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wh75hi all, can't dowload code from server gerrit, i received this error : Error: RPC failed; HTTP 503 curl 22 The requested URL returned error: 503 Service Unavailable06:52
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silviofcan someone restart "The Server"? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/phablet-tools/+bug/161065010:29
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1610650 in phablet-tools (Ubuntu) "can't sync sources" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:29
matv1gd morning and best wishes for the new year to everyone here.10:36
matv1I am trying to figure out why my Meizu Pro5 doesnt see my 2.4 ghz ssid but does see my 5 ghz ssid, while my other devices see both10:38
matv1how should I troubleshoot this?10:39
matv1i have obviously done reboots. I have set next to the router10:39
matv1leafed thru network-manager package bugs but not finding anything similar10:40
matv1or is there a bug elsewhere?10:41
matv1I have tried to add its creds via the hidden network panel. no luck10:46
matv1indicator-network.log doesnt really show anything10:47
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jgdxmardy_, hey, could you approve https://code.launchpad.net/~mardy/ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts/apl-1651183/+merge/313611 ?14:32
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matv1hi jgdx could I trouble you for a minute concerning the wifi issue I asked about earlier ^^ ?15:12
jgdxmatv1, /me reads15:14
jgdxmatv1, okay, syslog is the likely place to look for output15:15
matv1jgdx cool would i be looking for anything in particular?15:16
jgdxmatv1, connect to it manually and look for NetworkManager and wpa_supplicant15:17
jgdxyou could also do $ sudo wpa_cli $ scan $ scan_results (when done)15:17
jgdxif wpa_cli sees it and the indicator not, I guess there's a bug somewhere. But then you can use wpa_cli to connect to it15:19
matv1jgdx alright and by connect to it manually do mean using the connect-to-hidden-network panel or just edit the ssid file?15:20
jgdxmatv1, whatever works, but connect-to-hidden-network should be easier15:21
matv1okay will do that. So this bug doenst ring a bell with you? If not, i will just do a new bug and add the output you asked15:23
matv1And would https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager be the right place for that?15:24
jgdxmatv1, depends on what NetworkManager/wpa_supplicant says in the logs :)15:26
matv1jgdx :) Obviously. ok I will ping you in a couple of  minutes15:28
jgdxmatv1, great15:28
matv1jgdx still nothing. when I try to create it the ui returns "the wifi network could not be found" and a wpa_cli scan does not show it either15:45
matv1But just to be on the safe side I will do this again while sitting next to the router.15:46
matv1Although I am typing this now on an Ubuntu laptop connected to that very same ssid I am not seeing on the Pro 515:46
* matv1 heads up to the attic again. Back in a bit :)15:47
jgdxmatv1, what about the logs?15:58
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mukais there a way to restart networking (network manager and wpa_supplicant) without rebooting?16:10
mukaI'm trying to get wifi tethering on my nexus 4. it works but only when I reboot the phone.16:11
mukaso when I stop it. I have to restart the phone in order to start it again.16:12
jgdxmuka, sure, upstart will do that16:15
mukathank you16:30
matv1jgdx sorry I got tasked with parental duties. do you still have time to help?17:34
matv1I extracted syslog17:35
matv1and I do see my attemp at registering the ssid17:35
matv1and see it failing. just not sure which bits are important17:46
matv1there is a lot there17:46
matv1thats the juicy bits i think.17:49
matv1hm hang on, now my 5 ghz ssid wont reconnect again after a reboot. That one is still visible in the wifi list but promps for a password17:51
matv1thats weird17:51
matv1I expressly made sure to recycle the wireless router as well before trying this. And all other devices were connecting straight away again17:55
matv1jgdx anyway let me know what else I can do. Otherwise we can pick this up another time.17:58
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mukalooks like rmnet_usb0 is controlled by network manager. is there a way to bring that interface up via ifupdown?21:13
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