx info, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD08:09
tayzarthank :cfhowlett !08:10
faracoHi, how can I boot into tty in every reboot session in xubuntu 16.04? I already tried to change the value in the file /etc/default/grub from "quiet splash" to "quiet splash text".08:10
NataliyaHello! I am from Moscow. Does anyone want to chat?08:10
faracoHowever, not working.08:11
cfhowlettNataliya, check your channel .  this is ubuntu support.  chitchat in #ubuntu-offtopic08:11
cfhowlett!patience | faraco08:12
ubottufaraco: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/08:12
piousminionducasse: Found the issue. The repo does not include an i386 version. :(08:13
cfhowlettBOBO, don't do that here08:14
zzero1sudo apt install --reinstall bcmwl-kernel-source uname Linux user-system 4.8.0-32-generic #34~16.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Tue Dec 13 17:03:41 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux  fails with https://clbin.com/fhFnY08:15
zzero1any ideas ?08:15
zzero1I have a bcm4322808:15
wrl_what  is the upstart replacements name?08:17
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wrl_am I showing up on this channel?08:21
cfhowlettwrl_, you are08:21
wrl_thank you!08:21
wrl_Sorry but I am using a console based irc client that I have never used.08:22
cfhowlettwrl_, you might want to ask #xubuntu and/or #xfce.  FWIW, I don't even have that log file on 14.0408:22
zzero1I have 4.8.0-32-generic in uname and when I install linux-headers-generic I get Setting up linux-headers-generic ( ...08:23
zzero1is the version wrong ?08:24
wrl_cfhowlett you don't have /var/log/Xorg.0.log?08:24
cfhowlettwrl_, ah, that's not what you said last time!08:24
cfhowlettyes I have the xorg.0.log08:25
cfhowlett!cn | one80808:26
ubottuone808: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw08:26
wrl_cfhowlett, KDE and Gnome are also installed but I don't even get the login screen and it should not be an xfce problem...08:27
cfhowlettwrl_, try this: reboot, bring up grub, select an older kernel and report here if that worked08:28
wrl_cfhowlett,  Indeed, for whatever reasons, I am not seeing the normal  boot up message other than loading initram.fs08:28
cfhowletton the chance that it's a recent kernel issue, try the above08:28
wrl_Thanks but I'm now on the older kernel so that didn't work either.08:29
cfhowlettOK ... thinking ...08:29
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xXEoflaOEXxhello pangjiahao08:35
=== beaver is now known as evilnewbie
wrl_cfhowlett, thanks for trying to help.  I'm going to reboot the machine and go to bed!09:00
cfhowlettthere's a plan!09:01
wrl_Best I can do for now.  I out in the western US so too tired to continue though I did try purging and reinstalling the xserver.09:02
galt_!play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LBnMRWeV-E09:14
zeroraxhey, I'm having trouble with installing ubuntu on my laptop. it installs fine, but I have the dual-gpu setup with intel and nvidia graphics, and it tries to use the nvidia card when it boots which doesn't work. I can enter rescue mode and get a generic VGA interface, but then I don't have internet to apt-get nvidia-current... any suggestions? I tried the nosetmode boot option and no luck09:27
zerorax(using ubuntu server and mini iso's)09:27
sebsebsebzerorax: ethernet may work in recovery mode I guess09:29
sebsebsebzerorax: but no wireless woudn't suprise me09:29
zeroraxI don't have ethernet as an option09:29
sebsebsebzerorax: also it can get a bit confussed between a Nivia or intel when it's both I guess, but I don't have one with both09:29
sebsebsebzerorax: this is more of a guess than aything else, but I guess you can set it up yourself telling it which to use or not use etc09:29
zeroraxthe solution is to install nvidia-current , but I need networking to do that, and I tried all the workarounds people posted on different forums with no luck09:30
sebsebsebzerorax: Ubuntu server is not meant  to have a GUI09:30
sebsebsebzerorax: by the way09:30
zeroraxI don't want a GUI!!!09:30
sebsebseband mini isoes   uhw hat's that09:30
zeroraxI just want ubuntu to boot09:30
sebsebseboh ok09:30
zeroraxI want to use this laptop as a home server... There's no bios option to disable the nvidia graphics09:31
sebsebsebzerorax: bios no, but in Ubuntu itself you can probably do it some how09:31
zeroraxbut i can't get there to try09:31
zeroraxi just get a black screen after grub09:32
sebsebsebzerorax: well via the command line, you may be able to do something even, but not sure09:32
sebsebseboh a black screen after grub, not even into recery mode and its terminal ?09:32
zeroraxI can get into recovery mode09:32
sebsebsebin the recovery mode terminal, you can probably do something, but I don't know the commands09:32
koffeinfriedhofzerorax: you may chroot into this system using a live-stick or similar. thats perhaps easier that using recovery mode09:32
zeroraxbut I can't get into the system with wlan0 working so that I can install nvidia-current09:32
sebsebsebzerorax: you can probably disable nvidia on the command line forceing it to use Intel09:33
zeroraxI dislike this situation09:33
zeroraxI've been messing around for 3 hours with this09:33
sebsebsebwell  you wanted ngvidia disabled it sounded like09:33
sebsebsebso it wouldl use intel graphic s instead09:33
zeroraxthe reason I use ubuntu is because I want things to just work09:34
sebsebsebwell that won't alwasy be the case, depending on hardware09:34
zeroraxI'm frustrated09:34
sebsebsebuh yeah09:35
koffeinfriedhofchroot is easy and provides your needed networking.09:35
zeroraxyeah, that's true09:35
sebsebsebtry what koffeinfriedhof is saying I guess09:35
zeroraxdo i need to set up any symlinks for the chroot?09:35
koffeinfriedhofzerorax: http://askubuntu.com/questions/56687/how-to-chroot-ubuntu1 bit older but should work09:38
ducassezerorax: did you boot with 'nosetmode' or was that just a typo?09:38
zeroraxI booted with whatever the string is that the forum posts suggested, I don't remember the exact wording09:39
koffeinfriedhofzerorax: nomodeset is xserver related. until 14.04 to use bootoption "text" or "textonly". But this does not work > 14.04 and I do not know newer commands :)09:42
koffeinfriedhofso, like I said: start live-medium, mount your installation and chroot into..09:44
busliquehappy new year!09:44
busliquecan anybody give me a link to awesome 4.0 for xenial?09:45
busliquecan't compile it :(09:45
busliquei mean i need complete package09:45
sebsebsebbuslique: what the kerne. 4.0 of what ?09:46
ducassebuslique: try #awesome on irc.oftc.net09:47
SwedeMikesebsebseb: Awesome seems to be some kind of window manager.09:47
busliquesebsebseb, 4.8.1409:50
busliquebut yes, i need exactly awesome windows manager v4.0 :)09:51
busliquethanks, will try09:51
mukluksbuslique: https://www.reddit.com/r/awesomewm/comments/5j54eu/awesome_40/dbnl1z2/09:51
busliquemukluks, pastebin.com/8mY7seau10:03
ducassebuslique: you're missing one or more of the libxcb*-dev packages10:06
theruehey guys, quick question, what are some good special characters to use as folder name to make it show on top/first? :D10:42
ducassetherue: why not just use '1111-whatever'?10:47
therueugly :D10:47
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eisenmannHi @all11:13
one808is anyone here?11:14
cfhowlettone808, ask your ubuntu question - don't waste time11:14
bazhangone808, did you have an ubuntu support issue11:15
eisenmannI have a Ubuntu 16.04 installation and need this paket libswift-dev. But it looks like this paket is only aveilable within 14.04. anybody here and know why and how i can install it under 16.04?11:15
one808just uninstall it11:15
one808where R U come from?11:16
cfhowlettone808, please be helpful or be quiet.  this is not the place for jokes.11:16
bazhangone808, chat in another place please11:16
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=== i is now known as Guest91286
Guest91286no one here?11:20
cfhowlettask your ubuntu questions and waste no time.11:20
=== Isla_de_Muerte is now known as NwS
one808Is someone use Windows opera system?11:22
bazhang##windows one80811:22
cfhowlettone808, ask ##windows   it's not supportd here11:22
IchimusaiYou are in the Ubuntu group, not the windows one.11:22
te_lanuswe could offer him an ubuntu install disk11:23
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one808how can i install ubuntu?11:25
cfhowlett!install | one80811:25
ubottuone808: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate11:25
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meldronhey guys, does somebody know where to get/how to install a newer version of cal in ubuntu?11:34
cfhowlettmeldron, sudo apt install cal11:36
J1sySudo apt get install11:36
J1sysudo apt get update11:36
cfhowlettmeldron, sudo apt full-upgrade will bring you all available updates11:36
meldroncfhowlett: there is no such package, i though cal is from util-linux, but ubuntu useses this old bsd version which does not accept -M or anyhting11:36
meldronso there is now option to let weeks start on monday for example11:37
J1syIf you say so get the debian software package11:39
meldronJ1sy: I think debian uses the same package11:40
cfhowlettmeldron, cal -m works just fine in 16.0411:40
meldroncfhowlett: hm not for me11:40
cfhowlettmeldron, man cal          is your friend11:40
meldronyeah yeah i know, but it is not working vor cal11:41
meldronthere is only ncal -M, this option is not working for normal cal11:41
bivoWhy is there no audio equalizer in the repos? Something like that should be absolutely basic. I should be able to watch something like this and not have the anvil ring make my ears bleed while also being able to hear what they are saying. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xv3dPHneGI811:41
cfhowlettmeldron, cal -m January http://paste.ubuntu.com/23721599/11:42
meldronhttp://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man1/cal.1.html i am looking for the cal version which has this manual11:42
meldroncfhowlett: yeah cal -M in this version is not working for cal only for ncal, but there a other cal versions, may be some one here knows where to get them11:43
atralheaven_Can I backup my downloaded packages from ubuntu 16.10 to use it for installing them on ubuntu 16.04 on a system so I won't have to download them again?11:44
cfhowlettatralheaven_, downloaded?  not installed via apt?11:44
Ichimusaimeldron: Try this "ncal -M -C" that uses ncal but forces the ouput to be the same of cal.11:45
atralheaven_cfhowlett: they're already installed, on ubuntu 16.10, I want to install ubuntu 16.04 on a system and I don't want to download them again to install them, is it possible?11:45
meldronIchimusai: thanks11:45
cfhowlett16.10 packages will not run in 16.0411:46
ducassecfhowlett: 'cal -M' (capital 'M') fails here as well, but is listed in the man page. bug?11:46
atralheaven_cfhowlett: even packages like firefox etc?11:46
Ichimusaimeldron: Something is borked in cal in Ubuntu, it should be notified upstreams, the man page mentons cal -M but it actually do not work.11:46
cfhowlettatralheaven_, mixing repos and version leads to tears and anguish.  don't do it.11:46
meldronIchimusai: yeah read about it on lunchpad, it least the should update the man page that this option is only woriking for ncal11:47
atralheaven_so I have to download them again... thanks!11:47
meldronthats one of the reasons i am looking for another cal verison but i just cant find one11:47
Ichimusaimeldron: I think there is pretty much just cal in there. Of course you can roll your own from source in worst case.11:48
meldronIchimusai: do you know where i can get the sources11:49
Ichimusaimeldron: Anyways, if the "ncal -M -C" trick solves your problem it may be worthwilte to notify the package maintainer about the issue (again) and see if they will fix it.11:49
Ichimusaimeldron: You probably have to go back to the BSD and port it again, should not be too difficult, https://svnweb.freebsd.org/base/head/usr.bin/ncal/11:50
Ichimusaimeldron: Considering most others seems to have pulled the same port and probably suffers the same bug.11:51
Ichimusaimeldron: Anyways, ncal and cal is the same program actually, so I would not put too much time on that.11:51
meldronIchimusai: i think i had a newer/other verison on arch linux, may be i can get the source from them11:52
Ichimusaimeldron: Sure, that's one way.11:52
jocihii happy new year11:54
jocii got a little question11:54
jocii trid chrome and firefox both of them are damn slow, which browser are you guys recomending to use ?11:55
cfhowlett!browser | joci11:55
ubottujoci: Some of the Web Browsers in Ubuntu's repositories include: Firefox (XUL, Gecko), Rekonq (KDE, WebKit), Konqueror (KDE, KHTML/WebKit), Chromium (GTK+, WebKit), Epiphany(GTK+, WebKit), Arora (Qt/KDE, WebKit), Midori (GTK+, WebKit), w3m (terminal-based), links2 (terminal-based or graphical, see !manpage), edbrowse (terminal-based). Along with many others.11:55
Ichimusaijoci: It is my experience that if the web browser is slow it is your specs that is a bit low and you may benefit from using a light-weight windows manager instead. You probably will want to use chrome or firefox.11:57
jociIchimusai what is light-weight windows manager stands for ?12:00
rajuPlease help me. I am really in despair. I was using Xubuntu 16.04 and everything was going fine until my wifi stopped working. It would not be detected. I tried the solutions at https://superuser.com/questions/1162152/wifi-driver-not-detected-in-xubuntu-16-04-for-dell-inspiron-15r-5521 but none would work. Finally, I decided re-installing Xubuntu and when the OS booted up for the first time, the wifi adapter was detected. But again aft12:02
rajuPlease help me.12:03
rajuI am really out of options12:03
hackerwhat you want12:04
hackerinstall other system upgraded 16.1012:05
cfhowlett!wifi | raju12:06
ubotturaju: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs12:06
arulmagihello, please help me how to connect my laptop with my mobile using Wifi?12:07
cfhowlett!ics | arulmagi12:07
ubottuarulmagi: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing12:07
ikoniaarulmagi: connect it how ?12:07
ikoniaarulmagi: to do what12:07
rajuubottu : I checked the website thoroughly but none of the options seemed to help me.12:08
ubotturaju: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:08
arulmagiactually for my mobile has the internet connection, I want to use the internet in laptop by using wifi option12:09
cfhowlettraju, if the troubleshooting doesn't work, not much more to do than file a bug and wait for the cure.12:09
ikoniaarulmagi: you want your phone to be a proxy for the laptop12:09
ikoniaraju: what model wifi card is12:10
ikoniais it12:10
rajuikonia : Intel Centrino Wireless N 223012:10
arulmagiI want to use my mobile hotspot to be connected to ubuntu12:10
ikoniaarulmagi: ok, so the problem is your phone12:10
ikoniaarulmagi: your phone needs to support a hotspot12:10
ikoniaraju: if you open a terminal and type "sudo iwconfig" what do you get as a reponse (use pastebin.ubuntu.com please)12:11
arulmagiit does support a hotspot, mine is Motorola E212:11
ikoniaarulmagi: disussion over12:11
ikoniaarulmagi: you want to use your phone as a hotspot....it doesn't support being a hotspot, done12:11
ikonianot an ubuntu problem12:11
cfhowlettsad + true12:12
rajuikonia : here you go http://pastebin.com/NNfwsfnh12:12
ikoniaraju: ok, so the card is not being detected at all12:13
arulmagiI have used my mobile as a hotspot in Manjaro previously, you know the same mobile12:13
ikoniaarulmagi: if it supports being a hotspot, ubuntu will detect it's wifi network and connect to it12:13
ikoniaarulmagi: it's that simple12:13
ikoniaraju: has this ever worked for you ?12:13
arulmagiif i clicked on the 'Enable Wifi' connection it shows as 'device not ready'12:14
rajuikonia : Yes. But when I was installing Xubuntu for the first time yesterday, during installation my Wireless Adapter was working fine . After reboot, it worked for a few minutes and then it went quite.12:14
=== [ADN] is now known as _ADN_
rajuikonia : After that it has never been enabled.12:15
ikoniaarulmagi: the ubuntu wifi device is not ready ? or the hotspot is not ready12:15
ikoniaraju: is it possible you have disabled it with a kill switch12:16
arulmagi"wifi device not ready"12:16
ikoniaarulmagi: you said that12:16
rajuikonia: I tried rebooting the system numerous times, reset BIOS settings and disabled power management but to no sucess.12:16
ikoniaarulmagi: is that the ubuntu wifi device, or the hotspot device thats not ready12:16
ikoniaraju: not quite what I asked, most laptops have a kill switch to enable/disable the wifi device as a device,12:16
arulmagiubuntu wifi device12:16
ikoniaarulmagi: can your ubuntu machine connect to wifi networks ?12:16
ikoniaarulmagi: eg: can it connect to networks now12:17
rajuikonia: Maybe, I don't know. When I use the kill switch , bluetooth gets turned off and on properly but Wifi won't.12:17
arulmagiby USB tethering i have connected it now12:17
ikoniaarulmagi: never mind, I'm asking you questions, your ignoring them and answering another different question that no-one asked12:18
rajuikonia: When I do grep -i networkmanager /var/log/syslog , the logs are here http://pastebin.com/tPzxa7BP.12:18
ikoniaraju: ok, so you need to have a look in the syslog and look for references to the intel wifi device, see if it sees it, then see what it does when it trys to bring it up12:18
ikoniaahhh well done12:18
rajuikonia: Interestingly, it says WiFi hardware radio set disabled.12:19
ikoniaraju: Jan  1 13:21:51 max NetworkManager[954]: <info>  [1483257111.0659] WiFi hardware radio set disabled12:20
rajuikonia: So, what do I do ?12:20
ikoniaraju: need to understand why it's being flagged as disabled12:21
ikoniathere was another line...hang on12:21
ikoniaJan  1 13:21:45 max NetworkManager[954]: <info>  [1483257105.6647] urfkill disappeared from the bus12:21
rajuikonia: Ok. Sorry !12:21
ikoniaraju: an interesting test would be to boot the live media and see if it works from live media12:21
rajuikonia: Yes, I tested it and it works fine there.12:22
ikoniaraju: so something in your actual install is disabling the card12:22
ikonia(at a device level)12:23
rajuikonia: So, what are my options ? I reinstalled it for the second time today and yet the problem persists.12:24
ikoniaraju: that certainly is an option, but it would be useful to understand what triggered this at least, and if possible why it remains disabled12:26
ikoniaraju: depends how you wwant to approach it really12:26
rajuikonia : Please guide me.12:26
Ichimusaiikonia & raju: Did you try to rmmod / modprobe the driver to see if it comes back alive12:26
ikoniaIchimusai: not even looked if the module is loaded, I suspect it has been loaded at boot looking at the syslog output, but it's all worthwhile to check12:28
rajuIchimusai: Please guide me which commands do I need to type for rmmod / modprobe.12:28
Ichimusaiikonia: I think so too, but it could have a bug. Also the systemd people are not inplementing all hardware workaround hacks which means old bugs are coming back some times.12:28
Ichimusairaju: Can you find the driver name in your logs?12:29
ikoniasystemd people and hardware hacks ? what12:30
=== paalgyula_ is now known as paalgyula
rajuIchimusai: No, I can't. But the driver name is , I think, is iwlwifi.12:31
Ichimusaiikonia: With the introduction of systemd for startup it's handling more and more of the networking stuff also which has not been completely unproblematict.12:31
Ichimusairaju: Try modprobe -r iwlwifi12:32
ikoniaIchimusai:.....it's handled through network manager12:32
rajuIchimusai: Well , here you go rmmod: ERROR: missing module name. modprobe: FATAL: Error running remove command for iwlwifi12:34
Ichimusairaju: So the module is called something else I guess.12:34
rajuIchimusai: How do I list all of the modules, then ?12:35
rajuikonia: Even If I do list all of the modules, my WIFI adapter won't show uo since it is not being detected.12:35
Ichimusairaju: lshw -class network12:35
Ichimusairaju: Try sudo insmod iwlwifi12:36
rajuIchimusai: Here you go :- http://pastebin.com/yHFjKjSw12:36
rajuIchimusai: For the second one, insmod: ERROR: could not load module iwlwifi: No such file or directory12:37
IchimusaiYou are right it only lists the ethernet device there.12:37
Ichimusairaju: I suggest booting the live system and then trying to find out which driver is loaded for the wifi. Then back to the installed system and see if you can activate the driver.12:38
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rajuIchimusai: How do I find that ? through lshw -class network ??12:38
BluesKajHappy New Year everyone12:39
j41Happy New Year BluesKaj!12:39
BluesKajHi j4112:39
j41Hi! :P12:39
EriC^^raju: try sudo apt-get remove --purge bcmwl-kernel-source12:40
Ichimusailsmod should show the loaded modules12:40
EriC^^raju: then sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer12:40
rajuEriC^^: Package 'bcmwl-kernel-source' is not installed, so not removed12:40
EriC^^raju: ok try the above12:41
cfhowlettEriC^^, isn't b43 for broadcom?  he said he has intel ...12:41
EriC^^then sudo modprobe b4312:41
rajuEriC^^: Yes, I have Intel.12:41
EriC^^cfhowlett: yeah i don't know, i'm following some thread that says Solved12:41
IchimusaiYes, intel device.12:41
rajuEriC^^: sudo modprobe b43 returns nothing.12:41
EriC^^nevermind guys12:41
EriC^^raju: try rfkill list12:42
cfhowlettraju, after the above ... reboot to a usb.  identify the active module.  install that to your actual installation12:42
rajuIchimusai: Ok, bro. Please wait for 2 mins while I live boot the system and paste you the results. Shall I communicate with you with the live system ??12:42
EriC^^it doesn't show anything in lshw, maybe it's hardblocked?12:43
rajuEriC^^: 2: hci0: Bluetooth Soft blocked: no Hard blocked: no12:43
EriC^^raju: ok thanks12:44
Ichimusairaju: I have to leave shortly I'm afraid but identify the difference in modules loaded, then try to install and insert the missing modules when running from the installed system. If it works in live but not installed I am fairly certain that there lies your problem.12:44
tayzarHello! Any one12:44
Ichimusairaju: Sorry I have to dash.12:44
rajuIchimusai: What if the driver happens to be iwlwifi ??12:44
rajuIchimusai: How do I install that ??12:44
IchimusaiEriC^^: It works in live and not in installed system12:44
Ichimusairaju: http://askubuntu.com/questions/695191/how-to-install-wifi-driver-iwlwifi-4-2-0-16-generic12:45
manjula_how to run command or execute a program at a specific time in terminal ? e.g if i want to run the command "ls" in 5 mins time how do i do that ?12:47
cfhowlettmanjula_,    cron the the commadn you need12:47
ikoniause sleep or cron12:48
rajuIchimusai : OK, my driver turns to be iwlwifi.12:48
rajuikonia: I am doing the steps mentioned in https://askubuntu.com/questions/695191/how-to-install-wifi-driver-iwlwifi-4-2-0-16-generic12:48
ikoniaraju: why....12:49
ikoniaraju: you shouldn't need to install anything12:49
rajuikonia: Ichimusai said me to do so.12:49
ikoniayou should not be installing anything12:49
ikoniayou know the module needed is on your system as the livecd proved it and when you first booted it worked12:50
ikoniaso there should be no need to install anything12:50
ikoniainstalling random things is not a good idea12:50
rajuikonia: Then What do I do ?12:50
ikoniaraju: I've not been following the conversation, so I don't know what you're currently doing12:50
FischmasterusHey, i have got a problem with my Notebook. I have got an AMD A10-8700P APU with integrated and external graphic cards. Now, with the discontinue of fglrx in Ubuntu 16.04 and other Debian based distros, i cant get my display to work without the option nomodeset on boot. Can anyone help me?12:50
rajuikonia: I agree but I am reallu desperate.12:50
ikoniaraju: tell me where you are up to and what you know as fact at the moment12:51
ikonia(as I've not been following)12:51
rajuikonia: Ichimusai told me to boot the system through live usb , then identify the driver module in use and then install it.12:51
ikoniaraju: so identifying it is a good idea12:51
ikoniaraju: do you know what it is ?12:51
rajuikonia: Yes, iwlwifi12:52
ikoniaraju: ok, so lets look at your kernel version quickly, what does unamr -r show12:52
cfhowlett^^^ uname -r12:53
ikoniaoops, good spot12:53
cuddleSteam does not launch in ubuntu. I’ve launched it before but I just need to have that .sh script to load the steam. Anyone familiar with launching steam ubuntu12:53
rajuikonia: 4.4.0-57-generic12:53
cfhowlett!steam | cuddle12:54
ubottucuddle: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.12:54
ikoniaraju: ok, so what happens if you "sudo depmod iwlwifi"12:54
cuddlei have it installed12:54
rajuikonia: depmod: ERROR: Bad version passed iwlwifi12:54
cuddlejust need launch code12:54
ikoniaraju: ok, so there is a great start, a.) the module is on your system b.) we now know why the card is disabled it can't load it12:55
cuddle./sh bash steam something???12:55
cfhowlettcuddle, start steam from command line to find the error. then go to #ubuntu-steam for support12:55
rajuikonia: Glad to hear that. What do we do now ?12:55
ikoniaraju: need to understand why this is happening12:56
ikoniagoing to have to do a little bit of reading of the docs/code12:56
FischmasterusHey, i have got a problem with my Notebook. I have got an AMD A10-8700P APU with integrated and external graphic cards. Now, with the discontinue of fglrx in Ubuntu 16.04 and other Debian based distros, i cant get my display to work without the option nomodeset on boot. CAn someone help me please?12:57
ikoniaraju: if you do "modinfo iwlwifi" if it gives any output, can you put it in a pastebin please12:57
rajuikonia: Thanks bro. Really appreciate that. I am waiting. Let me know when you are done. Shall I have a cup of tea now ??12:57
abb4shey every body i have ubuntu 16 ,i want to use a library http://echoprint.me/codegen , should i make and install it and use .so file or there is another way to use it without installing ? i use Cmake as build systemm12:57
ikoniaabb4s: you should never blindly do that12:57
abb4sikonia: but i cant read all the makefile12:58
ikoniaabb4s: you don't have to read the makefile12:58
ikoniaabb4s: the git page has clear documentation on it12:59
abb4sikonia: what i should do ?12:59
abb4sbut ikonia there is not another way that i include the src file instead of build and install it and link compiler to .so file13:00
rajuikonia: http://pastebin.com/HbDuZb8113:00
ikoniaabb4s: what ?13:00
ikoniaraju: so that looks very good,13:01
abb4sikonia: is there another way   that i include the library's  source files instead of build and install it and link compiler to the .so file13:01
ikoniaabb4s: what you are saying makes no sense13:01
ikoniapangjiahao: please don't do that13:02
ikoniaraju: when this was working at the start, did you do an apt-get upgrade ?13:03
abb4sikonia: sorry if i cant say it precisly , i want to use a library in c++ ,i has to build and install it and link g++ to the shared library (.so file) . but i have a question that can i use this library source without installing it ?13:04
raju_ikonia: The first time I booted Xubuntu, it was working. I did an apt upgrade and then rebooted. Voila ! The wifi refused to work.13:04
ikoniaabb4s: how do you expect to use a library if you don't build it13:04
ioriaversion:        backported from Linux (next-20150903-0-ga672f92) using backports backports-20150903-0-g7b34ea2   i don't have this in my modinfo13:05
ikoniaraju_: ok, so I'm reading a few lines at the moment that may suggest this is as simple as your update is using the wrong firmware13:05
ikoniaioria: yeah, I think he's got the backports repo enabled13:05
ikoniawhich doesn't tie in with the firmware on the system13:05
abb4sikonia: so i cant build it without installing ?13:05
ikoniaraju_: do you know how to check what repos you have enabled ?13:05
raju_ikonia: Ichimusal told me to do so . I rebooted the system still to no avail.13:05
ikoniaabb4s: what ??13:06
ikoniaraju_: told you to do what exactly ?13:06
raju_Well, you know, install the backport as suggested in https://askubuntu.com/questions/695191/how-to-install-wifi-driver-iwlwifi-4-2-0-16-generic.13:06
abb4sikonia: so i cant build the library  without installing ?13:06
ikoniaabb4s: do you understand what you are saying13:06
ikoniaabb4s: the library is built from source code....how do you install source code13:07
ioriaraju_, i think you used snapd13:07
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ikoniaraju_: is this ubuntu 16.04 ?13:07
raju_ikonia: Yes, 16.0413:08
ikoniaraju_: ok so those instructions are for 14.0413:08
ikoniaraju_: is this a new install - there is nothing on it ?13:08
ikonia(nothing of value)13:08
raju_Yes, it is a new install.13:08
ikoniaraju_: ok - lets re-install and walk this through13:08
ikoniaas it looks like you've got some random junk on there now13:08
raju_ikonia: As you say.13:09
raju_ikonia: What happened ?13:10
ikoniaraju_: what do you mean ?13:10
raju_ikonia : Do i need to re install the system ?13:11
ikoniaraju_: lets do that yes, lets get a clean good install and move it forward until it breaks and then fix it clean13:11
raju_ikonia: Can't we just remove the backports ?13:11
ikoniaraju_: and replace it with what ?13:11
raju_ikonia: Sorry13:11
ikoniaraju_: no need for sorry13:12
ikoniaraju_: I'd guess it will only take 20 minutes max to re-install if this is a clean install13:12
raju_ikonia: So what you are trying to say is I reinstall the system , continue to use the wifi and then wait until it breaks.13:12
raju_ikonia: Bro, can you give me some details on where I can contact you ?13:13
ikoniaraju_: install new, test it, take a note of the modinfo iwlwifi output, run your apt-get update, see if it breaks as it did before, if it does, come back here13:13
ikoniaraju_: I'll be here, I'm going nowhere,13:13
raju_Ok, Thanks.13:14
raju_ikonia: I just need a smoke and I will be right back. Thanks for your help.13:14
ikoniaraju_: thats no problem, I shall make a bite to eat while you re-install13:14
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jnoob22Getting this when I type sudo apt-get update ...13:20
jnoob22Err http://ppa.launchpad.net trusty/main amd64 Packages13:20
jnoob22  404  Not Found13:20
jnoob22any idea how to fix?13:20
jnoob22also get the same for i386 packages13:20
ikoniathose archives don't exist13:21
jnoob22ikonia, ok to delete them?13:23
HehehehSup guys why is my source list this when my source generator only provides 3 URL:s?13:29
HehehehSourece list generator: https://repogen.simplylinux.ch/generate.php13:29
FischmasterusHey, i have got a problem with my Notebook. I have got an AMD A10-8700P APU with integrated and external graphic cards. Now, with the discontinue of fglrx in Ubuntu 16.04 and other Debian based distros, i cant get my display to work without the option nomodeset on boot. CAn someone help me please?13:36
Hehehehfischmasterus: http://askubuntu.com/questions/38780/how-do-i-set-nomodeset-after-ive-already-installed-ubuntu13:37
sebsebsebFischmasterus: hi13:38
FischmasterusheHeHeh: I know how to do this. The Problem is that i have to do this. Softwarerendering draws the CPU13:38
sebsebsebFischmasterus: I thinkn teh driver may be coming to 16.04 wsoon, catalyst13:38
sebsebsebFischmasterus: I think may already be in 16.10 better support13:38
ubottuOpen driver for AMD cards: amdgpu (cards >= GCN1.2 aka GCN 3rd gen), radeon (older cards). Closed drivers: amdgpu-pro (>= GCN1.2) fglrx (older cards, unsupported by AMD in 16.04+). For info on GCN levels, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_AMD_graphics_processing_units . For fglrx info, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD13:38
sebsebsebFischmasterus: there was a issue with 16.04 and the propriatyr amd driver or something13:39
sebsebsebsince amd hadn't released a driver yet or something13:39
Fischmasterussebsebseb: The problem happens on Ubuntu 16.04, 16.10, newest Linux Mint and Kali Linux.13:40
sebsebsebFischmasterus: oh13:42
Fischmasterussebsebseb: My external Graphic card is a R7 M360(GCN1.0) and internal is a AMD A10-8700P with Radeon R7 Graphics13:43
sebsebsebFischmasterus: can't really help13:44
FischmasterusOkay. My internal graphic is a R6 with GCN1.213:44
BluesKaj Fischmasterus what make is the external, numbers don't mean much without the brand13:44
Fischmasterusokay. Thank you13:44
FischmasterusI have go an HP Pavilion 15 ab103ng13:45
FischmasterusWell sorry, its a A10-8780P, with GPU Type: Radeon R8 series Microarchitecture: 3rd Gen GCN13:47
sebsebsebFischmasterus: yeah not so sure about amd graphics13:48
sebsebsebFischmasterus: also  this hcannel isn't so actve today but well new years13:48
rajuikonia: You there, bro ?13:48
ioriaFischmasterus,  from the specs i see   AMD Radeon R7 M360     can you paste   lspci | grep VGA13:49
Fischmasterusioria: Running Windows currently, would need to reboot and note down13:49
ioriaFischmasterus,  nope, just go in Device Manager13:50
ioriaFischmasterus,  from control panel, i guess13:50
Fischmasterusyeah im in,13:50
FischmasterusIt shows two devices, called AMD Radeon (TM) R7 M360 and AMD Radeon R7 Graphics13:51
rajuikonia: Bro, where are you ?13:51
FischmasterusThe problem on my device is, the graphic cards are connected. The second will be passed trough the main one. So you cant disable the internal. And The BIOS is a piy13:52
ioriaFischmasterus,  i think  R7 M360 it's not supported by the amd  AMDGPU-Pro Driver : http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/AMD-Radeon-GPU-PRO-Linux-Beta-Driver%E2%80%93Release-Notes.aspx13:52
FischmasterusYeah, well not yet maybe13:53
ioriaFischmasterus,  yep13:54
Dreamanhttp://store.picbg.net/pubpic/E5/D5/73e60c39768de5d5.png  Fischmasterus my nvidia work driver13:56
Dreamannikolov@ubuntu-ivan:~$ inxi -F13:57
DreamanSystem:    Host: ubuntu-ivan Kernel: 4.8.0-34-generic x86_64 (64 bit)13:57
Dreaman           Desktop: Unity 7.5.0  Distro: Ubuntu 16.1013:57
DreamanMachine:   System: Acer (portable) product: Aspire F5-573G v: V1.0413:57
Dreaman           Mobo: Acer model: Captain_SK v: V1.0413:57
Dreaman           UEFI [Legacy]: Insyde v: V1.04 date: 04/26/201613:58
rajuHelp, my wireless adapter is not getting detected.13:59
CrackerJackthi is14:01
CrackerJacki sory14:01
=== CrackerJack is now known as Dreaman
jinnnhi so is there a faster way to format a usbdrive than dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdx?14:05
k1ljinnn: with format you mean just create a new partition/filesystem, clear the usbdrive or overwrite the old data, so its not readable anymore?14:06
EriC^^jinnn: depends on what you're trying to achieve14:06
BluesKajjinnn, yes, dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdx bs=4M14:06
rajusomeone please help me. I just did a clean install of xubuntu and my wifi driver is not detected.14:07
Menzadorraju: Do you know what Wi-Fi hardware you have?14:07
rajuMenzador: Yes, Intel centrino wireless n223014:08
adrian_1908Does the `openssh-client` package suffice for talking to a server via ssh, or does one need the whole shebang anyway?14:08
Menzadorraju: Try [ sudo modprobe -r iwlwifi ; sudo modprobe iwlwifi ]14:09
Stinky-Feetadrian_1908: It suffices14:09
adrian_1908Stinky-Feet: thanks!14:09
rajuMenzador: Please help me. This is the 3rd clean install I have done today but to no avail.14:09
rajuMenzador: modprobe: FATAL: error running remove command for iwlwifi14:10
rajuMenzador: and sudo modprobe iwlwifi returns nothing.14:10
Menzadorraju: What does [ lspci -v ] return? (please use a !pastebin)14:11
Menzador!pastebin | raju14:11
ubotturaju: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:11
rajuMenzador: Here you go :- https://paste.ubuntu.com/23722096/14:13
Menzadorraju: And [ rfkill list all ]?14:15
raju__Menzador: What do you think, bro ?14:17
Menzadorraju__: And [ rfkill list all ]?14:17
raju__here you go https://paste.ubuntu.com/23722107/14:18
Menzadorraju__: Your wireless hardware, if you have any, is not being detected by Ubuntu.14:18
MenzadorThat may sound redundant, but have you booted from a Live image?14:19
MenzadorDid the wireless work in the Live image?14:19
raju__Menzador: But I do have a wireless hardware. It was working fine until yesterday and then it suddenly went silent.14:19
raju__Menzador: Yes, wireless works fine in Live Image.14:20
Menzadorraju__: Try [ sudo apt install --reinstall linux-firmware ]14:20
Stinky-Feetraju__: What did you change between working and failing? Software upgrades? New hardware?14:21
raju__Menzador: Reinstallation of linux-firmware is not possible, it cannot be downloaded.14:23
raju__Stinky-Feet: I do check to see if there are any upgrades at least once a day.14:23
raju__Menzador: What do you suggest, brother ??14:25
Menzadorraju__: I might try booting the Live image again and rolling out a chroot into your install and reinstalling linux-firmware.14:27
raju__Menzador: Please guide me.14:28
MenzadorOK. Boot into your Live image.14:28
raju__Menzador: ok , one sec.14:29
Menzadorraju__: Use these instructions (I have to leave soon) - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCdRecovery14:29
rajuuMenzador: Ok, i have booted into the live image.14:31
Menzadorrajuu - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCdRecovery and then from there install the linux-firmware package inside the chroot.14:31
MenzadorI'll see you in an hour.14:31
rajuuMenzador: Ok, bro. I shall be waiting.14:32
=== Ig0r is now known as niee
ikoniarajuu: how did you get on14:46
rajuuikonia: God. Glad you are here.14:47
rajuuI did a clean install but my wifi won't be detected14:48
ikoniarajuu: so it didn't get detected from the clean install at all14:48
ikoniarajuu: only the livecd14:48
ikoniaso it's different this time14:48
rajuuI guess so14:49
ikoniarajuu: can you remember the module name for your wireless card ?14:49
ikoniawhat happens if you "sudo depmod iwlwifi"14:49
rajuikonia: depmod: ERROR: Bad version passed iwlwifi14:50
ikoniaraju: ok, so same thing, which based on the earlier looks like it's trying to load the wrong firmware14:51
ikoniaraju: so if you "modinfo iwlwifi" and output that to a pastebin please14:51
rajuikonia: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23722223/14:52
ikoniaraju: ok, so also show me "uname -r" please14:52
rajuikonia: 4.4.0-21-generic14:53
ikoniaperfect, so you're in in sync14:53
ikoniaoff the top of your head do you remember if the liveboot is running 4.4.0-21 ?14:53
rajuikonia: Yes14:54
tomreynikonia: i think raju is running the livecd right now14:54
ikoniaraju: are you on the livecd now ?14:55
ikoniatomreyn: thank you !14:55
rajuikonia: yes14:55
ikoniaraju: ahhhh,14:55
tomreyn(based on my scroll back)14:55
ikoniaraju: so thats why it looks good14:55
ikoniatomreyn: saviour, thank you14:55
rajuikonia: Ok, my bad/14:55
rajuikonia: I just did the clean install and didn't do any ugrades.14:55
ikoniaraju: I need you to run those commands on the "broken" install, and show me the outpuf from the broken install (save them to a file if you have to them read that file from the livecd)14:56
rajuikonia: so it should be same, rght ?14:56
ikoniaraju: it may differ, thats what we want to see14:56
rajuikonia: How do I do that ? I am currently on the live cd. Do I need to boot again into the broken install14:57
ikoniaraju: thats right14:57
rajuikonia: ok, give me few moments.14:57
tomreynwelcome :)14:58
ikoniaraju: does the broken install have a wired connection you can work from ?14:58
rajuikonia: yes, it does.14:58
ikoniaraju: it may make sense to work from that rather than reboot14:58
ikonia(between broken and livecd)14:58
rajuikonia: The inetrnet is working fine under wired connection.14:59
ikoniaraju: perfect14:59
rajuikonia: So now, what do we do ?14:59
ikoniaraju: are you on the broken install now ?14:59
rajuNo , on the live cd15:00
ikoniaraju: ok, boot into the broken install15:00
rajuikonia: ok15:00
rajuuikonia: It is 8:30 and I need to have supper. Shall I contact you after eating ??15:02
ikoniarajuu: thats fine15:02
ikoniagood to be focussed, so get fed15:02
linuxpchow to change the time settings on lxde to show time in 12 hr format?15:03
Menzadorrajuu - Hey, are you still here?15:08
jocihi!! i git a little problem, i use chrome and firefox, both of the are quite slow, cant figure out why, what might be wrong ?15:10
DirosimHow do i move Old history folder Ctrl+h to desktop?15:11
lasersaberGoogle it15:14
tonytHappy New Years15:15
lasersaberhappy stinking new year15:20
BluesKajpositive attitude15:20
DJones!google | lasersaber Please bear this in mimd, before just telling people to google their issue,15:21
ubottulasersaber Please bear this in mimd, before just telling people to google their issue,: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.15:21
lasersaberlol wow15:25
ytrezqHello, how to convert a RUNPATH section section into an RPATH one in the case of an already compiled elf binary??15:28
BluesKajlasersaber, if users knew how to google their issues correctly, they wouldn't need to join this chat15:28
ytrezqLargePixels: unfortunately I googled it15:29
BluesKajthere's no "wow" about it15:29
ytrezqthe only thing is I want to do it on ubuntu15:29
ytrezqchrpath only allows to perform the contrary15:30
rajuuikonia: You there, bro ??15:32
wsdjegI just create SpaceVim, maybe you will like it. https://github.com/SpaceVim/SpaceVim15:32
ikoniarajuu: yes15:33
ikoniawsdjeg: we don't want you spamming this15:33
rajuuikonia: Could you please tell me the commands that I need to run ?15:33
rajuuikonia: Could you please tell me the commands that I need to run ?15:34
ikoniarajuu: you're on the broken install yes ?15:34
rajuuikonia: Yes15:34
ikoniarajuu: ok, so what's the kernel "uname -r"15:35
wsdjegikonia: no vim user in #ubuntu?15:35
ikoniawsdjeg: many15:35
ikoniarajuu: ok, so the same as the livecd earlier then15:35
rajuikonia: Yeah.15:35
wsdjegwo why it is spamming this15:36
ikoniarajuu: if you "depmod" the module on this broken install, what do you get15:36
ikoniawsdjeg: because we dont want spam in here15:36
wsdjegjust you dont?15:36
rajuikonia: sudo depmod iwlwifi15:36
ikoniawsdjeg: no, the channel doesn't15:36
ikoniaraju: thats it15:36
wsdjegmaybe some vim user would like to have a try?15:37
ikoniawsdjeg: no15:37
wsdjegok , but sorry15:37
rajuikonia: depmod: ERROR: Bad version passed iwlwifi15:37
ikoniawsdjeg: please don't spam this stuff again15:37
ikoniaraju: ok, so we are back on square one,15:37
wsdjegyeah, sorry15:37
=== SirMarky1 is now known as SirMarky
ikoniaraju: so what I'd suggest doing is "modinfo iwlwifi > ~/modinfo.broken"15:37
=== dan_ is now known as Guest50645
ikoniaraju: then boot into the livecd and do "modinfo iwlwifi > ~/modinfo.livecd"15:38
BluesKajwsdjeg, assume you've asked in #vim chat ?15:38
=== joe__ is now known as TheBigJoe
ikoniaraju: then compare the two modules output (especially around the firmware"15:38
ikoniaBluesKaj: he's spammed it ino loads of channels. it's just not needed15:38
BluesKajikonia, ok , got it.15:39
wsdjegI am sorry15:39
rajuikonia: Okay15:39
ikoniawsdjeg: no problem15:39
wsdjegI should only asked it in #vim15:40
ikoniawsdjeg: no you shouldn't15:40
AntaresС новым годом!15:42
rajuuikonia: Both the output seems to be safe.15:42
ikoniarajuu: the same ?15:42
ikoniarajuu: so thats very odd15:43
rajuuand  now the problem is I just booted into the live cd and wifi us not detected15:43
ikoniarajuu: so now the livecd is broken15:43
=== SirMarky1 is now known as SirMarky
rajuuikonia: Yes.15:44
rajuuI guess I am doomed, then.15:44
BluesKaj!ru | Antares15:45
ubottuAntares: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.15:45
ikoniarajuu: not quite, but there is more going on than I thought here15:45
ikoniarajuu: reboot the livecd, confirm %100 it's broken15:45
BluesKajusb dongle wifi perhaps?15:45
_wsdjegikonia: I am banned in #archlinux, so can it be fixed?15:46
ikonia_wsdjeg: no idea, you got banned for spamming, talk to their ops15:46
rajuuikonia: Yes, it's broken.15:47
ikoniarajuu: depmod the module on the livecd15:47
rajuuBut the wifi was working fuine until yesterday.15:47
_wsdjegI can not talk with him now.15:47
rajuuerror bad version passed iwlwifi15:47
=== Rob235_ is now known as Rob235
hggdh_wsdjeg: if you got banned from a channel, only the channel ops can resolve it15:48
ikoniarajuu: Hmmm, somethingi is very wrong here15:48
ikoniarajuu: the livecd should be black or white, working or broken, not sometimes different15:48
rajuuSo, is that a hardware issue ??15:49
fermmy-mediaall, on the wiki (Ubuntu Help) -- why can we not edit some pages? I have a UbuntuOne account (and it's auth'd) but it says Immutable. (for example: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutoLogin) -- I wanted to improve this page because it's outdated15:49
_wsdjeghggdh: thanks, I will try to connect with his, but I really do not know how to do now ,sorry15:49
rajuuikonia: So, is that a hardware issue ??15:50
ikoniarajuu: I don't think so, I'm just not clear in my head how it can behave this different15:52
ikoniarajuu: are you %101 sure you're booting into the livecd15:53
rajuuikonia: Yes, Your Higness!15:54
fermmy-mediaRE immutable page (AutoLogin), filed a bug report to docs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-docs/+bug/165343615:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1653436 in Ubuntu Documentation "Help Ubuntu wiki "AutoLogin" is immutable" [Undecided,New]15:55
=== littlebit1 is now known as littlebit
fermmy-media(oh nice, bot auto-logs)15:55
ikoniarajuu: this is very odd,15:55
ikoniarajuu: on the livecd is there anything in the syslog of interest around the wifi15:56
skinuxAnyone know how to get log entries only specific to networking?16:00
rajuikonia: Ok. Leave it16:00
rajuikonia: Guess I need to take it to the service center.16:01
ikoniaraju: I don't thnk you do to be honest16:01
rajuBut thanks for your help and time.16:01
ikoniayou're welcome to the time16:01
BluesKajthe service center will tell you to use windows16:01
rajuikonia: Not everyone is generous as like you. I really appreciate that.16:01
jocihii! i got a little issue, i use chrome and firefox both of the are quite slow, how can i speed them up? what is the issue?16:02
rajuikonia: What do you mean by ' to be honest' ?16:02
ikoniaraju: I mean I don't think you need to take it to a service center16:03
rajuikonia: Maybe. But what options do I have ?16:04
ikoniaraju: need to work through the problem16:04
rajuikonia: I am not much that of a geek as you. I researched a lot on the internet and tried several things before coming in the IRC. But none helped.16:05
MrSmith33Is it possible for ubuntu 12.04 to install packages from 16.04?16:06
ikoniaraju: I apprecaite that its not a straight forward situation to resolve, it's quite odd, especially now your livecd is failing16:06
ikoniaraju: but a service center won't do anything for you16:06
ikoniaMrSmith33: no16:06
BluesKajraju, what is the wifi controller make and model?16:07
rajuikonia: So, my WiFi is doomed for good. Right ?16:07
rajuBluesKaj: Intel Centrino Wireless N 223016:07
ikoniaraju: no16:08
ikoniaraju: your attitude isn't helping16:08
ikoniaraju: I've just said the problem has to be worked through and it's not a quick fix16:08
ikoniabut all the time you keep saying it's broken for good ?16:08
raju_ikanobori: What I doubt is that whether you have time or not16:11
raju_ikonia: What I doubt is that whether you have time or not16:11
raju_ikonia: If you do, lets start then.16:11
raju_ikonia: please reply , brother16:13
BluesKajraju_, check this out : http://askubuntu.com/questions/818680/centrino-wireless-n-2230-not-working-after-upgrade-to-ubuntu-16-04, then this after blacklisting, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23153750/16:15
linux_user21Hey guys!16:17
j41Hello linux_user2116:17
linux_user21When I type in "ls -l" on the command line, I see see filenames along with their respective file sizes. What is the unit of those file sizes - it mb?16:18
pavloslinux_user21, bytes16:18
j41Just bytes16:19
blamilinux_user21: nope bytes, use -lh to get more human friendly output16:19
linux_user21Sweet! Thanks!16:19
=== dan_ is now known as Guest11899
linux_user21Is there any way I can absolutely delete all files related to kismet (an app I downloaded a while back)?16:21
blamiis there any way to force a specific package to automatically avoid any changes in /etc? dpkg-divert is not ideal solution for me ... as I am talking /etc/grub.d/16:21
mpo42vrGuys, is anyone here knowledgeable about setting up the Ubuntu-SDK? It appears that cmake is configured with the qmake path of the system but the Qt version seems to use a different path. How would I proceed from here?16:22
BluesKajlinux_user21,  sudo apt purge kismet16:22
mpo42vrI am inside the settings of the kits, btw16:23
blamilinux_user21: assume it was installed standard way using ubuntu package you can do sudo apt-get purge kismet. This will remove software and configs but not files you've created using the kismet (logs)16:23
linux_user21How do I delete the logs?16:25
tomreynlinux_user21: yuo might also need to remove the "kismet-plugins" package (assuming you installed the "kismet" .deb (dpkg/apt) package)16:25
BluesKajlinux_user21,  sudo apt purge kismet* ..?  not sure16:25
tomreynlinux_user21: how did you install kismet?16:26
linux_user21tomreyn: I just read the instructions on a stackoverflow thread lol16:27
blamilinux_user21: I think you have to delete them manually (i mean logged wireless trafic dumps - files you created, so you should know where they are)16:27
tomreynlinux_user21: if you cannot tell what steps you followed to install it exactly, it will be difficult to tell how to remove any remainders, other than by carrying out a full reinstallation (and even that might leave tracks behind, if you are trying to cover it from someone who is into IT forensics).16:29
tomreynmpo42vr: this sounds like a question for #ubuntu-app-devel16:32
mpo42vrtomreyn: Thanks a lot!16:32
tomreynwelcome, hope i'm not wrong (i didn't even know there was an ubuntu sdk)16:33
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended May 9 2013. Server support ended on April 30 2015. See http://ubottu.com/y/lucid for more details.16:33
rajuBluesKaj: But his is hp and mine is dell.16:34
BluesKajraju, the linux drivers are the same for that wifi controller16:34
MrSmith33ikonia: I've managed to get it to work. Is there a shorter variant?16:35
MrSmith33sudo add-apt-repository 'deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial main'16:35
MrSmith33sudo add-apt-repository 'deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial universe'16:35
MrSmith33sudo apt-get -qq update16:35
MrSmith33sudo apt-get install -y liblmdb-dev liblz4-dev libenet-dev16:35
ikoniaMrSmith33: well done, you've broken your machine16:35
tomreyn!pastebin | MrSmith3316:35
ubottuMrSmith33: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:35
MrSmith33It is for travis.ci16:35
ikoniaMrSmith33: you've wrecked your machines dependencies16:36
ikoniaMrSmith33: well done,16:36
=== scott is now known as Guest99478
MrSmith33How can I get those packages from specific repositories then?16:37
ikoniaMrSmith33: you don't16:37
Guest99478hey folks!16:37
j41Hello Guest9947816:37
ikoniaMrSmith33: remember at the start when you asked how can I use 16.04 packages on 12.04 - and I said "you can't"16:37
ikoniaMrSmith33: thats because you shouldn't do what you've just done16:37
Guest99478I'm in need of some assistance16:37
j41Guest99478: Please just ask your question when you join!16:37
MrSmith33ikonia: It doesn't matter because it will be one time job on CI server16:38
ikoniaMrSmith33: it's too late, you've wrecked the dependencies for the whole machine16:38
ikoniaMrSmith33: so it doens't matter if it's a "one time" thing16:38
Guest99478j41 I'm sorry I don't know what you mean first time here16:38
MrSmith33Machine is virtualized and reset each time16:38
j41!question | Guest9947816:39
ubottuGuest99478: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:39
ikoniaMrSmith33: then why not just use a 16.04 image16:39
ikoniaMrSmith33: rather than break a 12.0416:39
raju_Hey ikonia : BluesKaj suggested but I am confused what I should blacklist.16:39
MrSmith33because I dont control what travis.ci has on their servers16:39
raju_His is hp and mine is dell.16:39
ikoniaraju_: blacklist what ?16:39
Guest99478thank you sorry for that16:39
ikoniaMrSmith33: what they have doen't matter16:39
j41Guest99478: It's okay!16:39
tomreynikonia: it does to a degree. you have a limited time to run your commands on these systems, and they're just meant to be dumb build nodes.16:40
BluesKajraju_,read the first post I gave , to the end16:40
ikoniatomreyn: not really as travis just launches the job,16:41
Guest99478I am trying to revitalize an old Emachine ubuntu keeps freezing on me. not sure if it's ubuntu or maybe the hard drives as they are old. They seem alright, but who knows.16:41
tomreynikonia: you wouldn't want to dist-upgrade them during a build16:41
raju_ikonia: He sugested this http://askubuntu.com/questions/818680/centrino-wireless-n-2230-not-working-after-upgrade-to-ubuntu-16-0416:41
ikoniaraju_: let me have a read16:41
j41Guest99478: When does it freeze on you?16:41
tomreynikonia: oh you know it, so i'll mute, sorry.16:41
j41Guest99478: During install, when you're using it (e.g.: at the desktop), or some time else?16:42
ikoniaraju_: so I see what he's saying, but I'm not sure it's the same as your situation16:42
Guest99478all of the above16:42
ikoniaraju_: do an "lsmod" and put it into a pastebin please16:42
Guest99478in programs usually sometimes just in desktop16:42
Guest99478doesn't seem to be a real pattern16:42
j41Guest99478: What are the specifications of your machine?16:43
raju_ikonia: Here, you go. https://paste.ubuntu.com/23722670/16:43
Guest99478hang on it's kind of a frankestien prject let me check16:44
LordNelthondoes anyone use oh-my-zsh and agnoster in gnome-terminal? If so, how do you solved the issue in line height?16:44
ikoniaraju_: well well, look at that sparse_keymap          16384  1 dell_wmi16:44
raju_ikonia: Yes. I have no idea what that means.16:45
Guest994782.7 gigs of ram intel celeron cpu 420 @1.60GHZ Gallium 0.4 on nv63 64-bit16:46
ikoniaraju_: so I'll be very surprised if this works, however16:46
ikoniaraju_: blacklist dell_wmi and reboot16:46
Guest99478is that what you were looking for?16:48
raju_ikonia: like this https://paste.ubuntu.com/23722691/16:48
ikoniaraju_: yup16:48
ikoniaraju_: I'll be surprised, but try it16:49
raju_ikonia: Okay.16:49
Guest99478guess I lost you, but I think I might have answered it for myself I didn't think my specs were that low16:49
Guest99478thanks anyway16:49
j41Guest99478: Still need help?16:51
Guest99478I am trying to revitalize an old Emachine ubuntu keeps freezing on me. My specs are  2.7 gigs of ram intel celeron cpu 420 @1.60GHZ Gallium 0.4 on nv63 64-bit. Can anyone help?16:51
j41Guest99478: You might be better off with Xubuntu or Lubuntu16:51
Guest99478yes thank you16:51
j41Guest99478: They run better on older systems16:51
Guest99478thats what I'm thinking now16:51
daneshello, anyone can point me to a tutorial on how to connect to internet via wifi from the terminal? I installed ubuntu 16.04 with no GUI and I need to connect to a wifi network on boot. I am confused on how to configure wpa_supplicant16:52
Guest99478um is there a way I can just load it through this version instead of a complete reinstall?16:52
rajuikonia: No, that did not work.16:53
j41Guest99478: I think you'll have to reinstall. Try the live cd first. You can just install the desktop enviroment, but I don't think it will have the same affect, as x/lubuntu use different applications16:54
j41!cn | lvjesus016:54
ubottulvjesus0: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw16:54
rajuikonia: That did not work.16:54
xXEoflaOEXxhi sebsebseb16:55
sebsebsebxXEoflaOEXx: hi16:55
j41danes: Does this help? http://askubuntu.com/questions/461825/connect-to-wifi-from-command-line16:55
rajuBluesKaj: lsmod | grep wifi returns nothing.16:56
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
danesj41 I'll try it. How can I connect automatically on boot to the same network if I restart?16:57
j41danes: http://askubuntu.com/questions/412325/automatically-connect-to-a-wireless-network-using-cli16:57
danesj41. Thank you I appreciate it. You saved me from frustration. I already spent > 1hr trying different things with no success...16:58
j41danes: No problem. If it helps, I found those links with a Google search :P16:59
danesj41 I tried googling too but I guess the key words I was using were not effective...17:00
j41danes: You need to master the art of google-fu!17:00
simon_gis bfq patch included in -ck kernel patchset?17:03
rajuikonia: You there ?17:09
rajuBluesKaj: You there ?17:09
SnowboarderWho gives a shit, i am here ;)17:09
simon_ghm... why does the kernel-package has 820 mb dependancies, mostly tex-related stuff o.O?17:10
shantornwhat is the package that i need to install to have primus for my laptop?17:10
rajuSnowboarder: Can you help me ?17:11
tomreyn!info primus | shantorn17:12
ubottushantorn: primus (source: primus): client-side GPU offloading for NVIDIA Optimus. In component universe, is extra. Version 0~20150328-4 (yakkety), package size 9 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)17:12
SnowboarderWhat do ya need ;)?17:12
rajuSnowboarder: My Wifi Adapter is not being detected.17:13
SnowboarderWhich version?17:14
rajuSnowboarder: Xubuntu 16.0417:14
SnowboarderInternal, ment integrated on mother board or something else?17:15
yvaI tried to install ubuntu with encrypted swap using http://linuxbsdos.com/2014/05/28/how-to-install-ubuntu-14-04-on-encrypted-mbr-partitions/ but the swap isn't recognized. Any ways I can set it up somewhere?17:15
rajuSnowboarder: Yes, it is internal. Intel Centrino Wireless N223017:15
sebsebsebShepard: hi17:19
Shepardso I was trying to upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 and it's telling me it wants to remove all sorts of programs that I use, instead of just old packages17:19
SnowboarderRaju: had same issues with sound card, then swap the system and everything works. Depends on time when hardware was issued, so older issuo of system sometimes work better then newer17:20
rajuSnowboarder: What do you suggest ?17:20
simon_gok, i've added ppa for vim8, it turned out the python support wasn't compiled in, so i've removed and broke system a bit. here is an error massage http://wklej.org/id/3003503/17:20
Sheparda lot of the programs (and libraries) seem to be media-related. there's players like banshee, quodlibet, sayonara or vlc. but also programs like adobe reader, empathy, opera, pidgin, sound juicer, xchat.17:20
SnowboarderCan not check it right now, since i am on mobile17:21
hitman1I am getting blavk screen after ubuntu purple load menu in ubuntu 16.0417:21
Shepardand there's many more things it has marked as no longer used or no longer supported that I'm using, like gimp.17:21
Shepardand this can't be right. so I deactivated all other package sources and tried again, but it was the same problem.17:21
j41Shepard: How are you updating?17:21
Sheparddoes anyone have an idea what's going on or what I could try?17:21
simon_gsorted, i've used aptitude17:22
Shepardj41: just the regular update UI in ubuntu17:22
hitman1What to do ?17:22
simon_gShepard, why not clean install? it's lts, you wont do another one anytime soon17:22
SnowboarderRaju: currently using Mint, and its cool,  i mean ubuntu and mint are both based on debian17:23
rajuSnowboarder: Please send me suggestions at raju17473@gmail.com17:24
Shepardsimon_g: that seems like a lot of work. I'd have reconfigure a lot of things that I've set up over the years. I try to avoid that unless something's really horribly broken :)17:24
blamisimon_g: well I understand him; I also have lot of settings, installed programs, etc. one of reasons why I use ubuntu is I can (while I shouldn't) roll next versions without losing my stuff as I'd do in e.g. Windows17:25
rajuSnowboarder: Ok, I shall try this too.17:25
hitman1Please give me some suggestion ?17:26
ducasseShepard: exactly how you trying to upgrade?17:26
Shepardanyway, it seems like maybe some library (maybe something media-related?) is no longer supported in 16.04 and a lot of programs depend on it so it's trying to remove them?17:26
ducasse!nomodeset | hitman117:26
ubottuhitman1: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter17:26
Shepardducasse: as I said, just the regular ubuntu update UI17:26
Shepardnot sure what it's called in the english version17:27
hitman1Ubottu thanks17:27
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)17:27
ducasseShepard: odd. are you using any ppas?17:27
Shepardducasse: I deactivated them all and tried again but it didn't make any difference17:28
j41Shepard: You could try updating with the command   sudo do-release-upgrade17:28
ducasseShepard: try purging them with ppa-purge17:28
Shepardj41: will that ask me before actually executing the upgrade?17:29
ducasseShepard: the update manager gui basically just runs do-release-upgrade17:29
Shepardducasse: what exactly will that do?17:29
Shepard(the purge I mean)17:29
BluesKajwhat about deleting them from /etc/apt/sources.list.d?17:29
ducasseShepard: remove anything installed from a ppa, so you have the default ubuntu libraries and programs17:30
ducasseBluesKaj: he's tried deactivating them, i suspect some library has been upgraded from a ppa and now blocks the upgrade17:31
Shepardducasse: so would removing those things installed from ppas also remove any settings related to that? I'm just wondering if I can easily go back from that17:33
ducasseShepard: no, they are stored under /home most of the time.17:34
ducasseShepard: besides, since you are going to backup before upgrading anyway, you can go back no matter what - right?17:35
Shepardright... :D17:36
ducasseShepard: purging ppas before upgrading is the recommended way to do it (as is a backup, of course).17:38
vickyHey everyone17:38
Shepardok, I'll try out some things. thanks!17:38
sebsebsebhi vicky17:38
vickyWHats going on17:39
sebsebsebnot much you ?17:39
vickysame here17:39
sebsebsebvicky: you use Ubuntu ?17:39
sebsebsebhi Pozzo17:40
vickyWell I'm new to college, my second sem is going to start tomorrow.17:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1292041 in Unity "Lockscreen doesn't turn off the screen" [High,Fix released]17:40
sebsebsebvicky: oh right ok,  college in USA I guess?  and maybe you got Ubuntu on your lap top for that  then : d ?17:40
PozzoAnybody with an idea of a workaround for this bug ?17:41
vickyI'm in India17:41
sebsebsebvicky: maybe you got a Ubuntu support issue even, this is the support channel17:41
ducassePozzo: it says 'fix released'17:41
Pozzoit says but it is not...17:41
vickyyeah theres a problem17:41
vickyI'm not able to install Virtual Box to my system17:42
PozzoI still have this issue : the gnome-screensaver switch off the screen...17:42
sebsebsebvicky:  uhmmm  sudo apt-get install virtualbox ?17:42
sebsebsebvicky: or from software centre?17:42
vickyfrom software center17:42
Pozzoand just 1 second later the screen turn on again but it just displays a black screen with a white cursor17:42
sebsebsebPozzo: gnome screensaver isn't that good anyway17:43
sebsebsebPozzo: it used to be, but not anymore, you could replace it for xscreensaver which now is better17:43
vickyThe dialog box appears with Install button. But nothing happens on pressing it17:43
Pozzosebsebseb: yes but I'm under ubuntu-gnome ...17:43
sebsebsebPozzo: well you still can17:43
sebsebsebPozzo: you would even get real screen savers with xscreensaver :)17:44
Pozzoyes I know... I have used xscreensaver for years :)17:44
sebsebsebvicky: could be a problem with it connecting or trying to connect to the repeos17:44
Pozzowith the Xmatrix theme :)17:44
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.17:44
sebsebsebPozzo: also that doesn't really fix your issue, but as a work around, switch to xscreensaver :d ?17:44
PozzoI will give a try with xscreensaver17:44
vickyWhat do you do sebsebseb?17:45
sebsebsebbe a computer geek somteimes, yep been doing  a lot of that today :d17:45
Pozzoit will be better that pushing of the power-switch of my screen everytime I left my office17:45
sebsebsebPozzo: indeed if that works17:46
Pozzothis bug is clearly relative to gnome-screensaver and proprietary nvidia driver17:46
sebsebsebPozzo: altough the  gnome one should work enough really, but eh all it does now, is locks screen, and makes it go black I guess17:46
Pozzowith other PC with intel graphic driver I have no issue17:46
sebsebsebis there a bug link ?17:46
sebsebsebPozzo: if there is an actsaul bug in the package,  then you won't just get a fix anyway17:46
sebsebsebPozzo: not in that relased version of ubuntu anyway, a possible future one yes17:47
Pozzoyes the gnome-screensaver is now very "simple"... just turn off the screen17:47
Pozzoit's enough for me... but really "simple" indeed17:47
sebsebsebPozzo: indeed, and xscreensaver will work in gnome to anyway :)17:47
sebsebsebalso I think gnome screensaver long ago got forked from xscreensaver even17:47
PozzoI will try that right now17:47
Pozzogive me a minute :)17:48
sebsebsebPozzo: make sure to disalbe or remoe gnoe screensaer when doing x screenaver17:48
sebsebsebPozzo: when it asks which to use put xscreensaver17:48
PozzoYes I know the trick :)17:49
ubottuAevan: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:51
adam187aHello, new Ubuntu user here17:53
sebsebsebadam187a: ok nice :)17:53
casahello everyone17:58
casai m having trouble with firefox17:59
mynameisJuliancasa: What's the issue?17:59
casai already restore and take it off and reinstall everything and is the same18:00
k1lcasa: what is the exact issue then?18:00
mynameisJulianDoes it not start? Or does it give an error?18:00
casaMozilla firefox is not respinding  the that message im getting18:00
k1lcasa: did you try with a clean profile?18:01
casawhere can i select clean profile?18:02
Menzadorraju_: Any luck?18:04
casai am able to open as administration18:05
k1l_casa: dont do that18:05
k1l_casa: this could be the reason why firefox is acting that way.18:05
k1l_and running a browser as root is the security hell anyway18:06
casathen what should i do?18:07
k1l_casa: open a terminal and run: "ls -al |grep root ". what folders and files does it list?18:08
cuddylierAnyone know how to get php-fpm 5.6 for Ubuntu 14.04?18:09
cuddylierI can find php5.6 fine but not the fpm version.18:09
binarypleaseHi, I want to install Lubuntu on a Laptop that does not support uefi. I downloaded the desktop 64bit installer, but it complains that I have chosen to use UEFI and it is not supported. I didn't choose anything. How do I select BIOS boot mode? Do I need a different install medium like alternate cd?18:09
k1l_!info php-fpm trusty18:09
Menzador!info php-fpm trusty18:09
ubottuPackage php-fpm does not exist in trusty18:09
Menzador((Lol, great minds think alike.))18:09
k1l_!info php5-fpm trusty18:09
ubottuphp5-fpm (source: php5): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (FPM-CGI binary). In component universe, is optional. Version 5.5.9+dfsg-1ubuntu4.20 (trusty), package size 2133 kB, installed size 8919 kB18:09
casacopy and paste?18:10
cuddylierIt's php 5.5.918:10
cuddylierI need 5.618:10
k1l_casa: use paste.ubuntu.com for pastes18:10
Menzadorcuddylier: That's what we have in 14.04 LTS. You can try 16.04 LTS if you need a later version18:10
saulo_hi. Somebody can help me to toggle the band my wireless card is using? I have an ath10k_pci18:11
cuddylierMenzador: Is there no way to get an updated version in 14.04 without upgrading to 16.04?18:11
k1l_cuddylier: then you might need a PPA or another source for that18:11
cuddylierk1l_: Yeah I will but I can't find one.18:11
cuddylierThere is one for normal php but not php-fpm that I can find.18:11
k1l_cuddylier: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas?name_filter=php5-fpm18:12
k1l_cuddylier: but its your own risk18:12
cuddylierk1l: Only one I see there I see for fpm seems to not specify what php version 5 it is.18:13
k1l_cuddylier: php is the source package where all the subpackages (like php-fpm) is build from.18:13
cuddylierk1l: So maybe this? https://launchpad.net/~ondrej/+archive/ubuntu/php18:15
k1l_click on the ppa, then on packge details. then on the package for your ubuntu release18:15
casai am getting a message is "Firefox had a problem and Crashed"18:17
k1l_casa: rename the .mozilla folder in your home and restart firefox18:18
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casaversion 50.1.018:19
=== Guest27949 is now known as CHVNX
k1l_binaryplease: the ubuntu isos should work with or without uefi.18:22
stan_man_canIs there any way to make that super button search menu less shitty? it's super slow and doesn't do math regularly18:22
stan_man_cani want to be able to do like super then "197*2.75" and have it tell me the answer right away18:23
binarypleasek1l_: i installed it but only get a black screen when trying to boot from the harddrive18:23
CluDzhello, im new at ubuntu and im having problems with the boot after install, can anybody help me?18:23
k1l_binaryplease: so the install worked?18:23
sintrebinary> what type of firmware doesn your computer use and what type of partition table is the hdd18:23
k1l_binaryplease: so that does sound like a video driver issue. not uefi issue. you can try to use nomodeset for testing and for installing the correct video driver18:23
sintreif its ms/dos you need to install in legacy , if its gpt uefi efi18:24
binarypleasek1l_: I cant even get to grub or anything where I could try nomodeset18:25
k1l_stan_man_can: works here18:25
binarypleasejust the boot menu pressing f1218:25
sintrecan you use a live cd and check the hdd18:25
sintretype fdisk -l18:25
binarypleaseits a lenovo b570, im trying to install to a msata drive I installed. The other drive has windows 7 on it18:25
sintreand look for the parition table18:25
sintrethen thats qwhy18:26
sintreyou need to use gpt and change the partition table18:26
sintrei mean gparted and change it to gpt table18:26
binarypleasesintre: on the ssd or on the harddisk?18:26
sintrethe target disk you want to install18:26
sintreif you want it installed in uefi18:26
k1l_binaryplease: that laptop got uefi18:27
cfochI try to build gstreamer and I get this error "required file `./ltmain.sh' not found". Is this because I have an old libtool version?18:27
sintreor you can change it in bios , to a "clone legacy mode18:27
sintrethen install wittout it18:27
binarypleasesintre: that option is not present in this bios, I used that on other laptops18:27
sintreso when it says bios mode it says legacy or efi?18:28
sintreyou can't change partition table from bios you need to use a program18:28
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binarypleasesintre: ok, i will try to reinstall it correctly then. When I'm asked for the target drive I will select the ssd. (entire drive). Do I need to change the table afterwards or will it do it automatically?18:29
sintreSo you want to install to ssd?18:30
sintreif it had win 7 yes you need to change partition table to be sfe18:30
binarypleasesintre: Yes. windows is only on the harddisk18:30
binarypleasethe ssd is new and only for linux18:30
sintreuse gparted18:30
sintrefrom live enviroment18:31
binarypleasesintre: ok, thanks I will try that.18:31
sintrethen , let it auto magic or create the partitions you want manually18:31
sintrebut it won't install in efi mode on a legacy/dos table18:32
linux_2121How do  I recursively delte all files starting with the letter "K"?18:32
lasersaberhow can i add a show desktop button on my panel?18:32
binarypleaselinux_2121: https://askubuntu.com/questions/377438/how-can-i-recursively-delete-all-files-of-a-specific-extension-in-the-current-di18:33
wuiihey guys, is it possible to run the alternate installer from the desktop iso, either in the live environment or rebooting with certain parameters?18:33
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Pozzowell... it's quite fun18:35
tomreynwuii: no (not with much complexity), you'll need to download and write it to a bootable media of its own.18:36
akikwuii: you can probably start it with kvm18:36
Pozzoif I add xscreensaver... without removing/desabling gnome-screensaver : it works properly !18:36
akikwuii: maybe i didn't catch your meaning18:36
linux_2121holy shit18:36
Pozzognome-screensaver turn off the screen... and no more "screen turns on with white cursor 1 second later"18:36
linux_2121I typed in rm * and everything got deleted!18:37
Pozzorm : remove18:37
tomreynwuii: whats your use case / why do you ask this?18:37
szymon_gi've tried to compile newer kernel for 16.04, i've downloaded source and patches, i've applied them (no errors), when i've tried to compile it in the debian way that's what i got: http://wklej.org/id/3003568/18:37
Pozzo* : wildcard for "all"18:37
Pozzoso : you remove all the files18:37
linux_2121Pozzo:  I wanted to remove all files starting with the letter "k". So I type in rm k* -- and yet everything got deleted18:38
Pozzolinux_2121: weird18:38
wuiitomreyn: probably not directly supported here, but the installer in the live ppc64 environment doesn't seem to progress after a certain point (16.04), and I was curious because historically I've had good luck with the alternative installer18:38
Pozzomaybe you would have tried : rm "k*"18:38
wuiislow internet makes it hellish to get the other image though :P18:38
Pozzoargh.. in the fact the "screen turn on with white cursor" reappears...18:39
Pozzobut a little bit later18:39
PozzoI will try to remove gnome-screensaver totally18:39
linux_2121Pozzo My folders are still present though; all of my files (which weren't present in the folders) got deleted18:40
mynameisJulianrm doesn't delete folders directly18:40
linux_2121Thanks mynameisJulian!18:40
Pozzolinux_2121: of course... rm does not remove folder by default18:40
Pozzoexcept if you use the "recursive" mode : rm -r *18:41
szymon_grm -dr18:41
szymon_gwhat about "d" option?18:41
tomreynwuii: ppc64, is this an architecture?18:41
pavloslinux_2121, rm can be called with 'rm -i' for interactive so you know which file will be deleted18:41
Pozzoyou'd better give a try : man rm18:41
linux_2121how do I see my tree -- the things which shows how all of my files are directories are linked to each other?18:42
k1l_linux_2121: install and use "tree"18:43
wuiitomreyn: 64bit powerpc (specifically a G5 in my case)18:43
k1l_linux_2121: or use "ls -al" if you only want to see the current directory18:43
linux_2121Thanks k1l_!18:44
linux_2121What exactly is a virtual box used for?18:44
k1l_"tree -d" for directories only18:44
k1l_linux_2121: virtualisation.18:44
linux_2121can I experiment with linux commands using said virtual box?18:44
Pozzolinux_2121: why don't use a graphical file explorer ? unity/gnome with nautilus should be easier if you dont know well how to deal with the command line18:44
Pozzolinux_2121: yes of course: you can install a virtual box with "ubuntu server" by exemple18:45
k1l_linux_2121: yes, you can install another OS into virtualbox and test there.18:45
Pozzoand experiment the command line18:45
linux_2121Pozzo Ah, thanks I'll check that out! But I really want to learn how to use the command line, I just installed Ubuntu yesterday haha18:45
k1l_linux_2121: there are tons of "bash guides" online which explain a lot of things18:46
Pozzoand you have installed ubuntu with which "flavor" ? ubuntu ? the desktop version ? the server version ?18:46
egelorlinux_2121: cygwin is a better choice than VB18:46
linux_2121the desktop version Pozzo18:46
Pozzoif you have more experience on Windows : you can try cygwin18:46
salamanderrakeis there a way to reset what file exts. are associated with what application. Tried to open a .txt file and some wine app tried to open it.18:46
linux_2121Pozzo nooo I like Linux!18:46
Pozzoyou will have a bash under windows with cygwin to experiment too18:46
Herbalistsalamander .. try right-click the file18:47
k1l_i dont know why you suggest cygwin if he already uses ubuntu18:47
tomreynwuii: okay, according to http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/xenial/ there exists (or existed?) a port for the ppc64el architecture.18:47
Herbalistthen "open With.."18:47
linux_2121I'm just curious, isn't a ubuntu a flavor in itself?18:47
Pozzok1l_: just to avoid seing him killing is ubuntu install when he will try : sudo rm -fr /18:48
linux_2121cancel the "a" before ubutnu18:48
pavloslinux_2121, cd /tmp; mkdir testing; cd testing; touch K{1..4}; touch bob; ls; rm K*  ... files gone except for file bob18:48
tomreynwuii: theres an installer here: http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/xenial/main/installer-ppc64el/current/images/netboot/18:48
mynameisJuliansudo apt-get install virtualbox18:48
mynameisJulianMuch easier18:48
k1l_linux_2121: ubuntu is the standard flavor of ubuntu. its shipped with unity desktop. there are other flavors with different setups based on ubuntu18:48
linux_2121lol Pozzo what will that do? Delete everything?18:48
Pozzolinux_2121: yes it will remove everything18:48
egelori use gnome-flashback metacity18:49
egelorlight things18:49
tomreynwuii: but note this was last updated in april 2016, it's maybe not the latest but the 16.04 (xenial) base release, so 16.04.018:49
egeloror mate18:49
lasersaberunity unity is pretty sweet18:49
Pozzosebsebseb: well... i remove xscreensaver18:49
Pozzothe lockscreen is so ugly :)18:49
lasersaberubuntu unity*18:49
Herbalistlasersaber ... which kind of ship is used to transport Ubuntu ?18:49
tomreynwuii: isnt this hardware very old now?18:50
lasersaberthe kind that floats18:50
Herbalistfor certain18:50
jinxi1can I play star craft 2 on Linux?18:50
wuiitomreyn: just for reference the ppc64el is little endian for power8 architecture, while G5 (powerpc 970) is big endian only. I'll admit it's a pretty niche these days as well18:50
k1l_!virtualbox | linux_2121 that is fine to setup a testing environment18:50
ubottulinux_2121 that is fine to setup a testing environment: Virtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox18:50
k1l_jinxi1: do they offer a nativ linux client?18:51
egelorjinxi1: playonlinux18:51
wuiitomreyn: as irritating as it is I'll just wait for the download, thanks for your help in any case :P18:51
k1l_jinxi1: if they dont you will need to use wine, or somethings thats based on wine like playonlinux18:51
Pozzowuii: the download of what ? ubuntu.iso ?18:51
egelorjinxi1: i play Diablo III with playonlinux and some hacks18:51
lasersaberjinxi1, if you have the money get crossover linux18:52
ikoniaplayonlinux is a joke18:52
ikoniait's just a wrapper for wine18:52
Pozzocrossover linux is just wine/playonlinux rebranded and "optimized"... with profiles for some games already prepared18:52
Pozzoit's easier but not necessary18:52
ikoniawant to play a windows game, boot windows18:52
egelorikonia: i make money with playonlinux wine was not permitied at Diablo18:53
lasersaberjinxi1, https://www.codeweavers.com if you have the money is a good software18:53
ikoniaegelor: you make money ?18:53
Pozzoor give a try to Steam on Linux :)18:53
tomreynwuii: so if ppc64el won't work, look for a working port at http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/xenial-updates/main/ then click on it and traverse into the current/images/netboot/ subdirectory where you will find the latest mini.iso.18:53
ikoniasteam on linux is a joke18:53
ikoniavery few native games and the others just wine wrappers18:53
egelorikonia: yes from diablo market18:53
tomreynwuii: i'm not convinced that any of  the official installers will work for you.18:53
mynameisJulianI don't know if Steam for Windows will run inside of Wine, probably not, never tried.18:53
linux_2121is there a way I can check my system's efficiency in terms of how well it is handling currently running applications?18:53
lasersaberyeah steam on linux is usesless when most games wont play on linux that uses steam18:54
salamanderrakeikonia: close to 2000 naive games is a joke?18:54
k1l_linux_2121: top or htop in terminal18:54
ikoniasalamanderrake: yes, very few major titles that are native18:54
wuiitomreyn: oh, what's different with the mini.iso to the alternative/desktop versions? I'm going to assume is grabs the required packages from the internet, but to what degree?18:54
Pozzoa little question : why there is activities here... and no one on #ubuntu-gnome ?18:55
tomreynwuii: correct, it's a netinstall image.18:55
ikoniasalamanderrake: quality stuff like "bobs game" and "no pineapple left behind"18:55
tomreyn!mini | wuii18:55
ubottuwuii: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD18:55
ikoniasalamanderrake: they are not native either18:55
ikoniathey are just confirmed as "working"18:55
lasersaberi still use my winblows 10 for gaming though :-/18:56
salamanderrakewho said they are not native?18:56
ikoniasalamanderrake: read the description18:56
ikoniasalamanderrake: again, not native18:57
tomreynwuii: since ubuntu only officially supports i686 and amd64 architectures, you will depend on a port, and a ported installer. i'm noit sure whether, besides the mini.iso, there are other installers available for ports.18:57
ikoniasalamanderrake: I'm not sure who you are trying to convince here18:57
salamanderrakeikonia: do you know what native means?18:57
ikoniasalamanderrake: yes18:57
salamanderrakeall of feral and aspyr games are native.18:58
ikoniathe feral ones are not18:58
ikoniaF1 2015 is not native18:58
cludzhello, can i have ubuntu install help here?18:58
ikonialooking at the ohters I don't believe the others all are (I don't know all of them)18:58
salamanderrakeyes it is18:59
ikoniait's not, and they are mostly all old out of date stuff18:59
wuiitomreyn: cool, this is looking like a promising lead so far, I've started grabbing the mini instead, I'll let you know how it goes18:59
salamanderrakeyou don't know what your talking about.18:59
* Pozzo 18:59
mynameisJuliancludz: Of course! How can we help18:59
Pozzocludz: what do you want to know ?18:59
salamanderraketotal war: warhammer is 201619:00
cludzso i was installing, and i made a partition for swap, another for / and installed, but then while installing it said that GRUB couldnt be installed19:00
salamanderrakeso is Deus Ex: Mankind divided19:00
cludzand so i cant boot19:00
salamanderrakeand mad max is 201519:00
tomreynwuii: looks like you may need the "powerpc64" port rather than "ppc64el". that's for big endian 64-bit ppc.19:01
salamanderrakevirtual programming are the only ones that are "wrapped" in EOn19:01
salamanderrakeand other games that the devs decided to wrap in wine.19:02
Pozzocludz: where do you try to install your grub ? on the / partition ? on the MBR of your harddrive ?19:02
ikoniasalamanderrake: no idea who you are trying to convince19:02
Pozzodo you use msdos or gpt table ?19:02
salamanderrakeikonia: who are you trying to convince that you even know what native means, your self or others?19:03
wuiitomreyn: funnily enough the page you linked me to has ppc and ppc64, yet no mention of ppc64el :P19:03
ikoniasalamanderrake: not trying to convince anyone of anything19:04
cludzPozzo: where it said "startup manager" (idk how it is in english, im using portuguese. basicily whats under the partitions), i selected the harddrive19:04
tomreynwuii: you mean http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/xenial-updates/main/ ?19:04
salamanderrakeikonia: your trying to convince people you know the difference between wine wrapped, and native, and you don't have a clue. You don't know that games that came out in 2016 ar not old.19:05
ikoniasalamanderrake: not at all,19:06
tomreynwuii: i think you best start here: http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/netboot/19:06
wuiitomreyn: the page the bot linked here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD19:06
Pozzocludz: you have windows already installed on this harddrive ?19:06
cludzno, i want to have linux only, then if i need windows things i just use wine or VM19:07
tomreynwuii: oh ok. the wiki page points to the (outdated) base release images. you'd better use the ones from -updates19:07
Pozzocludz: so... during the installation you have chosen the option "using the entire harddrive and let Ubuntu managing everything" ? or you have chosen "other" and manage manually that point ?19:08
PozzoI mean : the partition table...19:08
cludzPozzo: i selected manually, cause if i let it do it alone, after installing, the computer will say that no boot was found19:08
Pozzocludz: could you accept my private query ?19:09
Pozzoit will be easier to discuss than in the global thread here19:09
wuiitomreyn: in a roundabout way we are at the same place, I was just pointing out that the minimalcd wiki page doesn't mention ppc64el on it (while it's on the other site that hosts the images), and the largely deprecated big endian powerpc64 (the one I'm after) mini.iso is up there in an easy to find place now I think about it, lol.19:11
bivoWhy is there no audio equalizer in the repos? Something like that should be absolutely basic. I should be able to tweak the audio to bring down the high pitched noises and bring up the vocal range so that I can watch something like this and not have the anvil ring make my ears bleed while also being able to hear what they are saying. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xv3dPHneGI819:11
tomreynwuii: alright, thanks for explaining. i guess you're all set, good luck.19:12
wuiithanks for your help too, I really appreciate it19:12
tomreynwelcome :)19:12
max269salve a tutti19:15
ubottumax269: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:15
max269Non c'è più religione19:26
max269salve a tutti19:27
max269Non c'è più religione19:27
socialevilHi guys, i am stucked in a login loop with my 16.04 ubuntu. I tried installing nvidia drivers, kubuntu-desktop, upgrade, dist upgrade.. Nothing works19:29
goose1socialevil: have you reset lightdm?19:29
goose1I had that issue before19:29
goose1socialevil: dpkg-reconfigure lightdm19:30
goose1OR you need to reset .Xauthority19:30
goose1Anyway, my apt update is barely working. The hits are taking FOREVER, same with gets. Anyone know what could cause this?19:31
goose1Example http://i.imgur.com/RaAEbYy.png19:32
socialevilYeah.. I did that too19:32
Bashing-omsocialevil: Nother thought - have you been sudo'n where you should not have and now root owns the access to your desktop ? What shows ' ls -al .ICEauthority .Xauthority ' ?19:32
sysadminhello... any hint on a program to recover accidently removed files?19:32
goose1That image is over like 5 miuntes19:32
goose1sysadmin: how did you remove them?19:32
Bashing-omgoose1: What is this horst3180 source ?19:34
goose1Bashing-om: what?19:35
=== o is now known as Guest76539
goose1Oh in the repos, Its for the arc theme19:35
goose1But its been working fine after I installed that, just decided to take FOREVER today and cant figure out why19:36
Bashing-omgoose1: In your image paste is that source link . I have never seen the like, If ya want to verify that it is for ubunty, please paste the textual terminal output of ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' giving me the ability to copy/paste from the files .19:37
goose1Bashing-om: ok 1 sec19:38
goose1THe horst source is just for a theme, didnt cause issues before but here is the update before I killed ithttp://pastebin.com/9cTLK1M819:39
Bashing-omgoose1: :) pretty easy to check most sources if we can copy and paste exactly .19:39
jak2000hi all19:40
jak2000how to check if my system isubuntu or debian?19:40
goose1Here is upgrade http://pastebin.com/fDFYQrAm19:40
tomreynjak2000: lsb_release -sd19:40
egelorjak2000: uname -a19:41
sysadmingoose1: deleted from HDD drive, where main drive is SSD. So I gess shift + delete19:41
k1l_goose1: did you run sudo apt update first?19:42
sysadminI'm trying to use photorec19:42
goose1k1l_: yeah19:42
goose1my issue is update is taking FOREVER when its usually pretty much instant19:42
Bashing-omgoose1: So far looks perfectly legit :) To this time I see no issue . Let them run ( update upgrade) to completion and see then what the package manager relates ?19:42
goose1I changed DL location, sped it up a bit now but it gets to Get:78 and just hangs there19:43
Chatter_-1this network is a bait/entrapment/sting platform doing law enforcement or vigilante work. (ETHICALLY CORRUPT)19:43
k1l_goose1: where exactly does it hang?19:43
goose1Okay it finished, not sure why it took so long19:43
goose1Here is finished paste19:43
goose1ignore the apt update in the middle, terminal copied weird when resizing19:44
jak2000ok ts ubuntu19:44
Bashing-omgoose1: Again so far so good " 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded." Package manager not showing a issue here .19:44
jak2000how to check wich mta is installed on my box?19:44
goose1Yeah I know. Just weird how long it took compared to usual19:45
k1l_goose1: was it hanging on that mirror or on the opensuse repo?19:45
niruxHey guys. Can someone help me with an Ubuntu 16.10 issue i have?19:45
goose1At first the opensuse repo. Then changed mirror to duke.edu, then it hung for a long time near the end at Get:74 and Get:7819:46
goose1nirux: whats up19:46
goose1what is issue19:46
=== sysadmin is now known as VlanX
jak2000egelor any advice?19:47
dave0x6dSo I've set a device in overlayroot.conf, but it doesn't seem to do anything.19:47
dave0x6dWhere would the error/status messages be logged for this? Not seeing it in dmesg.19:47
niruxI came from Arch, and I wanted to try Unity, but the issue is after about 10 minutes the whole computer freezes. It happens instantly when watching a video in fullscreen or on YouTube.19:47
niruxI can load a TTY however.19:47
tomreynjak2000: sudo lsof -i :2519:48
niruxI've not been able to figure it out.19:48
Bashing-omnirux: What about memory management . What does ' free -m ' show when running a video ?19:49
tomreynjak2000: alternatively: sudo netstat -pan --inet | grep ':25[[:blank:]]'19:50
dave0x6dI don't see any failed overlay mounts in dmesg.19:51
dave0x6dIs that not the way you're supposed to create a overlayroot?19:52
lasersaberwhy is it not breaking lines? http://paste.ubuntu.com/23723724/19:52
lasersaberjust goes right accross19:53
lasersaberis it just my browser or its the server?19:53
OerHekslasersaber, it is a feature, why would paste break lines?19:53
jak2000tomreynm: https://paste.debian.net/905932/19:53
dave0x6dtrying that now19:54
lasersaberOerHeks, before it use to break line for better viewing19:55
OerHekslasersaber, nope, this has been for years iirc19:55
niruxBashing-om: sorry i left. I tried to watch a youtube video and it completely locked up.19:57
tomreynjak2000: "master" is usually a process which belongs to the "postfix" MTA. "ps ef 1484 2>&1 | pastebinit" to verify19:57
lasersaberis there another site i can use with terminal for outputs tht i can install?19:57
jak2013but wich is it? postfix and or sendmail?19:57
lasersaberwith better text format19:58
tomreyn!pastebinit | lasersaber19:58
ubottulasersaber: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com19:58
Bashing-omnirux: All I can at this point to consider is memory management ' free -m ' shows what before and after starting a video ? as a place to start .19:59
tomreynjak2013: i just answered this question, didn't i? please re-read my previous reply.19:59
lasersaberi have it installed but the output on the site has no line breaks19:59
niruxBashing-om: anyway to export a ran command as a .txt or some sort? I could just upload that.20:00
kjhmediaI'm a Newbie. How do I find another Hexchatter?20:00
niruxI did find an ubuntu forum post on the exact same issue i have.20:00
niruxBut no solution was posted.20:00
jak2013tomreyn yes i see, and typed the command see please: https://paste.debian.net/905932/20:00
=== jak2013 is now known as jak2000
tomreynjak2000: i already saw this paste. and responded with: <tomreyn> jak2000: "master" is usually a process which belongs to the "postfix" MTA. "ps ef 1484 2>&1 | pastebinit" to verify20:01
jak2000ok sorry not see i am disconnected20:02
Bashing-omnirux: ' free -m | nc termbin.com 9999 ' will do to show us those outputs .20:02
niruxOkay. I'll do a reconnect if it freezes while trying full screen. Hold on.20:02
NOVAtechieshello all20:03
Bashing-omnirux: Compare before and after .20:03
niruxBashing-om: yup.20:03
NOVAtechiesI have a thinkpad 11e that when running ubuntu 16.04 does not register fan speeds20:03
NOVAtechiesi can hear the fan spinning but it doesn't show on sensors or any gui i have20:04
NOVAtechiesany ideas?20:04
egelorNOVAtechies: there is a deamon for thinkpads thinkfan20:05
lasersaberoh never mind lol i was forgetting to put a dash in my command that why i had no line breaks20:05
NOVAtechiesegelor: thanks very much.  is it on github?20:05
lasersaberinxi -Fxxxc020:05
lasersaberinxi -Fxxxc0 | pastebinit20:05
egelorNOVAtechies: sudo apt-get install thinkfan20:06
NOVAtechiesoh i didn't realise it had a repo sounds good20:06
NOVAtechieswell damn that was easy20:07
NOVAtechiesthanks very much20:07
socialevilBashing-om sorry i was afk reinstalling the ubuntu. Now i can login but the ubuntu its slow and laggy and when i move my mouse instead of snooth transition, it feels like cursor is teleporting20:08
egelorNOVAtechies: sure i happy to help20:09
genericHello, gys20:09
j41Hello generic20:09
lasersaberthis fixed my system: sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade20:10
ConfusedCan someone help? I deleted lubuntu and now I'm stuck in grub rescue20:10
mynameisJulianConfused: Reinstall it.20:10
ConfusedMy CD keeps getting stuck in a loop20:11
ConfusedFlashing dash icon20:11
ConfusedThen black20:11
ConfusedThen more flashing20:11
j41Confused: Are you booting from cd?20:11
lasersabermaybe its a bad cd20:11
j41Confused: Have you used the CD before?20:12
goose1Id just recreate it honestly20:13
ConfusedOK its at the dots loading screen right now20:13
goose1TIL people still use CDs20:13
j41Confused: Make a new one, or use a USB20:13
niruxbashing-om: I got them. Compared. Nothing big to cause a lock up however. Here i'll link them for you.20:13
Bashing-omsocialevil: Well . ubuntu is top of the line and consumes lots of resources. Have you got the memory installed to handle it ?20:13
niruxthis is free -m without anything open other than hexchat: http://termbin.com/utcx20:13
ConfusedHold on Im trying it with a diff option20:13
socialevilBashing-om i gave 16gb ram20:13
niruxthis is free -m while watching a video non fullscreen: http://termbin.com/m90820:14
goose1Whats a resource to get better at using the commands line?20:14
goose1Good resource*20:14
niruxAnd i ran this when it locked up on fullscreen : http://termbin.com/4ly720:14
Confused-sigh- I just wanted to get back into windows20:15
j41goose1: One way to find out what commands do is to read the manual, for example: man ls20:15
goose1Confused: can you not get back into windows?20:15
goose1j41: thanks, I know man pages, but I think I foune some stuff20:15
Bashing-omnirux: Agreed is not a memory management issue . Sorry to say I do not know - off the top of my head - what the cause is .20:15
ConfusedNo it just leaves me at grub rescue20:15
socialevilBashing-om when i go to software and updates->additional drivers i see that i am using x.org x server nouveau diaplay driver instead of my nvidia 367.57 proprietary testet ... But last time i changed that i went to this login loop20:16
ConfusedLubuntu cd loaded when I chose straight to install20:16
goose1Have you updated grub to try to refind the windows boot manager?20:16
j41Confused: Do you want to reinstall Lubuntu?20:16
ConfusedNo I only got it in the first place to make my PC faster but its the same as windows20:16
ConfusedI just want windows20:17
j41Confused: Do you have a Windows disc?20:17
j41Confused: Do you have another computer?20:17
ConfusedIf I have to reinstall lubuntu its ok20:17
ConfusedLol no20:17
ConfusedI'm on my phone20:17
k1l_Confused: this channel cant help you on installing windows. better ask ##windows if you need help on that20:17
ConfusedIf I reinstall lubuntu will I get grub back20:18
goose1Or you can just update grub20:18
goose1Do you have windows currently installed on the machine?20:18
Bashing-omsocialevil: If ya had 367 installed from our repo ( not OEM ! ) I can not imagine why nouveau would now be loaded . We can look and see what X thinks ' cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit ' .20:18
k1l_Confused: is only ubuntu installed?20:18
OerHeksboot your windows dvd and choose repair20:18
ConfusedI do but it's stuck in grub rescue20:18
ConfusedI can't use it20:18
niruxBashing-om: No worries man. Thanks for trying : ) I'll see what i can do on it. Maybe it's just the DE. I guess no fullscreen videos for me.20:18
ConfusedSigh I don't have a windows cd20:19
JohnDoe2Hey guys, got a quick question: I set up a proxy, system-wide on 16.04 and logged off, and back on. If I curl -v from the command line, the proxy gets the request and I have a breakpoint set on the proxy so I can edit the request if need be. If however I curl the same URL via php, the proxy displays the breakpoint, but php goes on and connects anyway before I get a chance to do anything to that request. Essentially, php is bypassing the proxy. Why would20:19
JohnDoe2 that not obey the system wide setting?20:19
ConfusedI just said20:19
goose1Confused: http://askubuntu.com/questions/435160/cant-boot-windows-7-after-installing-ubuntu20:19
k1l_Confused: you will need a windows cd or usb to repair/reinstall the windows bootloader20:19
stan_man_canright now I have 2 drives, ones 250GB ones 120GB. the 250GB has my /home and my 120GB has /20:19
goose1Yeah what k1l_ said20:19
j41Confused: Otherwise, reinstall Lubuntu and you'll have GRUB back20:19
Confusedsmh I'll just reinstall lubuntu20:19
stan_man_canhow can I merge them so everything is on the 250GB and the 120GB is empty?20:19
goose1Confused: you can recreate a windows usb by using this link https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10ISO20:20
ConfusedI'll figure out a way to delete it after I get windows back20:20
goose1Confused: you can delete it using disk manager in windows20:20
j41Confused: You can repair the bootloader from within windows20:20
Bashing-omnirux: A thought only . what results when operating from the guest account ? Maybe isolate this to a config issue in "your" account ?20:20
ConfusedI can't access windows20:20
socialevilBashing-om paste.ubuntu.com/2372392120:21
goose1Confused: check the askubuntu link i posted above20:21
j41Confused: Once you can boot into Windows after reinstalling Lubuntu (and therefore grub)20:21
k1l_Confused: if you deleted lubuntu, there is no data that grub finds. that is the issue.20:21
j41Confused: The installer should give you the option to 'detect' Windows20:21
k1l_Confused: so either get a windows cd/usb and install the windows bootloader or reinstall the ubuntu and use grub for dualboot again20:21
Bashing-omsocialevil: Reading; I will be a while .20:21
goose1Yeah either recreating a windows install device or reinstalling ubuntu are really your only options right now20:22
goose1If you just want windows, recreate it using the media creation tool MS provides (need windows machine or VM to run it) and then reinstall20:22
Mr-FrogI'm having a printer issue. When I connect to a print server via the Printers Server>Connect menu, it works fine for a little while but after a few minutes my entry is deleted.20:22
niruxBashing-om: Haven't tried it, honestly. Let me give it a try. Be right back.20:22
lasersaberhow about installing grub-customizer ? that should help20:23
k1l_lasersaber: no20:23
Bashing-omsocialevil: "  nomodeset quiet splash vt.handoff=7 " you have set nomodeset as a boot parameter, with that set will not load the proprietary driver .20:23
k1l_lasersaber: there is nothing where the grub data is put. that is why he only gets the grub rescue20:23
lasersaberahh ok20:23
genericHey guys real quick what game i should start play i'm looking for something online with other peeps and fun20:24
socialevilBashing-om i did yeah, as i installed the ubuntu cause else it would not load.. I tought its only for the installation and then its removed automatically20:24
k1l_!games | generic20:24
ubottugeneric: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php and http://www.penguspy.com/20:24
Mr-Froggeneric Star wars battlefront ii is cheap, has low requirements and works in WINE20:24
j41generic: Team Fortress 2 is good!20:25
goose1Rimworld is the best!20:25
ConfusedOK I'm officially done with the world of linux20:25
goose1Confused: why>20:25
ioriaConfused, why ?20:25
ConfusedI can't partition my drive20:25
goose1Confused: how can you not?20:26
ConfusedIt wants the whole thing20:26
goose1Just run Gparted in the live usb20:26
Bashing-omsocialevil: check in /etc/default/grub that nomodeset is not set as a permament boot parameter .20:26
MonkeyDustConfused  use gparted20:26
niruxBashing-om: It's different under a Guest session. It'll freeze only the video while the Unity desktop and the app still functions fine.20:26
goose1gparted is super easy to use20:26
ConfusedI can't get into live, I can only do direct install20:26
k1l_Confused: why cant you go into live? that doesnt make sense20:26
goose1Yeah you should have the option20:27
stan_man_canif I copy /home to /new-home, boot from live CD and rename /new-home to /home, and then delete the mount line from /etc/fstab ?20:27
ioriaConfused,  your specs ? cpu, ram, video card20:27
ConfusedIt loops with the flashing thing20:27
socialevilBashing-om i am reading it now and there is grub_cmdline_linux=nimodeset. Should i delete the whole row?20:27
stan_man_canthe line that mounts /home separately that is20:27
genericLinux is the best way man  we have huge community to help all issues ubuntu forum is big and  and obviasly this irc20:27
goose1Confused: it seems your CD is messed up20:27
lasersaberConfused, maybe u can show us your desktop might be easier to help u out https://appear.in20:27
goose1Just make a new one with a usb or something20:27
valbrI have a server that had a reinstall a couple of days ago, and gives the following error: http://pastebin.com/raw/Mxbm2dC220:27
valbrit says ACPI but in the message itself it says something about "PCI0". I have a problem with the PCI card so I am looking at the dmesg if I can find something20:27
valbrany ideas on what it could be ?20:27
genericI don't use CD everything is on My USB20:27
Bashing-omnirux: Well that is something to the positive . Try a different player ? Maybe then see if the issue is in the current player ? Mind ya, I just do not know - just something to consider .20:27
j41goose1: Confused doesn't have another computer20:27
ioriaConfused,  nomodeset, or remove splash can help20:28
goose1Confused: So, you cant get into live, or windows?20:28
ConfusedWhat do I need to do20:28
ioriaConfused tell us your specs20:28
goose1What do you WANT? Do you just want windows?20:28
ConfusedNo live or windows20:28
Bashing-omsocialevil: Best to show the entire file so we see in context . All we want to do is remove that boot parameter .20:28
ConfusedI just want windows20:28
ioriaoh, no help then :þ20:29
k1l_Confused: then get a windows cd or usb. done20:29
lasersaberConfused, sudo apt-get install inxi20:29
jak2000i have on a directory small files so so: 150 000  if i try do a: 'ls' command take much time and not display anything20:29
socialevilBashing-om wait :)20:29
jak2000how to display 100 by sample?20:29
goose1Well you can either go into live (cant) or make a windows install USB and install it20:29
ConfusedI have no cmd20:29
bekksjak2000: ls -l | head -n 10020:29
lasersaberConfused, sudo apt-get install pastebinit20:29
genericPeople have small issues and they gave up easy but that doesn't make you great20:29
genericTeam Fortness 2 here i come20:29
k1l_lasersaber: he doesnt have a system to boot. so that is not helping him.20:30
jak2000bekks same....20:30
ConfusedTrying live once more20:30
j41generic: It's really good :P20:30
bekksjak2000: Which problem do you want to solve by LISTING those files?20:30
jak2000need know the names20:30
ioriaConfused your specs, please20:30
bekksjak2000: Use find then.20:30
jak2000but dont worry i am delete....20:30
jak2000rm * -f20:30
goose1Fucking please give him your specs oh my god20:30
ConfusedIts a shitty old dell20:30
bekksjak2000: that will not work as you expect it :P20:30
niruxBashing-om: Gotcha man. Appreciate it. Let's see how it goes. I gotta go i do appreciate you letting me take a little bit of your time. Take care!20:30
ConfusedThats mostly what I know20:30
ioriaConfused laptop, dektop ?20:31
socialevilBashing-om paste.ubuntu.com/2372397320:31
bekksjak2000: for deleting them, you can use find as well.20:31
ioriaConfused ok, you don't know your specs, can you see some sticks on the laptop itself ?20:31
ConfusedThe model is 176420:31
Bashing-omnirux: Help (try) is what we do . I am here 'til the end - just do not have the experience to say what might be real :)20:31
genericCOnfused whats the problem you have once again?\20:32
goose1Insiron 1764?20:32
goose1ioria: This is it http://www.dell.com/us/dfh/p/inspiron-1764/pd20:32
ConfusedI deleted lubuntu partition on windows, rebooted and stuck in grub rescue20:32
lasersaberConfused, install periscope on your cellphone and maybe we can help you.20:33
ConfusedWhen I try to go live, it puts me in ttyl20:33
k1l_Confused: and i explained already why that is an issue now20:33
jak2000bekks how to use dfind and20:33
ConfusedThe loops with a flashing this g20:33
goose1Confused: have you gone into the boot menu at startup to try to get into the windows boot mananger?20:33
stan_man_canif my / and /home are on different physical drives, how can I merge them to both be on the /home drive?20:33
jak2000delete each file?20:33
bekksjak2000: "find . -type f -exec echo {} \;"20:33
ioriaConfused laptop, you delete also grub, then20:33
mynameisJulianConfused: Destroy the partition with GParted, worked for me a while ago.20:33
genericokay just make boothable usb flash drive put LInux or any op system on it and reistall it20:33
k1l_stan_man_can: resize partitions, copy data or partition, change fstab20:33
ConfusedHOLD UP20:33
goose1Confused: You should be able to get into windows through your boot manager (F11, del, or something at startup)20:33
ConfusedLIVE LOADED20:34
ConfusedTell me what I need to do20:34
k1l_Confused: you so install lubuntu again and have a working grub with that.20:34
jak2000beeks same :(20:34
bekksjak2000: Then you arent patient enough.20:35
lasersaberConfused, connect to the internet20:35
goose1Confused: be sure NOT to install over the windows partition20:35
ioriaConfused never back down20:35
bekksjak2000: Running find on 150 files in a single directory WILL take its time.20:35
stan_man_cank1l_, do they have to be separate partitions?20:35
goose1Then you'll have grub, and you SHOULD be able to get into windows20:35
ConfusedGparted is loading20:35
ConfusedIts up20:35
Bashing-omsocialevil: Yeah make a backup of the file prior to editing is SOP ; and change - GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="nomodeset" - to - GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="" - ( remove nomodeset _ save the file and to propagate the change to the system now run ' sudo update-grub ' . Reboot to see the effect .20:35
goose1Do you see the windows partition there?20:35
ioriaConfused so dual boot ?20:35
k1l_stan_man_can: no. you can have only one / partition which includes your home20:35
ConfusedI see 220:36
ConfusedNTFS and unallocated20:36
stan_man_cank1l_, so if I want everything on the drive that /home is currently on...20:36
goose1Windows should have more than one right?20:36
socialevilBashing-om will do.20:36
k1l_Confused: run a terminal with "sudo fdisk -l | nc termbin.com 9999" and show the url here20:36
goose1there should be a recovery, and boot partition along side the large data one20:36
ioriaConfused  do that20:36
stan_man_cank1l_, I would what, move all of /home to / and then move all of / to the new drive?20:36
goose1Confused: FORMAT the UNALLOCATED one to ext420:36
goose1install ubuntu onto the new EXT4 part.20:37
ioriamaybe he needs swap20:37
Bashing-omsocialevil: K . could be that after the reboot all will be peachy keen fine :)20:37
goose1Then you'll have both, grub SHOULD load, and give option for windows20:37
ConfusedHow do I type the line after -l20:37
kjhmedialooking for cbwolf202020:37
lasersaberConfused, format all partitions except the ntfs partitions20:37
goose1ioria: yeah the installation will create home, data, and swap on its own. You need it to be ext4 first though20:37
k1l_stan_man_can: you can put everything in the /home partition20:37
ioriai see20:38
goose1Confused: what are you trying to type?20:38
ConfusedThe unallocated one is only 2mb20:38
ioriano good20:38
goose1Confused: how big is NTFS?20:38
ConfusedThe thing about fdisk above20:38
k1l_kjhmedia: that user is not in here.20:38
Confused111.79 gb20:38
goose1Okay, you can resize it under gparted and isntall ubuntu on new partition20:38
stan_man_cank1l_, how do I move stuff to a specific drive?20:39
ioriaConfused   sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 9999   and give us the url you got20:39
goose1OR you can download a windows iso, create it in linux live, and reinstall windows20:39
ConfusedHow do I type the line between fdisk and term20:39
goose1Its above the \20:39
genericis anybody up for quake 320:39
goose1Shift + \20:39
k1l_stan_man_can: you copy only mounted data.20:39
stan_man_cank1l_, but like20:40
goose1stan_man_can: like copy fileA from driveA to DriveB?20:40
k1l_generic: this channels focus is support. better ask in the offtopic channel20:40
stan_man_canhow do i specificy the drive as the destination?20:40
socialevilBashing-om now it works fine but my vents went lout :)) its a new laptop so its actually the first time i hear them.. But i cannot think its somehow related20:40
stan_man_cangoose1, yeah i guess so20:40
ConfusedIt types >20:40
ConfusedNot the line20:40
genericOpps, sorry guys20:40
stan_man_cangoose1, how do I copy / to drive B20:40
goose1cp /path/to/file.file /path/to/dest20:40
stan_man_cansince drive B currently has /home20:40
ioriaConfused   sudo apt-get install pastebinit20:40
k1l_stan_man_can: you specifiy the target folder. which is the mountpoint20:40
k1l_stan_man_can: you should do this from a live cd anyway20:41
goose1stan_man_can: http://www.computerhope.com/unix/ucp.htm20:41
blamiConfused: which keyboard layout you have?20:41
goose1cp origfile newfile20:41
ConfusedIts uk20:41
k1l_stan_man_can: you are mixing data (filesystems) with partitions.20:41
Bashing-omsocialevil: " vents went lout " ?? You mean the cooling fans are screamming ?20:41
stan_man_cank1l_, https://gist.github.com/anonymous/db073a7fc90c83790fb0b71f0b2c82d020:41
=== pac1 is now known as senor_panatlone
ioriaConfused   then  do    pastebinit <(sudo parted -l)20:42
socialevilBashing-om sorry. Yes. Thats exaclty wat i ment20:42
k1l_stan_man_can: uh, you have an encrypted home? well i am out of this then20:42
ConfusedIts slow to install20:42
goose1Confused: you installing ubuntu now on new part?20:42
goose1Confused: if you want windows, why not just reinstall using a new windows iso?20:43
ConfusedI'm trying to make a new partiton20:43
k1l_kjhmedia: please ask in #freenode for questions about this network. this is only ubuntu support20:43
ConfusedIoria it sis20:43
ConfusedDidn't work20:43
ioriaConfused   what ?20:43
ConfusedThe pastebinit cmd20:43
ioriaConfused   sudo apt-get install pastebinit20:43
kjhmediaSorry trying to connect with someone20:43
goose1Anyone got some good linux supported game recommendations?20:44
ioriaConfused   works here20:44
Bashing-omWell, 2 things here I am aware of (3) . proper driver installed ' sudo lshw -C display " ; laptop and ACPI is not functional ? what laptop then ? 3) box in use long enough that a good cleaning is in order ?20:44
ConfusedSyntax error near unexpected token newline20:44
ioriaConfused   pastebinit <(sudo parted -l)    again please20:44
blamigoose1: anything on steam perhaps?20:44
goose1blami: up for anything really, not all steam games are linux though20:45
blamiioria: isn't that missing $ before (?20:45
goose1I have a few, just looking for some new stuff20:45
lasersaberConfused, https://appear.in/confused20:45
ioriabladon't think so, works here20:45
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tomreynjak2000: by the time you produced the 'ps' output, the mails erver was no longer running, or had been restarted20:46
tomreyneither that or you mistyped the command20:46
goose1Confused: yeah go to waht lasersaber sent you on the live stuff, can help more20:46
ioriaConfused   copy and paste on paste.ubuntu.com20:47
socialevilBashing-om paste.ubuntu.com/23724050 .. I dont know what the second thing means and Asus gl752v laptop brand new.. 3 days old i dont think its time foelr cleaning20:47
pseudonymouscan I somehow get a ubuntu install which uses disk encryption (preferably like the regular lvm2/luks setup) but *without* selecting the format entire disk option ?20:48
Mr-FrogI have an issue with printing. I can add a cups server via the printer settings GUI, but when I exit and return, the server changes back to /var/run/cups/cups.sock20:48
blamigoose1: I mean anything for linux there :) I am playing day of the tentacle remake right now :) And Duskers was good20:48
goose1yeah im stuck on rimworld atm, amazing game20:49
goose1What is this pastebinit thing people keep suggesting?20:49
goose1Does it just auto pastebin from cmd?20:49
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com20:49
EriC^^goose1: yeah20:49
goose1Ah cool20:49
=== senor_panatlone is now known as pac1
thomedyis there a good room for ubuntu based video editing20:50
MonkeyDustthomedy  try #ubuntustudio20:51
confusedtwothe guy from appear.in left20:51
EriC^^thomedy: #ubuntu-studio possibly20:51
k1l_thomedy: the #ubuntustudio guys migth now20:51
stan_man_cank1l_, so i'm kinda screwed?20:51
goose1WTF csgo20:51
stan_man_cank1l_, i just wanted to dual boot windows since i need to start doing some video editing and was trying to avoid buying another drive20:51
k1l_confusedtwo: instead of using such tools that doesnt really help now, you coudl provide tha facts requested in a pastebin.20:52
confusedtwoi figured out how to type |20:52
confusedtwomy keyboard layout is backwards on this20:52
confusedtwoim on pc now20:52
confusedtwowhat should i type in term20:53
k1l_stan_man_can: the encryption adds another layer which makes it more complicated.20:53
ioriaConfused    sudo parted -l | pastebinit20:53
lasersaberconfusedtwo, get the appear.in app for your phone20:53
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=== sylvain is now known as Guest74813
k1l_lasersaber: that is not helping. he could just show the facts on pastebinit which is faster and easier20:53
lasersaberor that20:54
ioriaconfusedtwo, you have only a big windows partition20:54
confusedtwoyeah i want to make a tiny partition for this20:54
k1l_confusedtwo: did you have wubi install inside windows?20:54
confusedtwoso i can get back to windows20:54
confusedtwono i installed it via disk20:55
k1l_confusedtwo: where was your lubuntu installed? there is only one big windows partition20:55
Bashing-omsocialevil: Hybrid graphics . I do think proprietary driver handles it the better . Want to see?....  then ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ' . Reboot again to see the effect .20:55
confusedtwoim not sure i just clicked dual boot option20:55
socialevilBashing-om will do20:55
ioriaconfusedtwo, mmmm20:55
pseudonymousNo one uses encryption on a single partition =20:55
ioriaconfusedtwo, i'd try to take off a 30 gigas from  i20:56
k1l_confusedtwo: so you changed the partitions after you deleted the lubuntu install?20:57
confusedtwoi installed lubuntu via disk by selecting dual boot option20:57
k1l_confusedtwo: because that doesnt make sense at all, what you tell us and what the facts show us20:57
confusedtwoi installed it because my pc is old and i wanted it to work better20:57
confusedtwobut its same as windows, and i like windows better20:57
confusedtwoso i deleted lubuntu partition in disk management in windows20:58
ioriaconfusedtwo, i5 core and 4 giga ram it's not 'bad'20:58
confusedtwothen when i reboot i get the grub rescue20:58
ioriaconfusedtwo, you have win backups ?20:59
confusedtwoonly disk i have is lubuntu20:59
ioriaconfusedtwo, no, i mean... anything of value on win partition ?21:00
confusedtwoim trying boot-repair suggested earlier21:00
ioriaboot-repair without *buntu ?21:00
k1l_confusedtwo: to get grub working again you would need a install which needs repartitioning again. so its way more straight forward if you just get a windows cd/usb and repair the windows bootloader21:00
ioriaboot-repair maybe the windows rescue disk :þ21:01
confusedtwoit says to do it in live21:01
ioriaconfusedtwo, you don't have *buntu anymore21:02
confusedtwoi deleted it21:02
k1l_and repartitionated the free disk space to the windows parititon.21:02
confusedtwoi was trying to find an option to make new partition in gparted21:03
ioriaconfusedtwo, why don't you take space for lubuntu and install it ?21:03
k1l_confusedtwo: as i said: either do some manual repartitioning again, then install ubuntu. or get a windows cd21:03
confusedtwobut cant find 121:03
confusedtwothats reason ^21:03
ioriaconfusedtwo, try 'Somethin else'21:03
confusedtwothats where i was at before and the options wouldnt let me21:03
Ben64but if you don't actually want ubuntu, why not go over to ##windows and ask them about options?21:04
k1l_confusedtwo: use gparted, shrink the windows, make new partition for ubuntu, start installer.21:04
confusedtwodo i use resize option?21:05
confusedtwoi got boot repair up21:06
confusedtwoshould i use that, or use gparted21:06
k1l_confusedtwo: stop21:06
k1l_who said you should use boot repair? that is no helping at all since i explained you 3 times now grub cant work if there is no partition with the data that grub needs21:06
confusedtwosome people earlier21:06
confusedtwoi was on my phone before21:07
confusedtwochat was hard to see21:07
confusedtwodo i use resize option on gparted?21:07
k1l_i guess you did not explain your setup properly so people didnt know you only have a windows install and not other partition.21:07
stan_man_canwhat does "Disk is OK, one failing attribute is failing" mean?21:07
confusedtwoi was having trouble with commands21:07
stan_man_canwhen checking the Assessment of a disk in Disks21:07
confusedtwohow much spaces does lubuntu need? about 7gbs?21:08
EriC^^stan_man_can: try smartctl -a /dev/sdX21:08
EriC^^confusedtwo: that'll barely cover the os21:08
confusedtwoshould i do 1021:08
stan_man_canEriC^^, smartctl doesn't exist21:08
stan_man_canhas no installation candidate21:09
EriC^^more like 20 confusedtwo21:09
NytramYou'll need at least 10gb just for /21:09
EriC^^stan_man_can: sudo apt-get install smartmontools21:09
stan_man_canEriC^^, https://gist.github.com/anonymous/1954c8668085839de0ceefdf94ff432c21:10
stan_man_canis that because it's mounted externally?21:10
EriC^^stan_man_can: no, it doesn't have smart capabilities21:11
socialevilBashing-om you my sir are a genius :))21:11
confusedtwoidk how to use resize21:11
k1l_stan_man_can: is this conncted per usb or something?21:11
goose1confusedtwo: allocate like 40Gb, then "install alongside windows" when you install, it will create all other partitions for you21:11
socialevilCooling fans are asleep again :)))21:11
stan_man_cank1l_, ye21:11
confusedtwoit wont take the numbers im putting into it21:11
k1l_stan_man_can: then the usb connector for the disk doesnt support smartmontools21:12
* linux_user says: Hello all! I am curious to get some information about scid and "scid vs pc" for Ubuntu. I see "scid" in the repos but am not sure which one it is or how to get the "scid vs pc" from a prebuilt repo if even available? What say anyone?21:13
goose1So I got this Rpi ive had for awhile21:13
goose1whats a cool project i can use21:13
Ben64goose1: ask in #raspberrypi21:14
k1l_!info scid21:14
ubottuscid (source: scid): chess database with play and training functionality. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:4.6.4+dfsg1-2 (yakkety), package size 417 kB, installed size 1168 kB21:14
k1l_linux_user: for questions about that i would suggest you ask the skid project directly21:15
EskatremHi, I lost my .xinitrc file by messing up and not navigation between workspaces doesnt work (and also, I dont have an image background)21:15
Eskatremso I am trying to start unity but dont know how to do it21:16
linux_userk1l_, : I'll be sure and do that, its definitely something I never thought of. But, for now, I am going to see who that is here knows about it too. I think that is also an excellent idea.21:16
Bashing-omsocialevil: No Sir, not me - that appillalion applies to those others - I just been around a bit :)21:16
pseudonymousIn a bit of a jam and would *really* appreciate some help. Does *anyone* know of a guide/set of steps to setup an encrypted (preferably lvm2+luks) partition for a ubuntu install ? I can't/won't format my entire disk, but I need the encryption for work reasons.21:20
lasersaberdid confuse solve his issue?21:22
lasersaberpseudonymous, i think the drive needs to be formatted for that21:23
confusedtwohttp://imgur.com/a/RnGqB can someone explain to me what to do with this21:24
lasersabernot 100% sure21:24
thomedycan i write ios software on ubuntu21:24
thomedyswift, objective-c21:24
linux_userare there any chess players here at all that us Ubuntu for that?21:24
thomedyi can write it but im writing a multiplatform thing21:24
Ben64thomedy: you can write anything, you need ios to compile it or have it run or something, i'm not sure of the specifics21:25
thomedyi have an iphone and i need to write an iphone, ipad app21:25
thomedybut i usually run ubuntu21:25
pseudonymousthomedy: not really. There's an objective-C compiler of some sort, but IOS apps rely on all apple's proprietary crap software which they aren't really happy to share (sorry, a bit prissy because of this damned mac acting up)21:25
thomedyi got the iphone to write my apps21:25
linux_userIn general you really need an Apple system to write iOS21:25
j41thomedy: I was under the impression that you needed a Mac21:26
linux_userthe other answers are generally right but not what you probably really mean, no, the Apple Development evniroment is not on Linux period.21:26
k1l_confusedtwo: why not use the sliders at the side of the green frame?21:26
mynameisJulianthomedy: Apple xcode only runs on mac21:26
linux_userThat said, a 5 year old Mac at a low price is still workable for xcode today and runs today's variant of MacOS21:26
thomedyi really cant compile swift or objective c... that makes me sad21:26
linux_userMacOS is not Linux or Ubuntu21:27
lasersabermac is bsd i think21:27
thomedyright and i get the difference between bigend little end.. yada yada i was just hoping21:27
k1l_Confused: if you use the numbers you need to subtract the amount of the new size field and add it at free space following.21:27
Ben64thomedy: blame apple, they locked it all down21:27
thomedyi know21:27
linux_userno, not int he sense that environment he wants is on BSD either21:27
linux_userit once was very BSD like but not as much now21:27
pseudonymousthomedy: well, you could, if apple cared enough to let you. Even Microsoft is porting over their .NET environment (it even started off by running twice as fast as it did on Windows). The trouble is, Apple don't want you to, take it up with them21:27
linux_userit is very changed from that21:27
linux_useractually apple cares enough to give you xcode for their computers for free21:28
linux_userthey do not want their apps running on Linux21:28
pseudonymous.. or their devs21:28
lasersaberdont use apple21:28
linux_userI use both21:28
* lasersaber :-/21:29
linux_userbut Apple is Apple and there are reasons why they do that. After all, there is no vendor selling more UNIX systems than Apple at this point, so its not bad what they do if you ask me21:29
linux_userno one21:29
* lasersaber :-/21:29
* lasersaber :-|21:29
linux_userbut the reality is if you "need to write for iOS" as you said, then you need an Apple box to really do it right21:30
linux_userits not a religious thing, its a fact21:30
pseudonymousI have a Mac for work.. Only now did the wisen up and offer standard PC laptops.. But I'm stuck with this proprietary hunk of crap.. You even need to install a custom bootloader to get things going. Nor do apple care enough to properly implement graphics-switching in a standards-compliant way, they just hacked something together for their OS and refuse interop if a non-OSX OS is loading.. Man I hate Apple.21:30
linux_userlike it or not21:30
lasersaberu can vb iso i guess if u need it that bad :-/21:31
bekksNo, you cannot21:31
linux_userhe violates the license to do that really21:31
lasersaberu can use vb to run apple*21:31
linux_userand if he becomes an Apple Development that may matter to him21:31
linux_useras he will agree to not do such things21:31
bekkslasersaber: Only when having Apple Hardware as well.21:31
pseudonymousApple makes Microsoft look like a bunch of treehuggers :P21:32
Nytramlmao.. true21:32
lasersaberhmmm i seen people run apple on intel pcs on YT21:32
pseudonymous(and then try to find a picture for Canonical.. :P)21:32
linux_useractually Apple offers a way to get most normal commercial applications without the pain of Windows21:32
pseudonymousNo, they offer a partially broken OS which, due to marketing, vendors are forced to interact with21:33
Ben64kinda veered off topic now21:33
tomreynpseudonymous: did you succeed on your full disk encryption?21:33
bekkslasersaber: which doesnt make it being legal.21:33
linux_userSo if you need quickbooks, autocad, and Office without the Windows junkOS you can have it and get UNIX too21:33
* lasersaber :-|21:33
pseudonymoustomreyn: Nope, playing with the OS X recovery boot atm. But basically it seems like you need to partition things manually if you don't want to erase the entire disk, and at that point you realize how buggy the partitioning dialog is (I had it crash on me in 3 different ways)21:34
linux_useranyway to answer your real question, you need a MacOS environment on Apple Hardware to do what you need. With everything in life, to do it right is many times not free21:34
linux_userany more than soldering an authentic Mercedes emblem to a Ford does not a Mercedes make it.21:35
=== Tex is now known as Texou
tomreynpseudonymous: hmm, i use it quite regularly and i never crashed (as in segmentation fault, the process failing) on me. but maybe it's due to some special hardware.21:35
pseudonymousThe Unix thing is a misnomer at this point. If you mean to get a certified Unix OS, sure, Apple paid for the cert, so they can call it Unix. But if you read up on the Unix philosophy, or compare the tools bundled to those on modern-day unices, it just doesn't compare (favourably)21:35
* lasersaber lol21:36
tomreynplease would you move religious discussions to #ubuntu-offtopic? we really only do support here.21:36
pseudonymoustomreyn: not segfaults, but a freeze, some state-related partion-tool error where if I went back after making a crypt-partition, it couldn't redo/continue anything. Last thing was a crash further into the install because it failed to mount the / crypt partition.. Sadly.21:36
tomreynpseudonymous: that'son apple hardware if i got this correctly?21:37
linux_userIs there a room policy to kick people offering solutions that violate the licensure terms of software? That21:37
linux_userthat would likely get those people out21:37
Ben64there is a room policy to kick people out who are offtopic, which all of this is21:38
ubuntu121jemand da??21:38
tomreyn!de | ubuntu12121:38
ubottuubuntu121: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!21:38
pseudonymoustomreyn: no, that's just because the partitioning dialog isn't great, I think. A multitude of other issues are. But that's a different story. I've given up.21:38
lasersaber/join #ubuntu-offtopic21:39
tomreynpseudonymous: sorry, i got to go for now. i should be back in ~ 45 min (for ~ another hour) in case you could not get assistance by then and are still looking for it.21:39
tomreynand, yes it the installer won't work, partition first21:40
linux_userWell, the initiate query was asking about the cross availability of MacOS development tools for Linux, a reasonable question that should have ended with just no, there is not if you want to deploy an application via the Apple iOS App Store eco-system instead of all the transmogrified responses that was provisioned by people with 'religious issues'.21:41
=== xissburg_ is now known as xissburg
eskatremsorry, I logged on and off, basically I tried to tweak my .xinitrc file to start unity normally but couldnt.21:42
* pseudonymous has religious issues :/ (Sorry)21:42
k1l_linux_user: this channel is ubuntu technical support focused. for chatter we have #ubuntu-offtopic .21:42
BlueProtomanI'm using Ubuntu 16.10, with MATE.  For some reason, the menu bars (File, Edit, View, etc.) in any Qt application (I tried in at least Tiled and qpdfview) don't appear.  How do I fix this?21:43
linux_userI agree, that is why I was suggesting that the only answer should have stopped at no, MacOS development requires a MacOS based Apple hardware system21:43
Ben64linux_user: but then you kept going on and on and on, and you brought it back up now...21:44
linux_useragain the only thing I was pointing out was the answer was no21:44
linux_userand others came up with all that other crapola not I21:45
Pelle`i got this share on my debian machine that i have mounted on my win pc, i can create folders and delete folders but files i have downloaded with transmission i have to log on to the debian machine and erase when i want to delete them, i dont need root access to delete them with my local linux acc, got umask 2 set in transmission deamon cfg... how do i make it so that i can delete them from my21:45
Pelle`win pc?21:45
ikoniaPelle`: try #debian21:46
ikoniathey support debian21:46
linux_useranyway, has anyone any information on getting SCID vs PC running within Ubuntu either by compilation of the source or knowing if a "scid vs pc" repo exists that has the binaries for that variant over the scid version that is less maintained?21:46
Pelle`ikonia yea but is kinda quiet there :) so i tought i'd try here21:47
ikoniaPelle`: not really acceptable21:47
ikoniaPelle`: you waited 3 minutes,21:47
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mynameisJulianIt's quiet here :p22:08
eskatremPozzo: hi22:08
kk4ewtmynameisJulian, well it is Jan 1st22:09
eskatremmynameisJulian: yeah and nobody could help me with my .xinitrc file22:09
fearnothingcan someone help me understand why my logs are not being forwarded as I expect please?22:09
k1l_mynameisJulian: that is because ubuntu is running fine by everybody :)22:09
fearnothingI am trying to forward logs from the slapd service22:09
fearnothingthey are logged to the local4 syslog facility22:09
Pozzoeskatrem: you are not using ubuntu-gnome flavor by the way ?22:09
fearnothingas I understand it this means I should put a line like the following in my rsyslog.conf:22:09
eskatremPozzo: I dont know... the 16.0422:10
fearnothinglocal4.* @dest.server.local:51422:10
Pozzoeskatrem: if you don't know... you are using the standard ubuntu flavor with unity :-)22:10
fearnothingother logs I have like authpriv,  etc, are successfully being sent with a line like that22:10
fearnothingbut not the slapd ones22:10
fearnothingwhy not?22:10
mynameisJulianJust think about it, Windows technical support has a constant 10 minute wait time and Ubuntu support is almost silent. That says enough.22:10
eskatremPozzo: yeah I guess it's the standard Ubuntu22:10
fearnothingmynameisJulian: if ubuntu had two billion users, it would be pretty busy...22:11
eskatremwell, ubuntu users are more computer litterate than windows users22:11
ikoniathats just nonsense22:11
fearnothingmaybe on average, but there are plenty of ignorant ones too22:12
mynameisJulianfearnothing: One day....22:12
fearnothingmynameisJulian: unlikely22:12
fearnothingnothing wrong with ubuntu but the chances of it dislodging Windows are practically zero22:13
breneHey All, I'm trying to install ubuntu 16.10 but sadly on the main installation screen (choose language screen) or any other screen, My bluetooth mouse doesn't work22:13
mynameisJulianWhen Windows 7 support will end that would make a lot of people switch to Ubuntu.22:13
Bashing-omeskatrem: What is up with a .xinitrc file ? As many DE's do not use it .22:13
ikoniamynameisJulian: no it won't22:14
fearnothingit appears we have a true believer here :P22:15
mynameisJulianUbuntu will never be as big, but it's growing rapidly.22:16
eskatremBashing-om: well, maybe it's not the .xinitrc file, but I lost unity22:16
ikoniamynameisJulian: where are you getting this information from ?22:16
lasersaberguys, how can i add a show desktop icon in the taskbar panel?22:16
xangualasersaber: what desktop?22:16
breneany ideas anyone?22:17
lasersabernever mind i found it on YT22:17
eskatremBashing-om: you're right, .xinitrc wasnt executed actually22:18
mynameisJulianikonia: Browsing Forums, but I could be wrong. Ubuntu is just improving.22:18
ikoniamynameisJulian: you appear to just be saying things22:18
mynameisJulianbrene: Do you have any regular USB mouse to try?22:19
breneSadly no22:19
mynameisJulianIkonia: I'm just trying to get some positive vibes going :D22:19
ikoniamynameisJulian: then don't22:20
ikoniamynameisJulian: just making random stuff up isn't helpful22:20
Bashing-omeskatrem: ubuntu 16.10 ? such that the Display Manager is lightdm ? Then if so we can work to restore lightdm if this is a fact .22:21
NytramOooh! Harsh ikonia ;)22:21
hetiiok still the same issue22:21
Bashing-omeskatrem: But  mind ya, my unity experience is old old .22:21
mynameisJulianSorry Ikonia..22:23
eskatremBashing-om: I have ubuntu 16.04, I already did `dpkg-reconfigure lightdm`22:23
=== mwsb is now known as chu
FrostyBytesbrene: can't you control the UI through the keyboard alone? i.e., TAB through fields?22:25
hetiiq: I use ubuntu-mate 16.10 will latest packages and have issue with my mouse pointer, he freeze on left corner and don`t want to move.22:26
hetiiI cane still use my mouse but without pointer.22:26
hetiiany clue about such issue ?22:26
Bashing-omeskatrem: Let's try the systemd way from the login screen ctl+alt+F1 to gain a console - stop the DM ; ' systemctl isolate multi-user.target ' change TTYs ctl+alt+F2 and now run in this TTY ' systemctl isolate graphical.target ' Back to a functional GUI ??22:27
eskatremBashing-om: ok, I was already in tty1 trying to bring unity to live somehow, let me run systemctl...22:28
eskatremBashing-om: yeah, after your command I get the log in screen from the GUI22:30
eskatremlet me log in now22:30
eskatremBashing-om: hmmm I couldn't log in for some reason, tried with a guest account22:31
hetiiok all works:)22:31
hetiiwhat I did was to install nvidia driver for my gtx1070 and some intel microcode.22:32
Bashing-omeskatrem: Well, this gets deeper ... Graphic's driver ? ( as guest also does not work ) ? what shows ' sudo lshw -C display ' in a pastebin site .22:32
eskatremBashing-om: by the way, my login is "samuel", and when I logged in, I was only offered to log in as "Samuel"22:34
ubuntu092german ubuntu??22:34
SerialDevenglish here it would seem22:34
k1l_!de | ubuntu09222:34
ubottuubuntu092: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!22:34
Bashing-omeskatrem: I have not seen a later unity so I do not know what to expect at the login screen, sorry but that is the fact .22:35
qwizzicalI'm trying to download a relatively large 1.5 GB file (it's a movie), but I can't seem to do so successfully. Is there a plug-in or something I can use to download such files?22:35
ikoniaqwizzical: where are you downloading it from ?22:36
ikoniaoh, so it's a torrent22:37
qwizzicalyeah, basically22:37
tryingthiscan anyone tell me why the version sof python in "Bash on Ubuntu on Windows" on windows 10, is 2.7 and 3.4? Since python 3.6 is out, how come it doesn't use python 3.6 even after I did the apt-get upgrade thing?22:37
reisioqwizzical: is it not downloading >0% at all?22:37
ikoniatryingthis: because it only upgrades to supported packaged version22:37
reisiotryingthis: ls /usr/bin/*python*22:37
reisiotryingthis: and there's a specific channel for that system, I forget its name22:38
tryingthisoh. thanks for your help ikonia and reisio22:38
tryingthisI will try to find the appropriate channel22:39
reisionot many people, unsurprising22:39
qwizzicalNo, the download bar evidently indicated that it was being downloaded to some extent. But after a while, it said "Failed".22:39
tryingthisoh. thanks resisio22:39
reisio##windows would technically be on-topic for that discussion, too22:39
reisioqwizzical: so what % did it get to?22:39
tryingthiscool. ill check out windows.22:40
reisiotryingthis: also, latest version released upstream isn't the same as latest stable downstream (Ubuntu)22:40
qwizzicalI'm not sure -- that wasn't specified or anything -- but the download was about half-filled22:40
qwizzicaldownload bar*22:40
reisioqwizzical: oh okay22:40
reisioqwizzical: what client was it?22:40
qwizzicalHmm, I'm not sure I quite understand. What do you mean?22:41
tryingthisthanks reisio22:41
reisioµTorrent, Deluge, Transmission, etc.22:41
k1l_what program do you use, qwizzical22:41
reisiothe only reason I can think of for a torrent to say "download _failed_" is if your system ran out of space, really22:42
qwizzicalOh, well I downloaded the magnet link from yify, then put it on seedr, and that's about it22:42
reisiootherwise it would just keep trying to download, even if no progress was being made22:42
qwizzicalI don't use a client of any sort like bittorrent and the like22:42
reisiooh seedr is some web-based service?22:42
reisioif you have a storage limit, check you haven't exceeded it22:43
qwizzicalyeah, it basically converts the magnet link to a downloadable form (through seeds and stuff)22:43
Bashing-omeskatrem: Are you stuck at getting the 'lshw' to redirect to a pastebin site ?22:43
qwizzicalno, I'm way below the storage limit22:43
reisiowell, yeah that's what magnet links are for22:43
reisioif you haven't run out of resources, then the software has simply failed22:44
eskatremBashing-om: doing that now22:44
reisioseek out seedr's support system, or find a more reliable service22:44
qwizzicalso what do you think I should do?22:44
k1l_qwizzical: well, that sounds like its a seedr issue, not an ubuntu issue?22:44
reisiotake my advice, avoid things that talk about "the cloud"22:44
Bashing-omeskatrem: :) trying to help .22:44
qwizzicalk1_ no, it's definitely not a seedr issue. I think it's a problem with my computer, because this happened just this one time22:45
qwizzicalreisio haha why do you say that?22:45
reisioqwizzical: oh was the problem downloading an already-downloaded torrent contents from seedr to your computer, via http?22:45
qwizzicalYeah, I think so22:46
reisiookay well that can only likely be so many things22:46
qwizzicalhttps maybe, but yeah22:46
reisioI would suspect, in this order: seedr failed on their end, your isp cut you off, your router failed, you ran out of space locally22:46
k1l_qwizzical: where is the issue now? you can download from seedr to your pc? whar error did you get? was the internet connection resetted?22:46
reisiog'luck, I'm out22:47
reisiohappy new year everyone :)22:47
=== fred is now known as Guest52466
qwizzicalThis is what happened: seedr extracted all of the seeds of the file, allowing my PC to download said file. The download wasn't successful.22:47
akikqwizzical: it helps to tell complete error messages and not think so/maybe22:47
akikquintopia: you can upload error message pictures to imgur.com or transfer.sh or text errors to pastebin.com22:49
akikthat was supposed to go to qwizzical22:49
qwizzicalthis is what it says "Failed -- seedr.cc"22:49
qwizzicalthere's no error message as such, except that22:49
akikqwizzical: is it your browser's downloader which says it or the seedr website?22:50
eskatremBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23724620/ something like that22:50
qwizzicalmy brswer's downloaded (I'm on firefox)22:50
qwizzicalso I'm pretty sure seedr didn't mess up on its end22:51
qwizzicalakik what do you think I should do?22:51
Bashing-omeskatrem: Intel, and the drivr is loaded, Intel "just works" as a general rule . lemme scrath my head and consider what to do next .22:51
kk4ewtqwizzical, so you downloaded from a site not through a torrent22:52
akikqwizzical: unknown, i don't use seedr. have you checked at seedr that your torrent has been downloaded to 100% ?22:52
eskatremBashing-om: something strange happened, now I can't log in from the GUI (I'm typing this from another computer)22:52
kk4ewtdid you verify your download22:52
jgcampbell300can anyone tell me if it is possable to tell grub to boot 1 line at a t ime ... maybe pause after each line22:53
qwizzicalkk4ewt: Well, the magnet link was of one torrent's, and seedr extracted its seeds, allowing my browser to download the file22:53
qwizzicalone of*22:53
k1l_qwizzical: we cant tell you what happend there. ask the seedr support22:54
qwizzicalakik yup22:54
akikqwizzical: seedr.cc says that their server downloads the torrent22:54
jgcampbell300Like some kind of debug mode ?22:54
pitastrudlso i installed xfce4 alongside ubuntu unity 14.04 and the wierd thing is  that i cannot connect to my ssh servers on the xfce4 session22:54
pitastrudlbut on unity it works okay22:54
k1l_qwizzical: actually ubuntu is not involved here at all.22:54
qwizzicalakik hmm, what does that mean?22:54
parsnippackages like this aren't available by simply `sudo apt install taskd'? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial/+package/taskd22:54
akikqwizzical: you don't download the torrent, they download the torrent22:54
pitastrudlim getting Permission denied (publickey).22:54
qwizzicalk1l_: Ah yeah I'm sorry haha, but no one else seems to know anything about it :/22:55
qwizzicalakik Oh okay22:55
Bashing-omeskatrem: Ouch ! .. reboot and see then if ya can get to the login screen ?22:55
qwizzicalakik... but I download something, right?22:55
akikqwizzical: yes of course after seedr.cc has downloaded the torrent22:56
jgcampbell300or maybe some kind of safemode boot .. i dont know22:56
akikqwizzical: have you checked at seedr that your torrent has been downloaded to 100% ?22:56
qwizzicalakik Basically I'm not able to download that "something". This has happened only once; I think it's because of the large file size22:56
k1l_jgcampbell300: you can only boot one line at a time on grub22:56
qwizzicalakik yeah I checked that22:56
eskatremBashing-om: rebooting now22:57
k1l_qwizzical: again: ask seedr. we cant do anything here22:57
Exterminadorguys, just a stupid question. it's possible to install Xubuntu into a us stick/external hdd? :x22:57
parsnippitastrudl: are the permissions on your keys correct? maybe you can turn up verbosity on your ssh attempt.22:57
Bashing-omjgcampbell300: Not one line at a time, but if booting from grub one can set 1 page at a time .22:57
akikqwizzical: and check that your local disk space didn't run out22:57
qwizzicalakik Lol no chance of that, I've got ~500 GB to spare22:58
jgcampbell300Bashing-om, cool .. how would i do that ... or where can i read up on it22:58
BlueProtomanI'm using Ubuntu 16.10, with MATE.  For some reason, the menu bars (File, Edit, View, etc.) in any Qt application (I tried in at least Tiled and qpdfview) don't appear.  Source is this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/appmenu-qt5/+bug/1307619 , but the suggestion of uninstalling appmenu-qt5 didn't work.  Apparently this has something to do with dbus?  Any tips?22:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1307619 in appmenu-qt5 (Ubuntu) "All Qt5 applications' menu bar is missing at non-Unity DEs after appmenu-qt5 installed" [High,Confirmed]22:58
qwizzicalthanks anyway akik, I appreciate the help! :)22:58
jgcampbell300Bashing-om, i am trying to stop it from running a script  that crashes it and im not sure witch one is doing it or how to get to cli22:58
Bashing-omExterminador: Sure it is doable , people install to USB and external devices alla the time .22:59
eskatremBashing-om: ok, now, I can't login from the GUI with my normal user name, and if I log in with a guest I get an empty screen (the mouse works, though)22:59
ExterminadorBashing-om: but that will install grub on the laptop right? or it wont change nothing?22:59
Bashing-omgjWell . in such a case one can set "break points" when booting . But I do not have the direct expeience to say the when/how .23:00
eskatremBashing-om: hmm any pointer to start unity from tty1?23:01
Exterminadori mean, imagine that i have W10 on the laptop. and decide to install *buntu in a external drive. will anything happen related to bootloader of windows?23:01
bivoUbuntu-Mate 16.10. Wifi has been incredibly slow ever since some updates about a week ago, every other OS or device I try gets the full 700Kbps download, but can't seem to hold a stable connection over wifi, averaging 10-250Kbps with spikes to 450Kbps but sometimes complete drops of the connection.23:01
Bashing-omExterminador: Again, it depends on the install method that you choose, If it os a defailt standard : erase disk and install ubuntu" then the default is to install grub to the 1st recognized device (sda) .23:01
ExterminadorBashing-om: then, if i choose the external drive, all will be installed in there, even the bootloader?23:02
Bashing-omeskatrem: from grub or from TTY1 ?23:03
Bashing-omeskatrem: ' systemctl isolate graphical.target ' But That does much more than just start the GUI, it also stops everything that is not a dependency of graphical.target .23:04
Bashing-omExterminador: Best I can tell you to KNOW where grub will install is to use the "something else" install option . but ya need to know here what you are setting up . In something else you have the option to direct where grub installs to .23:06
eskatremI was strying stuff like `startx unity` from tty123:06
spl33nhello everybody, happy new year all and sorry for my bad english.23:07
Bashing-omeskatrem: Old docs .. upstart does not apply to 16.10's systemd :)23:07
ExterminadorBashing-om: i understand. btw, seems windows don't let me create more than 4 partitions. can i override it with partition manager on xubuntu? will that affect anything?23:08
=== curly_braces is now known as curly_brace
genewitchhttp://projectftm.com/index.php?75cb4d when i plug my ham radio into my ubuntu thing http://projectftm.com/index.php?75cb4d it completely freezes the system23:08
ic2000hello, i'm having an issue where ubuntu is not recognising my wireless internet adapter23:08
genewitchthat's the tail of /var/log/messages, any other stuff needed i'll provide after a reboot23:08
Bashing-omeskatrem: For that matter ''startx' does not apply to upstart either .. old old old docs you are following .23:08
ic2000it worked for windows and other distros so i'm not sure why it wont work for ubuntu23:08
Exterminadorwhen i've tried it on windows, it said that my disk will change into dynamic or something like that23:09
eskatremhmm... I removed the ~/.Xauthority file, so now I can log in as my user name from the GUI, but I still have an empty screen (with mouse and the backgroundscreen I chose, though)23:09
eskatremBashing-om: hmm, startx, I knew that one when playing with debian (the computer I'm using to type this)23:09
Bashing-omExterminador: No .. in the leagacy partioning scheme these is a 4 primary partition limit . ( die yo addressing ) . the way arounf this limit is to create one of those primary partitions as 'extended" and in this extended partition on can then create an additional 128 "logical" partitions .23:10
spl33ni have macbook 2,1 and i install on it ubuntu 14.04 LTS and i upgrade to 16.04 32bits, but i have some issues with keyboard, on mac if i want to type "|" for example i use alt+shift+l but in ubuntu this not work correctly . i look many website and forum but i dont find fix for my issues all special char not work23:10
spl33nhelp please23:10
Exterminadoroh, i see. and afaik linux don't have problems on being installed into logical partitions23:11
Bashing-omExterminador: And of the Windows disk is converted to dynamic . it is then exclusive to Windows and nothing else will touch it !@23:12
Exterminadoryou mean i can create the partitions i want and dont be afraid of that the disk change to dynamic?23:12
Exterminadori'll be able still to install the OSes i want?23:13
Exterminador(and boot them properly)23:13
Bashing-omeskatrem: Let's try from a reboot to TTY1 ' dconf reset -f /org/compiz/ ; unity --reset-icons ; setsid unity ; systemd.unit=multi-user.target ' .23:14
eskatremBashing-om: what's that supposed to do?23:14
Bashing-omExterminador: Right, ubuntu will happily install to a logical partition :)23:14
Exterminadori wanna try several flavors at once23:15
Bashing-omeskatrem: reset the desktop and then start the GUI .23:15
Exterminadori was wondering how can i make enuff partitions to do that23:15
snowstormExterminador: why not using VM virtualbox from Oracle23:16
Bashing-omExterminador: Uh Huh .. long time ago others wondered same same .. and them smarty peeps came up with the 'extended' partition .23:16
Exterminadori have GParted installed. but i'm kinda newbie to this. all i know is to partition the disk in windows and i've partioned it into 3 W10, Xubuntu and the swap23:17
=== anonymous is now known as Guest38077
Exterminadorsnowstorm: my cpu don't support virtualization, so, VM will be extremly slow23:17
eskatremBashing-om: I ran sudo apt-get upgrade, it's taking a while :-/23:18
=== Guest38077 is now known as Anon_115
Exterminadori must read some tutorials to make partitions via GParted as extended23:18
Exterminadorany usefull link?23:18
Bashing-omExterminador: Nest to do Windows things from Windows . defrag X2, and then run checkdisk X2 when unallocated space is made from Windows . Then when installing ubuntu " something else" amd set up your extended/logical partitions . Is what I think .23:19
fcastilloI'm having a weird problem when trying to delete files on a different partition. When I access the partition directly, deleted files go to the Trash, when accessing the partition through a symlink on my home, Nautilus/Nemo say they can't do it and the file has to be deleted23:19
Bashing-om!dualboot | Exterminador23:19
ubottuExterminador: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot23:19
Bashing-omeskatrem: " update upgrade is always a smart way to start :)23:21
eskatremBashing-om: ok, I ran your command, got lots of: `compiz (core)` - Info ...`, and then `Segemtnation fault (core dumped)23:21
ExterminadorAutomatic partition resizing (not recommended) -> why not?23:21
Bashing-omeskatrem: Ouch !! .. fresh install ??23:21
eskatremBashing-om: hmm it's couple of weeks old23:21
genewitchBurr-Brown from TI USB Audio CODEC causes ubuntu to hang when plugged in, anyone have any tips?23:22
Bashing-omeskatrem: Did you verify the .iso file when you made up the live install environmental ?23:23
eskatremthe distro came with the computer23:23
Bashing-omExterminador: Can not say to that last .. I no do Windows in many many years . I no longer know what to expect from a Windows situation .23:24
Exterminadorhow i do a screenshot in Xubuntu? :x23:25
Bashing-omeskatrem: K .. let's say that the manufactirer then did well and we get the more drastic here amd revert the GUI to defaults. sound good ?23:25
eskatremBashing-om: that's what I was looking to do!23:26
gde33can I get nautilus to tell me the  full path of a folder including the drive name? I'm trying to set the firefox cache folder but /media/foo/bar isn't working23:26
gde33it is not writing anything23:27
gde33about:config entry: browser.cache.disk.parent_directory23:27
Bashing-omeskatrem: Try ' rm ~/.gconf ~/.gconfd ~/.metacity ~/.compiz-1 ~/.config/compiz-1 ~/.config/dconf -rf ' ; reboot and let's "see" .23:27
eskatremI don't have .gconfd and ~/.gconf is a directory23:28
genewitcheskatrem: that;s what the -rf does23:28
eskatremok, I just have .compiz and .gconf23:29
Bashing-omeskatrem: Hummm .. that ending "-rf" should have taken care of " is a directory " . as r == recursive .23:29
eskatremBashing-om: right, I missed that. rebooting now23:30
deus_having some trouble with a renaming script. what i am trying to do is rename all avi files in list of directory after the directory that they are in. here is what i have, but it is not working as expected: find . -type d -not -empty -exec echo mv  \{\}/*.avi \{\}.avi \;\23:30
stan_man_canisn't it rm -rf [dir] ?23:30
stan_man_cannot rm [dir] -rf ?23:30
stan_man_cannot sure if that matters23:30
ic2000does anyone have any idea of how to fix my issue?23:30
qwizzicalhow do I include subtitles in my video player?23:31
genewitchic2000: usb?23:31
eskatremBashing-om: I rebooted, still get an empty GUI23:31
deus_it does not seem to be expanding the glob, do i need to escape it or put it in quotes or something?23:31
ic2000genewitch: yeah it's a usb adapter23:31
genewitchic2000: what's lsusb say it is23:31
Bashing-omstan_man_can: Yeah .. does not matter . is but a matter of human perspective . If it does make you feel the better I will edit it to your preference (??) .23:32
eskatremI rebooted, still got an empty GUI23:32
ExterminadorBashing-om: i can use GParted to shrink windows partition, move the unallocated space and add it to the extended partition that i already have, right?23:33
ic2000genewitch: https://bpaste.net/show/ded27293bf3923:33
papa_hi ppl23:34
eskatremhi papa23:34
papa_tnx for all23:34
Bashing-omExterminador: Well, many have with good results .. but I say again Windows tools for Windows file system . for best results.23:35
Exterminadori just dont wanna rebbot into Windows, then rebbot into Xubuntu. :P23:35
Bashing-omeskatrem: One last poke ' rm ~/.dmrc ; . then we consider re-installing the DE .23:35
papa_windows: planetsidede223:36
Bashing-omExterminador: Shrinking a partition means re-writting the partition table, make it the easier on the system with defrag, and that the system is happy with the new partition table with 'chkdsk; . Now that is what I think .23:37
ic2000genewitch: what does it mean?23:37
zeroraxHi, I am having trouble fixing a problem. I installed ubuntu-server on a laptop with 2 gpu's one intel one nvidia. ubuntu tries to use the nvidia card and i get a black screen immediately. I believe installing nvidia-current will solve this problem, I used a desktop live usb and chrooted into my ubuntu-server install but it won't resolve any DNS, i can only use IP's, which means I can't use the repos to install23:37
zeroraxnvidia-current. anyone know how I can make my chroot envirnment resolve dns?23:37
papa_hi man23:38
Bashing-omzerorax: How did you det up the chroot ? depends on that how to have DNS .23:38
eskatremBashing-om: ok how should I reinstall the DE? (I removed ~/.dmrc and rebooted, to no avail)23:39
zeroraxBashing-om, I bound /proc , /dev. and /sys and then chroot23:39
papa_im hack man from usa and setup wallpaper PUTIN23:40
zeroraxI'm not familiar with chroot, I've only used it once before and it was with very detailed instructions23:40
Bashing-omeskatrem: 'sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop ' Where for sure this is a (u)buntu install !23:40
ExterminadorBashing-om: i'll consier your opinion. and redo almost everything on windows. event thought, then i can use GParted to "play" with the remaining partitions, since i think it wont affect anything as it will be unallocated space23:40
CarlFKxenial, desktop, Network Manager - trying to setup a static IP:    ping  ... 64 bytes from ...  ping  From icmp_seq=1 Destination Host Unreachable23:42
CarlFKhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/23724928/  route -n23:42
papa_netstat -tsp23:43
zeroraxBashing-om, any ideas?23:43
CarlFKpapa_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23724930/ netstat -tsp23:44
CarlFK 23:44
zeroraxthere used to be a nosetmode boot flag that worked in order versions23:44
zeroraxbut 16.04 doesn't support it23:44
Bashing-omzerorax: ro directly answer one runs ' mount --bind /etc/resolv.conf /$CHROOT/run/resolvconf/resolv.conf ' . Hang on one and I get ya the chroot routine I use .23:44
Exterminadornext time i'll leave at least 100Gb of unallocated space on disk23:45
zeroraxBashing-om, i'll try that while you find your routine. i really appreciate your helping me23:45
deus_zerorax, have you tried just dropping to console when it boots to the black screen instead of messing around with chroot?23:45
deus_zerorax, i.e. ctrl-alt-f123:45
zeroraxdeus_, yes, that doesn't work, i believe the black screen is related to something that stops the boot sequence23:46
papa_s novim godom parnni23:46
zeroraxeverything i've read says this can be fixed on similar laptops by installing nvidia-current from the repo23:46
Bashing-omzerorax: Mine that is known to work ; ' sudo mount /dev/sdXY /mnt ; for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done - sudo chroot /mnt ' .23:46
zeroraxtbh, i'd rather disable the nvidia gpu sice it eats electricity and I don't need it for the way i will be using the computer23:47
ic2000uhh, genewitch you still here?23:47
CarlFKpapa_:   umm.. what?23:47
zeroraxthanks Bashing-om23:47
zeroraxand thanks for your input deus_23:47
ic2000eh ok, could someone else help me then23:48
Exterminadorjust one question: Partition: /dev/sda1; File System: nfts; Mount Point: n/a; Size: 9.77 GiB, Used: 327.24 MiB; Unused: 9.45 GiB; Flags: diag --> can i shrink this damn partition?23:48
deus_shrug, just an idea. i tend to overcomplicate things myself because i barely know what i'm doing, heh.23:48
zeroraxExterminador, you can shrink it, I'm not sure if you can do it from linux using gparted or if you need a windows23:49
Exterminadorwhat does that partition means?23:49
Exterminadorwhat's the purpose of it?23:49
zeroraxoh it's n 10gb... it's probably a recovery or efi partition23:50
genewitchic2000: is the ID 04d9:a061 Holtek Semiconductor, Inc. the wifi device? when you unplug it from USB and run lsusb again does that item disappear?23:50
Exterminadorbecause: Flags: boot is in /dev/sda223:50
zeroraxdon't shrink it23:50
genewitchBurr-Brown from TI USB Audio CODEC causes ubuntu to hang when plugged in, anyone have any tips? http://projectftm.com/index.php?75cb4d this is what /var/log/messages say when i plug it in23:50
papa_happy new yea from siberia23:50
Exterminadorzerorax: via GParted it says the Minimum size should be 328 MiB23:51
Bashing-omExterminador: Once Windows is happy happy happy, and you have the unabllocated space, in GParted you can play with that unallocated space to your heart's content .23:51
ExterminadorBashing-om: that's what i've thought23:52
Exterminadorwindows is a pain in the arse, but still i need it.23:52
zeroraxExterminador, it says that because that's how much data it has on it. it can't shrink beyond the point where it's full without losing data, but gparted is assuming the partition will never need more space for new data23:52
Bashing-omExterminador: "Size: 9.77 GiB" that is already tiny bu todaus standarfs .23:52
Exterminadorzerorax: copy that. i won't touch it23:53
ic2000genewitch: oh crap. u wanted the usb plugged in when i did it. i just redid it and this on reappeared "Bus 008 Device 003: ID 0cf3:20ff Atheros Communications, Inc. AR7010 (no firmware)"23:53
Bashing-omby todays*23:53
zeroraxif it's an EFI partition you could screw up your system and have to do a clean install of everyting23:53
ic2000so i'd assume it's that one, the no "firmware" thin makes sense too23:53
=== josh is now known as Guest23049
Exterminadorzerorax: better not touch it. my hdd is not in good shape already, i guess23:53
Guest23049how do i add a link in my desktop applications dropdown (mate de) for a program i just installed (liteide)?23:54
Exterminadorbtw, what's the smarctl command to check the disk, to see if it's dying or not?23:54
zeroraxExterminador, yeah, and if you DO decide you NEED to resize, it, don't shrink it to the minimum, leave considerable space to be used in future23:54
zeroraxI don't know too much about EFI, but I know that it needs it's own partition in most use cases23:55
Exterminadorzerorax: i also think it's the efi thing23:55
genewitchic2000: you need the firmware23:56
zerorax10gb seems like more than it needs, but at some point someone decided that it should be that big for a reason23:56
Bashing-omExterminador: As you have asked about 4 primary partition ,imits , this is not a EFI drive/system / RFI dupports 128 partitions by default.23:56
ic2000genewitch: yeah but how can i obtain it?23:56
ic2000genewitch: it seemed to installed itself on windows and other distros23:56
genewitchic2000: apt install linux-firmware23:56
genewitchic2000: usually23:56
ic2000genewitch: okay. do i restart after?23:56
genewitchcouldn't hurt23:56
VillagerWassup fellas!23:57
ic2000alright, thanks man. if i don't come back then it worked :)23:57
sdasdaguys i have a problem installing ubuntu, can anyone help me please?23:57
sdasdai need my computer23:57
ExterminadorBashing-om: i have a partition with 1.02GiB of unallocated space23:57
snowstormsdasda: explain problem23:58
Exterminadoreven GParted don't let me create another partition. i have the swap on the extended partition. can i add that 1.02 GiB to the swap?23:58
sdasdasnowstorm i put the iso on a usb stick and i clicked on the install ubuntu thing after rebooting my computer, i did all the steps and when the installation started, it got stuck on ''getting data from time server'' i restarted my computer and tried to install again but now all i get is a black screen with a blinking dash after i click install ubunt23:59
sdasdasnowstorm and now my harddrive is all wiped so i dont have windows on it23:59
Exterminadormy machine have 4Gb ram, so i've created the swap with 4Gb. will that 1.02GiB make any difference on the performance?23:59

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