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andyrockhey all13:43
seb128hey andyrock, how are you? had good holidays?14:04
andyrocka lot of food and resting14:04
andyrockwhat about you? :)14:04
seb128which was good14:04
seb128slowly getting back in business now14:05
b4nI'm trying to tackle https://bugs.launchpad.net/compiz/+bug/1653072 down, but I'm not very knowledgeable about X event interception15:09
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1653072 in Compiz "Make accessibility shortcuts usable in all context" [Undecided,New]15:09
b4nso, has someone a pointer for me so I don't peek too far the tree?15:10
b4nbasically the problem is the plugins need to get binding events also when there's a keyboard grab active -- well, at any time that is15:11
andyrockb4n: it's not just about shortcuts17:22
andyrocke.g. the ezoom plugin fails to properly zoom in/out unity17:22
b4nandyrock: you mean at all?17:22
andyrockhikiko did some work on it17:23
andyrocklet me check the negative plugin17:23
andyrockgive me 10 mins17:23
b4nBTW, maybe XI2 and the XI_Raw* events would work.  Mumble seems to be using that and Mumble works with grabs just fine17:24
andyrockand the true problem is that  the screensaver and the menus have the grab17:25
andyrockusing XI2 should work but the amount of work is huge17:25
andyrockI'm wondering how Orca does that17:26
b4nthe unaware X guy I am hoped it could be a matter of enabling XI2 and adding support for its events (possibly manually in the specific plugins if that's easier in the mantime)17:27
b4nandyrock: I tried to check out, but I don't really understand their code17:27
b4nit's in at-spi2-core17:27
b4nbut it looks hairy17:27
andyrockmmm not sure you can do that hacking a single plugin but I can take a look17:28
b4nhttps://git.gnome.org/browse/at-spi2-core/tree/registryd deviceeventcontroller-x11.c and event-source.c I'd say17:29
b4nthat would be awesome :)17:29
andyrocki think we can use at-spi directly inside that plugins but I'm not completly sure17:34
andyrockb4n: ^^^17:34
andyrockI'll take a look17:34
b4noh, I didn't think of that.  sounds kind of hacky but possibly no more than manually handling XI2 indeed, and possibly easier17:35
b4nandyrock: thanks17:36
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