flocculantbluesabre: if http://i.imgur.com/4nRxd1t.png is one of those issues I'll not report it if not needed 08:32
bluesabreflocculant, indeed, that is one :D12:15
bluesabre(you can run /usr/games/sgt-launcher in the meantime)12:16
bluesabrebut really though, no idea how that happened, when I moved the binary I changed it in the launcher, and I remember it working :\12:17
flocculantbluesabre: yea - changed desktop file - not sure if should show up in menulibre - but it doesn't :)12:58
flocculantI think I'm going to get a new nick I can use for when I'm reporting issues - like the grinch or something :p14:26
pleia2knome: re: council article, I'm adding a link to the strategy document15:50
* pleia2 continues reading15:50
knomepleia2, sure15:55
pleia2knome: also added the network this channel is on (freenode)15:55
pleia2otherwise, lgtm :)15:55
knomepleia2, feel free to publish or schedule16:35
knomedid we want to be consistent with GTK/Gtk+?16:35
* pleia2 shrugs16:37
knomeit kind of bugs me, but it's not too bad for me to just go and fix it16:38
knomefwiw, the official name is GTK+, so neither of the ones we are using16:39
pleia2I can normalize to GTK+ if you want16:41
pleia2then I'll publish16:42
pleia2voila http://xubuntu.org/news/introducing-xubuntu-council/16:43
knomeok, tweeting16:44
pleia2G+ and FB done16:45
intheryepleia2, that's a nice, well written and informative text. though i think "evaluage" is not an english word. a typo?17:54
pleia2evaluage, evaluate ;)17:56
pleia2fixed, thanks17:56
intheryeyou're welcome :-)17:56
ochosihappy new your everyone!18:41
flocculantbluesabre: well that's a new one on me - the sgt launcher shows up in menulibre if it's a working launcher ...18:41
bluesabrehappy new yours too ochosi 18:42
flocculantho ochosi - and a Hipster New Year to you - yes I saw the photo :p18:42
flocculanthi even 18:42
bluesabreflocculant, fun that it doesn't show otherwise18:42
bluesabresuppose I could try harder there :D18:43
flocculantyea - bizarro18:43
flocculantha ha ha - that was a pretty good try as it was \o/18:43
flocculantochosi: seems I found another thing with notification in settings-manager - mouse wheel doesn't work there18:45
ochosiflocculant: you mean for scrolling? in which tab?18:46
ochosiyeah, since sean took the hyper-realistic portrait i felt i should go for a different look ;)18:47
flocculantochosi: ha ha ha 18:47
ochosicat-eye blue sabre18:47
bluesabreochosi, I've never quite found a lego man to properly represent me18:47
flocculantochosi: scrolling in applications and log 18:47
ochosibluesabre: i can get one for you ;)18:48
ochosiflocculant: weird, ok, i'll try to remember to look into that18:48
ochosiflocculant: although you can also report that as a bug, as i presume it also affects the last release18:48
flocculantthere is *bound* to be a squirrel lego piece somewhere18:48
flocculantochosi: I assume so - will check now18:48
flocculantmmm - not so easy to do :p18:50
flocculantcheck that is :D18:50
flocculantheh - the *old* one looks rather sparse :D18:54
flocculantochosi: bug 165344818:56
ubottubug 1653448 in xfce4-notifyd (Ubuntu) "Mouse fails to scroll notifications in settings manager" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/165344818:56
flocculantwhich once again perhaps should be settings-manager rather than notifyd18:57
bluesabrecould be18:57
bluesabreflocculant, gtk2 or gtk3 settings manager?18:57
flocculantthe other one I marked as affecting both18:57
flocculantbluesabre: don't see a gtk3 one in the ppa - so I assume not18:58
flocculantbluesabre: that was my original thinking till I saw I didn't have a different version than iso :)18:58
knomeochosi, you too!20:32
ochosiflocculant: weird, in the last stable release scrolling works for me in the settings manager21:09
flocculantochosi: zesty?21:10
ochosino still on yak21:10
flocculantperhaps that then 21:11
flocculantochosi: I see nothing in 16.10 settings for notifications other than theme etc?21:13
ochosii'm on yak but have the last stable release of notifyd installed21:13
flocculantoh right ok 21:14
flocculantdefinitely not right here21:14
flocculantI assume gtk version's won't affect it21:19
flocculantin the meantime - time to do like zebedee - night all :)21:19
bluesabreCompleted some work with the create document templates, if anybody is curious and wants to take a look, https://code.launchpad.net/~bluesabre/xubuntu-default-settings/xubuntu-templates23:15
Unit193bluesabre: That's a lot of d/changelog changes.23:18
bluesabreUnit193, yeah, opened it in my editor and it murdered trailing whitespaces23:19
bluesabrestarting to work on the pidgin code23:59
bluesabrebusy day23:59

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