superflyKilos: naand oom, ek gaan slaap06:41
Kiloslekker slaap superfly en groete tuis06:41
thatgraemeguymorning peoples06:52
magespawngood morning all. happy new year.07:01
theblazehenHi all07:10
chesedogood morning all and happy new year08:00
chesedoand hi Kilos thatgraemeguy magespawn theblazehen gremble08:01
grembleGood morning chesedo 08:01
grembleHappy new year to you too08:01
theblazehenhi chesedo. Happy new year08:04
Kiloshi there thatgraemeguy theblazehen chesedo gremble paddatrapper and of course inetpro and other lurkers08:54
theblazehenhi Kilos08:54
thatgraemeguy'lo 'lo08:55
inetprogood morning everyone09:26
inetprooh and hi Kilos09:26
Kiloswbb trying to sort a large screen as second monitor11:04
Kiloscould be a while it shows key lock and remote is long gone11:04
Kilosand away from the internet connection there11:04
jerit_my business partner is 2 months in arrears on my payments11:20
jerit_as a result I'm all ready to shut down everything until he pays (by shutdown I mean physically delete the files from the servers)11:20
jerit_The man has 6 hours11:21
theblazehenjerit_ How much files? You could make him pay an extra fee to bring him back up11:21
theblazehenYou may want to consider a lawyer if you delete the files11:21
theblazehenI've heard of people successfully being sued after files got deleted due to non payment for services11:22
Kilosai!stupidlappydoesnthave anhdmisocket11:22
Kilosoh   my11:22
theblazehenAnd a broken space key? lol11:22
Kilosspace key faulty11:22
Kiloscoupla whacks seem to have helped11:23
Kilosmight be time for a spring clean11:23
jerit_theblazehen: if I just turn off the websites on the web servers he can turn them back on again. The only way I can ensure he has no recourse other than to pay me is to remove the files from the servers entirely11:23
jerit_that or I just move them to some nondescript arb location and put a holding page in place11:23
theblazehenjerit_ then make a backup and remove the files11:24
theblazehenBut don't straight out delete them11:24
jerit_theblazehen: I have all the source code with me on my pc which he has no access to. To restore everything to proper working condition would be as simple as uploading it11:25
theblazehenAh, great. No data stored there then?11:25
jerit_I can leave the database in tact11:26
jerit_all I'm talking about doing is removing him from his ability to access that data11:28
Kilosjerit_ cant you just encrypt them in place?11:28
Kilosim not clued up with that sort of issue11:28
jerit_Suppose I could write a condition in on the home page that it displays nothing while the condition is true... Even if he were to hire a developer to fix that he couldn't do it because its a published copy on the server... You'd have to update it on the source code and republish to get rid of it11:32
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=== MaN1 is now known as MaNI
MaNIdon't have all the info, but seems a bit unprofessional and borderline criminal to me, there is a thing called a court system to deal with non payments13:23
chesedojerit_: why not just change the virtualHost file to point to a location saying that the site is off temp?13:35
chesedoyou will then be able to use the same page for all non-paying clients13:36
theblazehenMaNI: +113:38
theblazehenI love it when someones solution to a problem is "It should be a relatively simple patch to the kernel, have a look at thefile.c" :(13:39
MaNIalways fun13:40
MaNIhave a look at thefile.c, fix it, enter into a 5 year long flame war with linus to actually get the fix approved13:40
theblazehenEh, I don't need it approved13:40
theblazehenI just need my data back :(13:41
MaNIahh, not something you need permanently fixed, well thats a bonus13:41
theblazehenYeah. And it should be a small change13:41
MaNIwhat happened to your data?13:41
theblazehenCorruption in bcache writeback cache, won't start the cache device so I can't write my data to disk13:42
MaNIoh, ouch13:42
theblazehenMost of it isn't important data13:42
theblazehenJust need to force bcache to ignore the corrupt buckets so I can restore the rest13:43
theblazehenHave around 40 GB dirty data on there :(13:43
theblazehenseems simple enough hopefully13:44
jerit_chesedo: I dunno ho.... oh in apache conf ... there's an idea but now what about on the windows server13:52
chesedojerit_: i guess it would have the same kind of thing...14:01
jerit_seems to me it would just be a binding14:01
jerit_in iis14:01
inetproKilos: where's the rain?14:29
Kilosrather warm today a quick shower would be good imo14:29
Kilosshower from the sky that is14:30
inetprofor sure15:03
jerit_weather's been kinda gloomy all day here... it even rained15:13
jerit_Was going to make a Thai chicken curry for supper tonight but it turns out I'm retarded and I can't even shop for ingredients properly15:47
* jerit_ really doesn't think its funny15:51
inetprojerit: chicken curry sounds like a nice idea15:57
* inetpro should make that at some point15:57
chesedojerit: don't you find iis slow?16:02
* paddatrapper is just hungry....17:26
magespawnchat later all.18:26
smilehi :p18:51
inetprosmile: hi19:15
smilehallo :)19:16
inetprohow are you doing today?19:16
smilefine :) I checked my financial details, went to the carwash, went working, finished a WebExtension, merged FastNav changes in both varieties (addon / user script), made an expense report for my employer.. and more :D19:17
smileMy car will receive maintenance in a week :)19:18
inetproyour life seems way to organised19:19
smileAnd now I'm trying to get hold of a Mozilla developer to help me :)19:19
inetprotoo as well19:19
smileI sometimes have those days.. that I do what I had to do for weeks prior :p19:19
smileI sometimes also have days that I do nothing. Just reading and walking.19:20
smileHow are you, inetpro ? :)19:20
inetprogood, good as well thanks19:20
smilehow's the weather there? :)19:21
inetproat least was able to replace two bulbs of the car all by myself today... 19:22
* inetpro feeling chuffed19:22
inetproactually not quite all by myself to be honest but almost19:23
inetproweather was extremely hot today19:23
smileinetpro: good work! :)19:23
inetpromechanics would have charged an arm and a leg for the labor19:24
smileyeah, car maintenance doesn't come cheap19:24
smilethe road was very slippery today :p I was slipping with my car before I knew it :) Winter here.. :p19:24
kulelu88smile is too happy, must be newly relocated to London19:26
inetpronot sure why they make it so difficult but replacing the dim light bulb is quite a tough job19:27
smilekulelu88: london? :o 19:27
kulelu88or wherever it is winter there19:27
smileinetpro: yeah, I know.. even washing my car 100% perfect is difficult to get right :p 19:28
smileBelgium, kulelu88 ;)19:28
smileYesterday I lived in the Netherlands, now I live in the UK19:28
inetproKilos-: you should be impressed with inetpro19:28
smileKilos- ?? :D19:28
Kilos-i am19:28
Kilos-changed car globes19:28
smileI'm suspecting you, spreading false information, Kilos- 19:28
Kilos-holy moly19:28
Kilos-haha smile19:29
inetprothat dim light cost me R5 to replace19:29
Kilos-i have an excuse for forgetting19:29
smileKilos-: excuses do not count :p 19:29
Kilos-always better to do what you can yourself inetpro 19:29
smileKilos-: checkout the private message I've sent you19:32
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inetprowelcome back jerit19:46
Kilos-nice cool breeze blowing outside19:49
Kilos-actually wind19:50
smilebye! :)19:53
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inetproafter all this time Tshwane's website still seems really difficult to navigate, at least for me19:59
inetproKilos-: can you scroll to read contents on the following page? http://www.tshwane.gov.za/sites/Council/OfficeofSpeaker/Pages/Strategic-goals.aspx20:00
inetprousing Firefox and Chromium it is not scrolling for me20:01
MaNIwow what a mess20:02
inetprowhen I resize the page I can see more info20:03
inetprogetting difficult to read with a small text size20:04
inetproor http://www.tshwane.gov.za/sites/Departments/Metro-Police/DriverLicenses/Pages/Drivers_Learners_and_Vehicle_information_Corner.aspx20:04
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
Kilosim there20:05
Kiloswhat must i do inetpro 20:05
inetproKilos: move up and down, does it look like you can see all info?20:05
inetproMaNI: very messy indeed20:06
Kilosyes i see everything clearly i think20:06
Kiloswhere you see mess20:06
inetproKilos: try the 2nd link20:07
kulelu88it's not too bad. looks like some ASP CMS20:07
kulelu88needs SSL of course20:07
kulelu88probably outdated20:07
inetprothere should be two sets of 6 bullet points20:07
Kilosalso fine20:07
Kiloswhat are 6 bullet points20:07
kulelu88those 6 ticks Kilos 20:08
Kilosat the top bar20:08
inetpronumbered lists... 1) something, 2) something else, 3) etc20:08
inetprocan you see all 12 bulletpoints?20:08
Kilosthe links on left side work20:08
inetprono man, the content20:08
inetproinfo below "Drivers, Learners and Vehicle information Corner"20:09
Kilosexplain in mechanics language20:09
kulelu88oh wrong page20:10
Kilosi cant scroll in that one20:10
inetproKilos: the content is the stuff that is not part of the menus20:10
Kilosi see top 1/2 of the door20:10
Kiloseverything below isnt showing20:10
* inetpro rests his case20:11
Kiloswho has to fix it?20:11
kulelu88the scroll is broken20:11
inetproyou probably need MSIE to read that20:11
kulelu88if it doesn't work on mobile browsers, that's all that matters20:11
Kiloswhat you wanna see there anyway20:11
kulelu88view the page source20:12
inetprokulelu88: yuck!20:12
MaNIit's also incredibly slow 20:13
inetproI got what I wanted, just thought maybe it was just me struggling to read that with NoScript and uBlock enabled20:13
MaNIbut I'm not surprised by any of this, typical government junk20:13
kulelu88this is what R75 million websites gets you20:14
MaNIpretty much20:15
MaNIloads 20 seperate css files for that one page with 10 lines of text on it20:16
MaNIfairly impressive20:16
kulelu88thus, a CMS20:16
kulelu88loading from jquery.com and googles CDNs20:17
MaNIincluding one that returns a 404 not found ;)20:18
inetproGENERATOR: Microsoft SharePoint20:22
inetproKilos: it's raining here now20:24
Kilosenjoy, we still got no clouds even20:24
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:25
inetprogood night20:25
MaNIwe have a giant black smoke cloud from the mountain burning :/20:25
inetproyikes MaNI, still?20:26
inetprothey were talking about it this afternoon during the cricket match and IIRC also had it on the news this evening 20:27
MaNIyeah, somerset/sir lowrys fires looking pretty bad, wind is really strong so I'd be surprised if they can actually put it out20:27
inetprooh btw, contents on those pages above can be read with a text browser20:32
inetproafter scrolling through a few pages of navigational links20:32
jerit_#WeAreANC where the service delivery is made up and the laws don't matter20:34
kulelu88that's like blaming the government for floods or drought jerit 20:35
MaNIDA area, in a DA province20:36
MaNII for one am pretty sick of absolutely everything being blamed on the ANC, other parties are not as perfect as some would have you believe.20:36
kulelu88If the DA ever comes in to power, we will learn about their bad policies 20:37
jerit_MaNI, but I still vote DA anyway because hell, they can't possibly be worse, can they?20:37
MaNIWell they are in power in the western cape, I'm in a ward here where they got 98% of the vote, in a province where the DA is also in power. And when the rubbish delivery comes late I still see people blaiming the ANC20:38
MaNITwo weeks after the election I see people on facebook complaining about the councillor not doing his job, the same councilor that just got 98% of the vote from them... And these same people then complain that ANC votes should stop voting for the ANC and then complaining about it20:39
MaNIBlind supporters who vote without thinking on both sides of the fence, so sad20:39
kulelu88MaNI: that is precisely how politics in this country works20:39
jerit_The most impartial way I can put my view on the matter is that its simply time for another party to take the lead here. I'd say ANC has had more than their fair share and the country by and large has suffered for it20:39
kulelu88you can't be impartial if you blame the ANC for raging fires during the dry season in a province experiencing drought that is RUN by the DA :P20:40
MaNIMy view on the matter is that if (sorry not if when) another party takes power, and has no opposition (which is whats going to happen) they will be just like the ANC, possibly a bit better, but only marginally20:40
MaNIuntil there is a huge shift in mindset this will continue.20:41
MaNIpeople vote out of fear/hate/other stupid reasons, instead of based on actual service delivery or facts, and this is a recipe for disaster, the average voter (both DA and ANC) is ill-informed and has no idea what they are voting for20:42
kulelu88the politics here isn't much different to the rest of the world. people still mostly vote on race, etc.20:42
MaNIdo I think the DA is better than the ANC, yes a little bit but not nearly as much as some like to think, and as they grow they will be more corrupted and less efficient20:42
MaNIby the time they beat the ANC they will have essentially become the ANC20:42
MaNI98% of the vote - and still the people here vote for a councillor they hate - because and I quote "the only other option is voting for the ANC and if I don't vote for the DA the ANC will win"  (there were at least 20 other options they could have voted for)20:44
inetpropolitics = touchy subject20:44
MaNIyep indeed20:45
inetpro"Some topics are controversial and often end in fighting. Some examples of touchy subjects are war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, potentially illegal activities and suicide"20:45
kulelu88essentially any topic inetpro 20:45
jerit_used to only be religion and politics that you couldn't talk about20:45
jerit_nowadays you just have to say the word "cismale" in a the right group and you'll instantly start a flame war20:46
inetproplease remain respectful 20:47
kulelu88what's cismale?20:49
kulelu88ok nvm20:49
jerit_inetpro: who wasn't respectful?21:02
jerit_allo SilverCode 21:12

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