freefallafter doing os upgrade from 16.04-16.10 some of the menu items are missing like software & updates.. is there some pack missing. it error on update for lubuntu-desktop01:55
yesHello? is anyone here?03:38
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Guest90630Hi all, quick qn. Installing Lubuntu 16.10 from verified DVD to a laptop which dual boots ok windows on sda1 and 10.04 on sda5. I am installing / to sda8 and /home to sda7.  Install finishes without error but grub v1.98 menu does not get be updated to show 16.10. Have also tried inst grub V2 to sda8 too but got grub error. Boot repair not fixing this. Anyone advise how to update the grub boot menu to enable me to boot 16.10 on sd14:42
Guest90630This is a Compaq nc4200 laptop with ~2GB RAM BTW. Runs 16.10 as a live DVD without issue.14:45
leszekGuest90630: you need to boot into the system that this grub is from14:45
leszekand then run sudo update-grub on that system (if debian based) or sudo grub-mkconfig -O /boot/grub/grub.cfg (if opensuse/fedora/arch)14:45
Guest90630the 10.04 is Ubuntu so will do the former.  Will this update grub to V2? or just update the grub menu?14:47
leszekGuest90630: it only updates the menu14:48
Guest90630Sadly no joy with that.  The update-grub command ran without error but did not find the new install on sda8.14:53
leszekhmm... too bad. I wonder why though as it normally should detect it. Is it maybe impossible to mount this partition ?14:53
Guest90630when i rebooted the result was as before, windows, memory test and lots of 2.6 series kernels for 10.04 no 4.x kernel for 16.1014:54
Guest90630the laptop predates EFI so I previously selected legacy option from Boot-repair. Have also previously seen in the boot-info from boot repair that grub 2 was installed to sda8 but it never booted.14:58
leszekdoes not answer my question though14:59
leszekGuest90630: the question is if the old ubuntu 10.04 system that you have is able to mount sda8. If it isn't that would explain, why it won't be able to add anything to the grub menu15:07
Guest90630Ok Will test that...15:07
Guest90630@leszek - Tnx for pointer - found a superblock related error on sda8 so have reformatted and am reinstalling..15:24
etnHi, could someone tell me how-to use numlockx on Lubuntu 16.04 plz ? I put "numlock=1" in   /etc/lxdm/default.conf but nothing…15:33
lordjim1946Error and cannot install Bootloader Then Hangs up on this and Cannot change or exit this16:11
Guest90630@leszek having installed 16.10 to sda7 this time and rebooted I have error no such partition & grub rescue> prompt16:25
Guest90630I selected sda as the bootloader location that time. Maybe I should have selected sda5 where grub for 10.04  was?  Previously I have used a boot-repair-dvd here to recover grub menu but wonder if there is a better path forward?16:29
LinuxNovicehello, when will the new Lubuntu with lxqt be available?16:46
LinuxNoviceis it going to be still suitable for old computers? I mean, is it going to be as lightweight as the existing one?16:46
Afshaalhopefully not for a while17:02
AfshaalI'm still quite apprehensive about lxqt17:02
Afshaalbut I'm not a developer :)17:02
AfshaalIt seems they've made a lot of strides the last year or so getting LXQt's resource usage under control17:03
Afshaalstill not as light as LXDE though17:03
Guest90630Still trying to get lubuntu 16.10 to boot. Win$ is on sda1 lucid is on sda5  and I have just installed to sda7, selecting Sda for the bootloader location. When I rebooted I have error no such partition & grub rescue> prompt...18:08
Guest90630I have not previously had sucess with boot-repair DVD so I decided to boot the live DVD and chroot into the new partition...18:09
Guest90630I purged grub 2 and then reinstalled grub 2 (selecting Sda for bootloaded ) and updated-grub this process found all the correct partitions.18:10
Guest90630On reboot I still have error no such partition & grub rescue> prompt.   This is a non-EFI laptop so I am wondering whether I should have specified Legacy at some point.   Any suggestions what I might have missed?18:12
Guest90630Does anyone know if 16.10 requires hardware that supports EFI?18:20
hooono "open terminal" action.. ugh20:24
tsimonq2meiyu: hola22:52

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