cmaloneyWell, that was handy. My mouse batteries just died.02:39
cmaloneyTalk about wondering what the hell happened. :)02:39
cmaloney"Did the computer lock up? Did the mouse die? Why am I still hearing music. ..."02:40
brousch__New job starts tomorrow. Linux and Python FTW02:41
cmaloneybrousch__: That's awesome!02:41
cmaloneyLooking forward to hearing about what you're up to. :)02:41
brousch__And I've recovered enough from my nerf injure to drive and computer02:42
cmaloneynerf injury?02:42
brousch__I fell into some crates running around the house during a nerf war with my son. Hurt very much bad02:43
brousch__Bruised ribs, but no permanent damage02:44
cmaloneyIt's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. :)02:44
cmaloneyOh cool.02:45
brousch__Oh yes, my wife has been making sure I knew that02:46
brousch__OK, back to learning Salt02:49
cmaloneyHave fun!02:50
cmaloneyHow's the morning so far?14:43
rick_hsloggy ?14:43
cmaloneyHeh. I know the feeling14:48
shakes808I am looking to hopst a gaming server.  What are your opinions on openstack?  Or is there something out there better?15:27
cmaloneyIs this something you've built or something else?15:28
shakes808i am going to be either taking an old pc and turning it to a gaming server or building a box.  I have a couple of old pc's laying around, so going to try to reuse one of those.15:30
* rick_h isn't following openstack with a gaming server?15:31
rick_hshakes808: as a way to run the game services?15:32
rick_hshakes808: you need something like 3+ machines to run openstack unless you're just doing devstack and then I'd just say use lxd15:32
shakes808rick_h: I was going to use open stack to run multiple instances.15:33
rick_hshakes808: overkill imo, just lxd15:33
cmaloneyYeah, and even then I'd probably go with something like Linode15:33
cmaloneyor just a spare box15:34
cmaloneymost of the bottlnecks I've seen with game servers are with latency and network traffic15:34
cmaloneyso you don't need a lot of cpu, just a lot of great bandwidth15:35
shakes808cmaloney: linode is a paid for,  looking to do it free. :)  Looks like lxd might be something I can look into.15:35
cmaloneyYour call. :)15:36
shakes808Just looking to get a private Ark server for my buddies and I to play and not have to worry about the other tribes on the server.15:37
shakes808too much bs on a public server15:37
wolfgerOoh, Ark!16:26
wolfgerI was really looking forward to that game in VR, but they hosed the VR implementation pretty badly.16:27
wolfgerStill a cool game in boring old 2D, though.16:27
shakes808wolfger: that would be cool!  haven't seen that.  but not a fan of vr.  it is cool from time to time, but not for everything.16:27
shakes808if anything, I would rather have this kind of set up (for simulators) http://simhq.com/forum/files/usergals/2010/12/full-22745-3587-ian_sim.jpg16:29
shakes808fully functional cockpit for flight / mech / ... games16:30
shakes808Dave and Buster's used to have something like this, years ago, but they took it out and I don't know why?!16:30
wolfgerOh sure... an actual full cockpit for a flight sim would blow VR out of the water. But it wouldn't be very flexible. You'd need one rig per plane!16:36
wolfgerI love VR for  flight/combat games just for the headlook. Enemy above you? Keep eyes on him! The 3D is a nice added feature that allows you to have a simulated cockpit, among other things, but being able to look around you to spot the bogey. Makes non-VR flight combat seem horrible by comparison.16:39
wolfgermy main problem with ark is that in VR all the on-screen indicators go away. Am I hungry? Cold? Hot? Thirsty? No idea!16:41
shakes808that sucks.  I am sure there is a setting to have them back?  That would be dumb to not have those basic and essential components not show up16:50
wolfgerI'm not sure, because that's problem #2. :-D16:50
wolfgerIn VR, the settings screen is more or less useless. Maybe somebody with better eyes than me could use it....16:51
shakes808couldn't you just use the settings on your PC and then put the VR back on?16:52
wolfgerIt comes up as a flat panel affixed to your goggles, so you really can only see the settings in the middle. Anything to the edges causes eye strain. You can't look to the left, for example, to see the left more clearly (as one does in VR) because the stupid panel moves when your head moves.16:53
shakes808i will have to build my vive machine and test it out :) ;)16:53
wolfgerI'm not sure. That might be an option, but I've decided to give up on it for the time being. I'll either play Ark in 2D or play games that we designed with VR as more than an afterthought.16:54
wolfgerBut I can say it's pretty awesome to have a 3D dino brush past you, and look up at him from your puny human perspective.16:54
shakes808well, once I get my house situated and servers up and configured, I will let you know and you can hop in :)16:55
shakes808haha, i can imagine!! Or get on an quetzal and fly around with turret guns!!!16:55
shakes808in VR the flight has to be amazing!16:56
wolfgerI haven't progressed nearly that far yet.16:56
shakes808or a manta?!16:56
wolfgerYou can tame a manta?16:56
shakes808haha, you have some playing to do then!!!!16:56
wolfgerProblem is, I got Ark a week or so before I got VR, so...  I promptly stopped playing Ark to check out all the other things.16:57
wolfgerI've got a buddy who's really into Ark at the moment. He's still working on building up to a avian mount16:57
shakes808shouldn't take long to get a pterradon16:58
wolfgerI think he spends too much time rebuilding the fort over and over... :-D16:58
wolfgeror the boat.16:58
wolfgerEx-Navy guy, so he's big on making a good boat for sailing around in.16:59
=== shakes808_ is now known as shakes808

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