zakiwb RemonShai12:46
RemonShaithank you zaki vai12:47
zakihow are u RemonShai12:52
RemonShaiI'm fine :) what about you ?13:07
zakime oky. :) 13:08
zakiwb pavlushka :) 13:12
zakinice to see you13:13
pavlushkazaki: thank you :)13:14
pavlushkaahoneybun: Happy new year :)13:14
pavlushkazaki: where went RemonShai?13:14
pavlushkau-la-la: Happy New Year13:14
u-la-lapavlushka: *blink*13:14
zakiyou came , remon gone :D13:14
pavlushkazaki: heh13:15
pavlushkazaki: So how are you?13:15
zakii'm oky. you?13:16
zakiplaying LIberators with kilos :|13:17
zakiand his son and others.13:17
pavlushkacool :)13:17
zakiwb RemonShai13:17
pavlushkawb RemonShai :)13:17
RemonShaiI'm worried :'( I can't concentration with my study. I don't understand, why...?13:17
zakikilos nick is gunny :D 13:17
zakilevel 4413:17
pavlushkaRemonShai, take it easy, chill out, any exam ahead?13:18
pavlushkazaki: wow13:18
RemonShaino.... pavlushka13:19
zakiRemonShai: eat lemon water , that will help u out from this situation 13:19
zakiwith salt13:19
RemonShaiok , I do.13:20
zakireally? :P13:20
zakipavlushka: you using parabola? 13:20
pavlushkazaki: looks like yes13:21
pavlushkaRemonShai: take a break from your study and eat healthy13:21
zakiregular user of parabola? :D13:22
pavlushkaRemonShai: if you are already exhausted from the days work, then you cant concentrate much now and its normal, your head needs unwinding.13:23
zakiRemonShai: new season of BBC sharlock holmes released yesterday13:23
zakiyou can watch that :P 13:23
pavlushkaRemonShai: and as you have vision problems, may be you need to calibrate your specs, go see an eye doctor.13:24
zakiand i need some tuhin13:24
pavlushkazaki: in what respect?13:25
* pavlushka is curious13:25
Kiloshi zaki13:25
zakiwb Kilos13:25
pavlushkayes, hi zaki :)13:25
zakito talk about polytics13:25
Kilosvery tiring that game with the full screen having to switch off before you can come here13:26
Kiloshi pavlushka 13:26
pavlushkaHappy new year Dear Kilos 13:26
Kilosand a wonderful year to you pavlushka and zaki 13:26
Kiloshack that stupid game so i can have more supplies13:27
zakiremon got nervous with many suggestions. witch one to take. he should vote 13:27
zakiKilos: i have 77 k supplies. and i can't spend them. 13:27
zakinhappy 13:27
zakithats not me ^13:28
zakiHappy new year Kilos and pavlushka13:28
pavlushkaHappy New Year zaki :)13:28
zakihi RemonShai13:29
zakiyour cloak not working 13:29
pavlushkazaki: can you host u-la-la ?13:30
pavlushkazaki: that you have to figure out.13:31
Kiloshappy new year RemonShai 13:31
pavlushkazaki: no pressure :)13:31
RemonShaizaki,my network up & down :(13:31
Kilosmine bad too13:32
RemonShai7 #HappyNewYear2017 0 Kilos13:39
RemonShai #HappyNewYear2017 everyone13:40
zakipavlushka: I/we dont have linux server running. 13:42
zakionce you ask me about that somedays ago. 13:43
zakiwe just use bandwidth controler here like cisco and mikrotik. 13:43
zakiand for ftp use windows server , i dont have any control over there. 13:44
zakibut soon i will. 13:44
zakiwaiting for that13:44
Kilosi go have an afternoon sleep guys13:45
Kilosbe good13:45
zakiKilos: :)13:45
zakiwb pavlushka15:11
pavlushkazaki: you said you gained permission to install linux server over there, but it appears that you dont installed it yet :)15:14
zakii installed one but the are not running it yet 15:15
zakidue to pci nic card shortage.15:15
zakithey are very complicated15:17
pavlushkaI can guess :)15:17
zakihe he15:17
zakigood night pavlushka15:57
pavlushkagood night zaki :)15:58
Alamwhois MSAR17:16
Alamwhois Saiful17:16
Alamwhois Alam17:16
pavlushkaAlam: do /whois17:16
pavlushkaAlam: Hi how are you?17:17
Alambro how are you?17:17
Alami'm fine17:17
pavlushkaAlam: I am happier to see you here :)17:17
Alami want to add more space to my ubuntu main drive17:18
Alami meen root drive17:18
pavlushkaAlam: use gparted17:18
Alambut my root partition is logical17:18
pavlushkaAlam: first make ready the amount of partitions as unallocated from the adjacent drives17:19
Alamand i want to add primary partition to logical partition17:19
pavlushkaAlam: logical partition is not a problem17:20
Alamok i try17:20
pavlushkaAlam: wait17:20
pavlushkaAlam: can you tell us the sda number of the primary partition?17:22
Alamsda1 & root is sda717:23
pavlushkawhat is sda5 & sda6?17:25
Alamsda 5 is my personal drive & sda6 is media17:26
Alamsee 17:30
Alamhttp://nimb.ws/Lgq20k same pic17:31
pavlushkaAlam: you can copy paste the sda7 to the unallocated one and 17:32
pavlushkaAlam: and then do a "sudo tune2fs -U random /dev/sda*" here * is the partition number of the new partition.17:34
pavlushkaAlam: on gparted, you can right click and copy the partition and paste it on the unallocated section.17:35
Alambut copy section is disabled17:36
Alamof root17:36
pavlushkaAlam: the copy/paste option will turn active if you unmount the partition.17:39
pavlushkaAlam: but for root, its not possible.17:39
pavlushkaAlam: let me think.17:40
Alamok i'll back17:40
pavlushkaAlam: it is possible to manipulate if you switch to windows and then using easeUS partition manager to copy paste the linux-root partition to the unallocated area.17:42
zakihi u-la-la17:55
pavlushkau-la-la: hi17:55
pavlushkazaki: :p17:55
zakiwb Saiful18:08
zakinice to see u here18:09
Saifulmy problem is fixed.....18:09
Saifuli'm happy18:09
Saifultomorrow is my exam, so bye now.......18:09
Saifulthanks to pavel bro......18:10
pavlushkaSaiful: how you did that?18:10
zakidid what?18:10
pavlushkazaki: fixed his problem.18:11
zakiwhat problem?18:13
pavlushkazaki: [23:19:54] <Alam> and i want to add primary partition to logical partition18:14
Saifulmy pendrive is already bootabled, then i went to try ubuntu then my all partition is unmounted.... 18:14
pavlushkazaki: [23:30:20] <Alam> https://nimbus.everhelper.me/client/notes/share/707793/4ts42soo0utd76ora3wx18:15
Saifulthen just follow copy & past18:15
pavlushkaSaiful: \o/18:15
Saifulthen recover grub 18:15
Saifulnow i'm back in linux18:15
pavlushkaSaiful: but copy paste also copy paste the exact UUID of the partition18:15
pavlushkathat is why you need to do a "sudo tune2fs -U random /dev/sda*" * is the new partition number18:16
pavlushkaand then edit the /etc/fstab file in the new partition and update the root system's UUID18:17
Saifuli wasn't understand that........... then i was try first tricks, you say copy-paste18:17
pavlushkaotherwise it will boot into the previous system18:18
pavlushkaSaiful, do a "sudo blkid /sda7"18:18
pavlushkaSaiful, do a "sudo blkid /dev/sda7"18:18
Saifulfor what bro....18:19
Saifulcurrent http://nimb.ws/tMxnhc18:19
pavlushkaSaiful, cool, in that case, no issue as you deleted/moved the previous partition :)18:21
pavlushkaSaiful: good luck to your exam :)18:22
SaifulThanks, Allah Hafez bro,...............18:24
pavlushkaSaiful: Allah Hafiz :)18:25

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