zmoylan-piminus a million points for been a monday...06:37
knightwisegood morning zmoylan-pi06:40
knightwisehow are you doing man :)06:40
zmoylan-pihaven't slept yet...06:40
knightwiseI just got up, drove through the snow for about an hour to work. Soothing :)06:42
zmoylan-pigritters were out in force yesterday passing me 3 times... but been so close to the sea i doubt there'll be snow or much ice06:43
knightwisewhat are gritters ?07:06
zmoylan-pispreading salt to make the roads safer in freezing conditions07:12
knightwiseah , yes , those were active yesterday but first it rained and THEN it started to snow07:22
knightwiseBeen setting up my pi2 yesterday at home. Going to have it replace my VPS07:25
knightwisewould be silly to spend 60 euros on a 'virtual' machine since I can spend that ammount and just buy a new pi07:26
zmoylan-piand still have enough to order pizza07:37
knightwiseswitching machines07:48
knightwisethere ya go07:49
knightwisedamn its quiet here09:50
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SuperEngineerknightwise: BOO!10:04
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:07
knightwisehey brobostigon10:09
knightwisehey SuperEngineer10:09
knightwiseyou scared me there :p10:10
brobostigonhi knightwise10:10
knightwiseAll the best for 2017 and all that10:10
SuperEngineerbest "year of the new" wishes to all [ /me thinks...  that's a game title there]10:23
awilkinsAnyone know how big the new Ubuntu mug is?11:26
czajkowskidecent cup of tea size11:45
* brobostigon 's tea mug is a bucket.11:47
SuperEngineerLake Geneva gets jealous when it see my coffee mug12:06
SuperEngineerOn this day in history:  http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/01/ubuntu-phone-os-unveiled-by-canonical12:49
penguin42heck I hate websites that have 'live chat' systems for assistance and after filling in the detials they tell you they're still closed for xmas14:09
penguin42Azelphur: hmm there's something odd on that grpahics card order; the order shows it as the graphics card, if I click through it shows it as a LED strip ribbon, but the picture on the order is of the strip ribbon but the picture and details on the click through show the graphic card15:01
Azelphurpenguin42: I noticed that too, for bonus points, if you go to my orders using the mobile app, it shows the picture of the graphics card and not the LED strip, apparently.15:02
Azelphurand in the order confirmation emails it shows a pic of the graphics card too15:02
Azelphurpenguin42: I ended up buying...a few...my friends all stepped in and had an intervention when I got to 3015:03
penguin42Azelphur: Poor thing is very confused15:03
Azelphurindeed :P15:03
popeyAzelphur: not that you're gonna get a single one of them15:45
* penguin42 probably agrees, or worse I might end up with a case light15:46
popeyyeah, the picture is of https://www.amazon.co.uk/Akasa-AK-LD02-05BL-Vegas-Strip-Light/dp/B009P1UQIG15:47
popeyI see a load of whingers in the amazon review already15:47
Azelphurpopey: hehe probably not, figured it was worth a giggle15:50
popeyi expect email when scan get back to work tomorrow morning15:50
popeyor 30 mails in your case :)15:50
zmoylan-piyes... come down in person to the depot to pick up your 30 cards... :-P15:57
penguin42zmoylan-pi: Well, actually with that vendor you can15:57
zmoylan-pithey'll be delighted to see you, they'll have rolled out the red carpet for you... well any bit of carpet to be honest.  just something to soak up the blood... :-P15:58
DJonesAfternoon all and happy new year16:00
penguin42DJones: HNY16:04
DJonesHeh, just looking at a job advert for a "PC Technician", "Experience using Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Gumtree and Twitter would be advantageous." what does that have to do with becoming a PC Technician16:04
zmoylan-piit passes the time waiting for flippin windows to reboot in between making minor changes... :-D16:05
penguin42DJones: They trawl Gumtree/facebook/twitter looking for people with broken PCs?16:05
DJonesI think both you are right, it is Cash Generator16:06
penguin42some Cash Generators are company stores, some are 3rd party16:07
penguin42they do try and sell some of their stuff on eBay as well16:07
DJonesCash Generator is the UK's most successful Buy and Sell store with outlets nationwide. We are based in Warrington and currently looking for a PC Technician to join the team.16:08
DJonesThe successful applicant will have strong IT technical skills and be able to restore operating systems on laptops-desktops, fix laptops, tablets and mobile phones.16:08
zmoylan-pithe hired person would be taking the job of a bot on the internet?! :-D16:08
penguin42DJones: It might also be that they're using them for pricing stuff16:08
DJonesProbably yes to both of those suggestions16:09
* penguin42 does occasionally find useful things in places like that16:09
zmoylan-pibut it's retail so it sounds like you'd have to actually talk to custards...16:10
penguin42as in We'll offer you <deep breath>£2.50 for that16:11
zmoylan-pi'i bought a cable here last week and now my computer is infected, it's you fault!'16:11
DJonesI'm sure in retail,you do get the occasional intelligent customer, but 99/100 the salesperso n doesn't have a clue what you're asking (Curry's, PC World etc)16:12
penguin42with some stuff I've bought from places it might be; the stuff often requires a good scrub down16:12
DJonespenguin42: Yep, normally with flea powder16:12
zmoylan-piand don't forget your blacklight...16:13
DJonesSheesh, just realised, this is the 1st time in 3 weeks I've been able to use my laptop, its spent the last 3 weeks buried under a 6" christmas tree (that my wife got) that was supposed to easily fit in the space16:14
zmoylan-pi6 inch?16:14
DJoneshmmh, 6'16:14
zmoylan-pior do you mean 6' (foot)16:14
DJonesPersonally, I'd leave them in the box & put straight in the loft16:15
belgarionirc: //irc.bitspyder.net/bitspyder17:53
diddledanthat sounds like a filesharing room17:53
DJonesI always used think pocketlint was an advertiser/spammer with a bit of knowledge, I now realise that its just a troll that whinges about things it hasn't even tested19:04
DJonespocketlint whinge that google calendar doesn't show the current date on its icon, just always show's 31st (unlike Apple which shows the correct date)......screenshot in article suggest they've been paid by Apple to make negative stories up about the pixel phone http://cdn.pocket-lint.com/r/s/650x/assets/images/phpxek6yl.jpg When was 19th the same as the 31st19:12
daftykinsmore kittens! https://www.dropbox.com/s/yi8pwnbwqa6c7xv/VID_20170102_163935.mp4?dl=020:14
daftykinsapparently the polystyrene packaging from some old equipment makes for good kitten beds20:28
zmoylan-piwon't they try and eat it... i know cats...20:29
daftykinsmaybe, wasn't me that chose to put it down though, so i'm hands off on this one :>20:31
zmoylan-pijust that every cardboard box ends up soggy and well chewed by cats as well as scratched to buggery20:35
diddledanDJones: never let facts get in the way of a good story!20:54
zmoylan-pia good post truth story for the post crimbo period... :-)20:57
diddledanfake news is true reporting!21:00
diddledannone of this citing your sources rubbish21:00
zmoylan-pithis message has been brought to you by the ministry of truthâ„¢21:01
AzelphurWoo, my game client server is working22:21
Azelphurthat is, my home server running Linux, running Windows with a physical gpu attached for gaming inside KVM22:21
diddledandoes anyone use zram?23:39
diddledanjust curio about an email to the ubuntu-devel mailing list is all23:40

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