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maskaraso ive been trying to install lubuntu and have had rotten luck with bootloader issues from v16.10 so had this idea to install a version lower and presto no bootloader problem and install finished with success...well my brilliant ideA NOW sits on a diff problem....desktop wont load i can bootup and login via commandline just fine but desktop wont load ...im not looking for a marathon Q&A from anyone ...just if someone has seen this behavior based on the05:14
maskaradetails i put forth05:14
Jbmorris289Hello, happy new year..14:45
Jbmorris289My question:14:46
Jbmorris289Let's say that I14:46
Jbmorris289. Whoops.14:46
Jbmorris289Let's say that I installed Lubuntu through Wubi. Then one day I tried suspending the computer. I get this message: "2 tasks refusing to freeze"14:48
Jbmorris289Would that because it's running in a virtual disk?14:49
Afshaalsuspending the computer while running Lubuntu?15:19
AfshaalJbmorris289's question ^15:20
Afshaal<Jbmorris289> Let's say that I installed Lubuntu through Wubi. Then one day I tried suspending the computer. I get this message: "2 tasks refusing to freeze"15:20
Afshaal<Jbmorris289> Would that because it's running in a virtual disk?15:20
AfshaalWhy would it be running on a virtual disk?15:21
AfshaalIf I'm reading this correctly15:24
Afshaalso Wubi basically sets up a disk image for loop booting?15:24
xanguaNo one should use wubi anymore15:25
Afshaalbut it sounds cool :315:27
asdjslkdcjHey. Just installed Lubuntu yesterday, had trouble connecting to internet today. Solved it following instructions here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/627899/nameserver-127-0-1-1-in-resolv-conf-wont-go-away17:01
asdjslkdcjWondering if anyone can shed light on what that nameserver on localhost thing is for? I'm interested in understanding why it got set that way17:02
freefallim try to upgrade a linux computer from 16.04 to 16.10 and im getting errors anyone able to help me fix this?18:27
jeanjackfreefall: what is your error ?19:06
freefallyou still in here19:11
freefalltraceback says ** (yakkety:2169): WARNING **: Error retrieving accessibility bus address: org.freedesktop.dbus.error.serviceunknow: the name org.ally.bus was not provided by any .service files19:12
freefalltraceback (most recentcall last): file "/tmp/tmp.Hauntc7l73/yakkety", line 8, in <module> sys.exit(main())19:13
freefallfile "/tmp/tmp.hauntc7l73/distupgrade/distupgradmain.py", line 242 in main if app.run():19:13

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