pavlushkaGreetings everyone :)09:06
zakihi pavlushka09:09
Kiloshi pavlushka zaki 09:10
Kilosi have a major job to do09:11
zakiKilos: what?09:11
Kilosneed to hack into a large flat screen tv and bypass the key lock because the remote was lost long ago09:11
zakigood luck with that 09:12
Kilosdont even know if lappy will get in09:12
zakiwhich brand?09:12
Kilosover a metre wide09:13
zaki36 inch?09:14
Kilosi have no idea about how you know tv sizes09:14
zakihe he09:15
zakiKilos: how you will do that?09:18
Kiloshoping the lappy sees it first as a second screen09:19
Kilosthen i use a hammer to bash my way in09:19
Kilosif i battle i get a bigger hammer09:19
Kilosbut if it can work as a second screen thats all thats needed because the peeps have all their videos on a lappy anyway09:20
Kilosbut with windows09:20
Kilosbut there should be a way to bypass the key lock anyway. the agents can do it if you take the tv in and pay for the job and a new remote09:22
Kilosso if they have a way of unlocking it then google should know ways as well09:23
zakihmm there should be a factory mode09:27
Kilosi will google lots for workarounds once i have it connected09:28
pavlushkau-la-la: seen zaki11:16
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pavlushkawb Kilos :)11:22
Kilosty pavlushka 11:23
pavlushkaKilos: did that worked? breaking in?11:23
Kilosnohdmi socket on lappy11:24
pavlushkawb zaki 11:25
Kilosand i dont want to attempt it from ians windows lappy11:25
pavlushkaKilos: do you have any external hdd?11:26
Kilosto do what with?11:26
Kilosi have one that used to house my ssd11:27
Kilosbut ssd in here now so the case is resting11:27
zakisuccessfully organized my hdd partition 11:27
zakiwithout any data loss. 11:28
pavlushkaI have an external usb-hdd, which I can keep while traveling and connect to any machine and boot into my system11:28
zakiusing gparted11:28
Kilosyes thats what i did with the usb3 external11:29
zakipavlushka: i'm making partition for arch. 11:29
zakiwill duel nboot with ubuntu11:29
pavlushkaKilos: so connect that usb to ian's lappy and boot your system using that machine and try to connect to that display panel.11:30
pavlushkazaki: cool11:30
zakipavlushka: this is privious state of my hdd11:31
Kilosyeah ty i can do that11:31
Kilosjust means removing ssd from this lappy and using old drive in here11:32
Kilostoo much work to change all that now so tv can wait a while11:32
pavlushkaha ha ha11:33
Kilosill hear when ian is away for a day or so , then use his lappy with his permission11:33
Kilosbecause when he is here he is on and off it all the time with clients11:33
pavlushkaKilos: good luck on that :)11:34
Kilosty pavlushka 11:34
Kilosi was actually looking forward to seeing kde on that massive screen11:34
pavlushkaha ha ha11:34
Kilosmaybe ian has a hdmi/vga adapter then i can play 11:35
pavlushkaKilos: 51 inches is really massive :)11:35
Kilosyes its a massive tv11:35
Kilosbelongs to one of his ex girlfriends11:35
pavlushkaKilos: yes, that you can do, but adapters are sometime messy11:35
pavlushkaKilos: lol11:35
Kilosso i wanted to fix it so she can use it11:35
Kilosthey couldnt even switch it on because the on/off button isnt there on this model11:36
zakipavlushka: http://imgur.com/a/lopE4 this is current state11:36
Kilosjust a whole11:36
Kilosi shoved a pencil in the whole and it turned on11:37
zakihr he11:37
zakiwb Kilos12:07
Kilosty stupid router disconnected from mobile provider and wouldnt log on again12:08
Kilosmaybe they working on something12:08
zakimay be12:08
pavlushkazaki: you should make your root as sda1 and swap afterwards.12:17
pavlushkaKilos: so the tv turned on and what next?12:18
Kilosthen when you touch and buttons to change channel or volume it says key lock12:19
zakipavlushka: i will have to reconfigure everythint to do that12:19
pavlushkawe had the same problem with our tv, then we just took it to service center and they unlocked it with their remote.12:20
pavlushkazaki: make a bootable pendrive and do it from there using gparted like Saiful Alam did :)12:21
pavlushkazaki: and then just had to edit the /etc/fstab and then update grub by "mkgrubconfig -o /mnt/boot/grub/grub.cfg" after mounting the root at /mnt on the live env.12:22
zakibtw there is no sda 2 and and sda4 12:23
pavlushkazaki: there will be, if you create another primary partition.12:23
pavlushkazaki: the second one will be sda212:24
pavlushkazaki: and maximum 4 primary partitions are allowed.12:24
zakiwhat if i put all of them into a extended?12:25
pavlushkaand the extended partition on which logical partitions are created is another primary partition but of extended type.12:25
zakihard to understand12:26
pavlushkazaki: you must have 1 active primary partition minimum other than extended primary partition :)12:26
pavlushkaand here comes Saiful , welcome12:27
Saifulthanks, bro12:27
zakioky now i have 1. and it working as swap12:28
Saifulis it possible? i want to install ubuntu in my pendrive then want to use it any PC 12:28
pavlushkaSaiful: yes12:28
Saifulpavlushka, Thanks.12:29
pavlushkaSaiful: in that case, you have to install the mbr on the pendrive, means sdb or sdc may be12:29
pavlushkaSaiful: you can check that by "sudo fdisk -l"12:29
Saifulbye now..... Allah Hafez12:30
pavlushkaSaiful: see ya :)12:30
=== Saiful is now known as Guest65115
zakipavlushka: ping13:25
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos

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