CHVNXDrCool: You can build a decent desktop for rather cheap these days.02:14
brandenanyone active?05:40
WPhelp12236Hello everyone05:42
pixeldennisHello anyone around?05:43
WPhelp12236Yes there is!05:43
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Nod32Good Morning all and Happy New year08:08
homei need help08:08
ObrienDave!crosspost | home08:08
ubottuhome: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.08:08
homei have xubuntu08:09
homei will say fully my problem08:09
ObrienDavethat's fine if you have Xubuntu. but you also posted in Ubuntu, you'll get better help in #ubuntu because of how many people are there08:11
archLinuxUserHello, where can I get the xubuntu public key so i can verify the downloaded iso file?09:46
ubottuSee https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of all downloadable Ubuntu releases09:47
archLinuxUserThank you bazhang09:48
homefuk you09:50
bazhangno cursing here home10:07
jarnosHow do you connect to GNU irc channels? https://www.gnu.org/server/irc-rules.html13:24
knomejarnos, the same way as others, as soon as you are on their network?13:25
jarnosOh, it seem I can join in freenode.13:26
jarnosJust don't know what that irc://irc.gnu.org is.13:26
knomethat's an IRC protocol link.13:26
knomeif you have a GUI IRC client, that link is directed to it, then it opens a connection to irc.gnu.org and opens the specified channel13:27
jarnosknome, yes, but it is not the server I have configured for freenode.13:27
knomelikely not, as there are are dozens of freenode servers13:27
knomei didn't know it was a freenode server either; they don't exactly specify it on their page13:28
ShashiGHi all. I just installed xubuntu 16.10 on my lenovo x1 yoga. I can connect to my home wifi network but cannot access the internet. I know for a fact that the internet connection works because my phone is using it at the moment13:29
ShashiGWhat output should I share to help diagnose the problem13:30
knome"i know for a fact" can be dangerous, so can you double-check that your phone is actually using the wifi to connect to the internet, not 3/4G or whatever13:33
ShashiG_Got disconnected for a minute there13:33
knome"i know for a fact" can be dangerous, so can you double-check that your phone is actually using the wifi to connect to the internet, not 3/4G or whatever13:33
ShashiG_Yes I have disabled the 3g connection and checked13:34
knomewhat kind of icon does the network manager show to you?13:35
ShashiG_The one usually shown when connected13:35
ShashiG_Strength meter style13:36
knomeif you open a terminal, and type "ping" (without the quotes), what kind of reslts do you see?13:42
ShashiG_Gets stuck after the first line PING 56(84) bytes of data13:47
ShashiG_When I interrupt, says 100% packet loss13:48
ShashiG_I booted the live USB, it has the same problem as well13:49
knomeunfortunately i need to go13:53
knomegood luck though, there are definitely other people in the channel who can help - as soon as they get back to their computers13:53
ShashiG_That's okay, thanks for your help13:53
xubuntu84wguys can i use ATOM for web devolpment? (html, css, javascript and c#)??17:06
xubuntu84wif yes, how do i do it?17:06
RageCrazehey guys can anyone help me with web devolopment on atom? any good editor that runs on atom?17:09
RageCrazeguys i just installed xubuntu on my hp envy, eveyrything worked great but when i restarted my computer there is no wifi connection? what do i do now?18:00
RageCrazei need help please im desperate, been searching for hours18:00
RageCraze@chanserv @drone18:01
RageCrazehelp me please18:01
flocculantRageCraze: looking quiet in here still today - I'd try #ubuntu - your issue should be a generic enough one for that18:18
RageCrazeflocculant yeah i see18:25
fccxxxi am trying to install ubuntu on a new cpu that has no operating system.  i created a usb by using rufus...20:24
fccxxxwhen booting new cpu, I get to the dos C prompt.... don't know what to do after that to get the ubuntu installed on new pc20:24
xanguafccxxx: you need to boot from USB, not HD20:25
fccxxxok.. how do i set that up in the bios20:26
xanguaConfigure your BIOS or see if there's an option to choose when you boot the computer20:26
fccxxxi think i did that when i set the priorities up in bios20:26
knomealso, for the future, this is the xubuntu channel, not ubuntu, so if you have issues with the OS after installing, you'll have to seek for support on #ubuntu20:27
fccxxxok  i will work on this for a while20:28
fccxxxstill cant get my pc to start up on ubuntu20:32
karatecacomo faço pra configurar o pidgin e o ip externo ficar escondido igual o de vcs?22:49
slickymaster!pt | karateca22:49
ubottukarateca: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em portuguΓͺs. Para entrar no canal por favor faΓ§a "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguΓͺsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.22:49
karatecaHow do I configure the pidgin and the external ip to be hidden the same as yours?22:54
knomeit's a service some networks provide22:54
knomeor you can alternatively use Tor, but that's a bit more involved22:56
karatecaCan not use proxychains? Any other way to set it up? Talking with people from the deep web by IRC would be dangerous? I mean, with these settings22:56
knomeof course you can do various things, like set up an irc client on a server22:57
karatecaCould you tell me a step by step how to use Tor with Pidgin?22:57
knomei don't do that myself, so no, but there are very likely tutorials online22:58
karatecaThe ones I read on the internet about using Tor is related to encrypting the messages, not hiding the location. I did a search, but maybe I did not find it out of fatigue. Thank you anyway22:59
karatecaAnd sorry for the poor construction of the questions, the brazilian forum has no people so I had to resort to google translate ...23:01
knomeanyway, if the only goal is to hide your ip from people in IRC, i'd look for registering a nickname for freenode and getting an unaffiliated cloak.23:02
karatecaI will try this23:06
knomerbatty, cloak is a server-set part after the @ in your hostname for public IRC users23:07
slickymasterrbatty β†’ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Cloaks23:08
knomethough it naturally expands beyond the ubuntu cloaks23:09
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