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-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: landscape-client (trusty-proposed/main) [14.12-0ubuntu0.14.04 => 14.12-0ubuntu1.14.04] (ubuntu-desktop, ubuntu-server)11:53
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bladernrHey gang... Happy New Year!14:58
bladernrQuestion... who is responsible for moving release images from releases.ubuntu.com to old-releases.ubuntu.com?14:59
cjwatsonbladernr: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EndOfLifeProcess15:20
cjwatsonI think infinity normally does that these days15:20
bladernrcjwatson, ahhh, thanks.  I'll ping infinity then.  I see where it's supposed to occur in the link, thanks for that!15:22
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-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New sync: akonadi4 (zesty-proposed/primary) [1.13.0-11]16:39
mvocan someone review/approve the snapd uploads to yakkety-propsed/xenial-proposed? trivial diff, should fix the autopkgtest failures we are seeing right now16:43
mvo(someone from the SRU team)16:43
mvoplease :)16:43
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted akonadi4 [sync] (zesty-proposed) [1.13.0-11]16:46
apwmvo, looking17:06
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted snapd [source] (xenial-proposed) [2.20.1ubuntu1]17:10
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted snapd [source] (yakkety-proposed) [2.20.1+16.10ubuntu1]17:12
mvoapw: \o/17:14
mvoapw: thank you!17:14
mvoapw: and happy new year :)17:14
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-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: cmor [ppc64el] (zesty-proposed/universe) [3.2.1-4] (no packageset)17:16
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: cmor [amd64] (zesty-proposed/universe) [3.2.1-4] (no packageset)17:17
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: cmor [i386] (zesty-proposed/universe) [3.2.1-4] (no packageset)17:17
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: cmor [arm64] (zesty-proposed/universe) [3.2.1-4] (no packageset)17:19
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: cmor [s390x] (zesty-proposed/universe) [3.2.1-4] (no packageset)17:20
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: cmor [armhf] (zesty-proposed/universe) [3.2.1-4] (no packageset)17:22
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: cmor [powerpc] (zesty-proposed/universe) [3.2.1-4] (no packageset)17:24
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted cmor [amd64] (zesty-proposed) [3.2.1-3]17:29
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted cmor [armhf] (zesty-proposed) [3.2.1-3]17:29
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted cmor [powerpc] (zesty-proposed) [3.2.1-3]17:29
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted cmor [s390x] (zesty-proposed) [3.2.1-3]17:29
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted cmor [arm64] (zesty-proposed) [3.2.1-4]17:29
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted cmor [i386] (zesty-proposed) [3.2.1-4]17:29
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted cmor [ppc64el] (zesty-proposed) [3.2.1-4]17:29
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted cmor [arm64] (zesty-proposed) [3.2.1-3]17:29
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted cmor [ppc64el] (zesty-proposed) [3.2.1-3]17:29
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted cmor [armhf] (zesty-proposed) [3.2.1-4]17:29
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted cmor [s390x] (zesty-proposed) [3.2.1-4]17:29
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted cmor [i386] (zesty-proposed) [3.2.1-3]17:29
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted cmor [powerpc] (zesty-proposed) [3.2.1-4]17:29
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted cmor [amd64] (zesty-proposed) [3.2.1-4]17:29
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lamontRAOF: holler when you're around, re: bug 151983620:41
ubot5`bug 1519836 in grub2-signed (Ubuntu Xenial) "MaaS fails to boot Hyper-V Generation 2 virtual machines" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151983620:41
lamontRAOF: only haha it won't be tuesday for you, will it?20:41
slangaseklamont: I think the SRU schedule is written such that he's covering "Tuesday", not Tuesday ;)21:13
slangasek(i.e. I believe that on Wednesday he covers our Tuesday)21:14
lamontoh, awesome21:15
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: snapd (yakkety-proposed/main) [2.20.1+16.10ubuntu1 => 2.20.1+16.10ubuntu2] (desktop-core, ubuntu-server)21:19
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New sync: aufs (zesty-proposed/primary) [4.8+20161219-2]21:58
valoriequestion: I see queuebot to #ubuntu-release- New: accepted akonadi4 [sync] (zesty-proposed) [1.13.0-11] -- why?22:04
valoriewhy sync a "KDE4" package, when we (kubuntu) have packaged and uploaded the current version for Zesty?22:05
valorieslangasek: ^^^22:05
naccvalorie: sorry, i only see the one version of akonadi4 in the publishing history?22:06
valoriewe don't want or need akonadi422:06
valoriedoes someone else need it?22:07
slangasekvalorie: because it showed up in the auto-sync log as something that couldn't be handled automatically, and a review of the packaging showed they were equivalent22:07
slangasekvalorie: is there a reason to want the diverged version of it?22:07
valorieok, there will be a few old versions that show up like that I guess22:08
valorieold=kdelibs, new=frameworks522:08
slangasekthe only real difference between the akonadi1 source package that was already in the archive, and the akonadi4 source package from Debian that was building the same binaries, was the source package name22:08
valoriefor libraries22:08
slangasekso I synced akonadi4 and dropped akonadi122:08
valoriewhich is why we uploaded the *new* version22:09
valorieand have been waiting for our uploads to be accepted22:09
valoriemeanwhile old stuff gets synced instead22:09
valoriewhich is very frustrating to us22:09
slangasekvalorie: er, there is nothing waiting in the NEW queue22:10
slangasekso I don't know what you mean by "waiting for our uploads to be accepted"22:11
valoriekubuntu packagers please speak up!22:11
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted aufs [sync] (zesty-proposed) [4.8+20161219-2]22:11
* tsimonq2 strolls in22:12
valorieslangasek: I've been running zesty for 6 weeks or so, and eagerly waiting for all the stuff I've tested to show up22:12
valorieafai recall, it was uploaded weeks ago22:13
tsimonq2Hold on here...22:13
acheronukvalorie: we have not uploaded new apps (including akonadi) for zesty yet22:13
valoriesorry for the noise then22:13
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: wxwidgets3.0 (xenial-proposed/universe) [3.0.2+dfsg-1.3 => 3.0.2+dfsg-1.3ubuntu0.1] (kubuntu)22:13
slangasekmeanwhile, all I was working on there was driving down http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/auto-sync/current.log22:13
acheronukframeworks, yes. plasma, yes. apps, no. though they are being staged to be ready22:14
slangasekfor the purpose of changing the behavior of autosyncing wrt previously-published packages22:14
tsimonq2]  * Rename source to akonadi1 from akonadi22:14
tsimonq2    + This is now a transitional source to allow kde4pimlibs applications to22:14
tsimonq2      install22:14
valoriebah, last thing I wanted to do was discourage hard-working release team members22:15
valoriesorry, slangasek22:15
slangasekno worries22:15
tsimonq2slangasek: You said akonadi1 = akonadi4 then?22:16
slangasektsimonq2: yes22:16
slangasekjust a different source package name in Debian vs. Ubuntu, now reconciled22:16
tsimonq2So akonadi1=1.13.0-8ubuntu1 is the same as akonadi4=1.13.0-11 then?22:17
tsimonq2slangasek: And yes, what valorie said, thanks. :)22:18
tsimonq2slangasek: While you're here, who's the best person to poke about systemd-resolved doing a belly flop and breaking things?22:20
tsimonq2(seeing that pitti is gone)22:20
slangasektsimonq2: you can use me as a starting point for that22:22
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted snapd [source] (yakkety-proposed) [2.20.1+16.10ubuntu2]22:22
tsimonq2Grr, I can't find this thing...22:24
tsimonq2slangasek: bug 164703122:24
ubot5`bug 1647031 in systemd (Ubuntu) "systemd-resolved’s server does not follow CNAME records" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/164703122:24
wxlany hope of getting our ubiquity problems fixed while we're fixing things? :(22:25
lamontcould someone process the grub2-signed and grub2 xenial SRUs from -proposed to -updates?22:26
lamontpretty please?22:26
slangaseklamont: done22:28
slangasekwxl: is there a bug number for that?22:29
lamontslangasek: tg22:29
lamontta even22:29
wxlslangasek: bug 165076722:30
ubot5`bug 1650767 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "kubuntu zesty installation fails (2016-12-16 image)" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/165076722:30
wxlslangasek: cyphermox said he would upload a fix and then disappeared, so.. i'm not even sure he knew what the solution was to be frank.22:32
wxlslangasek: we may wish to participate in alpha2, so if we could get it fixed this month, that would be nice :)22:32
slangasekwxl: ok; I believe cyphermox may be out this week still, so perhaps he'll have a chance to look at it next week22:35
wxlslangasek: does anyone KNOW when he'll be back?22:36
slangasekwxl: fwiw "kubuntu can't install" ought to be considered a showstopper; I would love to see this tested via autopkgtest before whatever broke it broke it in zesty, instead of alpha2 being the driver22:36
slangasek(since if we do that right, we can also stop worrying about alphas altogether)22:37
valorieto be fair, our driver is that our daily ISOs can't be installed right now22:39
slangasekso having that as a CI check via proposed-migration would be welcome22:39
wxlslangasek: huh. i'm surprised there's no testing already. is the rest of ubiquity tested, sans our kubuntu-specific bits?22:41
slangasekwxl: we don't currently have any image testing wired up as a gate for CI; there is something like that in development for this cycle, though at the moment it's focused on the cloud side - but I would certainly love to see collaboration there on how flavor install testing could also be automated and wired up22:42
tsimonq2slangasek: What are you guys currently using?22:43
wxlslangasek: as RM for lubuntu and general-lackey for kubuntu, i'd be more than happy to help out with that.22:43
tsimonq2Same, although in < 1 week I have to go away for a half a month for semester exams... :/22:43
slangasektsimonq2: not sure what you're asking22:44
tsimonq2slangasek: Re: systemd-resolved?22:44
tsimonq2slangasek: For CI22:44
slangasektsimonq2: proposed-migration + autopkgtest22:45
slangasekthat provides the distro-level CI22:45
tsimonq2Hmm ok22:45
cyphermoxwxl: I haven't forgotten, I'll be back next week. I thought it was that something got broken in console-setup, but it hasn't changed... it needs more thorough investigation to figure out exactly why it's broken now and was fine in Yakkety.23:46
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: apport (xenial-proposed/main) [2.20.1-0ubuntu2.4 => 2.20.1-0ubuntu2.5] (core)23:46
cyphermoxslangasek: fwiw, I think there are autopkgtests, but the qt tests are suspiciously absent (or my vgrep fails me)23:48
slangasekcyphermox: there aren't "Does this image install" autopkgtests23:50
cyphermoxactually, there are non-autopkgtests tests23:51
cyphermoxbut not specifically for kubuntu I think.23:51
tsimonq2o/ cyphermox23:53
RAOFlamont: Yo!23:53
cyphermoxtsimonq2: hello23:53
RAOFlamont: Disrupted morning, with people wandering around in my roof. What can I do you for?23:54
lamontRAOF: you were beaten by a fellow SRU king.23:55
lamontno worries mate23:55
lamontalso, happy new year!23:55
RAOFHappy new year!23:55

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