clearyHi folks, happy New Year00:14
clearycjwatson: a year or more ago I was picking your brain on the state of livecd building tools, looking to replace my sidux/Kel Modderman derived tool with something more "official Ubuntu"00:15
clearyanyway, I finally got some opportunity over the christmas/New Year break to dive in and have a look at the ubuntu-defaults-builder script as you recommended00:18
clearysorry, keep getting interrupted :P00:36
clearyso, I'm diving in - I had issue navigating my authenticate proxy, so I've created a bug report/patch for that ( #1653193 )01:17
clearybut I still can't get a successful build happening - it won't let me run the script without a --locale argument, so I tried nl_nl since there is an ubuntu-defaults-builder-nl-nl package, but it's not finding it (presumably because it's in universe)01:19
clearySo I pass the nl-nl package with the --package option, and it goes through - no problem02:42
clearyI then forked the package, in order to create a custom one for my own purposes, using an en_AU locale02:43
clearyI get all the way into the package installation section, and it errors out: https://paste.debian.net/906093/02:44
clearyI was hoping if you have a moment at some point, you could give me some pointers on troubleshooting this02:44
clearyThanks a lot, and apologies for the stilted chat :/02:45
clearyah never mind. Locale formatting in i18n/language.txt was busted, AND there were tips for where to find the list ... moving on ;)03:01
cjwatsoncleary: glad you sorted it out; I've moved on to other things and am not likely to be able to help much with other things like that anyway ...11:01
clearycjwatson: no problem, is there anyone else you can recommend as a contact for a bit of discussion (if required)?22:57
cjwatsonI'm hesitant to pick on a particular person, but hopefully asking on this channel will be enough22:58
clearyfair enough - I'm digging into the livecd-rootfs package now, that looks like where a lot of my work will be done23:05
clearyis there any info for the public on using the SEEDMIRRORs/generating their own?23:05
cleary...wrong window, sorry23:13

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