user|12401how to install on virtual box?00:52
user|36858I can't install Kubuntu. I have checked the install media with fsck.ext4 and verified the ISO05:02
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows05:03
user|36858X/KDE won't start and I get errors that say something like kmsserver has crashed05:03
valorieuser|36858: the above is the way to check05:03
user|36858I verified the MD505:03
valoriewhich version are you trying to install?05:03
user|36858Kubuntu 16.1005:04
user|36858I'm going out on a limb and gonna say it has something to do with my ATI radeon card05:04
valorieI've installed that quite a few times05:04
valorieif you suspect that, you might try nomodeset05:04
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter05:04
valoriethat doesn't sound like what you are reporting, however05:05
valorie!info kmsserver05:05
ubottuPackage kmsserver does not exist in yakkety05:05
valorieso not a package, but a process05:06
user|36858nomodeset is a boot parameter05:06
valorie!info ksmserver05:06
ubottuPackage ksmserver does not exist in yakkety05:06
valorieI've seen a similar error before, but another boot always worked05:07
valoriedid the live session work for you?05:07
user|36858I can't even get to the live session05:07
sintretry the live media you used05:07
user|36858I'm trying a different USB drive05:08
user|36858does UEFI/Secure boot have anything to do with it?05:08
sintrewhat program and what os are you using to create this  install from?05:09
sintrewhat did you install to05:09
sintrenot the media but the hdd05:09
user|36858Im using Linux Mint's default tool to write the image05:09
sintrenew or older05:09
user|36858LM 18 Sarah05:09
user|36858I installed to a USB2.0 flash drive with an ext4 FS on it05:10
user|36858I ran fsck.ext4 to check the media and no errors were reported05:10
sintreok if you have a system with uefi bios you need to had target fdrive to be using a gtp partition table05:10
sintreif older or mimicked you need to use ms/dos partition table05:10
user|36858I turned off SecureBoot/UEFI in the bios05:11
sintreok then if you want legacy , then you need to install in megacy and the hdd/ssd needs to be ms/dohg05:11
sintrems/dos sey05:11
sintreso you need to use a live cd/usb05:12
sintrethen use kde partition manager05:12
user|36858so ext4 is wrong for the fdrive?05:12
sintreand change it to either or that you want05:12
sintreext is fine05:12
sintrethis is diffferent05:12
sintrethis is the entire file table05:13
sintrenot the partiton type05:13
sintreso first off choose if you want legacy oe efi05:14
sintreor efi05:14
user|36858what do you suggest?05:14
sintrethen you create the correct partition table for that firmware05:14
sintrei've done both on same system05:14
user|36858In the 'DISK' program it says the partition is EFI05:14
sintrea budget notebook05:14
sintreok then05:14
sintrefdisk -l ?05:15
user|36858ef EFI (FAT-12/16/32)05:15
sintreyou need a ext 4 for kubuntu05:15
sintreor any linux for optimal but i guess it should run on ffat 3205:16
user|36858OK I think I have all that setup correctly05:16
sintrehow you partition is up to you05:16
sintreok so now we need to turn efi back on in bios05:17
sintrei would keep secure boot on05:17
sintrei mean off05:17
sintreso we can go thru this step by step05:17
user|36858ok... I turned on SB and am using "Windows UEFI mode"05:17
sintrei don' t know you pc05:17
sintreare you duel installing on same drive?05:18
sintreaka duel boot05:18
user|36858no. single boot Kubuntu05:18
sintrethen where is the windows from?05:18
user|36858It's just what the option is called in the BIOS05:18
sintreok then let it be if you wanr efi05:18
sintrei assume you have two pc's and your talking to one connected05:19
sintresry just getting infp05:19
user|36858yea... im chatting on my laptop and im trying to setup Kubuntu on the desktop05:19
sintrek bios good to go get into live cd encirment again05:20
sintrekeyboard works user has bad spelling habbits sry :)05:20
sintrebut before new isntall make sure secure boot is turned off05:20
sintreand before next install attempt05:21
sintreneed to delete all partitions one the drivr to be sure05:21
user|36858ok, just booted from usb05:22
sintrewhen in there tell me05:22
user|36858and im getting a kernel panic05:22
sintrewhat program do you make this live usb with05:22
user|36858USB image writer05:23
user|36858from Linux Mint 18 default install05:23
sintrecan you download unetbootin05:23
sintrepls try that05:23
sintreit auto uses a efi bootloader05:24
sintreso sisne firmare is set to it that should work05:24
sintrebefore installing wipe the usb stick , just ahabbit i have :)05:25
user|36858should I use mkfs.ext4?05:26
sintreusb instlaller?05:26
sintrena fat 32 if fine when you write05:26
sintrethe new iso to usb05:26
user|36858OK just wiped the drive05:29
user|36858now im going to install via unetbootin05:29
sintreok now hold a sec05:29
sintremake sure you create new partition table05:30
user|36858msdos partition table?05:31
sintreother one gtp or gpt05:32
sintregoofy acronyms irritating me tonight :)05:32
[Relic]eat more alphabet soup05:33
user|36858done... I used gparted to create gpt partition table and allocated a new fat32 fs05:33
sintrethen afterwards go ahead and use all unused allot all space as a ext4 partition05:33
sintredon't start install till you do that either just for safe reaosning05:33
sintre[relic] hey reminds me i have some chef boi r d's ravioli cans in panty making me hungry05:34
sintreok start install05:34
sintreit will probally give you a msg saying er other devices might not work , but continue05:34
sintrein uefi mode05:34
user|36858it's installing05:36
valoriehow strange that the program used to burn the ISO onto the drive would make a difference05:36
[Relic]sintre, strange place to store ravioli05:37
sintreit comes in a can what am i gonna do put it in the freezer05:37
sintreit says good till 2012305:37
sintreso figure its safe :)05:37
[Relic]kinda thinking maybe on a shelf would be a nice place to store it05:38
sintremy rent is cheap got make do lol05:38
[Relic]hope it ain't in the ones you are wearing  :)05:39
sintreoh crap i've drank to much i didn't see my own typo lol05:39
* sintre has pie on face05:39
user|36858ok...finished installing.....booting desktop in 3..2..1....05:39
sintregj user05:40
sintrenow we get to upgrading05:40
sintrelol now it logged i store my ravioli in my panty05:41
user|36858weird...when I boot from the USB it says: Missing operating system05:42
sintreyou boot from hdd now05:42
user|36858i dont have an os installed on the HDD/SDD05:43
sintreom what?05:43
user|36858this is a fresh install of Kubuntu05:44
user|36858from USB drive05:44
user|36858sorry. i though that was clear05:44
sintreok well now you are , so you want a usb stick install of ubuntu and not a real installtion to a internal hdd?05:44
user|36858i want to install to the HDD, but I cant even boot into the live session from usb05:45
sintreum didn't you just do that?05:45
user|36858no...i installed the live cd to the usb to boot from05:46
sintreyes and you said it was installing05:46
sintreor were you refering to the program unetbooting putting it on the stick05:46
user|36858THe live session installed to the stick with unetbootin05:46
sintreno the installion iso , creates the live session once booted from it05:47
user|36858yea, but when i try to boot from the stick. it says os missing05:48
sintreok not sure where this chain broke down but all i can think is to back track05:49
sintreunetbooting , this linux or windows that you used to make the stick05:49
[Relic]ufei and tried to boot not in ufei(sp?)05:49
sintrealso check bios and see if its in uefi mode05:50
user|36858My laptop is linux05:50
user|36858i used linux to make the stick05:51
sintrelinux very broad term05:51
sintrewhat distro is your laptop05:51
sintrecheck bios on desktop05:52
user|36858bios is in UEFI mode05:52
sintrewhat is you one time boot menu05:52
sintrehot key05:52
user|36858del or F205:52
sintreon desktop05:53
sintrego find it05:53
user|36858then  I select my USB drive05:53
sintresee if it reconise the stick05:53
user|36858yes the bios recognizes the stick05:53
sintreand one you select it it says can't see os05:54
sintremeaning something is wrong with the install to the stick05:54
sintrei hope for your sake that is05:55
user|36858i hope so too05:55
sintreso take stick back to lappy ,05:55
sintrethis time go ahead and format the thing to gtp05:56
user|36858Im using a different stick05:56
user|36858i formatted to gpt and using ext405:56
user|36858on the stick05:56
sintretthen fat32 again05:56
sintrenow use unetbooting with iso again05:59
sintrealso what iso are you using newest or lts05:59
sintrek np either way , just as much info the better06:02
sintreif they is round doesn't work  :)06:02
user|36858so does unetbootin unzip the iso to the usb drive?06:05
user|36858and make it bootable?06:05
sintreis it in a zip file?06:05
user|36858no its an iso06:05
sintrede compress it so the iso can be used06:05
sintreyes lol06:05
sintreit will use contents of the iso06:06
sintrethats its job06:06
user|36858is their a way to verify the iso was written to the stick correctly?06:07
user|36858when i run fdisk -l  I get: Disklabel type: gpt06:07
sintrein unnetbootin not that i'm i'm aware of06:07
sintrebut can check iso itself06:08
user|36858when I open the usb drive, I have a boot folder and efi folder06:08
sintrego to desktop with stick06:08
sintresee if it boots06:08
user|36858Missing operating system?06:09
user|36858what am i doing wrong06:10
sintrewell honestly i don't know06:10
sintrei've had this problem myself a couple months and , i went thru everystep i missed myself06:10
sintrenewer budget notebook to replace a fried laptop06:11
sintrereinstalled like 5 times , [ having a ssd] helps06:11
sintreonce i figured out the new firmware compatability issues06:12
sintreso it aint over yet06:12
sintredo you have a blank dvd you wouldn't mind using?06:12
sintrewe can elimate the prograsm middle man06:12
user|36858my xps doesn't have a dvd drive :(06:12
sintreok plan b out then06:13
user|36858does the live cd load graphics drivers?06:14
sintreyes it should load06:14
user|36858im going to try nomodeset06:14
sintreok this might sound a bit crazy06:14
valoriedd always works imo06:14
sintrebut can you turn your current laptop off06:14
valorieyou have to be very sure to do it correctly06:14
sintreand try to boot from the stick06:15
valorieoh pfff06:15
user|36858welcome back valorie :)06:15
valorie!info dd06:15
ubottuPackage dd does not exist in yakkety06:15
valorieoh my gosh it does too06:15
user|36858so Linux Mints tool creates a bootable stick06:16
user|36858not sure why unetbootin doesnt06:16
sintretry that , but check to see if its efi06:17
valorie!info fileutils06:17
ubottuPackage fileutils does not exist in yakkety06:17
user|36858im in the boot menu. how do i set nomodeset06:17
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter06:17
valoriealso I found https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DriveImaging06:18
user|36858ok, reading the post. BRB06:19
sintrehis error msg seems to simply say no os found , not sure if its gfx or the creation of the live usb06:19
valoriesounds like the ISO is not being correctly written for one reason or another06:20
valorieall those apps used to be so easy06:20
valorienow they fail so often06:21
sintrei don't use his mint distro06:21
sintreso maybe he can try his integrated tool06:21
valoriehe did, and that failed06:22
valorieand it seems so did unetbootin06:22
sintrehe doesn't have a dvd either06:22
valoriethe kubuntu ISO burner used to fail as well, but it's been working for me without fail for the past year06:22
valorieif he doesn't have kubuntu though, he can't use that06:23
sintreits work the start up disk creator but in 16.04 atleast still has goodfy bug at start up06:23
sintregotta trick it to let you use it06:23
user|36858so i hit F6 and selcted nomodeset06:23
user|36858and I can finally boot into kubuntu06:23
sintreok thank god06:24
valorievery cool!06:24
sintrenow lets get you online and updated06:24
user|36858kwin is unstable06:24
user|36858kwin closed unexpectedly06:24
sintrejust keep going06:24
sintrehardwired or wifi?06:25
user|36858i cant tell06:25
user|36858kwin closed06:25
user|36858multiple dialogs06:25
user|36858system froze06:26
sintreok this is turning into a war of sorts :)06:26
user|36858I think it's the graphics06:27
sintrei had some stability issues myself with 16.1006:27
sintrebut others none to be reported06:27
user|36858Im thinking about pulling the amd gpu and letting it use intel grpaphics06:28
sintrewell might be a good start06:28
sintrethen we can trouble shoot gfx later ewith other card06:28
sintreif its a card and all it costs if a few minutes06:29
valorieuser|36858: what version of Kubuntu are you using?06:30
user|36858on the usb drive  I have 16.10 iso image installed06:31
user|36858on my laptop I have Linux Mint 18 cinnamon installed06:31
valorieand kwin is unstable for you on both?06:31
valoriebtw we do not do Mint support here06:32
user|36858only on the live cd on the desktop06:32
sintrehis laptop is mint , he's installing to a second pc kubuntu or trying06:32
user|36858im not having issues with my laptop. just the live cd and the desktop06:32
user|36858what sintre said06:32
valoriesorry, I lost the thread of the conversation06:32
* valorie butts out06:32
user|36858im pulling the gpu out06:34
user|36858kernel panic :(06:40
user|36858with intel graphics06:40
sintreok in bios you did turn secure boot off correct?06:40
sintreand fast boot or ready boot06:40
user|36858lemme check06:41
user|36858Ill get back to you in a sec06:41
user|36858secure boot off06:48
user|36858and fast boot disabled06:48
sintreok that new changes or were the settings like that06:49
sintrei assume the former06:49
user|36858fastboot was already off06:49
user|36858im still getting a kernel panic06:49
user|36858secure boot i just turned offf06:50
sintreok , does your desktop have the ability to burn a dvd06:50
user|36858but im pretty sure i dont have any dvds06:50
user|36858lets debug a kernel panic06:51
sintreok well that would be my plan E at this point06:51
user|36858that would be fun ;)06:51
sintreis to try a different live cd reg ubuntu or something06:51
user|36858ok. Ill give that a go tomorroq06:51
sintreor mint , then burn to a dvd a iso raw06:51
user|36858I appreciate all your help sintre06:51
sintreinstead of relying on a middle man program06:51
sintreno i want this resolved as much as you do06:52
user|36858I do too06:52
sintreat this point i think we've come at it from every angle possible06:52
hateballhave you tried with nomodeset06:52
user|36858the desktop is my main machine06:52
user|36858not yet06:52
sintrealot of the iso- usb programs fail on us alot like valorie mentioned ealier06:52
sintrei remembered upgrading my ssd firmare and no program i could get toboot06:53
hateballyou only need dd anyhow, there's no need for special programs to make your liveboot06:53
sintrei dug out an old box and found some blank cdz06:53
sintreand whoot it booted and updated my drive06:53
valoriedd is slow, but it works06:54
hateballit's only slow if you dont pass proper parameters to it :p06:54
hateballas the defaults are terrible in 201706:54
valoriejust be careful about getting source and destination correct06:54
hateball"sudo dd bs=8M status=progress if=kubuntu-16.10-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb"06:54
user|36858so i tried nomodeset withe intel graphics and im still getting a kernel panic06:56
sintreok plan k06:56
sintreredownload a lts version of kubuntu06:57
viewer|84669Hello Kubuntu users, could you please help me with simple question? I'm going to install a new release of Kubuntu, but I have a dilemma.06:57
sintre16.04 , we can upgrade it later06:57
sintresame drill lol06:57
user|36858downloading torrent06:58
viewer|84669If I install 16.10 (current non-LTS) will it be possible to upgrade to LTS version in the future?06:58
hateballviewer|84669: yes, 18.04. but you will need to keep upgrading every 6-9 months to not go EOL until that06:58
valoriehowever the next LTS is not for over a year06:59
valorie16.04, then 18.0406:59
valorieour next release is 17.04, in April06:59
* valorie is already running that06:59
viewer|84669ok, so until July I need to keep upgrading it (as 9 months of support from release date) and when next LTS release is avaliable I can simply "jump" to it? right?07:00
sintreview> many upgrade options07:01
sintreif you want07:01
sintreor none and just lil bug fixes if you choose07:01
hateballviewer|84669: 18.04 will be the same type of update as the ones before it, it just gives you the option of sitting still there for 2 years07:01
hateballthat said, you can do !eolupgrade but it's not really a nice option if you can instead keep your machine updated and secure instead07:02
hateballbonus points for extra instead, me07:02
viewer|84669so I can upgrade to 18.04 but not to 17.04? do I understand it correctly?07:02
hateballviewer|84669: from 16.04 you can jump straight to 18.04 when it is out07:03
hateballviewer|84669: from 16.04 or 16.10 you can jump to the next release, so 16.04 -> 16.10 -> 17.04 -> 17.10 -> 18.0407:03
valoriewell, a month or so after release07:03
valoriethe first bugfix07:04
hateballWell yeah, first point-release07:04
viewer|84669great so also 17.04 which will be sooner07:04
hateballfor LTS-upgrades that is07:04
viewer|84669thank you for explanation07:04
hateballFor a desktop, I personally wouldnt use LTS. Just ends up having to use PPAs and such to keep up at the end of the cycle07:04
hateballBut I guess it all depends what and how you use your machine07:05
viewer|84669yes, this is desktop/laptop07:05
viewer|84669for software developement, so I will go for the latest one then07:05
[Relic]wonder if changing the dm would get me my two independent screens, still can't figure out what is failing07:06
viewer|84669thank you, time to say good bye to Mint :)07:06
user|36858writing 16.04 to the usb07:06
sintre[Relic] kde developers not concerned with duel monitors support atm is what is07:06
sintreok had to be a lil smart mouth there but i think its try07:07
hateball[Relic]: which version are you using?07:07
[Relic]16.10 with backports07:07
hateballsintre: and that's quite untrue, #plasma is doing multimonitor fixing daily07:07
hateball[Relic]: hmm, has 5.8.4 landed in 16.10 backports yet?07:07
hateballit's in 16.04 backports anyhows, multimonitor works quite well for me now07:08
sintreuser36> tell me when done07:08
[Relic]says plasma 5.8.4, frameworks 5.28, qt 5.6.1 kernel 4.8.0-32-generic07:08
valoriesintre: that's not true07:09
valoriethat capability comes from Qt07:09
hateball[Relic]: cant be much more up to date then atm. what exactly is your issue?07:09
valorieand we've not been able to get up-to-date Qt because of Ubuntu's own process07:09
valorieespecially their phone support07:09
[Relic]my exact issue is getting two screens that work independently as if they were both kde sessions07:10
valoriehowever, we should be able to upgrade soon07:10
valorie[Relic]: not sure about that07:10
valorieyou'll have to check with the Qt devels about that07:10
sintremy issue is i can't get two screens to run infified aka clone mode with correct reolsutions in the monitors07:10
[Relic]up to 14.10 I would simply run nvidia settings and set 2 xscreens and reboot with the new xorg07:10
valorie*maybe* in #kde07:10
sintreso make duel screens useless07:10
valorieso you've said07:10
[Relic]now if I use nvidia settings I technically get 2 screens but, any right click on the second pops up a box on the first07:11
hateball[Relic]: so you dont want two monitors in the same session, you want 1 session on each?07:12
hateballor am I not reading this correct07:12
[Relic]I think so.  Basically up to 14.10 it was that each monitor had its own plasma/taskbar/etc though I accessed both through the same keyboard/mouse each had a set of virtual desktops so I could leave say IRC open on one screen and flip through any of the virtual desktops on the second screen07:14
hateballumm... so you *do* want to use both monitors in the same session?07:15
hateballjust have the panels act independently?07:16
[Relic]think that is pretty much what it is07:16
hateball[Relic]: can you check in kscreen that monitors are alongside each other and not on top (clone)?07:17
[Relic]I don't want 2 screens = one big monitor; one screen one monitor07:17
user|36858done and booting into the live session07:17
sintreit worked on desktop?07:17
hateball[Relic]: and then you can rightclick your panel/activity plasmoid and go into settings. tell it to only show stuff from Current Screen07:18
[Relic]if I try tampering with xorg settings, xrandr/kscreen can't find the 2nd monitor at all07:18
user|36858im getting kded5 closed07:18
sintreuser36> so did it even boot into kubntu07:19
user|36858it booted into kubuntu for a second07:19
[Relic]hateball, I'd have to put in the xorg info again and restart; to check that but since I already know when I do that randr/kscreen only finds one monitor, there is no second monitor to move around in kscreen07:20
sintreok plan L user > use native mint iso maker07:21
hateball[Relic]: why would you need to touch xorg.conf? should work fine unless you need special options07:21
sintrefor the usb stick and stich your boot config back to legacy07:21
hateball[Relic]: that is, using nvidia-settings just for your user07:21
hateball[Relic]: could be that only one screen works in sddm unless it's defined globally but iirc should work fine once you log in to your session and the nvidiarc gets read07:22
hateballI don't have a multimonitor nvidia-setup handy currently07:22
[Relic]two make 2 xscreens with nvidia-settings you need to save the info, doesn't like to apply all the changes necessary if you try just apply07:23
sintreuser|36858  > Are you till around?07:33
[Relic]hateball, was trying to figure out if switching to lightDM might let me find out if it is just sddm weirdness07:38
hateball[Relic]: well sddm has nothing to do with things once you're in Plasma07:41
hateballpanels etc07:41
[Relic]not sure what to look at to see if I can find a reason07:42
[Relic]night all, will try again tomorrow to figure this out07:53
sintreWell sleep time for me , user|36858  if you come back around best bet is to grab some blank dvds and burn an iso imo .have a good night , night to |Relic| as well07:54
sintrebeen a long one happy new year to all one last time :)07:54
[Relic]and put that ravioli somewhere else  :)07:54
sintrelol i'll never live down that typo , i'll just have to beat it hehe07:55
sudhirkhangerOn a new 16.04 system I notice that main, universe, restricted, and multiverse are all enabled by default. Also important security, recommended, and unsupported updates are also enabled by default. Are those correct defaults?08:03
valoriesudhirkhanger: yes08:05
* valorie goes to bed as wll08:05
sudhirkhanger:) thanks.08:09
sudhirkhangerI couldn't find the difference between multiverse/restricted and Canonical partners.08:09
sudhirkhangerThey sound pretty much about the same.08:09
hay207Hi, can i reset my password with only my email ? , can't remember my username11:42
hateballhay207: ... for what?11:43
hay207on kde identity11:43
hateballhay207: probably better off asking in #kde11:43
BluesKajHiyas all13:26
yotuxLooking for software to manage podcast anyone have some feedback14:39
bangoliohi, I'm trying to install kubuntu and the installer keeps crashing at the same point, looked it up, looks like a known bug with not much information, I'm pretty sure I am missing something, it can't be that I just can't install, right? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/165076716:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1650767 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "kubuntu zesty installation fails (2016-12-16 image)" [Critical,Triaged]16:19
geniiUse a supported Kubuntu and not the development version16:20
bangolio16.10 is not supported?16:22
acheronukthe bug you linked to is for the 17.04 daily development iso16:23
bangoliosorry, wrong bug then, I am on 16.10, it looks very similar (error msg and such)16:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1647363 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Kubuntu installer crashes: TypeError StandardButton too many arguments" [Undecided,New]16:26
bangoliocan anyone please help me?16:34
[Relic]install 16.04 and upgrade16:35
[Relic]for some reason 16.10 kept crapping out during install so that is what I did16:35
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[Relic]and if you go 16.04 to 16.10 route then you might need to get the dist upgrade package when ready to do that16:40
bangolioI'm just baffled, I've installed 16.10 multiple times in the last 2-3 months on this same hardware with the same USB stick & ISO file16:41
bangolioI fear 16.04 might not work either16:42
bangoliosince the problem is probably on my end16:42
BluesKajbangolio, , make sure you have the latest 16.10 iso, some of the earlier images would crash due to bug in ubiquity, the latest iso worked fine on my pc16:42
sintrewas in here 3 hours last night with another install , that was a head scratcher , seems our new years treat here16:43
bangolioI do, downloaded today, checked md5 and it matched the one I was using16:47
bangolioI've put it on the USB again, boots fine to live,16:47
bangolioconnects to wifi and after I choose whether to install packages from repo + 3rd party stuff it crashes16:48
sintrei had a similar problem with 16.10 iso on my new budget notebook16:48
sintreplsma crashes mostly but installer wouldn't make it thru till the end without crashing half the time16:49
sintrewasn't at that specific place though16:49
sintre16.04 worked for me16:49
BluesKajbangolio, then don't DL the 3rd party apps, wait til after the install16:50
bangoliotried that16:50
BluesKajmake sure your wifi connection isn't glitchy as well16:55
BluesKajI usually, but not always, connect via ethernet on the laptop to install an OS, altho my wifi here is quite stable17:03
bangolioI tried with and without connecting to wifi17:04
sintrei'd not download updates , only third party stuff17:04
BluesKajbangolio, what about your target partition , is it set up correctly? I have to ask17:05
bangolioI've tried every possible combination of options17:05
bangolioincluding skipping any extra packages (3rd party or not)17:05
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user|36858is their a non graphical installer for kubuntu19:14
sintresame from last night?19:15
user|36858Hi sintre19:15
sintrei owe you an apology ten fold19:15
user|36858no worries.19:15
sintrei know where i screwed up and super sry wanna fix it19:15
sintrethe insaller live from unetbootin needs msdos partition19:15
sintrefor the usb stick19:16
sintrei just tested it this morning19:16
sintrethen we fix target hdd in system sry about that19:16
sintrei didn't think it would be a differece19:16
user|36858I already tried the msdos partition table19:16
sintrei recreated same problem with me uefi system19:16
user|36858i read the uefi blog on ubuntu forums.19:17
sintreso you up and running19:17
user|36858i disabled fastboot, and put bios mode in legacy19:17
user|36858no...installer is still crashing19:17
user|36858with segfaults in kwin19:17
sintreok back to efi  turn thos bios settings back on19:17
sintre, except for secure for now19:17
sintremake sure install media usb is msdos partition and use netbootin19:18
user|36858I use gparted to set the prtition table19:18
sintreusing 16.10 or 16.0419:19
user|36858i have both downloaded19:19
user|36858Both installers are crashing19:19
sintretry 16.04 in efi19:19
sintredid you atgleeast get to a live enviroment?19:20
user|36858so turn on fastboot and do bios mode in EFI?19:20
sintreas long as usb stick has msdos partitoon now19:20
sintrethen when we get to a live enviroment , we need to work on your target installation drive19:20
sintrebefore using installer19:21
BluesKajuser|36858,  if you're using UEFI it's best to keep the GPT table and install grub to the UEFI boot partition, to preserve any future needs for dual booting with windows 8-1019:32
user|36858SInce the installers GUI crashes, do i work on it via commnd line19:33
sintreis the taget drive turned to a gtp partiion19:33
sintrei mean file system19:34
sintreyou can use kde parition manager to do it19:34
sintrethen for safe side just make the disk a ext4 , then run installer19:34
BluesKajgpt is a pertition table , not a partition19:35
sintrei corrected myself19:35
BluesKajuser|36858, if you plan on using linux exclusively then using bios mode amd a msdos partition table will work ...the uefi/bios has to be in legacy mode on most machines19:37
user|36858So this is what I did. I use gparted to set the partition table to msdos, I have  fat32 fs on the stick. Then I use unetbootin from the ppa to burn the iso.19:39
sintrecan you get into a live enviroment19:40
sintreend instal efi or msdos the usb needs to be msdos , wierd but tested that myself this morning19:40
user|36858I have bios setup to efi mode and fastboot enabled and I keep getting 'missing operating system'19:41
sintreonce in the live enviroment you need to figure out what to do with your target install drive19:41
sintreefi gpt table legac clone mode msdos19:41
sintreuse one time boot menu19:42
sintremight as well turn fast boot off19:42
sintrei always normally have a few seconds at start up to hit f12 on my machine even with it enabled19:42
BluesKajin the uefi/bios use legacy mode, turn off "fast boot" if so equipped, some machines also need secure boot disabled too, user|3685819:43
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user|36858installer keeps crashing :|20:08
sintreok did you get the target drive rdy for what type of install you want?20:08
sintreuefi or legacy?20:08
sintreok and that matches bis set up corfrect?20:09
sintreso bios set to legacy as well20:09
sintrei mena uefi20:09
sintreand drive is gtp20:09
sintrewith a partion of ext before using installer?20:09
sintreusing 16.10 or 16.0420:10
user|36858yes, gpt wth ext4 fs and 16.1020:11
sintremake a new one with 16.0420:11
sintrei also had alot of crashing issues with 16.10 installer20:11
sintreafter installed an dupdated you can upgrade to newer distro from terminal20:11
user|3685816.04 crashes as well... but ill try again20:12
user|36858sintre: I can get to the splash screen but then everything crashes20:19
sintrehonestly i'm out of ideas20:20
user|36858I have a black screen and dialog boxes20:20
user|36858yea.... its weird. I had LM18 installed without problems20:20
user|36858last week20:20
user|36858is their  a non gui installer?20:21
sintreok , i'd try same route with a regular ubuntu image20:21
=== _dv_ is now known as dv_
sintresee if it has same affect, if it doesn't then something is up with the installer and your hardware20:21
sintrein kubuntu image20:21
sintrethis is temp for testing20:21
user|36858I already tried multiple distros20:22
sintrenot recomending reg ubuntu long term :)20:22
sintresame problem?20:22
user|36858installer always crashes20:22
user|36858I thought it was the grapchis car20:22
sintrewell there is some hardware compatability issue somewhere20:22
sintredo you have a different hdd you can throw in there20:22
sintrethat may be culprit20:22
user|36858i tried memtest... no errors20:23
sintredoesn't matter20:23
user|36858i have multiple hdd's and one ssd20:23
sintrei've had failed hard dtives that pass tests before20:23
sintreok now were got some info20:23
sintrei'd disconnect all but one that you want to install to20:23
sintreif they're currently in desktop20:23
sintrethis if of course if you want to continue20:24
sintrewith this quest of sorts20:24
sintreonly thing i can think of20:24
user|36858well I NEED to install something :?20:24
user|36858im going to disconnect all drives besides the ssd20:24
sintreok sounds like a pan :)20:25
user|36858but doesnt the installer run in RAM?20:25
sintrelive image does yes20:25
sintrei don't get this either20:25
sintreonly thing we can do now is throw stuff at the wall and hope it works20:25
sintreif all other distros have same problem20:26
sintreand you have a dead box atm20:26
sintrenothing to lose right?20:26
user|36858i give up20:29
sintre:( sry man20:29
sintrewell worst advice is , use one of the win10 loops holes20:30
user|36858gonna give it a rest for now20:30
sintreand download that see if it works20:30
BluesKajmake sure the drive you want is first in the boot sequence in your efi/bios, user|3685820:31
sintrehe can't get any installer to complete20:31
sintreeven on other distros20:31
sintreso somewhere a hardware issue i believe20:32
user|36858Pulled out all of one stick of ram and installer is stable20:32
user|36858I mean I only left one stick of ram20:32
sintreum what light?20:32
sintrewe may get an install?20:33
user|36858I have somewhat modern MB and it has dual channel20:33
BluesKajlike i said above , the installer has to be able to see the partition it's installing to , no matter which OPS20:33
sintreuser> most use duel chanel or are capable of it20:33
user|36858SYSTEM IS STABLE20:33
sintreduel synch i think is tgtech term20:33
sintreok so something up with ram20:33
sintrenot playing nice with each other20:34
sintre, that for later now lets get you updated atleast20:34
BluesKajgotta go...bbl20:34
sintrec ya blues20:34
sintrehow much is on that one stick?20:34
sintremore than enough , sure a pain20:36
sintrenot using others20:36
sintrebut lets get you running while its working hehe20:36
sintremy new lappy came with 4 , aded another 4 gig stick , concerned myself it wouldn't play nice20:36
sintreso far i'm lucky20:36
sintreut yea for normal stuff 6 gis easily enough to cover you20:37
sintreonce updated , we can work on getting you gfx card working20:37
user|36858ok....here we go20:37
* sintre prays it boots20:38
user|36858should I do full disk encryption or just the home directory?20:48
sintrei'd just get it up atp20:48
user|36858I want / on ssd and /home on the hdd20:49
sintrenot sure never sintalled ot multiple drives20:49
sintremaybe take a breather , sure there are guides20:50
sintrei'd personnally keep it on ssd , but i only have 1 hdd in all my computers20:50
sintrebut at this point i wouldn't wanna try to make another problem to solve atm20:50
sintrewell i should say ssd on all my computers20:52
sintrei'd kinda consider this a test install , until other stuff gets sorted out20:53
CrashingHello guys, I been using Plasma (Kubuntu) but it keeps crashing for unknown reassons, I am not doing anything22:39
CrashingI am running live version now and it is still crashing time to time and relaunching the applications once again. The installer for the OS crashed just now also....22:40
soeewhat Plasma version ?22:44
Crashingplasmashell 5.5.522:47
CrashingI am gonna try KDE Neon which have 5.8 and see if the same still happens, when I tried KDE Neon for half year ago I had the same problem22:47
soeeCrashing: Kubuntu has Plasma 5.823:02
soeeadd backports ppa and enjoy it :)23:02
CrashingNot accoriding to the LTS23:03

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