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Exterminadorhi guys. i'd like to know how hard is to a newbie to port ubuntu touch to a new device?09:46
Exterminadori'd love to try it out in my old phone, but it seems very hard to port. :/09:51
iAmVille[m]Ubuntu touch is still lacking in documentation :(10:21
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jgdxmatv2, hey, the output is saying that the 80211 driver fails somehow. I think you should tweak your channel settings on the 2.4g network11:55
matv2jgdx hi11:55
matv2thanks for looking!11:56
matv2in what way would I do that?11:56
jgdxmatv2, not really sure, but if it's on auto, choose some infrequently used channel11:56
jgdxalso, if that fails, try disabling 80211n and retry11:57
jgdxlastly, try googling "cfg80211-error wl_cfg80211 disconnect reason 3" and see what the Internet says11:59
matv2jgdx I can do that :)12:01
matv2jgdx Thanks so much for taking the time. I will certainly let you know if anything definite comes out of it. bye12:04
jgdxdavmor2_, hey, got time to help me flash x+o on m10?12:05
jgdxmatv2, np12:06
vigojgdx, hey! davmor2_ is off today but I think I can help you :)12:07
vigojgdx, just try to flash like this12:08
vigoubuntu-device-flash touch --channel ubuntu-touch/staging/frieza_arm64 --device=frieza_arm64 --revision 102 --recovery-image ~/Downloads/recovery/recovery-frieza.img --bootstrap12:09
vigooops mistake12:09
vigojgdx, ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel ubuntu-touch/staging/ubuntu --device=frieza_arm64 --revision 102 --recovery-image ~/Downloads/recovery/recovery-frieza.img --bootstrap12:09
vigojgdx, build 102 is the last image working12:10
jgdxvigo, will try that, thanks!12:10
vigofrom 103 on, it's broken :) we're working on it12:10
vigojgdx, yw =)12:10
sil2100jgdx: we're in the middle of investigating why it's broken though12:13
sil2100The new lxc xenial upload busted it12:14
jgdxsil2100, good to know12:15
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jgdxvigo, getting "can't flash recovery image" right now. Haven't gotten that in other attempts12:17
vigojgdx, verify the path to recovery image is the right one for you12:18
vigoand that you've got the recovery-frieza.img file12:18
jgdxvigo, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23733231/12:19
vigojgdx, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices all recovery images are here12:19
jgdxi have that one12:19
vigojgdx, mmm it should work, it was in bootloader mode right?12:21
jgdxfastboot, yeah12:21
vigojgdx, that also happened to me some times but eventually works, the command looks good12:22
jgdxvigo, right, FAILED (remote: low power, need battery charging.)12:23
vigojgdx, cool12:24
Exterminadoris there any way to automate the whole process? i'm using a mediatek phone. and i dont understand well the directives on the webpage in how to port to a new device12:49
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Exterminadorwell, i've been looking into the Devices page.13:04
ExterminadorEmulator (ARM) -> what does this exactly means?13:04
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jgdxvigo, okay, got it working :) Any trick to getting e.g. phablet-shell/adb/bileto to work?14:45
jgdxhave enabled dev mode14:45
* mterry testing latest unity8-session snap -- seems mostly fine, except for snap launching still15:01
Exterminadoranyone available to help me porting Ubuntu Touch for a device? i'm completely newbie in this15:02
mterryExterminador: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/phone/devices/porting-new-device/  (this is all I know, I have never tried porting Touch)15:06
Exterminadormterry: tks, i'll take a look at that15:06
vigojgdx, :) great15:17
jgdxvigo, those commands work for you?15:18
jgdxseeing ???????????? no permissions from adb devices15:19
vigojgdx, I got adb by flashing the recovery from fastboot15:19
jgdxvigo, okay15:19
vigojgdx, fastboot flash recovery <path_to_recovery> iirc15:21
jgdxyup, thanks15:21
Exterminadorjeez.. i wont even try to port.. this is too much for a newbie15:27
dobeyyeah, if you're not familiar with building android kernels and images already, it's quite a bit daunting15:28
Exterminadorindeed. i'd love to try ubuntu in my old phone.. but damnit.. those are complicated commands15:29
dobeywell hopefully porting should get a lot easier once we've got snap based builds working15:30
Exterminadormaybe i'd be able to do it in a few years15:30
Dev^Null4I am looking to put ubuntu touch on a Galaxy S5 it does not need to function as a phone. but I need it to run java and connect to wifi. I have yet to find any instructions for porting a new device can someone help me.15:59
dobeysee /topic16:01
dobeybut sounds like you don't really want an ubuntu phone image, but something else instead16:01
dobeywhy do you need to "run java" exactly?16:02
Dev^Null4we are looking for a smaller form factor then a tablet. to be used on a factory floor to run a java application. a phone (4.5 - 5") would be the right size.16:03
dobeyi don't know if any java implementations have support for running directly on mir, but...16:06
dobeykgunn: ^^ this sounds like something the mir kiosk stuff would be best for?16:06
* kgunn reads16:13
kgunnhuh, cool16:13
kgunnDev^Null4: so if you are intrested....please check out https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/mir-snaps/16:14
kgunnDev^Null4: altho, sounds like you'd need an ubuntu-core port none the less....16:14
dobeydragonboard or rpi + touchscreen seems like it would do there16:14
kgunnor that16:14
dobeyand probably a lot cheaper than buying phones16:14
kgunntrue that16:14
kgunnunless they already own all the phones16:15
dobeywell, cheaper than maintaining a port for a phone :)16:15
kgunnyeah that's true16:15
kgunnoh...caveat....rpi kernel still hosed for gfx atm16:16
dobeyplus phones have plenty of extra hardware that could leave open potential security holes16:16
kgunnso dragonboard is immediately available....we're working with kernel team on the gfx stuff16:16
Dev^Null4wish i would have known about this about 3 months ago I took a general ubuntu-desktop install threw open box on it and locked down what the user could do that way for another project.16:16
Dev^Null4we can't / wont use rpi or similar due to the unrelability with version control. you never know what your going to get we went down that road before with catastrophic failure.16:19
Dev^Null4you can buy cheap phones for like 50.00 or less each if they get damaged who cares. security holes is a good point. but since these are industrial devices they will never see an internet connection.16:20
dobeycheap phones are cheap for good reason16:21
dobeynot sure whta you mean about version control with rpi16:22
Dev^Null4we found veriations in the hardware between revs16:23
dobeyoh. seems like something i'd expect for a hardware product if the version bumped.16:24
dobeyinternet connection wasn't exactly what i meant with security16:26
Dev^Null4dobey the hardware variations were between rev's i would expect it when they released a new rev but not before.16:26
CoderEuropeHiya ! anyone know where the road-map for the Ubuntu browser is at ?17:00
ubot5`Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:06
CoderEuropeAnyone working/here today ?17:11
pmcgowanCoderEurope, theres a large backlog, anything in particular you are interested in?17:17
kevjavaSo, I'm trying to install Ubuntu touch on my Nexus 4, and I'm following all the instructions on https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/phone/devices/installing-ubuntu-for-devices/17:35
kevjavaEvery time I do the flash, it pushes all the files over, the progress bar gets about 70% through, and it reboots into Android again.17:36
kevjavaIs there any way I could see more information as to what's going wrong with the boot process?17:36
dobeywhat version of android do you have on the phone? do you have a weird recovery?17:38
kevjavaIt's stock Android - sitting at
kevjavaI haven't rooted it or anything.17:39
kevjavaWhoa - I tried it a fifth time on a lark, and I got the setup screen. :)17:39
dobeyflash stock 4.4 on it, boot to android, then reboot to bootloader and try again with --bootstrap option17:39
kevjavaAll I had to do was ask about it, I guess.17:40
kevjavaThanks a lot for your help, dobey.  If I have any more issues, I'll try it from the stock 4.4.17:40
CoderEuropepmcgowan: I was looking at the last post on this ubports post-forum : https://forums.ubports.com/topic/127/browser-won-t-run-on-nexus-5/2417:40
dobeyCoderEurope: i don't think there is really a "roadmap"17:43
pmcgowanunfortunately no complete public version17:44
CoderEuropetheres no 'plans' for Ubuntu Browser ? dobey, pmcgowan ?17:44
dobeyi don't see how having a roadmap would really help there17:44
pmcgowanbtw from that post sounds like he used the devel channel which is never recommended17:44
dobeythe "plans" are fix bugs, improve convergence, add features.17:45
CoderEuropeI thought all Ubuntu projects are supposed to have a plan ?17:45
dobeypmcgowan: that's not the devel channel17:45
dobeyhaving a plan and a TODO list is not the same as having a public roadmap17:46
CoderEuropecould we create one ? would it help users / coders ?17:46
dobeyi don't see how it would help with that thread on ubports forum17:46
CoderEuropeI am murming about Ubuntu the browser.17:47
pmcgowandobey, maybe I misunderstood  "I tested the devel_rc-proposed image"17:47
dobeypmcgowan: devel_rc-proposed is rc-proposed but built with android 5 base, on ubports, at least for nexus 517:47
dobeyif the browser is "crashing" reliably and consistently there, then it's probably some bug; roadmaps don't tend to include arbitrary bugs17:49
CoderEuropecan you specifiy a bug ?17:49
ogra_broken code17:50
dobeythe problem isn't a missing feature17:50
dobeyit's faulty code17:50
CoderEuropedobey - I am looking for something to point 'them' in the right direction <Signposting (it's called)> ?17:52
CoderEuropethe guys onblinkin' ubports.com17:52
popeyStep 1: file a bug. Attach logs from browser and / or upstart logs from ~/.cache/upstart17:54
dobeywell if it's actually a crash, then likely already filed17:55
popeyassuming they didn't disable apport17:55
ogra_to file a bug ... see the channel topic link "bug filing"17:55
ubot5`Error: ubuntu bug 1500117 not found17:55
dobeyseems to have 103 instances reported today already17:55
popeylooks good17:55
CoderEuropeCheers popey - That's what I shall tell them.17:56
popeynumber 78 on errors.ubuntu.com17:56
popeyCoderEurope: looks like we already have a bug17:56
CoderEuropeerrors.ubuntu.com ? Does that work for just 'users' ?17:56
dobeynot sure if that's what's happening here though17:56
popeyCoderEurope: define "work"?17:57
ogra_CoderEurope, see the launchpad.net url that dobey posted above17:57
popeyCoderEurope: basically, get them to file a bug, if it's a duplicate, we'll mark it as such17:57
popeyogra_: private bug17:57
popeyso he wont be able to see it17:57
dobeyCoderEurope: no, i think it's limited to certain teams, as crashes may have private data in them17:57
CoderEuropewell can I find 'error 78' on that part of the ubuntu website ?17:57
ogra_yeah,. i missed the red bar at the top17:57
CoderEuropedobey, Oh gottcha.17:58
CoderEuropeso its private :(17:58
popeyCoderEurope: i just went to errors.ubuntu.com and looked for the bug number dobey filed17:58
popeywhich is down at 7817:58
popeythat one is, but your friend can create a new public one if they wish17:58
dobeyi just realized that was for 16.04 crashes17:59
popeythats not what errors says17:59
dobeyso maybe not the same as the issue on n517:59
popeymaybe, maybe not, best for user to file a bug anyway18:00
dobeywell, the 103 instances today was on 16.0418:00
CoderEuropepopey - it only goes down to 79 on mine (when I log-in).18:00
popeygoes to 100 here18:00
CoderEuropenever been there - so sorry for bein' n00bish.18:00
popeythat crash has apparently happened 36 thousand times or so18:00
popeyseems a recurring thing18:01
dobeymight be the typical qtmir not being able to connect to mir issue18:01
popeyyeah, it's an insta-crash18:01
popeycould be18:01
popeysomeone reported it over xmas on G+, I asked for logs but they'd already wiped the device18:02
dobeywell first thing i would suggest is to check /var/crash to see if it's actually crashing18:02
dobeyand make sure error reporting is enabled18:02
dobeyand if it's not that, then check the log in ~/.cache/upstart/ for webbrowser-app18:02
popeyin fact the 16.04 crashes are on amd6418:02
dobeyas i'd expect them to be18:03
popeyin fact precisely none are armhf18:03
dobeythe qtmir weirdness usually happens when unity8 session is installed and qtmir backend selection gets wonky between x and mir18:03
dobeyand the u8 snap is also built from 16.0418:04
dobeyi think it really only happens on the phone when one tries to just run "webbrowser-app" in terminal or such18:04
popey\o/ food time18:05
CoderEuropeDo you mean remmina at bug 79? https://imgur.com/a/5ZPxE18:05
ubot5`bug 79 in Baz (deprecated) ""baz diff" interface differs from cvs/svn" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/7918:05
dobeyyeah, i really should eat18:05
dobeyCoderEurope: i doubt it18:05
dobeyCoderEurope: and i just managed to cause a bunch of confusion with my suggestion it might be that bug18:06
popeyyeah, file a bug :)18:06
dobeyCoderEurope: anyway, i suggest verifying if it's actually a crash or not, and checking the logs, and filing a new bug18:06
dobeyCoderEurope: but he meant 78 in that picture, not 7918:07
CoderEuropeoh cheers - webbrowser app bug 78 , right-oh18:07
ubot5`bug 78 in Baz (deprecated) "When asking you to sign something; baz should tell you what" [Medium,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/7818:07
dobeyno, it's the 78th most reported crash. not a bug numbered 7818:08
dobeyand "reported" here means from automatic crash reporting18:08
CoderEuropewell that is the ranked 8th crash & IT is a web vbrowser bug.18:09
dobeyand almost all hits of it, are on x86 PCs18:09
dobeyyes, but the bug numer is not 7818:09
dobeyit's the link i pasted earlier to lp18:09
CoderEuropeyeah I get that.18:09
CoderEuropeIt doesn'r exist : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/webbrowser-app/+bug/150011718:10
ubot5`Error: ubuntu bug 1500117 not found18:10
CoderEuropeAnywauy I food new food like popey said , so  see-ya'll18:11
CoderEurope**need new food ......18:16
JoeDoeHello, will ubuntu touch support gtk3 in future ? Thanks in advanced22:38
JoeDoeIs there a way to create an C/C++ app without QML , only OpenGL ?22:46
dobeyyou don't need to use qml; you could just create a QWindow that has a surface in it if you want22:56
dobeyand gtk3 has a mir back-end today. you would just need to build gtk3 with the support and include it in your app directly22:57
dobeyJoeDoe: someone built the qt3d teapot example for the phone and put it in the store, for example22:58
JoeDoeOK thanks. does is mean that i have to use QT ?  Or can I use CodeLite/CodeBlocks for example to create the gtk3 app ?22:59
dobeyyou can use whateveer you want to create an app (so long as whatever you're using support rendering to Mir); however, the further you deviate from the default sdk, the more complex/difficult it gets to build a working app23:09
dobeyanyway, i have to go now. good luck23:12

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