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Mirvis there some current top unity8 autopkgtest flakiness cause?08:31
Mirvit seems I got qmltestrunner::DashContent::test_unfavoriteScope08:31
Mirvbug #1653629 if interested, didn't find an existing one08:34
ubot5`bug 1653629 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "unity 8 flaky test test_unfavoriteScope" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/165362908:34
tsdgeosMirv: i have not seen it recently tbh09:52
tsdgeosbut let me try to reproduce09:52
tsdgeosrecently or at all09:52
tsdgeosi don't remember unfavoriteScope failing09:52
tsdgeosMirv: was that in a special silo or just plain trunk?09:53
SaviqMirv, welcome back! you remember how to use a computer still? ;)09:57
greybackhey folks, Happy New Year!09:57
MirvSaviq: barely :)10:18
Mirvtsdgeos: silo with qtsystems Mir fix10:19
Mirvso probably unrelated10:19
Mirva fix oSoMoN might be interested at10:19
oSoMoNMirv, yup, I’m interested indeed, testing the silo now11:34
MirvoSoMoN: thanks!11:35
oSoMoNMirv, I can’t flash my frieza with a xenial image atm, but my tests of silo 2326 on desktop are all good, +1 from me13:48
* mterry waves hello14:25
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MirvoSoMoN: thanks!14:58
Mirvlet's wait for QA then next14:58
SaviqMirv, hey, would you please approve/abstain https://code.launchpad.net/~nick-dedekind/qtubuntu/menuTheme/+merge/296997 please?15:21
oSoMoNMirv, I finally managed to flash my M10 with a xenial image, and I confirm that silo 2326 fixes my issue15:43
MirvSaviq: oSoMoN: ok16:59
morphisanyone knows what I need to do to get a .desktop file I placed in $HOME/.local/share/applications to show up in the unity7 dash?17:03
seb128morphis, nothing, just need to file to be valid17:07
morphisseb128: hm17:07
morphisseb128: I have multiple in a subfolder of $HOME/.local/share/applications like wine does for example too but they don't show up in the dash17:08
morphisseb128: is there a way for force unity7 to reload?17:08
seb128morphis, unsure if subfolders are ok17:08
morphisseb128: it didn't worked without17:08
morphisseb128: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23734390/17:09
seb128morphis, if you use desktop-file-validate on it what does it say?17:10
morphisdoesn't report any error17:10
seb128morphis, you can try restarting the unity-scope-loarder process I guess17:11
seb128morphis, is the binary listed in Exec available and in the standard path?17:12
morphisseb128: it has to?17:12
seb128morphis, if not gio is going to filter out the desktop as invalid17:12
seb128see https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=76572317:12
ubot5`Gnome bug 765723 in gio "g_desktop_app_info_new_from_filename returns NULL if the executable does not yet exist." [Normal,New]17:12
seb128that bug is an issue we workarounded17:13
seb128but the behaviour is described there17:13
morphisseb128: interesting17:13
seb128see https://git.gnome.org/browse/glib/commit/?id=f641699299ed2713cf247e3465bb1a21612b36f717:13
morphisseb128: thanks17:15
seb128morphis, yw!17:15
seb128morphis, that's your issue?17:15
morphisseb128: its actually in /snap/bin17:15
seb128which might not be in the path of the unity scope process?17:15
seb128it should though17:16
seb128I've seen that work, snap with a .desktop listed in the dash17:16
morphisme too17:17
seb128try changing the Exec to be e.g "gedit" and see if that fixes it?17:17
morphisdoing that right now17:18
morphisseb128: ok, looks like that is the issue17:22
seb128morphis, k, well at least you have a clue what's going on17:23
morphisseb128: yes, but wondering why it doesn't detect it when the binary is in /snap/bin17:23
seb128morphis, $ strings /proc/`pidof /usr/bin/unity-scope-loader`/environ | grep PATH | grep snap17:23
seb128morphis, does that list /snap/bin in the path for you?17:24
seb128it does for me (16.04)17:24
morphishm, being on 16.04 here too17:24
morphisseb128: should it be in /etc/environment?17:26
seb128morphis, snapd installs /etc/profile.d/apps-bin-path.sh17:30
morphisI see17:30
seb128tough I'm unsure now if profile.d is supposed to be a shell thing17:31
morphisseb128: hm, its in my shells PATH17:31
seb128like command line17:31
seb128in which case I'm unsure what adds it to the graphical session17:31
seb128in fact no17:32
seb128 /etc/profile should be a pam thing17:32
seb128morphis, is your system a stock 16.04?17:32
seb128or do you have the overlay ppa or systemd user session enabled?17:32
morphisnone of both17:33
morphisso stock17:33
seb128you start your session from lightdm?17:33
morphisstock system but installed for quite a long time alread17:33
morphisno big customizations17:33
seb128k, needs debugging I guess then17:34
morphisseb128: I guess upstart starts the scope-loader in this case, right?17:35
seb128morphis, what's the ppid from unity-scope-loader?17:35
seb128should be upstart --user17:35
seb128morphis, the process that spawned that one17:35
seb128you should be able to see it in a ps afx17:36
morphisits the upstart --user process17:37
morphisbut I don't find it in one of the upstart session scripts in /usr/share/upstart/session17:37
morphisseb128: ah, its dbus activated17:41
seb128that makes sense17:43
seb128still doesn't explain why the env is right here and not for you :-/17:43
seb128morphis, my dbus-daemon process has it in his PATH17:44
morphisseb128: I think I know the problem17:44
morphisI had some crappy jdk stuff in my /etc/profile overring PATH17:44
seb128morphis, better?17:47
morphisseb128: yes17:47
morphisit really gets time that these things become read-only :-)17:47
morphisseb128: thanks!17:47
seb128if the jdk stuff comes from the archive you should probably report that bug17:47
seb128morphis, yw!17:47
morphisseb128: no it doesn't17:48
morphisI fear it was some hack I used when I had to get some jdk working17:48
seb128your fault then :-)17:48
morphisits no in the default /etc/profile stuff and is pretty stupid17:48
seb128well at least you figured it out17:48
morphisit is!17:48
morphisseb128: and now all .desktop entries appear even from the subfolder17:48
seb128morphis, good to know17:58

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