hikikohappy new year !06:02
dufluHappy new year, hikiko06:03
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
hikikosame to you duflu :-)06:40
pittiGood morning, and happy new year everyone!07:02
dufluMorning and happy new year pitti07:52
pittihey duflu, good morning and happy new year!07:57
flexiondotorgGood morning and happy new year desktopers :-)09:05
pittihey Laney, hey flexiondotorg, happy new year! had some nice holidays?09:09
Laneyhey pitti! ahoy flexiondotorg!09:11
Laneypitti: very good thanks! we went to the seaside (Brighton), then visited two lots of family and were up in the countryside in Yorkshire for the new year09:12
Laneyafter being 14° on Christmas Day it got down to -4° or so over NY09:12
Laneysomebody had a telescope so we did some stargazing09:13
Laneypitti: what about you?09:14
Laneydid you achieve some mind clearance? :-)09:14
Laneyready for the mind filling to begin now09:15
pittiLaney: I had a nice three weeks of holidays too, need to get into the mood of working again :)09:24
pittispent the last two weeks in Dresden for meeting family and friends again09:25
seb128Oh, people in there today, was quite empty yesterday09:25
seb128happy new year desktopers09:25
seb128hey Laney pitti flexiondotorg09:25
pittibonjour seb128, comment vas-tu ?09:25
seb128pitti, ça va bien ! et toi ?09:26
Laneyhey seb128!09:26
Laneyhappy new year to you09:26
Laneydid you have some good holidays?09:26
pittij'ai une petite rhume, mais sinon bien, merci !09:26
seb128holidays were great, quite relaxing09:26
chrisccoulsonhi everyone :)09:27
seb128was just lacking the winter weather for the first half09:27
seb128hey chrisccoulson!09:27
Laneywere you in france or nl or both?09:27
flexiondotorgpitti, Like Laney we've been at the coast. The Lulworth Cove and then Dawlish. Got back last night.09:28
flexiondotorgMuch fun with the whole extended family :-)09:28
seb128in France from the 19th until new year09:29
flexiondotorgseb128, Morning :-)09:29
* seb128 wonders if yesterday was a "free" Canonical holiday day09:29
seb128it was pretty empty and hr had it flagged as an holidays for everyone09:30
flexiondotorgIt was in the UK. Public Holiday.09:30
Laneysubstitute day for new years day09:30
didrockshappy new year guys! Ah, this channel is active :)09:30
seb128Laney, right, u.k does that but e.g France doesn't09:31
flexiondotorgHappy New Year didrocks!09:31
LaneyI thought about you yesterday :P09:31
Laneyhey didrocks09:31
Laneysome good holidays for you too?09:31
didrocksoh, a pitti is here as well!09:31
didrocksglückliches neues Jahr09:31
didrocksyeah, holidays were good, the last week a little bit less as both Julie and I got a cold09:32
pittididrocks: gesundes Neues auch fuer Dich!09:32
didrocks(fortunately, I was the only one to get bad fiever)09:32
* Laney was away with a sick person for the last few days too09:32
Laneywondering whether I will survive09:32
* Laney hugs didrocks (not too close)09:33
pittiseems I caught a cold at last as well, too many people carrying it already :/09:33
* didrocks hugs Laney with some cautious then :)09:33
didrocksat least "DONE" and hoping to be protected for a while (still coughing though)09:33
Laneystay strong!09:34
Laneyah, new year, new mailbox full of spam from linkedin09:35
didrockshave to, crazy deadlines for now! ;)09:35
Laneyholidays coming up :)09:36
didrocksexactly ;-)09:37
chrisccoulsonWho feels like backporting gcc 4.9 to precise and trusty?10:35
seb128doko? ;-)10:37
=== ahayzen_ is now known as ahayzen
xnoxchrisccoulson, because firefox?12:10
chrisccoulsonxnox, yep12:10
xnoxchrisccoulson, well, precise is EOL in 3 months.12:11
chrisccoulsonYeah, I can probably forget about precise12:12
xnoxchrisccoulson, are you gonna ask for rustcc as well?12:13
chrisccoulsonyeah, rust is going to be mandatory early this year. And it's going to require regular updates too12:13
xnoxchrisccoulson, .... i bet there is toolchain-r ppa with 4.9 for trusty. but i don't think anybody will like using out of the archive toolchain to build firefox =/12:14
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Laneystrategic error13:05
* Laney has a blood donation appointment booked for tonight13:06
Laneyno climbing /o\13:06
ogra_meeitng the vampires ?13:06
Laneyweight loss13:07
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alexarnaudhappy new year didrocks seb128 pitti  and all :) !14:39
seb128hey alexarnaud, happy new year!14:39
didrockshey alexarnaud, happy new year to you too! :)14:54
Laneyi got a random container of soup out of the freezer for lunch15:11
Laneyturned out to be HUGE15:11
* Laney dies15:11
seb128you know that you don't have to eat it all, you can keep some for tonight!15:19
LaneyI put it all into the bowl15:21
Laneythen it was there...15:21
ogra_bring some to the blood donation people15:21
Laneythey'll have to get it out of me15:21
Laneyprobably have all the right equipment there though15:21
Laneyalarm testing guys are here and making lots of noise happen15:24
* Laney gets tinnitus15:24
seb128k, let's have an easy meeting round, everybody but willcooke and robert_ancell are supposed to be back but the channel has been quiet today so might be good to have that one :-)15:31
meetingologyMeeting started Tue Jan  3 15:31:33 2017 UTC.  The chair is seb128. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.15:31
meetingologyAvailable commands: action commands idea info link nick15:31
seb128Roll call: andyrock, attente, desrt,  dgadomski, fjkong, flexiondotorg, happyaron, hikiko, laney, qengho, sweet5hark, themuso (out), tkamppeter, trevinho, robert_ancell (out)15:31
Sweet5harkHappy new year, all!15:32
hikikooh no15:32
hikikoit's tuesday!15:32
seb128lol, so we have some desktopers back who were hidding15:32
hikikoI thought it's monday15:32
FJKonghappy new year and first meeting15:32
seb128hey Sweet5hark, hikiko15:32
hikikohappy new year!!!15:32
seb128hey FJKong!15:32
seb128happy new year all :-)15:32
seb128hey desrt15:32
desrthello everyone :D15:32
hikikoI have no bullets, I was on holidays!!!15:32
seb128hikiko, just woke up? :p15:33
hikikolike everyone else I guess15:33
hikikolol seb12815:33
seb128hikiko, desrt, read email?15:33
attentecan you believe i haven't seen you guys since last year?15:33
* Sweet5hark has no bullet, but read seb128s mail ;)15:33
desrtattente: i saw you this year already :p15:33
attenteah right :P15:33
seb128hikiko, I said so in the reminder, probably no status update to share (except for people who were working after the last december meeting and took some notes they want to share)15:33
hikikosorry then, I didn't see it :(15:34
seb128ok, let's have a round, if you have no status update just say some greeting and that you don't have anything else15:34
seb128#topic andyrock15:34
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: andyrock
seb128andyrock, hey!15:34
seb128he was around yesterday, not today he seems :p15:34
seb128#topic attente15:35
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: attente
seb128attente, hey :-)15:35
attentehey seb128!15:35
seb128attente, don't pretend you are not there, I saw you :p15:35
attenteit was a super short week, i think i just followed up on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bubblewrap/+bug/164933015:35
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1649330 in bubblewrap (Ubuntu Xenial) "[SRU] bubblewrap unavailable on xenial" [Undecided,New]15:35
attentehappy new year everyone :)15:36
seb128oh right, that one, I note to have a look this week to see if I can help with it15:36
seb128thanks attente, happy new year to you too! ;-)15:36
seb128#topic desrt15:36
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: desrt
seb128desrt, hey15:36
desrtuh... started working an hour ago after a very long time off :)15:36
desrtlarsu is sleeping in the next room15:37
seb128k, good luck getting back in work mode!15:37
desrthad a good christmas, new years, lots of fun, etc.15:37
seb128time to make some tea? ;-)15:37
desrthope everyone else did too15:37
desrtwe (+mascha) did coffee so far... tea will be soon, i think :)15:37
seb128I did, and seems like most of us did as well15:37
seb128thanks desrt!15:37
seb128#topic dgadomski15:37
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: dgadomski
seb128dgadomski, hey, unsure if you are around :-)15:38
dgadomskihappy new year everyone! nothing to share yet this year, just got back today :)15:38
seb128welcome back and happy news year!15:38
seb128#topic FJKong15:38
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: FJKong
seb128FJKong, hey15:38
FJKongnot too much to share, just have a meeting with NUDT guys last month15:39
FJKonghave some bugs to update15:39
seb128k, thanks FJKong15:39
seb128#topic flexiondotorg15:39
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: flexiondotorg
seb128flexiondotorg, hey15:39
flexiondotorgHappy New Year everyone!15:39
seb128thanks, to you too :-)15:39
flexiondotorg· Created snaps for Lightworks and Spotify.15:39
flexiondotorg· Met with Lightworks product manager.15:39
flexiondotorg· Video conferences with Spotify and Mail-In-A-Box.15:39
flexiondotorg· Assisted with bug where snapcraft parts using debs don't recreate symlinks (LP: #1634813)15:40
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1634813 in Snapcraft "Symbolic links inside .deb pulled as directories" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/163481315:40
flexiondotorg· Made some snaps for MATE applications using the GTK3 platform snap.15:40
seb128oh, nice, how did that go?15:40
flexiondotorg· Fixes for HexChat snap (upstreamed)15:40
seb128you can probably tell us after the meeting15:40
flexiondotorg· Assisted JetBrains product manager who has now started snapping IntelliJ IDEA15:40
flexiondotorg· Assisted electron-builder developer with adding the final pieces for snap support. electron-builder can now produce snaps.15:40
seb128I saw they had commited support for flatpak but I didn't see there was work ongoing for snap as well15:41
seb128thanks flexiondotorg!15:41
seb128#topic happyaron15:41
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: happyaron
seb128happyaron, hey15:41
happyaron1. opencc SRU to yakkety15:41
happyaron2. update network-manager for x, y, z series15:41
happyaron3. becomes Debian co-maintainer of network-manager15:41
happyaron4. went over ~300 bugs of network-manager and related packages (applet, plugins, wpa, etc)15:41
happyaron5. fcitx's low reproduce rate infinite loop fix and SRU (LP: #1652591)15:41
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1652591 in fcitx (Ubuntu Yakkety) "[SRU] fcitx 100% CPU usage on rare case" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/165259115:41
seb128happyaron, oh, well done on becoming the debian n-m co-mainainer ;-)15:42
seb128hikiko, we can read you :-)15:42
seb128happyaron, thanks15:42
hikikosorry :)15:42
seb128#topic hikiko15:42
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: hikiko
seb128hikiko, and it's your turn!15:42
hikikohey! happy new year everyone! (greeting) well, I was on holidays.. :)15:42
seb128hope you had good holidays!15:43
hikikoalmost, apart from the fact that a plaster from a building fall on my car15:43
hikikoand the building was our building15:43
hikikoeverything else was great :)15:43
seb128nobody got hurt?15:43
hikikono fortunately I was inside15:43
seb128k, good then :-)15:44
seb128thanks hikiko!15:44
seb128#topic Laney15:44
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Laney
seb128Laney, hey, busy with the alarm guy or back to keyboard? ;-)15:44
seb128he didn't type on the channel for a while so I assume he's busy15:44
seb128#topic qengho15:44
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: qengho
seb128qengho, hey15:44
qenghoHappy new year! I tried not to work, but I needed to educate my 8-year-old son in Quake, so I installed "openarena" package, and then spent a long while debugging what looks like a new (in yakkety!) word-size pointer SEGV. LP: #165300715:45
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1653007 in ioquake3 (Ubuntu) "yakkety ioquake3 SEGV in variable handling code" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/165300715:45
qenghoHe escaped humiliation this time.15:45
Laneythought we weren't doing a round!15:45
seb128qengho, happy new year!15:45
Laneysorry qengho15:45
qengho'S okay!15:45
qenghoMissed you guys.15:45
seb128thanks qengho15:45
seb128#topic Laney15:45
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Laney
qenghoHappy new year.15:45
Laneydidn't prepare anything, sorry, thought we were skipping15:46
Laneyso I forgot what I did15:46
seb128Laney, see reminder email ;-) (just doing an easy round in case people had note from decembre and so we get people to get out of the corner and say hey ;-)15:46
Laneyexcept today I fixed autopkgtest stuff15:46
Laneyarmhf got broken15:46
seb128yeah, I didn't expect updates15:46
Laneyand some requests got lost15:46
Laneyworking now15:46
Laneylooking at bugs/merges/etc currently15:46
seb128thanks Laney!15:46
Laneyweirdly didn't have that much  bug mail15:46
Laneylike 20 unread today15:46
seb128yeah, same here15:46
seb128a stack of file-roller bugwatch that updated15:47
seb128and a few others15:47
seb128but not a lot15:47
seb128#topic Sweet5hark15:47
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Sweet5hark
seb128Sweet5hark, hey, your turn if you are done fixing Laney's alarm ;-)15:47
Sweet5harkhappy new year everyone!15:47
Sweet5harknot much to share at this point: mail backlog, still coping with signal overload from #33c3 (likely last one that was in Hamburg with some 12.000 people)15:47
Sweet5harknext: finish the 5.3 beta snap, xenial SRU15:47
seb128Laney, sorry, I somewhat though you said you were done and you didn't, hope I didn't cut you in the middle of typing :-/15:48
seb128Sweet5hark, happy new year :-)15:48
seb128thanks Sweet5hark15:48
seb128#topic tkamppeter15:48
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: tkamppeter
seb128tkamppeter, hey15:48
tkamppeter- A happy and driverless 2017 to everyone!15:48
tkamppeter- cups-filters: Released 1.13.1 and 1.13.2 with many bug fixes and stability improvements, especially for bugs caused by the features added in 1.13.0 and bug found by the testing of driverless printing.15:48
tkamppeter- cups-filters: Fixed support for URIs with IPv6 IP addreeses.15:48
tkamppeter- cups-filters: Called for testing IPP Everywhere printing in Zesty on the ubuntu-devel mailing list and got some feedback leading to bug fixes.15:48
tkamppeter- ippusbxd: Called for help on the ubuntu-devel list about network/distro integration of ippusbxd Bonjour-broadcasting the USB printers made a vailable as virtual network printers. Received a lot of help from pitti, stgraber, in the direction of using a dummy network interface with IPv6 ULA IP address. Got it mostly working, at least when cups-browsed auto-generates the print queue.15:48
tkamppeter- First look into how IPP scanning works, to also get driverless scaning to work, letting a GSoC student make a SANE driver for IPP scanning.15:49
tkamppeter- Google Summer of Code 2017: Working with Aveek Basu from lexmark India to find students. He is looking around at schools in India and sent me a first bunch of CVs.15:49
tkamppeter- Bugs.15:49
seb128tkamppeter, happy new year to you as well!15:49
seb128I saw from the mailing list that you have been busy during holidays15:49
desrt2017: the year of driverless15:49
desrtif only i could find that ppd file... where did i download it from again?  >:|15:50
tkamppeterYes, as I got a lot of answers on my call for help concerning the network bits for broadcasting a printer only locally.15:50
tkamppeterEspecially from stgraber but also from pitti.15:50
seb128tkamppeter, good work, nice to see you got replies on your issues as well15:50
seb128thanks tkamppeter!15:50
seb128#topic Trevinho15:50
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Trevinho
seb128Trevinho, hey, happy new year!15:51
seb128italians are hidding, or late as usual it seems ;-)15:51
seb128or and I forgot my round15:51
seb128#topic seb12815:51
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: seb128
desrttypical french, generalising about italians15:52
seb128not a lot here, mostly enjoyed the holidays and did catching up on emails, bug reports and snappy work since yesterday15:52
seb128desrt, true, sorry about that :p15:52
seb128#topic aob15:52
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: aob
seb128anything else?15:52
desrtwe should get a wrap on that and book tickets asap15:53
desrtand i don't think it was ever properly announced/asked to the whole team15:53
seb128right, reading the email it was clear to me that those who have non trivial travel cost should book15:53
seb128but otherwise we need willcooke for the details15:54
desrtdo we even have an event code yet?15:54
seb128hotel can wait next week I think15:54
desrtflights are going to start getting really awful really quickly15:54
seb128oh, good point15:54
LaneyJust take one of the 3 places and book it15:54
seb128but the event code is a good point15:54
seb128well if she wants to book through the travel agent15:55
desrti can't book with the travel agent without an approval15:55
Laneyit's not needed15:55
seb128otherwise you can book&expense15:55
desrtand book&expense is ... deprecated15:55
Laneyyou don't need an evt, just a req15:55
desrthuh.  i'll fill that out then15:55
* desrt didn't know it was possible15:55
Sweet5hark(read some story recently: booking is cheapest ~3 weeks in advance on a sunday apparently)15:55
seb128well you need an approval no?15:55
Laneyyes but you don't need an evt for that15:55
seb128so yeah, desrt please book the flight tickets at least15:56
* desrt will look into that today15:56
Laneyi'll find out which hotel to use15:56
seb128Laney, did you end up doing something about the hotel?15:56
Laneyasking atm15:56
seb128I was going to wait for willcooke to be back for that15:56
seb128I got my room booked the day before fosdem last year15:56
seb128so I don't think we need it done this week15:56
Laneydon't think it is necessary15:57
seb128though it would be better getting that sorted out15:57
Laneyit's easy to get the agent to book it whenever15:57
seb128k, let's wrap the meeting, we can keep chatting then15:57
seb128thanks everyone15:57
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meetingologyMeeting ended Tue Jan  3 15:57:34 2017 UTC.15:57
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-desktop/2017/ubuntu-desktop.2017-01-03-15.31.moin.txt15:57
Laneyok, they don't know which hotel yet16:01
seb128somebody keeps you update when they do?16:02
* desrt forgets (again) where the travel request form is16:03
seb128desrt, query16:04
LaneyI should think you can ping clan to get that approved so you don't have to wait a week16:05
seb128or ping $manager on telegram16:06
seb128the price he has to pay for not handling it before holidays!16:07
Laneyhe was trying to be fair16:07
seb128well, he replied saying to sort it out and book flights after most of us were already on holidays16:08
seb128but yeah maybe not his fault16:08
Laneyhad to go up the chain16:08
seb128he might have been waiting for an ack as well16:09
seb128not blaming anyone16:09
* Laney is happy to be able to go16:09
ochosievening everyone!16:16
ochosii just read "fosdem" in the backlog so i thought i'd say hi and let you know that i'll be there16:16
seb128hey ochosi, happy new year!16:17
ochosioh and ofc happy new year to everyone ;)16:17
seb128ochosi, great, some of us are going to be there as well16:17
seb128ochosi, I hope with manage to cross each others, fosdem tends to be busy with people :-)16:17
ochosiyeah, absolutely16:18
andyrockHey sorry I thought it was at 5:3016:18
Laneyhey ochosi16:18
andyrockAnd I went to the supermarket16:18
Laneylooking forward to seeing you there ;-)16:18
andyrockseb128: ^^^16:19
ochosiLaney: yeah, i still remember where you were sitting last year at the delirium cafe, so in case you're going to sit there again i know how to find you ;)16:19
Laneyoh the absinthe table16:19
Laneythat is the place to be16:20
ochosiindeed! :)16:20
seb128hey andyrock, no worry :-)16:22
seb128andyrock, do you know if Trevinho is supposed to be back?16:22
bregmacan you guys give me a number of Canonical people for FOSDEM so I can request an EVT since Will's still languishing on vacation?16:22
Laneythis seems a bit internal...16:22
seb128Laney, going to miss didrocks there this year :-(16:24
Laneydon't remind me16:24
seb128but plenty of other nice people to drink with16:25
* Laney will hire an impersonator to run around the desktop room16:25
seb128until Dider joins us again in another year16:25
andyrockseb128: i was online few hours ago16:27
seb128andyrock, who is speaking? :-)16:28
andyrockseb128: *he16:37
Laneyhow is telegram sending me notifications on my laptop when it isn't open in the browser?16:38
Laneycan the web do this? :-o16:38
seb128I don't see how it could16:39
seb128the desktop client might if it has a service?16:39
Laneymight be able to install some background thing16:39
Laneydon't have any client installed16:39
seb128didrocks probably knows :-)16:40
seb128but sounds weird to me16:40
seb128what webbrowser are you using?16:40
Laneythat thing?16:41
seb128could be I guess16:46
flexiondotorgLaney, seb128 I'll be about an hour late starting tomorrow.17:35
seb128flexiondotorg, ok, no problem17:37
* Laney nods flexiondotorg 17:37
seb128flexiondotorg, you speaking is reminding you that I wanted to talk to you about your snaps using the framework after the meeting17:38
seb128flexiondotorg, but that can wait another day no worry17:38
flexiondotorgseb128, OK then :-)17:38
flexiondotorgSo far, no big issues encountered.17:38
flexiondotorgMATE has some additional deps.17:38
flexiondotorgANd I think MATE Team will make the MATE platform snap at some point.17:39
seb128as said before holidays it's a bit of a non obvious choice17:41
seb128we could either bundle small useful libs17:41
seb128or declare that they are not useful to that many snaps and easy to build/bundle by those who need it17:41
* Laney deflates17:55
* Laney feels not that useful today17:56
LaneyI should do some uploads tomorrow17:56
Laneythey make me feel better17:56
* seb128 cheers Laney up, you manage to deal with that emails backlog, which is good for a first day back :-)17:59
seb128on that note I'm calling it a day17:59
Laneythanks seb128!17:59
seb128have a nice evening desktopers!17:59
Laneyhappy evening to you17:59
seb128thanks, to you too!17:59
* Laney is going to fill a bag with fluid17:59
* Laney wonders whether to cycle18:00
seb128don't overdo it, also depends of if it's raining18:01
flexiondotorgNight all.18:01
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