xubuntu11wsuddenly, my cursor has become practically unusable. It flickers and jumps across the screen06:29
xubuntu11wHow can I resolve this issue?06:29
xubuntu11wI have no control over my trackpad. Rebooting hasn't helped either06:30
rajuI was using Xubuntu 16.04 and everything was going fine until my wifi stopped working. It would not be detected. I tried the solutions at https://superuser.com/questions/1162152/wifi-driver-not-detected-in-xubuntu-16-04-for-dell-inspiron-15r-5521 but none would work. Finally, I decided re-installing Xubuntu and when the OS booted up for the first time, the wifi adapter was detected. But again after another boot, the problem returned. 09:39
rajuPlease guys somebody do respond.09:46
Nod32good morning Happy New years for All !09:49
vanghornHi, happy new year11:59
vanghornI'm looking for Separate+ for Gimp12:11
raju_someone please help me.14:06
raju_I just did a clean install of xubuntu and my wifi driver is not detected.14:06
Prinz_IRCmanLibreOffice 5...Any reason to install GTk3 over the standard GTK2 support?15:08
Nod32Bonjour toutes et tous slt aux op@15:36
nkzI accidentally opened thunderbird and now I have a bell icon permanently in my taskbar area. How can I remove it? I don't use thunderbird. Here is the image: http://i.imgur.com/3b5Gzjb.png16:58
xubuntu58wthe other night my cursor failed and stopped working17:39
xubuntu58wBut now it's fine, any particular reason for this?17:39
xubuntu58wIt started to flicker and jump across the screen, making it very difficult to use (I don't have a USB mouse or anything like that). I rebooted once, which didn't work. After leaving my machine off for the night and booting up this morning, it's fine17:41
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DrCoolHey, any suggestions for a cheap xubuntu desktop box.  Don't plan to do much, just websurf and videos, word processing when I don't feel like using the tablet. I looked at the ODROID-XU4 ARM board.21:59
xanguaUuh tablet?22:00
DrCoolmy old PC broke a while back and I have been using a tablet mostly.  However, sometimes I feel like sitting at a desktop.22:01
knomepretty much any modern pc should handle xubuntu easily.22:02
knomethe browser takes most of the resources today22:03
DrCoolthat's what I see doing most.  Was trying to see if a small lower power option was out there.22:04
DrCoolinteresting.  I should be able to build or get it set up myself.22:22
DrCoolmaybe I can build a small PC with a Athlon 5350 processor.22:28

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