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AustralopithecusHello my windows partition is mounting as read only can someone give me fstab mount options that will give me permission to read and write to it?03:54
AustralopithecusI am on ubuntu mate 16.103:54
rmx77hello all05:27
rmx77anyone around05:32
masnell_rmx77: there are approximately 80 ppl here, either active or checking in on the thread. if you have a question pls ask, and if someone can help they will respond but give it some time07:21
rmx77i am having a few issues one of them is where the computer will randomly just black screen and i have to do a hard reboot and the other issue is with the usb m-audio box where it keeps turning it off and on each time it runs audio and no audio is there so if sound goes through it turns it on if no sound is going through it turns it off also after a hard reboot i have to unplug and plug back in the usb sound box to get the thing to09:42
rmx77work right09:42
masnell_rmx77: what version of UM are you running? You can turn off screen blanking under Control Centre - Power Management , set Put Display to Sleep to Never09:48
masnell_I'm not familiar with USB audio09:48
masnell_given the nature of your issues, be sure you have installed all updates - especially kernel - as these seem to be related to drivers09:50
rmx77oh yes09:50
rmx77i have09:50
rmx77when the os black screens the machine stays running09:50
rmx77i have an ati/amd radeon hd 435009:51
rmx77well i am running the latest lts ubuntu mate10:09
rmx77also display sleep is never but randomly as i am doing stuff the whole screen goes black no responce from the computer but it stays running10:10
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Guest17642HI, whats the password of user ubuntu16:06
Guest17642ros image ubunut/mate16:07
mate|67764is there a on screen keyboard in ubuntu mate18:56
herbert_vlc findet keine DLNA server Wer kann mir helfen19:34
mate|7425Does the MATE desktop have any language settings? a ton of the built in apps won't work because of the locale.20:03
JerryTIs there a way to disable right-click on the desktop?  Or a way to disable the context menu options within the Desktop right-click menu?22:19
ali1234i think in the desktop settings there is an option to set what right clicking on the desktop does22:43
GroundZero1anyone here? need help with my panel menu23:18
GroundZero1i wanted to edit the order of my categories of the apps in the upper menu23:19
GroundZero1and now..the application list is just empty23:19
GroundZero1and when i open the window to edit the order again...the windows closes and doens't show up23:19
villapxanyone have a link to some info on 256 color support in mate-terminal? mate-terminal 1.12.1 sets TERM to 'xterm' by default23:58

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