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Kanohi, could somebody update linux-firmware? 2 files are missing for new intel chips19:50
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flocculantjsalisbury: hi - been talking to bdmurray in #u-quality and a thread on the quality mailing list about bug 792085 - seems that suse have a patch that fixes which has gone upstream  - bdmurray suggests that it might be an SRU worthy issue for at least 16.04 21:30
ubot5`bug 792085 in udev (Ubuntu) "Automatic remount of safely removed USB 3.0 drive" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79208521:30
jsalisburyflocculant, I'll build a test kernel with the patch and post a link to it in the bug report, shortly21:32
flocculantawesome - thanks :)21:32

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