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kjackalGood morning Juju world08:03
BlackDexzeestrat: Thx for the info!09:55
zeestratBlackDex: No worries. Feel free to add some logs to the fire (bug) :)09:56
BlackDexwill do when i can! :)09:56
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CarlFKmarcoceppi: do you plan on merging the branch you made for me, or should I keep a local copy? https://github.com/marcoceppi/charm-ubuntu/tree/carlfk                                                        "example of hostname "15:01
marcoceppiCarlFK: I wasn't sure if you were interested in keeping it around, was looking for a +1 on the PR :)15:03
CarlFKmarcoceppi: I think I just submitted a PR to myself.. https://github.com/CarlFK/charm-ubuntu/pull/1/commits/0022fb1f424168f60ac2a34c37e99701b1bf713715:08
marcoceppiCarlFK: I merged that into my pull request15:10
CarlFKalso, can you give me the 'right way' to do this: https://github.com/xfxf/video-scripts/blob/master/carl/ansible-misc/mk-hosts.py#L70-L73  # ssh ubuntu@streambackend3.video.fosdem.org "sudo cp .ssh/authorized_keys /root/.ssh15:10
CarlFKbrb, need to grab some breakfast15:11
marcoceppiCarlFK: `juju scp` is one way15:12
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themagicaltroutmarcoceppi: i know i've asked before, how do i register an interface on juju.solutions?15:41
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tvansteenburghmagicaltrout: click the + next to the "interface:" header (assuming you're logged in)15:48
magicaltroutnever noticed that login button in all my life15:56
magicaltroutthanks tvansteenburgh15:56
magicaltroutworks and everything16:06
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CarlFKmarcoceppi: I am still getting "unauthorized: access denied for user "carlfk"  from:  juju deploy ubuntu --channel edge17:17
CarlFKI think you said you did something, but I never tested17:17
CarlFKI did get a browser login ... "login successful as user carlfk"17:18
marcoceppiCarlFK: about to push it to the stable channel17:41
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arosalesjcastro: is the k8 sig starting @ zoom?18:36
jcastroit was supposed to start 10 minutes ago18:40
jcastrobut there's no one here, so I posted on the mailing list18:40
jcastroI'm not crazy right, it's 10:40 PST right now right?18:40
jcastroand it's tuesday18:40
arosalesjcastro: I am there, but it says "waiting for host to start"18:40
arosalesIt is 10:40 pst18:41
arosalesand it is Tuesday, Jan 3 :-)18:41
jcastrosame with me18:43
jcastrosigh, they did this last time too18:44
jcastrothey apparently haven't had a meeting since 12/1318:44
arosalesjcastro: ok, thanks for confirming. I'll close down zoom. Also thanks for posting to the list and following up/18:44
jcastroI don't really have a choice18:45
jcastroit's like, I need to escalate to them18:45
jcastrobecause my thing has been sitting in github for over a month18:45
lazyPowerblerg :|18:45
lazyPowerbeing blocked on others is the pitts18:45
jcastroit's a biweekly meeting18:53
lazyPoweroh :) thats fun then. so we're probably just off skew by a week right?18:53
jcastro"This branch has no conflicts with the base branch18:54
jcastroI AM SO READY CHUCK18:54
lazyPoweri wish i had the button clicking privs man18:54
lazyPoweri'd love to merge that monster doc pr18:54
lazyPowerwe're aout to do the same thing to core, we have all this backlog of CDK work that needs to land upstream18:54
jcastroI just want one thing18:54
jcastrolet us rev as fast as we want in /ubuntu18:55
jcastrolike, doing multiple reviews, etc. is fine18:55
lazyPoweryeah the fact we're blocked and have bad info in those docs is discerning18:55
jcastrobut like, matt and you should be able to ping pong PRs off each other for example18:55
jcastrowithout waiting for some dude who has no time to comment on your thing18:55
lazyPoweri agree with you18:55
lazyPowerthe effort to organize reviewers is still WIP though18:55
lazyPowerwhich is understandable given the size of the project18:56
jcastroon the plus side18:56
jcastrothere's only 67 PRs now18:56
jcastroit was like 11018:56
lazyPowernoice! I didn't notice that18:57
lazyPoweri'm still clearing the 400+ notifications in github18:57
jcastrowe're half way on page 2 now, so I think we're moving up lol?18:58
jcastrorick_h: wanna sync up tomorrow and bust out this wikipedia page?19:52
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CarlFKmarcoceppi: "Message": "not found: URL has invalid charm or bundle name: \"~marcoceppi/xenial,trusty,precise\"",  https://api.jujucharms.com/charmstore/v5/~marcoceppi/xenial,trusty,precise/ubuntu/archive/layer.yaml20:00
rick_hjcastro: can see if we can find space20:02
marcoceppiCarlFK: what version o fjuju?20:13
marcoceppiCarlFK: so you're typing `juju deploy ubuntu`?20:14
CarlFKmarcoceppi: er.. fjuju what?20:14
marcoceppis/o fjuju/of juju/g ;)20:15
CarlFKno - saw that on the jujucharms page20:15
marcoceppiCarlFK: you shoul djust be able to `juju deploy xenial/ubuntu <name of app>`20:15
CarlFKthat works.  I was clicking around https://demo.jujucharms.com/?store=cs%3Aubuntu-8   and saw that message20:16
marcoceppiCarlFK: weird20:16
rick_hmbruzek: I can't seem to find the original conversation: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/162321720:20
mupBug #1623217: juju bundles should be able to reference local resources <juju:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1623217>20:20
rick_hmbruzek: I know you hit me up in some channel heh20:20
CarlFKmarcoceppi: is there a similar thing that uses debian?  (I am fumbeling with debops, wondering "maybe it would work with debian?" )20:22
marcoceppirick_h: do we have debian in juju agent support?20:22
marcoceppiCarlFK: anything I could help out with? I mean, Debian and Ubuntu are so similar, but I've only really used Ubuntu so I might be able to help clarify20:23
rick_hmarcoceppi: no, we don't at the moment.20:23
rick_hmarcoceppi: I think that it's something that we're very interested in community involvement for enabling debian agents20:24
CarlFKmarcoceppi: welp.. sure.. this stuff is kinda nifty...   https://docs.debops.org/en/latest/debops/docs/index.html20:25
marcoceppiOh, debops, I thought that was a devops typo20:25
marcoceppiI've never heard of debops /me reads20:25
CarlFKmarcoceppi: I am on day 2 with this..  the lead guy has been helping me in  #debops20:26
marcoceppiCarlFK: sweet, I'll join there as well20:26
magicaltroutmarcoceppi or someone who might know, is it possible to get relation info inside an action?20:55
marcoceppimagicaltrout: technically, yes20:55
marcoceppimagicaltrout: you can get relation info whenever you want, if you have the right incantation20:55
magicaltrouti like the "technically" bit.. makes me suspicious20:57
magicaltroutif an action needed an ip of a service marcoceppi would you set a kv variable in the main charm reactive code, or pick it up inside the action?20:57
marcoceppiI would query directly20:58
marcoceppiso, there's two hook tools that make this possible. The first is relation-ids, the second is relation-list. `relation-get` has two extra parameters, that are taken as environment variables when in a relation context, but can be set in a hook context (or action) on the CLI in order to scope the call correctly, it's the `-r` flag and the JUJU_REMOTE_UNIT positional argument20:59
marcoceppirelation-ids gives you the `-r` flag values, or all the JUJU_RELATION_ID that exist for a given relation. For example, if you have a relation called "database" you could run `relation-ids database` which would return a list of >=0 items of the unique lines for that relation. So if you have the database relation connected to two applications, you'd get back two ids. If it's only one, then one, none - none, etc21:00
magicaltroutcool yeah found the stuff lurking in the docs21:01
marcoceppimagicaltrout: you can then use the relation-list command to list all the units in a given relation id, `relation-list -r $JUJU_RELATION_ID` is a list of the units there21:01
marcoceppimagicaltrout: finally, there's charm-helpers that make all that easy to manage21:01
marcoceppihere's an example of that in action21:01
marcoceppimagicaltrout: https://gist.github.com/marcoceppi/193a8e4c37463cae95807499160ea7df21:07
magicaltroutthanks marcoceppi21:11
magicaltroutalso regarding actions as i have you on the horn. I saw the openstack folk write bash scripts and then call a python script from within them21:11
magicaltroutis that the sensible/correct way, or should I just write a python script with a main function?21:12
magicaltrouti've only written bash actions before but I may as well python-ise them21:12
marcoceppimagicaltrout: you can do either21:15
marcoceppimagicaltrout: I prefer all python21:15
magicaltroutseemed a bit ott to have a  bash script  just run a  python script but figured i should check21:16
magicaltroutokay i'm trawling the random requirements tonight22:14
magicaltroutmarcoceppi: is there a `juju scp` alternative for charmhelpers?22:14
magicaltroutor another way to pass files between charms22:19
magicaltroutlazyPower you must know!22:22
lazyPoweroh oh22:22
* lazyPower reads backscroll22:22
lazyPowerno, we tend to either proxy data over the relation wire (text based). If you're wanting ot push files we dont have a really good pattern for that22:23
magicaltrouthmm nice22:23
lazyPowerunless i'm mistaken, has the big software team done any pioneering work around that question kwmonroe? (re: juju scp for charms to copy files among themselves)22:24
lazyPoweri know we haven't over here in k8s land, we're using resources to ensure everything is present before it kicks off (save for tls certs and the like)22:24
magicaltroutyeah what i'm wanting though is to start Solr then when the relation is joined the other end can copy in its own config and stuff into solr22:25
magicaltrouttechnically its all text based but its a directory with a bunch of arbitrary text files in and its just easier to send over a zip or something22:25
lazyPoweroh sure, sure, i understand the desire22:25
lazyPoweri just dont think we've established a good, functional, repeatable solution for this.22:26
petevglazyPower: afaik, we're using resources or relation data everywhere, too.22:26
magicaltroutaww you all make me so sad22:26
lazyPoweryeah, i thought that was the case22:26
* petevg sheds tears22:26
lazyPowermagicaltrout openstack is still a hope, they have done some cool stuff in charmhelpers that might be lingering to help22:26
vmorrisjuju 2.0, manual provider and a few added machines -- if I wanted to setup LXD bridges to the physical network for each of these machines, what would be the appropriate method? I am already altering the default lxd-profile for juju on each of the machines, but the LXD containers are just picking up a address22:26
kwmonroemagicaltrout: lazyPower:  super simple solution for sharing charm data.  simply deploy hadoop for all your workload needs.  everybody can see hdfs://tmp/myresource.22:27
magicaltroutyou make me even sadder kwmonroe22:27
kwmonroewhen all you have is a hammer, everything looks like hadoop.22:28
CarlFKnot sure this is juju problem - I need help connecting a .. container to a bridge network so that I can pxe boot a vm from the dhcp server running in a container22:31
vmorristo answer my own question, I think I need to be changing /etc/default/lxd-bridge to suit on each of the manually added machines... perhaps there's a better way22:33
CarlFKthe container started with juju deploy ubuntu t3, installed dnsmasq dhcp server into it.  now I want to test it with a vm22:33
kwmonroevmorris: i *think* it's all in how you setup the lxd bridge (sudo dpkg-reconfigure lxd).  that's where you can answer questions like "what subnet to use?" and "do i need to NAT my ip4 addresses" etc...22:33
vmorriskwmonroe: ah yea.. i was kinda hoping that there was something in juju that would let me do this when adding the machines, but i suppose this is appropriate & the same solution i'm looking at now22:34
kwmonroeCarlFK: your vm may need to be on the same subnet as your container.  iirc, pxe blasts out over udp (at least for the tftp part) and doesn't cross subnets so well.22:41
CarlFKyup.  so they would be all on the same.. something22:42
magicaltroutlazyPower: i was thinking one option currently might be to write a charm that is subordinate of solr which basically just has the resource for my other charm22:47
magicaltroutit would be a bit $hit but works I guess22:47
lazyPoweri dont like that solution22:48
lazyPowerit seems clunky22:48
magicaltroutwell the other solution currently is a bunch of juju scp && juju run blocks22:49
lazyPoweryeah neither are appealing22:50
kwmonroecough... hdfs... cough.22:50
lazyPowermagicaltrout i'll have a deeper think on this, but I dont know that i'll have a good suggestion. We've experimented with NFS and SSH in the past22:51
kwmonroemagicaltrout: i'm only 80% kidding about hdfs.  is a shared filesystem of any kind an option?  nfs?22:51
lazyPowerand it was non eligant22:51
kwmonroes3 over sshfs22:51
magicaltroutkwmonroe: yeah i know but its a one shot event, adding in a subsystem like that seems like overkill to ship a tarball from x to y22:52
kwmonroemagicaltrout: netcat | gzip /etc/foo is always fun.. assuming you care nothing of the integrity of your payload.22:53
kwmonroefwiw, i also don't like the subordinate approach.  that feels like you're making 2 charms just to ship a tarball from x to y22:55
magicaltroutwell.... i would be :P22:56
kwmonroelazyPower: what's the max size of relation data?  65k?22:56
magicaltroutbut I also want to make this stupidly simple for some DARPA love and buy in so I'm trying to avoid anything more than juju deploy my-bundle22:56
jhobbsis there a way to set default constraints for all new models after bootstrap?22:56
kwmonroejhobbs: juju set-model-constraints i think22:57
kwmonroeoh wait.. nm.. that's not gonna handle new models.22:58
kwmonroemagicaltrout: is the thing connecting to solr always going to have the same resource?23:00
rick_hjhobbs: model-defaults23:00
kwmonroemagicaltrout: iow, can you just include that in the solr charm, and then on relation, move it or enable it in some way?23:00
rick_hjhobbs: juju help model-defaults for help/etc23:00
magicaltroutin this context kwmonroe then yeah i could put it in the solr charm, but then they use solr for loads so you'd end up having a bunch of bespoke resources for different things in a generic solr charm23:01
magicaltroutguess it would work for now though23:01
magicaltroutenough to blag them through the demo phase23:01
kwmonroeand that's what we're shooting for in 2017.  just enough to blag.23:01
petevgWe of the soaring ambition.23:02
magicaltroutwas 2016 the year of the out of arms reach demo?23:02
magicaltrout2017 just enough to blag through it when people start to use things23:02
magicaltrout2018 maybe approaching usable... ;)23:02
petevgSomething like that :-)23:02
magicaltrouti like it23:03
jhobbsrick_h: that doesn't work for me, i get this warning and then the constraints don't apply23:03
jhobbsrick_h: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23736102/23:03
petevgcory_fu, kwmonroe: speaking of breaking things in the name of preparing us for our glorious future, I've got that that log dumping, crash reporting branch of matrix working: https://github.com/juju-solutions/matrix/pull/6323:03
petevgAt least, it works great on my computer. Would appreciate some verification :-)23:04
jhobbshmm maybe that was because i didn't make a new model, hold23:04
rick_hjhobbs: or sorry, I thought you meant config. I missed "constraints"23:04
rick_hjhobbs: so...no, I don't think so. I think it defaults to a set of constraints and then is overridden at the set-model-constraints level23:05
jhobbsthanks rick_h23:05
jhobbsrick_h: bug filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/165381323:07
kwmonroejhobbs: rick_h:  isn't there a bootstrap-constraints that can be different than future model constraints?23:09
kwmonroejhobbs: i think "juju bootstrap --bootstrap-constraints mem=2G --constraints mem=4G" would mean your bs node gets a 2gb instance, and all future machines get 4gb.23:10
rick_hkwmonroe: right but he wants to change them after bootstrap?23:11
kwmonroei don't think he knows what he wants23:11
kwmonroecrazy texans23:11
jhobbskwmonroe: my understanding is that bootstrap constraints applies to bootstrap in addition to constraints23:11
jhobbskwmonroe: so that the constratins i specify with 'constraints' also apply to the bootstrap node, in addition to the bootstrap constraints23:12
jhobbsi do not want the 'constraints' to apply to the bootstrap node - if that was the case, that would solve my problem too23:12
kwmonroeahhh, i'm really not sure jhobbs.  gimme 2 minutes.  i'll bootstrap with -bs-c and -c and see what happens.23:13
kwmonroemaybe more than 2 minutes:  ERROR detecting credentials for "azure" cloud provider: credentials not found23:14
jhobbsi will test kwmonroe23:15
kwmonroeoh, nm, i typed the region name wrong.. i'm on it.  start the clock!23:15
jhobbsah ok :)23:15
kwmonroeaight jhobbs, bootstrap-constraints were honored.. i did this:   juju bootstrap azure/centralus --bootstrap-constraints mem=2G --constraints mem=8G  and got a bootstrap node with 3.5G (smallest size that fullfilled mem=2G).  i'm deploying ubuntu now to see if my default model constraints are set to 8.23:19
jhobbskwmonroe: i tested and it doesn't seem to work the way i want23:21
jhobbskwmonroe: juju bootstrap --config agent-stream=devel integrationmaas --to hayward-00 --constraints="tags=hw-jhobbs" --bootstrap-constraints=""23:21
jhobbskwmonroe: i don't want the tags requirement to apply to bootstrap but it does23:21
jhobbs"No available machine matches constraints: mem=3584.0 name=hayward-00 tags=hw-jhobbs"23:21
kwmonroejhobbs: what about --bootstrap-constraints="tags=''"23:21
jhobbsahh good call23:21
jhobbsi'll try that23:21
kwmonroenot saying that's right, but i wonder if it'll override the value if given a key.23:22
jhobbssuccess! it didn't like the single quotes, but this worked: juju bootstrap --config agent-stream=devel integrationmaas --to hayward-00 --constraints="tags=hw-jhobbs" --bootstrap-constraints="tags="23:23
jhobbsthanks kwmonroe23:23
kwmonroenp jhobbs.. now to determine if that's by design or not.  it seems like you're right -- constraints are passed as bootstrap-constraints if not explicitly overriden.23:24
kwmonroei dunno if that's how rick_h wanted it or not.23:24
jhobbsseems like you should be able to change that setting after bootstrap still23:25
jhobbsi updated the bug with that work around though23:25

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