ali1234how can i move /var onto a USB drive?03:09
knightwiseGood morning peepo's07:02
SuperMatteveryone else back at school today?08:23
knightwisegood morning foobarry08:34
JamesTaitGood morning all! Happy Tuesday, Happy New Year, and happy Memento Mori! 😃09:22
knightwisemorning james09:23
JamesTait👋 knightwise09:26
popeyMorning all09:26
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:05
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foobarryfinally cleared all the nagios alerts from my inbox12:16
knightwisemorning diddledan12:40
diddledanleap seconds strike back: http://arstechnica.co.uk/security/2017/01/cloudflare-leap-second-software-panic-snafu-new-years-day/13:11
foobarrymore mycroft delays then..13:16
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diddledanlol https://twitter.com/shatterfront/status/81627486633689088013:28
zmoylan-piwho can forget '2b or 404, that is the question...'13:34
diddledanand 'romeo, romeo, where 404 thou'13:48
diddledanand of course 'it's a unix system. I know this!'13:48
diddledanseriously, how did a 14 year-old have access to a UNIX system in 1995?!13:48
diddledanit wasn't just any UNIX like BSD but a full-on expensive Sun Solaris13:48
AzelphurI have successfully got PCI Passthrough via OVMF working for gaming :D14:31
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popeyAzelphur: no comms from scan yet?14:40
AzelphurI got like 80 emails from them this morning to tell me that my payment was authorised on all the orders.14:41
Azelphurcould really do with a 1060 right now too, running my gaming efforts on a 1050 ti I nicked from my HTPC14:43
foobarrydoes anyone play archimedes games on the raspberry pi?14:46
foobarrywhen i tried with the new riscos about 2 years ago it didn't really work14:46
popeyno, i dont use any computer stuff on my pi, only consoles and arcades14:47
foobarryi wanted to try native :D14:51
diddledanhmm, I can't place where I know this icon from: https://twitter.com/Raspberry_Pi/status/81629805070031667215:00
foobarrydesktop sheep for windows it seems15:02
foobarrymy stamina is dropping off15:05
foobarrypost festive lethargy15:05
diddledanit's probably prolongued food-coma15:07
foobarryi didn't manage to gain any weight :(15:08
diddledanthat's impressive15:08
foobarryi never knew that alcohol gel doesn't really work against d&v bugs15:21
foobarryonly helps against colds. hand washing is req'd for tummy bugs15:21
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SebthreeBQM10HDYay re instals of WINDOWS, well soon20:19

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