praisethemoongood day folks08:26
oussemosMorning & happy new year @all08:39
nzoueidiMorning utn and happy new year for all :)08:48
nzoueidiHow are you oussemos08:48
oussemosnzoueidi: Fine wbu ?09:01
nzoueidiFine as well, ty09:02
praisethemoonhappy new year \o/09:39
praisethemoonelacheche, you're here?09:59
elachecheorning folks :) Happy GNU Year10:01
praisethemoonhappy gnu year :p10:02
nzoueidio/ elacheche praisethemoon :D10:05
praisethemoonnzoueidi, o/10:05
nzoueidiguess who is back praisethemoon :D10:05
praisethemoonpavlushka ain't here :(10:06
nzoueidihahahaha he's hiding10:06
praisethemoonhe's probably partying10:07
praisethemoonwith his GNU fellows10:07
praisethemoonso elacheche what about that tweet?10:07
elachechenizarus: Happy new year :) Any news about Paypal in Tunisia?10:08
elachechenzoueidi, praisethemoon: do you think that this is a good idea? https://twitter.com/elacheche/status/81586746276381081610:29
nizarusbonjour elacheche bonne année à toi et à toute la famille10:30
nizarusbonne année à toute la communauté u-tn10:31
elachechethx nizarus :)10:31
nizaruselacheche: non pas de nouvelle pour PayPal10:31
praisethemoonelacheche, we will have news in 2021 :310:32
nzoueidiGreat! are you planning for something elacheche ?10:45
elachecheNot really nzoueidi x) I already migrated to Gentoo and I'll challenge myself to use only my Gentoo box at home..10:47
elachecheBut for a non-Linux user, if he'll stick to that and use it for 30 days I'm sure that he'll not be able to go back to his old buggy OS after that :D10:48
nzoueidi:D I know you can win that challenge, btw are you using a package manager or just installing packages/programs using the old way - for tarballs :D10:49
elachecheGentoo have a package manager.. it's called emerge, it uses "ebuild" (bash scripts) to get the tarballs and compile the source codes based on config in the emerge & portage cnf files..10:51
nzoueidiyep I know, arch too have its cool package manager, but after a while and out of curiosity I want to do what the package manager, and from that moment til now I can not back to that package manager x)10:53
nzoueidiotherwise, when we can animate the online workshops?10:57
elachecheI can start plan that by the end of this month.. I have exams until the end of this month with 2 or 3 projects, then, I'll start my graduation project... Then I'll be able to free some time slots to plan new things :/ nzoueidi praisethemoon if you wanna plan something go ahead! Don't wait for me! I'll endrose you! And help as usual..11:00
praisethemooni'm preparing a new workshop for the event in mounastir11:01
elachechenzoueidi: I don't know if ayoub contacted you in private like he did with me and praisethemoon or not, I already forwarded the mail to the ML, if you're interested go ahead, otherwise never mind :)11:12
praisethemoonelacheche, will u be there?11:13
nzoueidiYep, he contacted me, and I saw your mail in the ML, I hope I can be available the date of the event. but if you and praisethemoon will be there I will fly and be there xD :p11:13
elachechepraisethemoon: not sure yet.. need to finish my projects 1st, those are part of my exams..11:15
praisethemoonalrighty x)11:17
praisethemoonshall I be there as ubuntu-tn member?11:17
elachecheI already answered that question.. :p It's up to you.. As the mail was a private email to you :) You're a ubuntu-tn member anyway.. If you'll do the workshop as Utn we will add it to our Wiki and LoCo Dir events :)11:20
elachechenzoueidi: upgraded to awesome 4 or not yet?12:14
nzoueidinot yet, elacheche if you upgraded I need ur feedbacks, cause I have some thoughts that it is a little buggy12:19
elachechev4 is the stable version of awesome :)12:21
nzoueidiI saw peeps in github declaring some new bugs, so I thought that it is not stable yet12:24
elachecheIt's stable, but need bug hunters to be better :D12:26
nzoueidisure :D12:27
pavlushkaHello The mighty Tunisians/Tunis :)15:12
praisethemoonpavlushka, GUESS WHOS BACK15:17
pavlushkaHello praisethemoon :)15:17
praisethemoonhow is it going pavlushka15:17
pavlushkagoing good praisethemoon , how is on your side :)15:18
praisethemoonpretty good, bit thirsty15:19
praisethemoonasked some friend to get me a coke15:19
praisethemoonfeed the BEAST15:19
praisethemoonpavlushka, happy new year :D15:19
pavlushkapraisethemoon: Happy new year :)15:20
praisethemoonpavlushka, are you happy with what you've accomplished in 2016?15:22
pavlushkapraisethemoon: coke has water, fructose (high grade sugar- which is high on calorie) and may be caffeine+ color15:22
pavlushkayes praisethemoon :)15:22
pavlushkapraisethemoon: so no health in coke and coke has CO2 dissolved which is unhealthy in many ways, so --115:24
praisethemoonbut but but but but but15:24
* praisethemoon is SAD15:25
pavlushkapraisethemoon: have some real juice or clean water, that is way much better :)15:25
praisethemoonwell, i'm gonna start working out15:25
pavlushkapraisethemoon: last one, coke ir corrosive to bone and teeth, (y)15:34
pavlushkaactually any carbonated beverage is corrosive to bone and teeth.15:35
praisethemoonlast one15:35
praisethemooni promise :p15:35
pavlushkaha ha ha15:35
praisethemoonur so mean pavlushka15:39
pavlushkapraisethemoon: what is good for us, may be we wont like that, instead we like what is not, ironical :p15:56
praisethemoonyou know what I really like?15:56
praisethemoonMaking games.15:57
pavlushkapraisethemoon: that's awesome :)15:58
praisethemoonand drinking coke15:58

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