* Phanes politely puts on his lurking hat the time being if allowable00:01
FlannelWe'd rather you not.  This channel is logged publically if you ever need to check logs.00:01
FlannelBesides, nothing exciting happens here anyway.00:02
bazhangPhanes, please exit this channel, thanks00:44
ubottuavenger_q called the ops in #ubuntu ()01:23
rottenpussysup bitches04:23
ubottuThanks for letting us know you are here, someone will be along presently04:23
ubotturottenpussy called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()04:23
daxhi yehai04:23
rottenpussybazhang: faggot04:23
daxcalm down and find something better to do, please04:23
daxyou're going to calm down sooner or later, may as well be now :)04:24
rottenpussyfucking rotten assholes04:24
rottenpussywho the fuck hggdh04:25
daxhggdh is an ubuntu developer person who joined our IRC Council a few years ago04:25
rottenpussyfucking rotten cunt bitches04:25
daxwhy are you upset?04:25
rottenpussyyou had sex with bazhang04:26
daxno, real talk though. how come you're mad all of a sudden?04:26
rottenpussyyou are bi sexual04:27
rottenpussyyou fuckin used me04:27
rottenpussyfucking asshole04:27
daxcan you be more specific? i am confused.04:27
rottenpussyyou fucking used me04:27
rottenpussyfaggot land ubuntu-ops04:28
rottenpussygood bye motherfuckers04:28
daxstrange, strange man04:29
rottenpussyfuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck04:31
elkyoh come on...04:31
rottenpussyikonia: sup bitch04:31
rottenpussyoh fuck niko04:32
elkynot that either04:32
rottenpussyelky: what! bitch04:33
rottenpussyyou wanna in the game?04:33
rottenpussyfuck you04:33
elkygo sober up or whatever04:33
rottenpussyyou are not qualified04:33
elkyfor what?04:34
rottenpussywhy isnt no fucker awake04:34
rottenpussyahoneybun: bazhang CarlFK chu Dave04:34
elkythis kind of nonsense is why you don't have friends.04:34
rottenpussybazhang: suck my D you good with dax?04:35
rottenpussywhat's up bitches04:41
rottenpussygive me +e on all channels04:41
rottenpussyfucking massive gays04:42
daxyou're making a compelling argument04:42
daxbut no04:42
daxlet's not04:42
rottenpussygive +e04:42
rottenpussyi wanna talk to bazhang in chat04:43
elkyyehai please stop.04:43
daxbazhang's client has been idle 3 hours. he's not going to notice this until he's next around04:43
rottenpussymotherfuckers think staffs can do anything?04:43
elkythey can kline you as i'm assuming already happened today04:44
rottenpussyfucking shit bitches04:44
elkyyou do realise this isn't making you seem "badass" just antisocial and unstable right?04:46
elkynot until you do.04:47
rottenpussyfuck yourself04:48
rottenpussygo get busy04:48
elkyi was busy playing gnomoria but i'm taking a break to tell you to start behaving yourself04:48
elkywhy not?04:49
elkyis this all because i won't send you a voice message on wechat?04:49
rottenpussyunless you unban me in ubuntu dax04:49
rottenpussydax: fag do it now04:49
rottenpussyelky: shut up you are not any good at this04:50
elkynot good at what?04:50
rottenpussygo away04:50
rottenpussyikonia: you mother s rotten smelly pussy, time to work!04:52
elkybrb feeding cats04:57
valoriewhat a sweetheart05:06

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