chatterhey guys08:30
chatterallah is doing08:33
chattersun is not doing allah is doing08:34
chatterto accept Islam say that i bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad peace be upon him is his slave and messenger08:34
verticaltalkerPeng reported this channel to #freenode because of Allah-related issues08:37
verticaltalkerTerrorist, i command you: reveal yourself08:37
verticaltalkerajmitch_,  alexlist,  anthonyf`,  camerin,  catern,  charles,  djinni`_,  elmo,  FourDollars,  fullermd,  ggherdov,  irsol,  jam,  james_w,  jelmer,  Keltia,  lamont,  LeoNerd,  mthaddon:08:40
verticaltalkernicoulaj,  nopf,  Peng,  Peng_,  pjdc,  rvba,  Shentino,  superfly,  tska,  ubot5`,  ubuntulog,  verterok,  verticaltalker,  vila,  wgrant,  yena,  zyga:08:40
verticaltalkernickspam successfull!08:40
verticaltalkerdax, welcome to #bzr, the channel Peng just false reported.  I have been here since about ten seconds after Peng reported it, and i am the only one i've seen speak here08:41
verticaltalkeri.e. nothing was actually going on and Peng should be removed from the network because he/she is a liar08:42
verticaltalkeri'll probably just highlight everyone again.  even that did not get a reaction last time08:43
verticaltalkerthis chan is so dead08:43
verticaltalkerdax, send a NOTICE to the chan maybe?08:43
PengSorry, y'all08:43
verticaltalkerit seems dead08:43
verticaltalkerPeng, you did nothing wrong except make a mistake08:43
verticaltalkeri am here because you reported that there was Allah crap being preached here08:44
verticaltalkerand I am a radical anti-islamic anti-terrorist08:44
daxgot bored of it08:44
daxPeng: would recommend mentioning the channel name in PM once a staffer shows up in future, otherwise dingbats join :(08:45
dax(not your fault, it's an ongoing problem with #freenode I'm trying to beat out of them)08:45
vilaPeng: no worries, trolls are everywhere08:46
Pengdax: Yeah. I skipped a step because this isn't the type of channel they usually target :/08:49
PengDon't skip steps. :(08:50
Pengdax: Thanks, in any case.08:50
Shentinodax: K-lines mean network staff already dealt with it09:03

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