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ducassegood morning all06:57
lordievaderGood morning, happy new year!08:20
ducassehappy new year, lordievader - best wishes for the new one :)08:30
BluesKajhi ducasse... insomnia here08:31
ducasseBluesKaj: hi, that sucks - i've had insomnia for most of my life.08:32
BluesKajI suppose it doesn't matter much ..I can sleep in later or have a nap this aft, or both :-)08:34
ducasseBluesKaj: naps are good, i find as i get older :)08:36
ducasseafter i got my new desk, my cat discovered she can sleep between the keyboard and the screen, so now i've got company most of the time i'm at my computer :)08:38
ducassenow i'm looking at monitor arms for three screens, they're actually not that expensive. only problem is that two of the screens have buttons on the right-hand side.08:41
BluesKajI'm having fewer problems with 17.04 dev Kubuntu than 16,10 which has window manager/kwin crashes, due to using the newer plasma desktop08:43
ducasseyes, i heard the plasma packages were bad. any other nice things in zesty?08:46
lordievaderHey ducasse, same to you ;)08:46
lordievaderHey BluesKaj08:46
BluesKajHi lordievader08:47
lordievaderBest wishes!08:47
BluesKajlordievader, Happy New Year !08:48
lordievaderHow are you doing?08:49
BluesKajok here, and you?08:50
lordievaderDoing good, bit tired but I do have a cup of coffee... the second.08:52
ducassechai here today, considering getting my third cup :)08:53
lordievaderducasse: What is stopping you ;)08:54
BluesKajzesty with plasma 5.4.3 is running fine here, btw09:03
ducasseBluesKaj: have you used the kde connect android-thingy?09:44
lordievaderI have :)09:46
lordievaderIt is quite nice.09:46
ducasseit can give you notifications etc, right?09:46
lordievaderYes, both ways appearently.09:47
ducassenice. does it connect over bluetooth or usb?09:47
BluesKajducasse, yes, it worked earlier, but now the connection is iffy, my cheap phone's OS being an early version09:47
lordievaderYour phone and the pc running KDE connect needs to be on the same network.09:48
lordievaderA firewall can be a pita.09:48
ducasseaha. i've got to test this out, then. i've been missing proper android integration.09:48
ducassei only need this at home, so not a problem.09:48
lordievaderThe feature of pausing the music for a phone call is quite nice.09:49
lordievaderThough it still confuses me at times. "Huh why did the music pause?"09:49
BluesKajkde connect works sometimes and sometimes not, it gets confused by more than one linux OS at the same IP09:50
BluesKajand my phone is just a low end alcatel one touch09:51
ducassewell, it's still better than what i have now, which is basically nothing beyond mtp connectivity.09:51
ducassemy phone is a cheap lg, but actually got marshmallow this fall.09:52
BluesKajkde connect worked well enough at first to transfer my pictures folder from the pc to the phone.09:54
lordievaderNice thing about it is that it works network independent. If both machines are on a different wifi network (the same work wifi for example) it works just fine ;)09:55
BluesKajdifferent IPS yes, then it's fine but dual booting from one pc with different hostnames, but the same IP makes for unpredictable connectivity...my laptop  connects ok09:59
BluesKajno dual booting on the laptop10:00
ducassenone of my machines dual boot, alternative installs are either in containers or virtual machines.10:02
ducassebut thanks for the info, guys, i'll install it and take a look. :)10:05
BluesKajducasse, in your case it should work ok10:19
BluesKajwell, gonna get some more sleep...bbl10:24
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