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efloidhow to completely disable/remove the kde device notifier subsystem?02:40
efloidi uncheck "enable automatic mounting of removable media" but it still flails when i attach devices and i just want it to die02:41
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efloid"the process for the mtp protocol died unexpectedly"   aaaaggghhhh!02:43
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user|23287i just installed kubuntu but the GUI is not coming up and it opens command line instead02:52
user|23287how can I call the gUI?02:52
user|36858sintre, I got the system all set up02:56
user|36858sintre ^^02:56
DarinMilleruser|23287:  at the prompt try typing: startx03:01
efloidwell i guess i have to boot into windows if i want to transfer files from my Android Linux phone to my computer03:02
efloidbecause, yeah, transferring files from one Linux system to another doesn't work in 2017!03:02
DarinMillerefloid: if kdeconnect not working?03:03
DarinMillerefloid: which version of kubuntu?03:03
efloidDarinMiller: 16.10   i keep getting reprompted ad nauseaum for permission to allow, and notifications that mtp has died03:03
DarinMillerefloid: backports installed?03:04
efloidDarinMiller: yes03:04
efloidkdeconnect 1.0.1-1ubuntu1~ubuntu16.10~03:04
* DarinMiller checking his kdeconnect version....03:04
efloidotherwise i have a headless Linux server running Jessie that I can try plugging into and manually mounting from03:05
efloiddpkg -l '*' | grep '^kdeconnect'03:06
efloidwrong window03:07
DarinMillerefloid: phone kde connect: 1.5, KDE: 1.0.103:08
DarinMillerefloid: file transfer is working fine here via dolphin.  But I am not sure how to troubleshoot yours.03:10
efloidDarinMiller: so my phone and pc were unpaired03:10
efloidkde connect on phone is 1.503:11
DarinMillerefloid: I was trying to find the kdeconnect ppa but came across this site: https://community.kde.org/KDEConnect03:13
efloidrebooting to Windows.  waste of time!03:17
DarinMilleri agree, rebooting into windows is a waste of time. :)03:21
user|13368hello all05:17
user|13368someone knows the hardware requirements for kubunto 16-10?05:18
user|13368i am not sure if it can run on a old pentium laptop05:18
user|13368it comes with win7 originally05:19
sintrewhat are specs05:20
sintreproccesor and ram?05:20
sintremeanind what hardware do you have and i can compare that with the hardware i use to run it05:21
user|13368i am not sure, it is a pentium05:22
DarinMilleruser|13368: 32 or 64b?05:22
user|13368i think that is 1gb ram05:22
user|13368i don't know05:23
sintrego to windows info05:23
user|13368i can't, it doesn't have a SO installed05:23
sintreso you have a computer with no operating system05:24
user|13368which version of kubutu can i install, if i supose that is 32 bit, 1 gb ram05:24
sintreis this something someone gave you?05:24
sintreyes use 32 bit05:24
DarinMilleruser|13368: Try a live boot with a 64b version.  If it's 32b, the live boot will tell you.05:24
sintreeither or you'll find out05:25
user|13368i will try05:25
user|13368thank you05:25
sintrejust heads up , i;ve run across alot of esl [ english as a second language] espeically in ubuntu channel05:27
sudhirkhangerIs backports relatively safe to use? I don't want to miss on Plasma releases.05:27
sudhirkhangerSafe as in won't break my system.05:28
DarinMillersintre: my nvidia driver sabataged my wake from sleep test.  I will have to try a different laptop.05:28
sintrenp , i'll test tomorrow lol last night was epic install with me being fault at step 105:28
sintreaud yes05:29
sintreif trusted backports05:29
DarinMillersudhirkhanger: A few isolated cases backports causes slight issues. But most of the issues backports fix far out weigh the problems.05:29
DarinMillerI have several multiboot systems running backports with no issues.05:30
sintresudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports05:30
sintrenever had a issue05:30
DarinMillerAnd if you encounter a major issue, you can use ppa-purge go back.05:30
sudhirkhangerDarinMiller: I would think so. There's a huge difference between Plasma shipped on LTS and the latest one.05:30
sintreso far , but bugs can creep in anywhere even with no mal intent05:30
sudhirkhangerDifference as in aesthetics.05:30
DarinMillersudhirkhanger: exactly05:30
sudhirkhangerI have stayed away from Ubuntu family but on a new system I am giving it a try. Let's see how it goes. I am banking on Kubuntu LTS + backports.05:31
sintrei use a newer system and older system05:32
sintreboth with lts and backports05:32
sudhirkhangerThanks sintre that's affirming.05:32
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esmermuhIs anybody there?07:00
esmermuh Helloooooooooooooo07:00
hateball!help | esmermuh07:01
ubottuesmermuh: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:01
lordievaderGood morning, happy new year!08:20
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i337is there a way to save this video as a hd gif and set it as my wallpaper in kubuntu? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLEOwgm7OUQ15:25
i337how do i install libisofs-1 in kubuntu?16:23
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dex73rhey, I have problem with installing Kubuntu, it gets stuck at https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/211281315134308352/265879721395486721/c3c562ce-f938-4910-b2f4-144b8a2cd8ce2110906487.jpg state, after I doubleclick install Kubuntu and then the OS freezes, I'm booting with USB and the USB doesn't seem to do anything because diode is not flashing16:44
i337dex73r: try installing it from the boot menu instead of going into a live session17:05
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trinitywhat's uuuuuuuppppppp17:14
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dex73ri337: nothing changes still freezes at some point; I'm going to recreate the bootable usb but first I'll check whether the file is actually correct one, I'll probably be back soon ;(17:26
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jubo2y0 a quick question18:02
jubo2Can having zero swap space cause system freezes even if there is still unused RAM?18:03
jubo2Coz I got this otherwise fine computer but occasionally (at least in K16.10, haven't tested any other OS) sometimes everything freezes except the mouse cursor and when the freeze is over it does the clicks and key presses in very rapid succession18:04
jubo2I would like to have made 4GB SWAP but system sais the 4GB was "unusable"18:05
[Relic]Not sure, but would guess yes, simply because spikes in ram usage may not be traceable completely since sensors usually trigger 1 per second or similiar18:05
[Relic]what is your ram?18:05
jubo2maybe I run out of primary partitions18:05
jubo2[Relic]: 16GB18:05
[Relic]so very unlikely18:05
jubo2yeah.. usually 5GB free with all apps opened18:06
[Relic]unless you run a ton of stuff like compiling or blender18:06
jubo2[Relic]: I'd test under Win10 but I don't know how to use it18:06
[Relic]how many partitions?18:07
jubo2They totally broke the logic coming from Win718:07
jubo2[Relic]: Uhhh.. I dunno18:07
jubo2Lemme check18:07
jubo2Is there a imagebin with autoexpiration somewhere around18:13
jubo2There is like 500MB for Windows loader and 130 GB for Windows data. 20GB for root-partition and /dev/sda4 is extended partition with /dev/sda5 inside it (350 GB /home partition)18:16
jubo2I never got this primary vs. logical partition thing18:17
jubo2Otherwise this machine is all I need computer-wise but the freezes are lowering my quality of life18:18
[Relic]seems odd it won't let you create a swap18:18
jubo2[Relic]: do you see a reason in that partiion configuration why when I tried to leave 4GB for swap the system commented "not possible" when I tried to mark it as SWAP18:19
[Relic]1t drive space so I can't think of anything, but haven't used dual boot18:21
[Relic]have you done a drive check lately to see if there are any bad sectors etc.?18:22
BluesKajju using GPT table ?18:22
BluesKajswap is a primary partition on msdos partition tables , so you're only allowed 4 primaries18:23
jubo2[Relic]: BluesKaj: https://imagebin.ca/v/37db5zWaXemn18:24
[Relic]BluesKaj, do you know of any problems with using lightdm instead of sddm on 16.1018:24
jubo2BluesKaj: Okk.. so how do I fix this if the freezes are due to zero swap space18:24
jubo2is there any free diagnostic goodies I could run to find out what is causing the freezes?18:26
BluesKajcreate a swap file instead of partition18:26
[Relic]is there something that you are usually doing when it freezes?18:26
BluesKaj[Relic], sddm is the default for 16.10 Kubuntu ...no idea about lightdm18:27
jubo2BluesKaj: how do I do that?18:27
jubo2I guess I just searchengine "create swap file on linux"18:28
BluesKajdo a search, there's all kinds of tuts for that18:28
BluesKajon kubuntu, not linux18:28
[Relic]just been trying to get something to work and can't even figure out any errors so I was hoping switching to ightdm and doing the same things would maybe show me if it was sddm problem or elsewhere18:29
jubo2This looks "legit" https://www.howtoforge.com/ubuntu-swap-file#-step-checking-the-file-system18:33
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BluesKaj[Relic],  Idon't know what your errors are or what's happening on your machine so it's hard for me to even guess at it18:35
BluesKajjubo2, yup looks so18:36
BluesKajgotta go for a few mins ...BBL18:36
[Relic]if I could find an error that would be helpful18:37
jubo2I wait what the HW shop that sold me this machine respond to my email18:43
jubo2But totally could try that setting up that swap file to see if that stops the freezes18:43
jubo2now I feel sleepy18:43
[Relic]if you are on kunbutu you could use ksysguard and set it to cpu% and see what spikes18:44
mgolden_jubo2: I have run Kubuntu on an 8GB machine without swap for years. I don't think that's your problem18:57
jubo2mgolden_: ok. thanks for info19:02
jubo2I need to catch some shut-eye now19:03
jubo2maybe the HW dealer will respond to my email tomorrow19:03
jubo2maybe I should run a bunch of OS off a stick and see if the freezes exhibit in HW or are they caused by some SW malfunciton19:04
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