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lasersaberhello friend00:13
mr-robothow are you?00:13
lasersaberi'm good Elliot, how have you been?00:14
bazhangubuntu support issue mr-robot ?00:14
mr-robotouu you know me i m fine thanks00:14
lasersabermr-robot, join #ubuntu-offtopic for off topic chat00:14
lasersaberthis a help channel support00:15
lasersaberunless you u need ubuntu help00:15
mr-robotdo you know how to hack IPhone without Armitage?00:17
bazhangmr-robot, thats not topical here00:17
mr-robotI know00:17
bazhangmr-robot, so please dont ask here00:18
lasersabermr-robot, type join #hackers00:18
mr-robotso i know now the Ip from the most peoples and i can hack you with armitage00:18
MarkB2Hello.  Might someone know how to install Ubuntu onto (into?) an Intel Joule with an attached USB hard disk drive?00:19
bazhangmr-robot, please stop asking here00:19
lasersabermr-robot, best use ArchBlack, now leave. thanks!00:19
mr-roboti m just kidding00:20
sasianyone from India?00:21
bazhangmr-robot, please take the chit chat to another place00:21
noncom|2I have a problem on Ubuntu -- after I install an application, it gets uninstalled by itself after some time... what could that be?00:39
noncom|2namely, I am installing Emacs 25.1.1 by instructions from the websire00:40
noncom|2and it installs ok, and I can use it00:40
noncom|2after some time it disappears from the menus and "emacs does not work in bash"00:40
Flannelnoncom|2: Which instructions?00:41
noncom|2Flannel: precisely these: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2016/09/install-gnu-emacs-25-1-in-ubuntu-16-04/00:42
noncom|2like, i do "./configure" then "make" then "checkinstall"00:42
noncom|2arfter several hours Emacs is gone00:43
Flannelnoncom|2: is emacs currently "gone"?00:43
noncom|2yes, it is gone in the sense that the icon on the desktop (LXDE over RDP) changed to a generic icon (a gear) and can't start Emacs anymore, also bash "emacs" does not work, BUT00:44
CodeMouse92noncom|2: This is a massively stupid question, but you are NOT running the last instruction, "sudo dpkg -r emacs-25", right?00:44
noncom|2but emacs is running! because I did not close it from before.00:44
Flannelnoncom|2: ok.00:44
noncom|2CodeMouse92: ahaha :D yeah, sure, I did not :)00:44
noncom|2but thanks for checking anyway :)00:44
CodeMouse92noncom|2: Good, just checking. :)00:44
Flannelnoncom|2: ok, can you please pastebin the output of `which emacs` and `dpkg -l | grep emacs`00:45
AnthaasWhat is the easiest way to take the contents of a machine running Ubuntu and clone it to a VM (VirtualBox for example)00:49
lucas-arghello im on gnome and cant make gnome use YCbCr444 colorspace in System Settings > Color i dont see any YCbCr444 option00:49
noncom|2Flannel: here it is: http://pastebin.com/MmDhmEK700:50
Flannelnoncom|2: and `which emacs`?00:50
noncom|2I must also say that I did "apt-get upgrade" some time ago, and it installed Emacs 2400:50
noncom|2which emacs does not return anything00:50
noncom|2doing "emacs" in bash says "can't find emacs"00:50
Flannelnoncom|2: I was looking at those instructions, and I didn't see it *installing* the deb package anywhere.  As far as I know, checkinstall creates a deb package, but doesn't install it.00:51
Flannelnoncom|2: so, try installing the deb package checkinstall created :)00:51
Flannelsee if that works00:51
noncom|2but you see, after I executed it, it created a group in the "Start" menu or whatever it is called in LXDE and I was able to put the Emacs icon on the desktop00:52
noncom|2how did that work then... ?00:52
StrifeTacDefuzerWhich way did the circus go00:52
Flannelnoncom|2: Checkinstall does run make install, so I suppose that's what put those files there (and must not have cleaned up properly?)00:53
noncom|2soo... it did install Emacs?00:53
noncom|2or did not?00:53
noncom|2I am confused..00:53
CodeMouse92noncom|2: Flannel is saying that it probably *didn't*. It built the package, but it never installed the package00:54
Flannelnoncom|2: checkinstall runs make install, but keeps track of all the files created and packages.00:54
noncom|2ummm okay... still I don't get how did it turn out for the program to appear registered in the system and then disappear00:54
Flannelnoncom|2: so, during the "make install", it does technically, and then it gets rid of them.  I always thought it did the make install in some sort of sandbox.  Maybe not everything is properly sandboxed.00:55
Flannelnoncom|2: checkinstall does *not* install the deb, as far as I'm aware.00:55
noncom|2omg so it kinda checks up the installation capability, but does not actually install an app by erasing it back after it checks, but something went wrong and it did not uninstall it completely, aaaand the instruction I posted says that this is the way to install Emacs?00:56
StrifeTacDefuzercome on microshat says... just blame GNu00:56
Flannelnoncom|2: the instructions don't tell you to install the deb, and I believe that's an omission.  So yes, if you ran those, you wouldn't actually have the deb installed (therefore wouldn't have whatever was in the deb installed)00:56
StrifeTacDefuzergoooglecolbert linus say... JUst blame open seeders00:57
noncom|2damn, this story worth a drama movie.. :D00:57
noncom|2or a book..00:57
StrifeTacDefuzerdont make me get in your way. i can be very very, subdueing00:58
Guest69537where can i find a good video tutorial on eclipse C++ game development?00:59
lasersaberGuest61107, youtube?01:01
nvrpunkanyone know if there's a dedicated channel for Ubuntu on windows via WSL?01:01
noncom|2Flannel: well, I did that: "dpkg -i ***.deb" and it installed it. again... I think the world can sleep peacefully, once again safe for a while... and I hope that the while will last longer this time.. thank you!01:02
greyodaHi, quick question: what fonts do you guys use?01:05
CodeMouse92greyoda: Going out on a limb, I think that'd be considered an offtopic question (try #ubuntu-offtopic)....01:05
CodeMouse92Since this room is just for support.01:06
greyodaSorry! Didn't realize that. My bad01:06
CodeMouse92greyoda: NP. Come over to #ubuntu-offtopic. Fairly sure you'll get an answer01:06
dax(they'll need to log in to NickServ first)01:06
mr-roboti need help01:07
Bashing-om!help | mr-robot01:08
ubottumr-robot: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:08
Cust0sLimenis there an alternative to launchpad for free hosting of repos like ppas ?01:14
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NegativeFlareCust0sLimen: http://askubuntu.com/questions/367147/how-to-host-a-repository-like-ppa-in-my-own-site01:23
Cust0sLimenNegativeFlare, nah nvm ... there is packagecloud01:23
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu01:23
dfgasok, on a ubuntu install that i have i went from 14.04 to 16.04 and my network doesn't work. i did do a ifup ens18 and configured the interfaces file instead of eth0 it is now ens18. well doing the ifup got me to be able to ping ip address but not domains. i edited resolv.conf and still doesn't work. any ideas on what i can do?01:24
Cust0sLimenI don't want to host it myself but I don't want to put it on launchpad with their stupid code of conduct01:24
dfgasthis is ubuntu server01:24
NegativeFlareheh, its not really stupid. Its just how things work.01:24
bazhangCust0sLimen, thats not really topical here at all01:25
daxthe only code of conduct on Launchpad is for work within Ubuntu, it's got nothing whatsoever to do with PPAs01:25
Cust0sLimendax, ok thanks for info01:25
Cust0sLimendfgas, I think the way networking is done changed quite drastically between those two versions ... but not 100% on details01:26
dfgasyeah, its kind of what i figured. i just need to get it fixed for temp use01:27
rijackis snap supposed to replace apt?01:27
newcoderWhy are there so many ubuntu based linu distribution there? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Linux_distributions#Ubuntu-based , isn't it confusing? Which one will someone select from there and why instead of ubuntu then?01:28
Cust0sLimendfgas, well this person fixed it by switching to networkd: https://askubuntu.com/questions/767574/no-network-after-upgrade-to-16-0401:29
Cust0sLimendfgas, but I don't think that is really right01:29
Cust0sLimendfgas, can you check if networkd is running ?01:29
Cust0sLimendfgas, actually check if networkd or networkmanager is running01:30
rijacknewcoder: the same reason so many are based on debian, this is actually considered one of the great strengths of linux01:30
dfgashow would i check that?01:30
Cust0sLimendfgas, systemctl list-units | grep -i -e networkd -e networkmanager01:31
CodeMouse92newcoder: You can think of Linux like the LEGO of operating systems...you can put it together with the pieces you want. A lot of people like the basic components of Ubuntu under the hood, but they want different parts on top (i.e. the user interface, window system, etc).01:32
Cust0sLimendfgas, or even better, systemctl list-units | tee >( nc termbin.com 9999 )01:32
Cust0sLimendfgas, then paste url01:33
newcoderCodeMouse92: What is LEGO? Why can't they install user interface, window system or else they need?01:34
Cust0sLimennewcoder, that lists xubuntu and kubuntu and IMO those are not really different distros01:34
CodeMouse92newcoder: Because people like things to be pre-packaged and pre-designed to work well together.01:34
CodeMouse92newcoder: And LEGOs are building toys. (Google it)01:34
Cust0sLimendfgas, ?01:36
CodeMouse92newcoder: You can theoretically take any Linux distro, at any level, and tailor it to have everything you want...it's just a question of how much work you want to put into it. You could install Ubuntu and then set it up with Cinnamon and a bunch of other codecs and applications...or you could just install Linux Mint.01:36
CodeMouse92Besides that, if you do it yourself, you'll have to untangle more snarls and problems yourself. :P01:36
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freefallhi.. problem.. after doing os upgrade for lubuntu some of the menu items are not there. like the software & updates is gone..01:53
freefallgoing from 16.04 to 16.1001:53
freefallit did error on update near the end for lubuntu-desktop01:55
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rijackfreefall try #lubuntu02:05
freefallalready have no answer02:07
freefallfigure seen lubuntu and ubuntu is near the same maybe there was a common fix02:07
ubuntu691im doing a backup system using grsync - how is grsync so crazy fast at copying files vs using copy/paste?02:16
mukluksubuntu691: because it checks to see what data doesn't need to be copied [hasn't changed]02:18
mukluksrohanrhu: o hai02:18
ubuntu691well this is my first backup... but it's just copied a bunch of files very quickly.02:19
lasersaberwhat happned to users and groups in 16.04? now its just users?02:19
ubuntu691it's hit a bit of a wall at the moment02:19
rohanrhuif i add bakcport repo and upgrade only a package, is it need something like "dist-upgrade"?02:19
rohanrhui dont want dist-upgrade02:19
muklukslasersaber: hmmm what happens if you do: cat /etc/group02:20
rohanrhuor i dont want upgrading everything to 17.0402:20
mukluksor do: ls -la02:20
lasersabermukluks, i get a list of groups it looks like02:21
mikeymopI cloned this repo to my ~/.themes folder02:21
Bashing-om!dist-upgrade | rohanrhu02:21
ubotturohanrhu: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.02:21
mikeymophowever unity tweak cannot see it02:21
lasersabermukluks, i wanted to use a gui groups management02:22
mikeymopcould this be permissions? I wasn't sudo when I copied/cloned02:22
mukluksrohanrhu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports has a guide02:22
qz_happy new year02:22
mukluksrohanrhu: specifically: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports#Configuring_Backports_for_Manual_Install02:22
rohanrhuthank you02:22
muklukslasersaber: why?02:23
lasersabermukluks, easier for me02:24
lasersaberbut i guess i can just sudo adduser someuser somegroup02:24
Conner05I installed some gfx drivers on my new Ubuntu system (Dell 7559). Now after decrypt the drive I get a black screen and cannot do anything.02:25
mikeymopConner05, nvidia?02:25
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mikeymopi've had good luck with this ppa02:26
mikeymopdkms recompiles hte modules after kernel updates02:26
muklukslasersaber: no offense, but typically when someone mistakenly thinks their installation has no groups, and then when told they do have groups they respond saying they want a GUI to edit those groups, I would assume they might not have a full understanding of what role those groups play in the operation of their system02:26
mikeymopi dont recall the package name but if you can apt remove them you should get X back02:26
mikeymopotherwise just install that ppa02:26
Conner05Mikeymop but I can't see anything.02:27
mikeymopcan anyone help me get unity tweak to see my gtk themes?02:27
mikeymopConner05, oh, i assumed you'd be fine in the terminal02:27
mikeymopdo you recall the packages you installed?02:27
mikeymopyou're going to have to apt-get purge them02:27
Conner05I can't see the terminal02:27
freefallalso anyone able to get backports to compile now im getting error in the make build process.. kinda need it to work seen i got a flaky wifi card02:27
mikeymopConner05, do ctrl + alt + f402:27
lasersabermukluks, no worries. i just wanted to add myself to vboxusers group02:28
mikeymopyou should get tty4 from which you can sign into unix02:28
sruliConner05: what do you get with CTRL+ALT+F1 ?02:28
rohanrhuis it recoverable adding backport repository?02:28
freefallno downloaded from kernel.org02:28
Conner05Ah and just assume it's there. OK02:28
Conner05Sruli nothing. Still black02:28
sruliConner05: what about moving your arrow keys right or left?02:29
mukluksrohanrhu: it can be painful removing all the backport dependency packages you've installed and reverting them to main release versions02:29
freefalli have to rebuild it on every kernel update otherwise my wifi card goes into a crazy error state and flood out tty102:29
mukluksrohanrhu: but yes, everything is recoverable, it just depends on how much time/money you want to spend fixing it :P02:30
freefallit onboard02:30
lasersaberbrb, rebooting02:31
Conner05Sruli there's nothing on the screen. It's completely black with my led backlight.02:31
sruliConner05: you'll have to boot in rescue mode or with live cd02:32
Conner05Sob.. what's the audio shutdown CMD?02:32
mikeymopthe hdmi port could be hooked to the intel chip instead02:32
mikeymopthis would cause confusion02:32
icedwaterHi everyone, I can't seem to get gnome-terminal to start. Does anybody know where I can look for error messages from this?02:33
mikeymopis there a better channel to get support with themes?02:33
freefallicedwater, try /var/log02:33
freefallicedwater, try /var/logs02:33
mukluksicedwater: you could install another terminal and try launching gnome-term from that02:33
mikeymopicedwater, give us the less of the .desktop file for gnome term02:34
mukluksxterm may already be installed02:34
icedwaterfreefall: thanks, I think the message I was looking for was in syslog, I just didn't know it was that because I was unable to reproduce the message.02:34
* mikeymop forgets that convenient pastebin alternative02:34
icedwatermukluks: yes, it is already installed and I just remembered that, thanks :)02:34
icedwatermikeymop: I like ix.io02:34
freefallwould the backports from update build the needed wifi? or is it just the source file02:35
Bashing-omConner05: Try : reboot to the login screen, here press ctl+alt+F1 . Can you log into the system here ?02:36
sruliBashing-om: you cant get tty from plymoth02:37
Bashing-omsruli: Are you sure ? Try and be a believer .02:37
mikeymopicedwater, this is nice!02:38
sruliBashing-om: just tried, while in plymoth it seems to be tty1, f1-f7 give black screen02:40
sruliBashing-om: sorry, f2-f7 black screen, f1 is plymoth screen02:40
icedwatermikeymop: I know, right? :P Where would I find the .desktop file for gnome-terminal? I'm getting an odd locale error, too, hang on...02:40
icedwatersruli: black screens are nice if they have login prompts.02:40
mikeymopicedwater, you're ubuntu gnome or ubuntu unity?02:41
icedwatermikeymop: Using unity, unfortunately.02:41
mikeymopI'm on unity too, thankfully02:41
mikeymoplet me poke around for a sec02:41
sruliicedwater: yes, but you wont get it in plymoth, if you hit the left/right arrow you get plymoth text istead of gui but wont get you to a root shell02:41
* mikeymop got yosembiance working, from noobslabs ppa, but wishes to use the git clone 02:42
icedwatersruli: what do you mean by plymouth text?02:43
icedwaterI get Ubuntu 16.04 $hostname $tty (newline, newline) $hostname login:02:43
icedwaterThen I just log in from there to a user that has sudo access, and run sudo bash to get to root access.02:44
icedwaterI think ubuntu doesn't have root logins by default; if you configured an account at install time then you could use it, though02:44
sruliicedwater: http://imgur.com/a/dEoBI gui and text02:45
sruliicedwater: plymoth is the screen you get at boot when using luks02:45
mikeymopicedwater, $ less /usr/share/applications/gnome-terminal.desktop02:46
Conner05Bashing-om after I decrypt the disk it's just black. Nothing. I tried opening terminal and doing a sudo restart and it doesn't do anything. So I'm not really sure what's actually going on.02:48
Bashing-omsruli: I do not know about encryption, but in a "normal" install one can at this point( plymouth starting) activate grub to get a mimimalistic interface to the system .02:48
sruliConner05: when you reboot do you get a screen with boot options? (ubuntu, advanced options...02:48
icedwatersruli: saw it. Thanks. Never seen that screen before.02:49
mikeymopConner05, maybe it's deep in your init system that it's failing to exec the nvidia binaries02:49
mikeymopicedwater, $ less /usr/share/applications/gnome-terminal.desktop02:49
sruliBashing-om: correct, not in luks though if i understood correctly conner is saying that he is using luks02:50
sruliConner05: you said the black screen appears after encryption password, correct?02:50
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Bashing-omConner05: Not at all familiar or know anything about encryption . If you can not get a terminal from the login screen, ya got a serious problem more so than graphics . As at this pount the GUI graphics driver is not loaded .02:51
Conner05Sruli the disk, yes02:51
icedwatermikeymop: ix.io/1P07 is the .desktop file02:51
sruliConner05: when you reboot do you get a screen with boot options? (ubuntu, advanced options...02:51
mikeymopicedwater, well that matches mine02:52
Conner05Sruli no. I just get the screen where I decrypt the disk (I chose disk encryption when I created the system) and then it just goes black.02:52
mikeymopwhats the ls -l on it look like? permission issues maybe/02:52
Conner05After I type in the password of course02:52
icedwatermikeymop: let me check again. I saw some locale issues somewhere in syslog.02:53
sruliConner05: reboot when you get to the plymoth password page hit ctrl+alt+del, that reboot should get you to boot options... select adavanced02:53
Conner05Sruli OK I'm there02:54
sruliselect recovery02:54
sruliConner05: "recovery mode"02:55
sruliConner05: `after entering encryption password when you get to next screen select "root" option02:56
mikeymopicedwater, i have to get in the habit of looking in syslog02:58
Mis-anthropeis there a way to close a "stuck" virtual terminal?02:58
icedwaterYeah, the next step is to make sense of what's in there.... :p02:58
sruliConner05: where ar you upto?02:59
Mis-anthropelike I have my X freezed up in once console (I used startx from 1st virtual console) and now I want to close it from another VC02:59
Mis-anthropeI am using Ubuntu Server 16.0402:59
Conner05I'm at root now02:59
Conner05Sorry. I'm on kiwiirc on my phone. Hard to see all the text03:00
sruliConner05: you selected root? you have command lin enow?03:00
Mis-anthropeI just need to close a virtual console(ergo "logout" from it) from another virtual console... is that possible??????03:01
Conner05Well I did. Now it just started spitting out stuff and put my back to the screen to select root with the purple background. But my mouse keys down work now.03:01
Conner05Don't work*03:02
sruliConner05: you mouse wont work in root shell, type "ls" hit enter, what do you get?03:02
sruliConner05: do you get a list of directories?03:03
Conner05Not mouse. Arrow keys03:03
sruliConner05: you waited too long, hit the enter key.. what do you get?03:04
Conner05I restarted and I'm back03:04
Conner05Yes I can LS and stuff03:04
sruliyou have root shell, "root@...."?03:04
sruliConner05: now execute, "mount -o remount,rw /"03:05
Conner05OK done03:05
Conner05And it just killed my session again03:05
sruliConner05: hit enter ewhat do you get?03:05
Conner05Nothing happened but it started spitting out more text with lots of [ OK]s and now my arrow keys don't work again.03:06
Conner05And I'm back at the menu screen03:07
Bashing-omMis-anthrope: Try ' ps aux | grep -i tty ' Do you now know the PID of the TTY to kill ? then one can ' sudo kill -9 <PID_number> ' .03:07
sruliConner05: are you on 16.04?03:07
Mis-anthropeI figured it out :D03:07
Mis-anthropeThanks Bashing-om :)03:08
Mis-anthropeI used ps -aux to see a list of processes to figure out whats the PID of xinit and then I killed it using kill :D03:08
sruliConner05: when you select root from the menu do you get a message "control D for maintaince"?03:08
Bashing-omMis-anthrope: :) . You do good work .03:09
Conner05Woah. So I started typing and the CMD line is still there. It just now shows up over top of the menu screen.03:09
Mis-anthropeIt was trivial.. and I am a noob :/03:09
icedwatermikeymop: anyhow, I'm looking into dbus-launch and stuff based on http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=20806903:10
sruliConner05: great i got you to a shell.. dont know how to resolve your driver issue.. maybe Bashing-om / mikeymop can take over from here03:10
Bashing-omMis-anthrope: Weclome to the learning curve, we are all at some point on it :)03:10
Conner05I guess I can uninstall the Nvidia drivers I installed03:11
sruliConner05: actually before you continue, when you execute ls do you get a list of all dirs in your / dir ?03:11
Conner05It's all hidden dir in root03:11
sruliConner05: what do you see?03:12
icedwaterInteresting, I can't even set-locale to C03:13
Conner05.Cache .Dbus. .Gconf .Gnupg .Gvfs .Profile .bash_histroy .Bashrc03:13
rohanrhumukluks: :/03:14
rohanrhumukluks: i had tried upgrading to 17.10 but it was disappointment03:15
sruliConner05: you are going to have to reboot again, after selecting "root" from the menu, you should get a message "Control-D for maintaince" hit enter immediately else it goes into maintaince03:15
icedwatermukluks: I suppose you meant 16.10...03:15
Conner05Sruli I am pretty sure I did that.03:16
sruliConner05: once in the root shell you have to execute "mount -o remount,rw /" to mount the filesystem as read write, when you exec "ls" at root shell you should see all dirs from / (bin, boot, dev. etc. home....)03:16
rohanrhuwhat difference is kubuntu-backports vs ubuntu-backports?03:17
Conner05Oh OK. Let me try again.03:18
Bashing-omConner05: Any results : ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia | nc termbin.com 9999 ' ?03:18
Conner05Bashing-om temp failure in name resolution03:20
Conner05Sruli the mount didn't work. Is there any way to know for sure I am in fact in maintenance mode?03:20
sruliConner05: you dont want maintaince mode, what do you see when exec ls ?03:21
Conner05Sruli I get nothing from LS. Only from LL.03:22
Conner05So I guess I need to restart again?03:22
sruliConner05: you see same as you saw before?03:22
sruliConner05: output of "pwd" ?03:22
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sruliConner05: sorry, go up a dir (cd ..) then exec ls03:23
Conner05Ah now that looks better03:23
Conner05Def in root now03:23
sruliConner05: exec "mount | grep root" do you see rw on the output?03:24
Bashing-omConner05: Ooopppss .. systemd. If you are active in the recovery console will have to enable networking .03:25
mikeymopicedwater, best of luck, bedtime03:25
Conner05Says /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root on / type ext4 (RW,relative,errors=remount-ro,data=ordered)03:26
sruliConner05: you are good to go.. follow Bashing-om instructions now.. see his last message regarding starting network03:27
srulisystemctl start NetworkManager.service03:28
Bashing-omConner05: ' systemctl enable NetworkManager.service ; systemctl start NetworkManager.service ' . You get a positive result from ' ping -c3 ubuntu.com ' ?03:30
Conner05The enable of the service is taking a long time.03:34
Conner05Lol says kthread starved for 1001 jiffies!03:34
* lasersaber :)03:35
=== rickandmorty is now known as jcjordyn120
slicktuxHello community, anyone here custom compile there own kernel for ubuntu?03:46
slicktuxAlso, what makes Ubuntu LTS, well, LTS? Is it simply the kernel version for which the packages are compiled for the kernel, or does the kernel change for LTS versions of Ubuntu?03:47
tinfoil_hathttps://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Kernels/Traditional_compilation should be a good starting point if you want to compile a kernel03:48
srulislicktux: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Support03:49
tinfoil_hatand LTS versions of ubuntu get several years of support while the support if non LTS versions is dropped relativeley quick03:50
slicktuxsruli: thank you for the URL; I have Ubuntu version 16.04.1 LTS with kernel 4.4, so that means that 16.04.1LTS will have support for 5 years and in those 5 yearts it will remain with kernel 4.4; if that is correct then it means that LTS updates the packages which are catered for kernel version 4.4 for thoe 5 years?03:55
Australopithecus Hello my windows partition is mounting as read only can someone give me fstab mount options that will give me permission to read and write to it?03:56
Australopithecusi am on ubuntu-mate 16.103:56
srulislicktux: yes.. obviously there are kernel updates within 4.4 also i guess this will apply to 16.04 when 18.04 is released https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack03:57
wiselydoesiti managed to change my repos from 14.04 to 16.04 and dist-upgrade.03:58
wiselydoesitafter a couple of botched starts and a few fixes it got there in the end.03:58
sruliAustralopithecus: did you take a look at this page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions ?03:59
deus402so i am periodically losing all remote access to my server for 30-60 minutes at a time. when it comes back i see messages of this nature in dmesg: "[20862.385796] TCP: request_sock_TCP: Possible SYN flooding on port 8080. Sending cookies.  Check SNMP counters." on multiple ports. here is my output of netstat -s: http://pastebin.com/yc0vDc3e halp please.04:00
slicktuxsruli: Awesome, this is very helpful as I am going to be compiling my own custom kernel. . .and well I want to be able to use the packages in the ubuntu repo without errors. Here goes nothing. . .04:00
=== mridul_ is now known as Mr_Cyclops
Australopithecusthanks I will look at the article blah04:01
Australopithecusthis shouldnt be such a bitch04:01
slicktuxAustralopithecus: yes, it != if only you RTFM04:02
srulislicktux: i never compiled my own kernel and wouldn’t know how updates will effect as there is a minor kernel update every few weeks04:02
srulislicktux: in 4.4 there has already been 16 updates.. dont know how many of them actually get installed on dist-upgrade but some for sure do.. look for "linux-image-4.4" here http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/04:05
Australopithecusslicktux, you shouldnt have to read a manual to edit a disks read and write options, but I will admit, ubuntu has got better at least the allow you to easily automount drives now04:05
Australopithecusyes, it not if only you RTFM, doesnt make grammatical sense04:07
Guest81572bazhang: simply question, ARE YOU A FAGGOT?04:07
icedwaterHeh, I didn't even get to say goodbye :P04:07
icedwaterbazhang: quick work04:08
Mr_CyclopsInteresting, people using foul language in the channel and no warnings from the admin(s)?04:09
slicktuxAustralopithecus: you should always be cautious when doing something 'simple' like mounting a partition from another OS, and it is not that you should read the manual, but rather that it is for the best; take this for example. . . https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/commandline/2016/11/17/do-not-change-linux-files-using-windows-apps-and-tools/04:10
icedwaterHeh, meta trolls. Not bad, not bad.04:10
slicktuxanyhow I will not waste yer time with my criticism.04:10
AustralopithecusI am aware of this, but windows is typically alright for read/write, at least in my experience04:10
AustralopithecusI am well aware you should not edit linux partitions under windows or any other operating system04:11
Australopithecusim not inept, just annoyed because I cant find a list of all the fstab mount options04:12
Australopithecusso I can just edit my fstab file and make it mount as readable04:12
icedwaterAustralopithecus: did you set the remount options in case of error? Sometimes being a Windows partition, you might just have to reboot once to Windows and then shutdown cleanly... especially with newfangled NTFS04:13
vfwAustralopithecus: as slicktux points out, substitute rw for ro04:13
Australopithecusi didnt know this04:13
Australopithecusthanks I will try this04:14
Australopithecussorry for kind of being a jerk04:14
slicktuxAlso, somtimes non-root users are unable to write to mounted partitions; this is determined by polkit, or whatever yer system uses. If after editing yer fstab you still cannot write to the mounted partition cp something to the mounted partition via root and if you can then well. . .the process of elimination will enlighten04:18
deus402so i'm pretty sure that i'm not actually being syn flooded, and it's just high server traffic. should upping net.core.somaxconn to a higher value help me out?04:20
KmanHey,  why in recovery mode, i can still not get into root shell?? still need root passwd which i have forgotten04:20
rottenpussydax is maybe bazhang s gay husband04:20
slicktuxKman: cage the system04:21
Kmancurrently i dont have a CD or USB install image04:21
Kmanslicktux: what?04:22
=== Jochen_wvdT is now known as Schlawiner
slicktuxKman: something like that ^^04:23
slicktuxKman: the idea is tho change the root DIR to a USB with a Live Linux Distro (like LIveUSB) and then maybe paswd for root once the system is jailed. . .04:24
Kmanslicktux: i forget root and user is not in sudoers04:25
Kmanslicktux: at the moment i dont have a cd or usb, unfortunately04:26
slicktuxKman: this is a simplified version of what I am trying to explain https://madalanarayana.wordpress.com/2013/06/28/chroot-and-root-user-password-recovery-in-linux/04:26
slicktuxKman: well for the moment yer screwed.04:26
Ben64Kman: what are you trying to accomplish04:26
Australopithecusso I had the correct options I just needed to restart thanks for the help04:27
Australopithecuswell into windows04:27
Kmanslicktux: Ben64 :(04:27
Ben64Kman: you're trying to accomplish sad face?04:28
AustralopithecusI have another question, how do I change the time zone in ubuntu04:28
KmanBen64: reset root passwd without using usb or cd04:28
Ben64root doesn't have a password by default04:28
Australopithecusone second I will explain the problem04:28
KmanBen64: in recovery mode i still can NOT drop in root shell04:28
Ben64recovery mode is a root shell04:28
slicktuxKman: su -04:28
slicktuxKman: then hit enter (without entering passwd) and see if it let's ya in?04:29
Kmanin recovery mode, the system requires root passwd in the first place04:29
Ben64slicktux: if that works, he's already root so it's kinda pointless04:29
Ben64Kman: no it doesn't04:29
slicktuxBen64: SO, Ubuntu != put passwd for root; hence one can boot into recovery mode and root the lappy and the users in it?04:30
Ben64if someone has physical access to any machine, you're not in good shape04:30
slicktuxBen64: wow04:30
Ben64that's not a new concept04:30
slicktuxBen64: good thing I uninstalled sudo and passwd for root04:31
Ben64doesn't matter04:31
Ben64if someone has physical access, they still can get in04:31
Kmanfor sure04:31
=== sdfsdf is now known as sdsdsdksks
slicktuxBen64: well, of course, but what about Desktops were there are users whom are isolated. . .seems like a sec-flaw04:32
sdsdsdksksStrangest question you will see all night!04:32
Ben64Kman: alternatively try going to grub and changing the kernel line to have init=/bin/bash at the end04:32
Ben64slicktux: giving untrusted people physical access to a machine is a security flaw04:32
sdsdsdksksHow would i go about falisfying a login on ubuntu.04:32
Ben64sdsdsdksks: you're going to need to explain what that means04:33
icedwatersdsdsdksks: why would you want to?04:33
sdsdsdksksSo if I log into account A it logs me into the install04:33
sdsdsdksksIf I log into account b, it logs me into a VM04:33
sdsdsdksksUntil logged in USB ports are disabled04:33
sdsdsdksksThat strange enough for you gus?04:34
Ben64doesn't make any sense04:35
icedwatersdsdsdksks: You mean, you want to log in as another user?04:35
sdsdsdksksicedwater: I want to log into a VM04:35
sdsdsdksksBen64: it does though04:35
Ben64it really doesn't04:35
slicktuxsdsdsdksks: Just reboot the system and go into recovery mode; you'll get root04:36
icedwatersdsdsdksks: to you it does, there were some holes in your question04:36
sdsdsdksksI need to pass through a more hostile area that will want my laptop to be unlocked.04:36
slicktuxso it seems.04:36
icedwatersdsdsdksks: OK, so you want to log in as user b instead of a04:36
* slicktux bewildered04:36
sdsdsdksksslicktux: hah04:36
sdsdsdksksoh, lordy. You think I don't use FDE and encrypt my home directory?04:36
Kmansu- not work04:36
slicktuxKman: yer root already. . . Ben64 might be right; IDK04:37
slicktuxKman: yer in it right now?04:37
Ben64i'm always right04:37
slicktuxBen64: :)04:37
icedwaterBen64: only when you're not left.04:37
slicktuxBen64: I must admit I am bewildered04:37
sdsdsdksksThink of it like how TrueCrypt had two containers in one04:38
Kmanalways: give root passwd to maintain////04:38
sdsdsdksksOne container opened to your normal harmless data, the other brought you to a hidden container that you couldn't confirm nor deny existing04:38
slicktuxKman: just hit enter; "root does not have a password by default"04:38
slicktux(in ubuntu)04:38
Kmani think i will have to have a USB  or CD to boot04:38
icedwaterI can't seem to get the datetime panel on my unity to work, though. Any idea where to look?04:38
sdsdsdksksicedwater: I explained my question:)04:39
icedwatersdsdsdksks: if you got into the hidden container, you can probably confirm its existence...04:39
Kmanslicktux: there is no way to bypass the password inputing04:39
sdsdsdksksicedwater: that's the idea04:39
sdsdsdksksyou can't get in.04:39
sdsdsdksksYou need to know of it's existence to know how to get in04:40
icedwaterKman: it is possible to just press enter, to enter "no password"04:40
slicktuxKman: SO, I thought; yer going to have to cage the system. . . then you can either remove sudo and give root a password; or do whatever the hell it is yer trying to acheive04:40
sdsdsdksksThink of it like this, imagine having a computer in a computer.04:40
icedwatersdsdsdksks: maybe if you knocked three times on the door, and said its name, then repeated that process exactly twice, it might open the door for you.04:40
Kmanslicktux: to cage system, do we need root shell?04:41
sdsdsdksksicedwater: I don't get your point.04:41
icedwatersdsdsdksks: what hidden container are you looking for, anyway? If you know of its existence, you know how to get in.04:41
sdsdsdksksicedwater: I'm not.04:41
icedwatersdsdsdksks: well, OK, that wasn't true.04:41
sdsdsdksksI was giving an example04:41
slicktuxKman: You'll get root shell once the system is caged! then you can "sudo add user" or whatever as super user04:41
icedwatersdsdsdksks: also, the other thing was a reference to Sheldon Cooper.04:41
Kmanicedwater: i tried many ways04:41
sdsdsdksksicedwater: ...04:41
Kmanslicktux: how can i get my system cagged first>04:42
deus402i believe what sdsdsdksks is trying to do is prevent rubber-hose attacks04:42
slicktuxKman: google "chroot ubuntu" or read the links I posted earlier to get an idea; each linux distro difers. . .04:42
icedwaterdeus402: I suppose, though I have never heard of them.04:42
sdsdsdksksdeus402: I never got the idea of referencing XKCD as fact04:43
sdsdsdksksdeus402: also that's not the attack I'm direclty trying to avoid.04:43
Kmanslicktux: i think i need to edit my grub2 with init=/bin/bash04:43
sdsdsdksksNothing prevents them from making you remember things that "don't exist"04:43
deus402i.e., have an encrypted fs that he could freely login to at will, but if someone forced him to show what was on his machine he could log into a separate area that didn't have any sensitive data.04:44
sdsdsdksksdeus402: That wont protect against USB based attacks04:44
sdsdsdksksThose are what I want to protect against04:44
icedwatersdsdsdksks: I see, so if someone booted your computer with a USB they could still see your encrypted system, etc.04:44
sdsdsdksksicedwater: and?04:44
slicktuxKman: https://askubuntu.com/questions/24006/how-do-i-reset-a-lost-administrative-password#2402404:45
* deus402 is now googling xkcd rubber hose attacks04:45
icedwatersdsdsdksks: I'm just clarifying what you meant by USB-based attacks, did I miss anything?04:45
sdsdsdksksicedwater: FDE04:45
sdsdsdksksYou can see the encrypted data but you can't see what it means04:45
icedwaterdeus402: I don't know, if you think Sheldon Cooper is from XKCD, you're a little off, but that search is probably worth running too.04:45
sdsdsdksksProve that I'm in my real home directory and not a VM04:45
sdsdsdksksicedwater: XKCD made the rubber hose thing first04:46
sdsdsdksksI wish people would stop linking XKCD like fact...04:46
icedwaterAh, so the rubber hose thing got its name from an XKCD strip?04:46
sdsdsdksksInstead of a real argument / debate they reference a comic.04:46
icedwaterWell, it's not fact, but if it's popular enough to name things, why not?04:46
sdsdsdksksicedwater: https://xkcd.com/538/04:46
icedwatersdsdsdksks: don't trash comics. They can be useful sometimes.04:46
icedwatere.g.: xkcd.com/62704:47
sdsdsdksksicedwater: because it's stupid as fuck.04:47
sdsdsdksksWhy would you beat someone with a rubber hose to get data out of them?04:47
sdsdsdkskswaterboarding is more fun.04:47
turbo64is there a ubuntu cd that just does a base instlal with no desktop environment04:48
sdsdsdksksturbo64: ubuntu server04:48
deus402i see no reference to rubber hose attacks in the xkcd comic, other than what the describe in the second panel is a rubber hose attack04:48
sdsdsdksksdeus402: 99% of people going on about rubber hose attacks quote XKCD and link it.04:48
turbo64one that also doesnt install a lot of server stuff04:48
sdsdsdksksturbo64: ubuntu-server04:48
Kmanscrew you... lol, i fixed it with simple way: add init=/bin/bash in grub 2!04:49
turbo64ignored for life04:49
sruliturbo64: ubuntu mini04:49
icedwatersdsdsdksks is trying to get you to remember stuff that isn't there, deus402 :P04:49
sdsdsdksksturbo64: ...04:49
turbo64sruli: thank you04:49
sdsdsdksks!ops turbo64 troll04:49
ubottusdsdsdksks: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:49
Kmanwhy get things so complicated?04:49
sdsdsdksksHow can I report turbo64 for being a troll04:49
nchambers<AntiSpamMeta> sdsdsdksks tried to use the ops trigger for #ubuntu but is restricted from doing so.04:50
nchamberssdsdsdksks, just /ignore them04:50
sdsdsdksksnchambers: It would be nice to see them removed.04:50
sdsdsdksksIgnoring people then asking for the same answer over and over isn't going to get you far in here04:50
nchambersyou get the same thing from /ignoring them04:50
turbo64the /ignore command is highly underused on irc04:50
turbo64i think people like to be angry04:50
turbo64or have the last word04:50
nchamberssdsdsdksks, sure it will04:50
nchambersits gotten me quite far04:51
nchambersbecause I don't bother with those people04:51
danziziunity8 works on my laptop04:51
Kmanicedwater: edit grub --> fixed the root shell problem04:51
sdsdsdksksI answered his question three times.04:51
icedwaterOn a side note, you can't always ignore trolls and have them go away.04:51
sdsdsdksksturbo64: didn't like his answer.04:51
nchambersgreat, then ignore him04:51
turbo64you can ignore them on the internet04:51
sdsdsdksksAlso for future reference, ubuntu-server is how you get a minimal install04:51
turbo64its when they start calling up your mothers home phone or sending swat teams to your house when youve got a problem04:51
sdsdsdksksAFAIK Ubuntu Minimal Install CD downloads from the web and still gives you the full DE04:51
icedwaterKman: interesting. I have to admit I wasn't really listening to the first bit of your problem, but I am glad you have solved it.04:52
sruliu can choose not to add any packages04:52
sdsdsdkskssruli: You can do that with the default installer04:52
icedwatersdsdsdksks: you're probably right about that. I thought there was an ubuntu-mini at some point, has it been discontinued, or ... was it never there04:52
turbo64no its there04:52
sdsdsdksksicedwater: AFAIK, just minimal install disk04:52
sdsdsdksksThat's why i say use Ubuntu Server04:53
Kmanicedwater: first problem was: in recovery mode, i still need to input root passwd which i forgot04:53
sdsdsdksksicedwater: with ubuntu server you don't have to install the server packages and it comes with no DE by default04:53
Kmanicedwater: so i had to insert CD or USB to boot04:53
icedwaterturbo64: so does that not give you what you want?04:53
sdsdsdksksJust for future reference.04:53
icedwaterKman: ah04:53
Kmanicedwater: but i dont want to do that because i dont have cd or usb at hand04:54
icedwaterKman: so now you have a root shell, I gather?04:54
sdsdsdksksicedwater: if you're interested in a interesting new distro try Alpine04:55
sdsdsdksksAnyone know if there's a hardened kernel for Ubuntu?04:56
Kmanicedwater: yes. did it with editting the grub04:56
sdsdsdksksone on the official repo's04:56
icedwatersdsdsdksks: I set up a VM on my old disk, but didn't really play around with it...04:56
sdsdsdksksicedwater: It's neat04:56
sdsdsdksksI would love a hardened kernel04:57
icedwaterAlthough this looks like it would do better on ubuntu-offtopic, to be quite honest.04:57
sdsdsdksksmy question still isn't answered :>04:57
sdsdsdksksI know i could probably use qemu for the VM guest but the rest is... confusing...04:58
Ben64sdsdsdksks: what's your question?04:58
deus402i still don't fully understand the problem sdsdsdksks04:59
sdsdsdksksHow would I go about setting up my machine to boot up to the login dialog, run a VM in the background and depending on how I login04:59
icedwaterBen64: how do you have two logins for the same account name, leading to different setups, I suppose, sdsdsdksks?04:59
sdsdsdksksthe VM takes over the host and USB drives04:59
Ben64you're doing something incorrectly04:59
sdsdsdksks but if I use a different login then it logs me into my actual setup04:59
Ben64what vm software do you use05:00
sdsdsdksksAs of now, virtualbox05:00
Ben64you can run that from command line, don't need gui or anything05:00
sdsdsdksksI want to protect against rouge USB's being plugged in05:00
=== nchambers is now known as hammwch
sdsdsdksksBen64: the idea is to make it seamless05:00
icedwatersdsdsdksks: incidentally, rogue, not rouge.05:00
sdsdsdksksThe malicious actor should not be able to know they're stuck in a VM05:00
Ben64and you're back to not making sense05:01
sdsdsdksksty icedwater05:01
icedwaterBen64: I think it's tricky to explain, but sdsdsdksks does have a valid question. Though I doubt it's a support case per se.05:02
sdsdsdksksdeus402: two issues: [edit] Rubberhose is not actively maintained, although it is available for Linux kernel 2.2, NetBSD and FreeBSD. Latest version available, still in alpha stage, is v0.8.3.[4]05:02
sdsdsdksksAnd that doesn't protect against USB attacks05:02
sdsdsdksksThe closest thing would be Qubes OS05:03
sdsdsdksksBut Qubes is as obvious as screaming "MY LAPTOP IS ENCRYPTED AND YOU LOGIN TO A FAKE MACHIEN WHEN YOU SEARCH IT!"05:03
Ben64what is this supposed usb attack you're protecting against05:03
sdsdsdksksYou never know what's on a usb05:03
sdsdsdksksor what a USB is05:03
Ben64ok so disable auto mount05:03
sdsdsdksksRubber Ducky05:04
sdsdsdksksbugs in the USB stack05:04
raynoldahh it's a wonderful day05:05
sdsdsdksksraynold: It's 2017!05:05
deus402i guess i just don't understand why the solution to the hypothetical attack is a vm05:06
Ben64(it isn't)05:06
sdsdsdksksIt is05:06
sdsdsdksksThe goal is to make them think they succeded05:06
Ben64this is the tinfoil hat talking05:06
sdsdsdksksBen64: it's not.05:07
sdsdsdksksThere's a few things on my laptop that need to be protected05:07
icedwatersdsdsdksks: OK, I don't know how Qubes is obvious, I guess I have to try it out05:07
Ben64then put it in a safe05:07
sdsdsdksksicedwater: Qubes is, Qubes05:07
sdsdsdksksIt makes it clear that things are in VM's. Ben64 that wont solve the issue05:08
Ben64nothing will solve your issue05:08
sdsdsdksksGood practices will05:08
Ben64your issue is paranoia05:08
sdsdsdksksI want to protect against USB attacks and being forced to unlock the machine05:08
sdsdsdksksBen64: It's not.05:08
Ben64it is, but i see that it's pointless to go on with this05:09
deus402TrueCrypt allows for "hidden volumes" - two or more passwords open different volumes in the same file, but only one of the volumes contains secret data.05:09
sdsdsdksksBen64: It's not.05:09
sdsdsdksksThe data I want to protect I need to keep on me and protected while still being usable05:09
australopithecusis it fine to update your kernal to 4.9 on ubuntu or will it cause problems?05:09
sdsdsdksksSaying it's pointless / paranoia is like saying there's no need for a bullet proof vehicle when travelling through an area where you might be shot. Especially if they have a reason to shoot at you.05:10
australopithecusim running a kabby lake processor and the current kernal I have has bugs that have been resolved in 4.905:10
icedwateraustralopithecus: I would add that to grub and boot with it, that way if it causes problems you can still boot into an older working kernel05:10
australopithecusis there a guide for this icedwater?05:10
australopithecusI have never done such a thing05:10
=== g22 is now known as g2
Ben64australopithecus: are you sure the fix hasnt been backported to the ubuntu kernel05:13
icedwateraustralopithecus: I don't know, it used to happen automatically when I installed a new kernel or did an upgrade, eg apt-get install linux-image-4.8.0, etc.05:13
icedwateraustralopithecus: Which kernel are you running now, and what's the bug? (Just curious.)05:13
=== uhhf1 is now known as uhhf
sdsdsdkskshows is linux blueray support05:19
icedwatersdsdsdksks: Heh, I see you've given up on your other question. :P05:20
SpeirosHello all.  Is there a way to understand why I am having trouble getting sound on the 16.4 series of Ubuntu?  I've since deleted it, and gone back to 14.4.  I need it for music, so it isn't suitable until such times as I can get it working.05:20
icedwaterSpeiros: I'm pretty new to 16.04 too, wouldn't mind learning what your issue is :P05:22
Ben64kind of impossible to tell without being on 16.0405:23
mozammelhi, I'm have just installed ubuntu 16.10, before i was openSUSE Leap user, now my problem is I cant see user folder of opensuse. that is /home/rana, now I can only see ubuntu home folder I have saperate home partition, if I open ubuntu live disk, then I can see under /home i can see all folder05:24
SpeirosBen64 I tried all the ideas given to me formerly, about 3-6 months back, and none worked.  I've also found that a lot of the Audacity files aren't able to be used any more (or at least to me), namely the plugins etc.  There used to be hundreds, and now I can only find 20.05:24
Speirosmozammel Have you tried going to "computer" and seeing if it turns up under there?05:24
* Sean_McG frustrated with 16.04 as well05:26
mozammel Computer ? I dont know where , but if I go root partition and I see ''home'' once I open home its shows me only ubuntu home folder that is my user name ''mozammel''05:26
Ben64mozammel: it probably is on another partition05:27
Speirosmozammel What Ben64 said sounds reasonable.  Maybe you can try copying the whole folder (not deleting the old one) to see if it works?  Is this a good idea anybody?  I know links will be broken.05:28
mozammel @Ben64: no both are in same partition. /dev/sda3 mount point is /home05:28
Ben64that doesn't mean anything05:29
mozammelI can show you screenshot.05:29
Ben64it means you think they're both the same partition05:29
mozammelof course they are same partition.05:29
Ben64why of course05:29
mozammelwhen I open from live CD i can see all of 2 folder in same partition05:30
mozammelwhen I open /dev/sda3 partition from Live CD, I see ''@home'' & ''rana'' and inside ''@home'' I see my ubuntu home folder ''mozammel''05:31
mozammelbut sadly I cant copy paste all containt of ''rana'' to ''mozammel'' because of permission issue.05:32
Ben64you see "@home" ????05:32
Ben64that is not normal05:32
mozammelyeah. something problem05:33
mozammeland I created another user from ubuntu, that I also see under ''@home''05:33
Ben64come back on a livecd and pastebin stuff05:34
mozammelI will picpaste screenshot05:35
icedwaterI would have just checked the mount permissions...05:38
SpeirosWhat are mount permissions?  Is that like why I can't open external drives on the non-admin account?05:39
=== farhad is now known as Guest17534
icedwaterSpeiros: filesystems can be mounted readonly, or read-write, although that probably wasn't mozammel's issue05:40
mozammel http://picpaste.com/Screenshot_from_2017-01-03_05-37-13-3JiTklGt.png05:41
mozammelhere is my screenshot from live CD05:41
SpeirosI see, yeah.  What reason would one put one up for read only?  Security to prevent changes?05:41
mozammelhere is my screen shot from ubuntu installation http://picpaste.com/Screenshot_from_2017-01-03_12-05-24-0TvDTObM.png05:42
Ben64mozammel: ok go back to regular install, you did something weird05:42
Ben64and stop posting pics already05:42
SpeirosIt seems like you're in a non-admin account05:43
mozammelI'm on regular installation now.05:43
Ben64mozammel: ok, pastebin the contents of /etc/fstab05:43
mozammeldo you have any suggestion ?05:43
mozammel/etc/fstab command not found05:44
Ben64it's a file05:44
SpeirosOh, I was wrong too...05:45
Ben64note line 17, /home is mounted from the subvolume @home05:47
mozammelI see05:47
Ben64i win again05:47
mozammelwhat I suppose to do now ?05:47
Ben64you can mount the partition somewhere and do what you want with it05:48
mozammelmount /dev/sda3 partition ?05:48
mozammelit alredy have a mount point /home05:48
Mario88cpI am about to install Ubuntu05:49
Mario88cpI have already disabled secure boot.05:50
mozammelLine 17 also shows it has mount point /home05:50
Mario88cpIf i choose alongside windows will it put ubuntu in its own partition and05:50
Ben64mozammel: correct05:50
Ben64Mario88cp: indeed05:50
mozammelhow can I mount a partition which already have a mount point, and this partition already being use.05:50
Mario88cpwill it put grub on the PC or just add Ubuntu to the UEFI so where i have to just put it as 1. and if i want to use windows put it as 1?05:51
Ben64mozammel: mount it somewhere else05:51
icedwatermozammel: you could mount it again on another mount point05:51
Mario88cpdoes it add grub or do it put Ubuntu in UEFI boot options and just have to set ubuntu on 1. on the boot list?05:52
mozammelfirstly I cant unmount it , it shows volume is busy05:53
pq_pqhow to upgrade ubuntu?05:53
x3r07yp3Hi, someone speaks Spanish?05:53
icedwaterSpeiros: about your question, I suppose if you wanted to be sure you didn't change anything by accident...05:53
icedwaterx3r07yp3: try ubuntu-es?05:54
x3r07yp3How do I come in?05:55
mozammel @Ben64 ; icedwater ; any more suggestion ?05:55
Ben64mozammel: do what i said05:55
pq_pqhow to upgrade ubuntu?05:56
mozammelbut how ?05:56
Ben64pq_pq: what do you mean by upgrade05:56
Ben64mozammel: mount it in /mnt, mount it in /whocares it doesn't matter, just do it05:56
ledenix3r07yp3, #ubuntu-es05:56
Bashing-ompq_pq: "upgrade" in what respect ?05:56
icedwatermozammel: you can mount it again elsewhere without umounting first I think05:57
x3r07yp3@ledeni ty05:57
ledenix3r07yp3, you're welcome05:58
Speirosicedwater What is ubuntu-es?06:00
Speirossorry mozammel I was away...I don't know much about mounting (even though I have children) and what works or not.06:01
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Speirosicedwater What is the suggestion mate?  Sorry, I got two answers mixed up.06:06
Init__Onehi there06:06
CarlFKmozammel: why do you want to mount it again?06:08
sudhirkhangerUbuntu installer creates a swap on size as big as its RAM. Does it take hibernation into account?06:08
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energizerMy friend is on company wifi and would like to ssh but says his port 22 is blocked. how can he do it06:10
mozammel I cant see my previous os (openSUSE Leap) home folder from ubuntu06:10
CarlFKmozammel: where is it currently mounted?06:11
mozammelmy /dev/sda3 partition mounted as /home06:12
mozammelbut but ubuntu created a subvolume @home and inside home it holds the home folder ''mozammel''06:13
mozammelhere is fstab pastebin http://pastebin.com/8etAJRPa06:13
mozammelso the problem is i cant see my previous home folder ''rana'' (from my openSUSE leap os). which is at /home/rana/06:14
mozammelbut all I can see if I open from Live CD06:14
CarlFKmozammel: pastebin the output of mount and df06:15
hateballenergizer: Talk to his IT dept instead of trying to work around restrictions put there for a reason06:15
mozammelsorry mount and df is command ?06:15
CarlFKmozammel: 2 commands.06:15
CarlFKmozammel: looks like http://paste.ubuntu.com/23732220/06:16
Ben64mozammel: i already told you the solution06:17
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
SpeirosI think mozammel needs to know HOW to do these commands.  I could be wrong, but I wouldn't have a clue of how to mount from either one of those instructions, although I know I mount.  Does it mean to do it in terminal, as a sudo user, right clicking the file, etc?06:18
SpeirosThis is coming from a lame ass who doesn't know the system as I've been forced to sit on my hands and do nothing so my brain doesn't have patience any more, which restricts my learning.06:19
Ben64every time i say something he just bails from the chat for 20 minutes then re-asks the same question that was already answered06:19
SpeirosI saw your answer Ben64, but if I was in mozammel's shoes, I'd have asked you where do I enter this, and what are the commands, as I wouldn't know.06:20
Ben64that would be a better response than silence06:21
SpeirosI'm illiterate on here, and it's frustrating that I started learning about 9 years ago, but was stifled.06:21
SpeirosSo back to the beginning, but no proper learning until I can get past the past, which I have to wait until the future to do.06:21
mozammelsorry Ben64, Speiros, I was a bit busy with office work. sorry for late response.06:25
Speirosmozammel All good mate.06:26
mozammel Speiros : you are correct, I'm just a simple user, I dont know much command. so my question some time stupid, please bare with me.06:26
Ben64something like 'mount /dev/sda3 /somewhere'06:26
Speirosmozammel Ben64 and CarlFK seem to have some good suggestions.06:26
Speirosmozammel icedwater said you can probably mount it somewhere else without having to unmount it there too.06:30
mozammel I did mount it on /StringH and I can see all folders06:34
Speirosmozammel Excellent!  Is it working now?06:36
mozammel yes, its works, thank you so much guys. its really unusual that ubuntu created subvolume atometically...06:38
Speirosmozammel Also, what commands did you use?06:38
SpeirosTop marks to Ben64, icedwater and CarlFK, plus all others on here for helping us others.06:38
Speirosmozammel Yes, I don't know much about volumes and why they add sub-volumes...only guessing, but probably because it was called "Home" and was inside a home folder, but I could be wrong, as I am at times.06:42
Mis-anthropeis it possible to have / partitoin on a LV?06:42
SpeirosMis-anthrope What is an LV?06:43
Mis-anthropeLogical Volume06:43
Mis-anthropeWhat I wanna ask is is it possible to manually partition using LVM and then have / partition on a LV at the time of installation?06:44
hateballMis-anthrope: yes, that's one of of the options offered to you at install06:44
hateball(use full drive with LVM)06:44
Mis-anthropebut that creates arbitrary(decided by the installer) sizes for /, /boot and /swap partitions.. I wanna be abke to create these partitions with my own choice of size for each and every one of these partitions..06:45
hateballIf you have multiple drives you want to pool at install it's possible you have to do the pv/lv'ing manually, I dont know about that. Only really use LVM on servers06:45
Mis-anthropewell I wanna install ubuntu server on a pc I am no longer using.. it has 2 drives and ubuntu server will be the only os on it..06:46
Mis-anthropeI will be doing a fresh install and I wanna be able to manually create a LV (using my own preferences of sizes for / and swap)... is that possible at the TIME OF INSTALLATION?06:46
SpeirosMis-anthrope I have a drive for storage, and a drive I use for Ubuntu on the same machine.  I can access the other drive from my Linux installation, if that's any help.06:47
SpeirosMis-anthrope I don't have anything apart from files on the other drive.06:48
Mis-anthropewell.. I want to MANUALLY partition the drive using LVM(i.e. create logical volumes) at the time of installation.. is that possible? I know its possible to create a physical LVM partition at install time but i wanna be able to create / and swap partitions MANUALLY at install time.. is that possible?06:49
hateballMis-anthrope: you're given the option of manual partitioning at install time06:50
Mis-anthropeyes but I am not given the option to create Logical Volumes at install time...06:50
Mis-anthropeI am asking that is it ok to use busybox to first create the logical volumes on a drive and then install / and swap partition on the drive?06:51
SpeirosMis-anthrope I don't know about swapping partitions, as I don't understand what that means.  I can swap from the other partitions on my computer.  Maybe when loading Ubuntu, choose the last option, which is something like "Do something else", which allows you to resize partitions etc.06:51
Mis-anthropeidk.. i'll try to create LV's at install time using busybox.. see where that takes me06:52
SpeirosMis-anthrope Best wishes with it.06:52
SpeirosWhat does it mean to "swap" a partition?  It isn't file-swapping, is it?06:53
Mis-anthropeIts the partition for swap space..06:54
Mis-anthropeIt sorta extends the virtual memory..06:55
SpeirosMis-anthrope Aah.  Yes, when I tried the swap space, there was nothing further I could do with it.06:55
hateballMis-anthrope: hmmm, perhaps there is no option for this during install any longer. Used to be possible with alternative CD but that no longer exists06:56
hateballMis-anthrope: and I only ever go with some default setup for /, then add drives and pv after install, and mount to /opt or whatever I need06:56
hateballMis-anthrope: but there should be a way, hmmm06:56
Init__One_Ironic|Paul|:  a por fin jajaja!06:56
Mis-anthropeThere is a way06:56
Mis-anthropeI am working on it06:56
Ironic|Paul|There are so many users...06:56
Mis-anthropeWill keep you fellers posted :p06:57
Ironic|Paul|Speiros: I have seen you.06:57
Init__One_Ironic|Paul|:  speak inglishh che06:57
SpeirosIronic|Paul| Okay, where abouts mate?06:57
SpeirosInit__One_ "Mate" means "amigo" here in austalia06:58
Ironic|Paul|Init_one I am speaking now, don't go to bed.06:58
Init__One_friends mate? jaaaa06:58
SpeirosInit__One_ Yep.06:58
Ironic|Paul|Speiros: Init_one brought me in here, nice to meet you.06:59
Init__One_is 4 am o'clock , i have sleep06:59
bivoHow can I compress a 27Mb video clip to fit inside of facebook's 25Mb IM clip limit?06:59
Ironic|Paul|Init_one: I hope we will be in touch, right?06:59
hateballMis-anthrope: isnt there an option to config LVM at all, if you use manual partitioning? I havent installed server fresh in ages07:00
* hateball grabs an ISO07:00
Ironic|Paul|Inti_one: Hi there!07:01
* Mis-anthrope snatches ISO from hateball07:02
Mis-anthropeI said I am working on it :/07:02
Ironic|Paul|Speiros: lol07:03
CarlFKhow do I restart dnsmasq, and where does it log?  I am trying to use it for dhcp too, and it doesnt' seem to be doing that07:06
SpeirosAnother question...why isn't my computer recognising Timidity, although I have it installed, and on top of that, the video player won't play them, and doesn't give me any options for searching for files when it scans to see if there is something to play it?07:07
SpeirosSorry CarlFK07:08
CarlFKbivo: you want to re-encode it (aka transcode) with a lower bit rate and or resolution (so you will lose quality)07:09
CarlFKbivo: gstreamer can do it.  exactly how depends on what you are starting with and what you want to sacrifice (res, quality, fps...)07:10
CarlFKSpeiros: wut?07:10
bivoCarlFK, yes, but transmageddon takes too much quality from an already low quality clip, and theres no option to get it as close to the 25Mb limit without losing too much quality07:11
Speirossudhirkhanger I believe you can adjust the size of the swap size on install.07:11
Speirosbivo Can you cut out anything from the video?07:12
SpeirosCarlFK No, nothing mate, I just questioned immediately after you buddy :)07:13
Init__One_Speiros channel inglish en pv , please07:14
CarlFKSpeiros: no worries.  this is a pretty active channel - there are often a few conversations going on at the same time.07:14
SpeirosCarlFK :)07:14
Speirosbivo I use Openshot Video Editor for my video clips, if that helps.07:15
Speirosbivo I find it slow, but extremely useful.07:15
CarlFKI like Openshot07:16
SpeirosCarlFK Yeah, it's very good.  I used to use I think it's Pitivi, but it had problems.07:17
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oniichan1is anyone in here07:19
SpeirosHi oniichan1.  Lots of people, but the channel is specifically for addressing computer issues.  How are you, and what needs help with (someone will be able to help you hopefully)?07:19
icedwateroniichan1: Speiros: actually, primarily Ubuntu issues :P07:20
Speirosicedwater Good point mate.07:20
hateballMis-anthrope: far as I can tell the installer lets me create PVs and then also config LV, so...07:21
Speiroshateball Interesting...and good to know.07:21
oniichan1icedwater : can't you speak indonesia language07:22
Mis-anthropehateball: how? are you on the partitioning phase?07:22
hateballMis-anthrope: Yes. Choose manual07:22
Mis-anthropehateball: because there, you can only create a pv07:22
Mis-anthropehateball: I did..07:22
hateballMis-anthrope: there's an option for "configure LVM"07:22
icedwateroniichan1: I can speak some Bahasa. But if you need help here, you need to ask in English.07:22
hateballMis-anthrope: this was using 16.04 btw07:23
Speirosoniichan1 Sometimes if a person is from another language, it is possible to use google translate, although this isn't 100% clear.07:23
Mis-anthropehateball: will get back to you in a minute07:23
Speirosoniichan1 There is indonesian to english there.07:23
ducasse!id | oniichan107:23
ubottuoniichan1: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia07:23
oniichan1icedwater : oke, thanks07:23
Speirosducasse Cool link.07:24
icedwaterducasse: I checked, it's pretty quiet, I don't know if it is actually active.07:24
oniichan1ubottu : oke gan07:24
icedwateroniichan1: ubottu is a bot, don't talk to it :p07:24
SerialDevyeah, the 'u-bot-tu' part should clue us all in, ha07:25
oniichan1icedwater : oke sir, you use ubuntu or kali linux07:25
icedwateroniichan1: I use Ubuntu 16.0407:26
* Phanes would just like to reiterate that there are 0 linux distributions, even major ones, that are compliant with a modern LSB version......07:26
SpeirosPhanes what is LSB?07:27
oniichan1icedwater : sodusuka07:27
ubottuThe Linux Standard Base, or LSB, is a joint project by several Linux distributions under the organizational structure of The Free Standards Group to standardize the internal structure of Linux-based operating systems. The LSB is based on the POSIX specification, the Single UNIX Specification, and several other open standards, but extends them in certain areas.07:27
icedwaterHeh, didn't know that worked. Thanks ubottu!07:27
PhanesSpeiros, it's apparently an agreed upon standard for everyone to ignore07:27
icedwaterPhanes: touche07:28
SpeirosPhanes lol, fair enough.07:28
SerialDevyeah, every individual linux distro thinks their stuff is better07:28
tinfoil_hathas anyone the source code of the bot?07:28
Speirostinfoil_hat...I might tell you if you take your hat off (prepares to read thoughts).07:29
Speirostinfoil_hat I don't know man.07:29
Phanesicedwater, maybe that should be the 'not completed anywhere else' purpose i was supposed to find for my excuse to do an LFS build07:29
someone235Hi, after I restart lightdm, I try to login again, and then a new session is started, instead of getting back to the old one. Someone knows how can I prevent it?07:29
Phanes"Is actually compliant with existing Linux standards"07:29
tinfoil_hatI can make you a tinfoil_at too if you want :)07:30
Speirostinfoil_hat How did you know I didnt have one?  Are you reading my brain?07:30
tinfoil_hatmaybe it's not working07:30
icedwatersomeone235: I think if you restart lightdm, you have killed the existing session...07:30
CarlFKtinfoil_hat: yes, it is on launchpad somewhere07:31
icedwaterPhanes: is LFS LSB-compatible?07:31
ducassesomeone235: restarting lightdm kills the x server07:31
someone235icedwater, the thing is, I still see processes from my older session07:31
icedwaterHmm, on that note I guess I can expect not to be able to use lsb_release -r next time...07:31
Phanesicedwater, yes it is07:31
icedwatersomeone235: yes, because only the graphical stuff is restarted, I think.07:32
tinfoil_hatCarlFK: sauce äähm source ääähm link?07:32
someone235actually what I wanted to do is just restart my mouse, cuz it was stuck in drag and drop mode. Someone know of a better solution for this?07:32
Phanesactually that would be a BAMF thing to do is release an alpha that's fully FHS 3 and LSB 5 compliant and certified, it would literally be the only entry on either list as of today07:33
Speirossomeone235 Isn't there an option on the GUI, under settings for mouse contols?07:33
ducassesomeone235: try switching to console and back. ctrl+alt+f1, ctrl+alt+f707:33
tinfoil_hatnevermind, found it https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots07:33
someone235ducasse, yes, tried that. It didn't help07:33
icedwatersomeone235: that's interesting. Do you mean a USB mouse, or a touchpad on a laptop?07:33
Speirossomeone235 I see, it doesn't have that option.07:33
someone235icedwater, usb07:34
someone235icedwater, but I think it's software related. not related to the real mouse07:34
tinfoil_hatCarlFK, thanks for the tip with launchpad07:34
icedwaterI'm assuming unplugging and re-attaching the mouse didn't work. *nods* I was just curious, because touchpads could be a little tougher to debug07:34
CarlFKtinfoil_hat: did you find it?  I haven't started looking yet07:34
tinfoil_hatCarlFK, yes i found it, posted the link above07:35
dsnydersHappy new year all!  Occasionally, when I wake my machine from suspend, all I get is a black screen with a mouse pointer on it.  I can ssh to the machine, but nothing seems to be consuming excessive resources.  Any ideas why my machine won't wake up fully?07:35
ducassesomeone235: unload and reload the kernel module?07:35
icedwateroniichan: did you join ubuntu-id and leave it?07:36
someone235ducasse, with modprobe?07:36
ducassesomeone235: yep, or rmmod/insmod.07:36
someone235yes, tried that. Didn't help07:36
someone235restarting lightdm was the only thing that helped07:36
jakstis this the right channel to ask for assistance with data recovery with Linux Raid 5 / LVM ?07:37
UbuntuDudeI'm not sure what just happened at the last second of xenial installation on a partition next to windows 7! .. the system boots showing only windows while I was expecting the ordinary grub boot menu! How can reinstall grub from live-USB to fix the problem? win7 on /dev/sd1 , swap on /dev/sda2 , xenial root on /dev/sda307:37
icedwaterdsnyders: maybe try to restart the X server, or lightdm? I don't know if you can find some logs to check...07:37
icedwaterjakst: usually no, but if you're desperate / patient enough some people here might have some clues eventually.07:37
icedwaterjakst: I guess you're using Ubuntu, at least?07:37
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto07:38
jakstYeah it's on ubuntu07:38
icedwaterjakst: you might get some help here, then. I don't use RAID myself, so I can't say. I hope someone else can help.07:39
icedwatersomeone: Hmm, someone235 left07:40
icedwater(I meant to ask, did you rename?)07:40
jakstWell I've got some failed arrays  that I'd like to see if I can recover07:40
ducassejakst: better to try #ubuntu-server, maybe07:40
jakstOh thanks, I'll try that07:41
ducassejakst: might be quiet there for another hour or so.07:41
icedwaterducasse: How do you know, are they mostly Europe-based?07:42
jakstducasse: Well Iäll just hang around through the day :)07:42
SpeirosUbuntuDude I don't know what reinstall grub means mate, but is it possible to change the parameters so it reads your USB on boot, and run it from there?07:42
ducasseicedwater: many of the regulars are, as they work for canonical.07:42
icedwaterUbuntuDude: hmm, I can't remember if it's enough to just grub-install /dev/sda07:43
icedwaterducasse: good to know, thanks!07:44
mozammelis there anybody successfully able to print from LBP2900 printer in ubuntu 16.10 ? I need help.07:45
icedwatermozammel: I guess you solved the mount issue from before?07:46
UbuntuDudeSpeiros: reinstalling grub means what icedwater just mentioned above. the thing is I don't think grub was installed which is why on the system reboot win7 take control immediately and no bootmenu appears07:47
UbuntuDudeI'll try that and keep you posted .. ty07:47
SpeirosUbuntuDude Are you able to change the order on the BIOS for what opens first in priority?  Just remember so you can change it back.07:48
oniichanhelp me07:48
ducasse!ask | oniichan07:49
ubottuoniichan: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:49
SpeirosUbuntuDude I see.  When it opens, a very quick reminder of what keys can be held down (I think it's F9, but could be wrong) on boot up to go into BIOS menu.07:49
UbuntuDudeSpeiros: both partitions on the same hdd .. no need to change to bios boot sequence because I can manually do during the post using F1107:50
oniichanobutto : i am sorry07:50
SpeirosUbuntuDude Ah, okay.07:50
SpeirosUbuntuDude Anything past that is out of my knowledge range.  Sorry man:)07:50
ducasseoniichan: no need to be sorry, but we can't help unless you ask a question :)07:51
ducasseUbuntuDude: is this an uefi system?07:51
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:51
oniichanducasse : ok, i am understand07:51
mozammel @icedwater : yes some how it solved.07:52
Speirosoniichan What do you need help with?07:52
mozammelI'm getting error while installation and configure LBP2900 printer, install instructuction from github07:53
UbuntuDudeducasse: nah.... it's a 32bit fossil07:53
mozammelhere is the error : install.mk:7: recipe for target 'register_printer' failed ; make: *** [register_printer] Error 307:54
icedwatermozammel: ah, OK.07:55
oniichanSpeiros : can't you tell me about how to make sricp php07:55
Speirosoniichan Not me personally, as I don't know, but somebody in the room might know.07:56
icedwatermozammel: which instructions are you following? If you look in the makefile you might see where it has failed, or if there is an error message you can look at...07:56
ducasseoniichan: you want to make php scripts?07:57
oniichanspeiros : oke, you use ubuntu or kali07:57
icedwateroniichan: do you use Kali Linux?07:57
oniichanducasse : yes i will learn to make scripts07:58
icedwateroniichan: good, try to look for some basic examples online :)07:58
oniichanicedwater : yes i use kali linux07:58
ducasseoniichan: ask in ##php, we don't support programming here07:58
UbuntuDudeoniichan: if you are +18, I suggest you go shoot yourself ... seriously speaking go get a fucking life or leave the damn channel for relative to linux talks07:59
Speirosoniichan Here's a link, but it's in English.  It's the wrong page to be asking though.  http://www.w3schools.com/07:59
oniichanicedwater : yes, but very difficult07:59
UbuntuDudeoniichan: if you're -18 .. ignore what i said07:59
fallen_hai friends iam new dfor linux .please help me how to use it ...07:59
ducasse!ohmy | UbuntuDude07:59
ubottuUbuntuDude: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList07:59
oniichanspeiros : thankyou very much07:59
fallen_help me please07:59
fallen_iam new ine to linux08:00
SpeirosUbuntuDude Mate, what questions you ask and don't get responded to like that, and neither do I man.08:00
icedwaterfallen_: which Linux are you using?08:00
ducasse!manual | fallen_08:00
ubottufallen_: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/08:00
icedwaterducasse: your bot-fu is strong. :P08:00
oniichanUbuntuDude : yes i will try to learn to make scripts php08:01
ducasseicedwater: easier than typing a full response to everything that gets asked all the time :)08:01
fallen_please tell me how to use it please08:01
fallen_i want to learn it08:01
oniichanfallen : you use for what?08:01
ducassefallen_: we don't support backbox, but try http://ubuntu-manual.org/08:02
Phaneshow is ubuntu managing LSB compliance currently?  are they just bundling all LSB applications into one metapackage and dropping it in08:02
mozammelany help guys regarding LBP2900 installation error please ?08:03
ducassePhanes: there are a couple of lsb packages left for basic support, but most of them have been dropped (following debian's lead)08:04
oniichancan't help to fix error ssh in kali linux?08:04
Phanesducasse, do you know why that is happening08:04
zhou_xingyuhello everyone.May I ask how to use zfs in ubuntu1608:04
icedwatermozammel: hang on, we are all volunteers here. :)08:05
Ben64mozammel: best to ask an actual detailed question08:05
Ben64!kali | oniichan08:05
ubottuoniichan: Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)08:05
ducassePhanes: because no distro actually maintains uptodate, full support anymore.08:05
Phaneszhou_xingyu, make a filesystem.  format it as ZFS.  mount it.08:05
ducassezhou_xingyu: what do you want to knpw?08:05
Phanesducasse, that's going to change in less than a year btw08:06
icedwaterBen64: there was one - mozammel listed an error while trying to run a Makefile earlier...08:06
mozammel @ Ben64; yes of course. always appriciated.08:06
zhou_xingyuducasse: I install ubuntu in a 268G disk. so I want to change it into zfs.08:06
ducassePhanes: good, if it happens.08:06
oniichanubottu : i am sorry :)08:06
ubottuoniichan: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:06
mozammelhttp://pastebin.com/ue8xzxme   here is output08:07
ducassezhou_xingyu: you can't, zfs is only supported for data storage.08:07
zhou_xingyuPhanes: can I change my ext4 system into zfs?08:07
Ben64icedwater: that doesn't make that undetailed question ok08:07
Ben64zhou_xingyu: no08:07
SpeirosCan a file system be changed while there are files in it?08:07
Ben64Speiros: no08:07
SpeirosAh, thanks Ben64.08:07
zhou_xingyuthank you very much08:07
oniichanubottu : hai, wakata. mou daijoubu08:08
ubottuoniichan: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:08
icedwaterBen64: there were some details in there, to be fair.08:08
Speiroszhu_xingyu It looks like you will have to remove the files first, then make the file system you choose, but as ducasse has said, it means you'll need somewhere else to have your operating system.08:08
Ben64icedwater: no08:09
zhou_xingyuBy the way ,I just get stuck in gui,so I poweroff the linux by pressing and holding the power menu.08:09
icedwaterBen64: they were not the most helpful details, but they were there.08:09
SpeirosSorry, that last comment was addressed to zhou_xingyu.08:09
icedwatermozammel: you should provide more details, as Ben64 suggests.08:10
Ben64icedwater: which was my whole point08:10
zhou_xingyuMay I ask whether it will hurt the filesystem of linux?08:10
Ben64icedwater: i don't see why you need to comment on everything08:10
mozammelI'm trying to install driver for my printer LBP2900, and following https://github.com/hugolpz/Canon_printer this instruction, but I stuck with some error here is error out put http://pastebin.com/ue8xzxme  im on ubuntu 16.10,08:10
icedwaterBen64: I don't :)08:10
icedwaterBut mozammel already pointed out there was an error, and I was going to find out more from them.08:11
Ben64mozammel: unfortunately you're on your own if you choose to do stuff outside of the normal ubuntu ecosystem08:11
SpeirosThat is one way, zhou-xingyu, but you can also hold Ctrl Alt Delete, or Esc.  It means you may lose any work you've been working on, although an auto recovery seems to work MOST (not all) of the time.08:11
zhou_xingyuI just spend one hour to do fsck in livecd.Find none error08:11
Mis-anthropehateball: you were right.. I should proll get glasses and some cut off my red bull :/08:11
hateballMis-anthrope: So it goes, the main thing is you got it sorted :)08:12
ducassemozammel: try contacting the maintainer of the github repo or file an issue08:12
Mis-anthropehateball: thanks :)08:12
icedwatermozammel: you can get help here as long as you're using a regular Ubuntu install - everyone has issues with custom hardware they might need help with every now and then.08:13
mozammel I dont know how its outside of normal ubuntu ecosystem, I'm trying to make my printer work, and for my understanding its very basic need.08:13
icedwaterJust don't expect experts in every field, and have a little patience :)08:13
Ben64mozammel: you're running commands from some random github, there's no way we can support that here08:13
mozammelyeah.. of course.08:13
zhou_xingyuSpeirors: Thank you.May i know what is the different between the Ctrl+Alt+Sys_RQ resiub and ctrl+alt+delete08:14
icedwatermozammel: I don't understand where your problem is - the makefile seems to have stopped after ccpd service status08:14
Speiroszhou_xingyu I don't know, sorry.08:14
ducasseSpeiros: the first is sent directly to the kernel, the second to systemd/logind08:15
hateballzhou_xingyu: Did you try switching to a TTY (ctrl+alt+f1) and log in to do a clean shutdown? Or does the machine freeze up totally?08:15
ducassezhou_xingyu: ^^08:15
zhou_xingyuSpeiros: thank you very much.08:15
Speirosducasse Excellent.  Thanks mate.08:15
Ananthello, I am getting the error "Bad header line" while I am trying to update08:15
zhou_xingyuhateball: yes i do,but failed08:15
mozammel actually I'm not the person to often bother expert without digging.. I did dig a lot about it and try many way. but really not able to work. so my last hope is here becuase I can discuss in realtime. and show problem in realtime.. but really thankfull all you guys for your time.08:15
Anantanybody can help me08:15
icedwatermozammel: stick around a while more, you might get some help yet.08:16
Speirosmozammel I have had printer problems in the past, but as I don't currently use one I don't know how to help man.  Someone will be able to help over time though.08:16
ducasseAnant: pastebin the *full* output08:16
Ananthow to solve the error "bad header line" during updating08:16
zhou_xingyuhateball: I cannot open terminal and cannot open tty too.So my last choice is just hold the power menu.>::<08:16
ducassezhou_xingyu: does ctrl+alt+sysrq reisub work?08:17
mozammel yes. after ccpd.service there is some problem, beofre it was giving me dependancy error that libpng12-0 missing, I did download and install and its come upto ccpd08:17
Ananthow to solve the error "bad header line" during updating. Is it critical error?    do it make a problem in installing android stk08:17
mozammel@Speiros: yes. may be some one already did solved same problem.08:17
Speiroszhou_xingyu What happened so that you can't open terminal?  Do you remember the first time it happened?08:18
zhou_xingyuducasse: I don't know ,I know the reisub command after I do it and google.08:18
ducasseAnant: i asked you to pastebin the output.08:18
Ananthello, I am getting the error "Bad header line" while I am trying to update. anybody can help me.....how to solve the error "bad header line" during updating. Is it critical error?    do it make a problem in installing android sdk08:18
ducassezhou_xingyu: try  it, if that doesn't work it means the kernel has frozen. if it does work it is a much cleaner way of shutting down.08:19
AnantIgn:15 http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial-backports/main amd64 DEP-11 Metadata Ign:16 http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial-backports/universe amd64 DEP-11 Metadata Ign:17 http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial-backports/multiverse amd64 DEP-11 Metadata Err:11 http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial-updates/main DEP-11 64x64 Icons   Bad header line Ign:12 http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial-updates/universe 08:19
ducasse!paste | Anant08:19
ubottuAnant: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:19
zhou_xingyuSpeiros: I just run the aircrack and try to crack into my own wifi,,and I want to quit the crack but Ctrl+c does not work.So I cloesd the terminal and then ubuntu get stuck08:19
Speiroszhou_xingyu Ok, thanks for that.  It's good to know what caused it in the first place, so that it can be looked at from those who know about those systems.08:20
zhou_xingyuducasse: thank you.I am new to linux.I am still learning the linux operation system08:20
hateballzhou_xingyu: you should examine your logfiles, if something gets dumped prior to your kernel freezing08:20
zhou_xingyuhateball: thank you ,I will google it and find the logfile08:21
hateballzhou_xingyu: and if you're triggering it by running aircrack, it's probably a wireless module that doesnt like to run in promiscuous mode08:21
hateballzhou_xingyu: what wifi chipset/driver are you using?08:21
hateballzhou_xingyu: "lspci -k"08:21
icedwatermozammel: I can't seem to find any error in your pastebin, it looks like every step in the makefile worked. What happens when you try to run sudo service ccpd status on its own?08:21
zhou_xingyuhateball: thank you.maybe broadcom.Let me check the log.08:22
AnantIgn:15 http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial-backports/main amd64 DEP-11 Metadata Ign:16 http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial-backports/universe amd64 DEP-11 Metadata Ign:17 http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial-backports/multiverse amd64 DEP-11 Metadata Err:11 http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial-updates/main DEP-11 64x64 Icons   Bad header line Ign:12 http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial-updates/universe 08:22
SpeirosHow do I stop someone who is no longer in the room, but is whispering me?08:22
zhou_xingyuhateball: Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4313 802.11bgn Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)08:23
zhou_xingyuSubsystem: Broadcom Corporation BCM4313 802.11bgn Wireless Network Adapter08:23
zhou_xingyuKernel driver in use: bcma-pci-bridge08:23
zhou_xingyuKernel modules: bcma08:23
AnantUBOTTU: I have posted the screenshot08:23
ubottuAnant: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:23
zhou_xingyusorry for too much message at the same time08:23
icedwaterSpeiros: fallen__?08:24
Speirosicedwater Yes.08:24
icedwaterThey're messaging me too, you can /ignore if you want I think?08:24
SpeirosOk, thanks.08:24
zhou_xingyuhateball: when i run this command sudo aircrack-ng -w dict1.txt longas-01.ivs,the aircrack start to calculate the password and use high cpu.So i want to end it .I close the terminal and the terminal says it will kill the process so i do it.08:25
AnantCan anybody help me to figure it out?08:26
icedwater!patience | Anant08:26
ubottuAnant: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/08:26
zhou_xingyuhateball: and then the gui broke and nothing can do .including the mouse ,terminal tty,08:26
hateballAnant: Probably something wrong with that mirror, try pointing to something like the UK or AU08:27
AnantI have searched everywhere but I didn'd got the solution08:27
Ben64Anant: you didn't try what you were told last night08:27
icedwatermozammel: can you run sudo service ccpd status and then echo $? immediately after that to see what error code is returned?08:27
zhou_xingyuAnant: maybe you should other mirrors08:28
icedwaterzhou_xingyu: what other processes were started from that terminal you killed?08:28
AnantI have internet connection with library proxy and I cann't update from GUI also08:28
hateballzhou_xingyu: Afraid I don't know what could be wrong, but if your machine works fine otherwise and only displays this behavior when running aircrack... well then it's probably the wifi card/module. So that gives you something to google at least...08:28
zhou_xingyuicedwater: I open the new terminal to do the aircrack.so I don't know other process.08:30
zhou_xingyuhateball: thank you.I  think it's a good chance to read the logfiles of linux08:30
priporgHi, the desktop icons in Ubuntu are not all the same size. For example, the pdf icon is much larger than folder, text, and other icons. It looks strange. Can someone tell devs to fix it up thanks.08:33
icedwatermozammel: actually, now that you have the PPD for your printer, why don't you try specifying that in the Add Printer dialogue?08:33
mozammel@icedwater:  http://pastebin.com/4ZTzuJJq08:33
ducassepriporg: file a bug08:33
icedwaterpriporg: you can actually resize the icons to any size you like :p Maybe it's just a problem of the theme you're using?08:33
hateballzhou_xingyu: I'd suggest you keep an eye on "tail -f /var/log/dmesg" and syslog while you're running aircrack, if the driver spits out any info before everything dies08:33
priporgicedwater, using default theme.08:34
zhou_xingyuhateball: thank you very much08:34
priporgicedwater, you can try creating a pdf icon and see for yourself.08:34
Speirospriporg What is the problem with them being different sizes?  Is it something different from any other versions of Ubuntu you've used?08:35
mozammel@icedwater : there is a printer also added on printer setting, but if i try to print a test page it shows ''Idle -ccp send_data error, exit''08:35
icedwaterpriporg: well, the PDF specifically tries to give document preview, so I think it's more a feature than a bug. Unfortunately this does mean they have to be a different size from the other icons...08:36
priporgSpeiros, this is the only version of Ubuntu I've used.08:36
Speirosmozammel Have you been able to configure that printer, or is it not able to be done?08:36
Ananthello, I am getting the error "Bad header line" while I am trying to update. anybody can help me.....how to solve the error "bad header line" during updating. Is it critical error?    do it make a problem in installing android sdk... I have tried "sudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/* && sudo apt-get update" and after that I cann't open ubuntu software centre. it starts and close automatically08:36
Speirospriporg Okay.  Maybe it is just a matter of getting used to a new system.  I've been a user, although with little knowledge, since 2008, and I'm not going back to any of the commercial rubbish.08:37
icedwaterAnant: apparently you asked a similar question last night, as Ben64 suggests? Did the advice there help?08:37
Speirospriporg When I first started out, I  was uncomfortable, as all my education was done on a Windows system.  Still, now I'm set for Linux.08:38
icedwaterFor your current issue I would try to run ubuntu software centre from the command line and see if any error messages pop up08:38
priporgicedwater, in my opinion there is no point in having a preview - it's too small to see anything meaningful. Documents for example don't have previews. Different size desktop icons looks wrong ...again in my opinion.08:38
icedwaterpriporg: It is a valid opinion, I'm not sure if there is a way to turn off the preview, though.08:39
Speirospriporg Still, as icedwater suggested, if you right-click on your icons, you can resize the icons manually.08:39
icedwaterSpeiros: it isn't a good idea if you have to resize 20 PDFs each time though :p08:39
zhou_xingyuAnant: So you cannot update the system?08:39
priporgSpeiros, I resized it manually now to fix the issue, but that wasn't the point I was trying to make.08:39
Speirosicedwater True.08:40
Speirospriporg Ok.08:40
Ben64Anant: http://sprunge.us/gJAh08:40
priporgSpeiros, I won't be going back to commercial stuff either :)08:41
mozammel Speiros : not able to make it work yet.08:41
Speirospriporg No, they've made their money off freeware for long enough.08:42
Speirosmozammel Are you able to configure it in the settings though?  The actual printer that you mentioned was there?08:42
=== Lutzee is now known as Zen
priporgSpeiros, sure but to be fair linux didn't have a mature GUI for the masses to adopt until recently.08:43
Anantzhou_xingyu: yeah, I can upadate but some of the packages can not download08:45
zhou_xingyuAnant: so I suggest you to change the mirror source lists08:46
Ben64Anant: http://sprunge.us/gJAh08:46
Anantzhou_xingyu: but I don't know how to change the mirror08:46
cfhowlett!mirror | Anant08:46
ubottuAnant: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Yakkety, and help keeping the servers' load low!08:46
Ben64now finally you listen08:46
zhou_xingyuAnant: http://askubuntu.com/questions/197564/how-do-i-add-a-line-to-my-etc-apt-sources-list08:47
Speirospriporg Fair enough, as I didn't know of it, let alone Ubuntu since 2008.08:47
SpeirosSorry, 200708:47
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.08:47
Anantok thank you... and guys don't need to laugh at me I am new to ubuntu and facing error at first time08:48
icedwaterAnant: we are always learning, and we were all new once :)08:48
=== dreamon__ is now known as dreamon
priporgicedwater, so you're a pro now?08:48
SpeirosAnant I've been using this since 2008 and am still a novice.  How do you think I feel.lol08:48
icedwaterpriporg: no, just less new :)08:49
icedwaterTime passes, regardless of how much experience you accrue along the way :P08:49
zhou_xingyuAnant: you are welcome08:49
Speirosicedwater In the words of Stan Laurel, "It certainly does, Ollie"08:50
priporgicedwater, you are wise because you listen and understand my problem :)08:50
mozammel yes I can configure, but status is stopped. I think this printer is impossible to configure in ubuntu08:50
icedwaterpriporg: don't praise me, my head explodes. :p08:50
icedwaterBut I'm curious - there should be a way to disable PDF previews so that you get some kind of generic icon08:51
Speirosmozammel Can you make it run; or if that doesn't work (try it first), can you delete it, and then re-add it?08:51
icedwaterMaybe someone else here knows how to turn off PDF document preview in, say, Nautilus?08:51
priporgicedwater, not sure if that problem is created by libre office or ubuntu...08:51
icedwater(...so I can get back to work :P)08:52
icedwaterpriporg: I would suspect it's a desktop manager setting08:52
Speirosicedwater When I open files, I can use the dropdown "View" and choose icon or list.08:52
icedwaterI came here to ask for help about the datetime panel and troubleshoot my gnome-terminal issues... but I learned so much by hanging around :P08:52
mariohihiWould Ubuntu be the right system for me?08:52
priporgicedwater, who knows ....not me :)08:52
icedwatermariohihi: I'd say yes, but I'm biased. :p08:53
cfhowlettmariohihi, errrrrrrr, yes?08:53
mozammel@Speiros : I have tried all combination actually. and also try to install different version of that driver. nothing works.08:53
ghostali'm using xenial, and am getting a little confused about the mailutils package. what MTA does it provide? i've been messing about install and removing it, and seem to get different results08:53
mariohihiI'm on windows 8.1 and i am stuck on this as this laptop don't support windows 10.. the downloadable start menu's suck and don't work as good...08:53
priporgicedwater, just go back to work. my problem isn't big enough to warrant a fix just yet.08:53
Speirosmariohihi  Id say yes too, but what are you planning on using your computer for?  Gaming, work?08:53
mariohihiSpeiros Gaming, and every day web browsing.08:54
Speirosmozammel Sorry to hear that mate.  Can I just confirm that you've tried to delete this printer already?08:54
CarlFKmariohihi: If you have to ask, Ubuntu is a good place to start08:54
Speirosmariohihi I'm unsure if it is ideal yet with Canonical for gaming (I use xbox), but for everything else, it is fantastic.08:54
ghostalsometimes i get postfix configuration screens, sometimes not08:54
cfhowlettmariohihi, you can ask random internetz people who don't know you or your specific needs and preferences OR you could get the ubuntu .iso, make a bootable USB and actually TEST ubuntu for yourelf.08:54
mozammel yes, I did delete and again add08:54
CarlFKmariohihi: read "which distro" on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CarlKarsten08:55
priporganother big issue with linux is driver compatibility issues. you get a lot of new guys coming in here for a fix :)08:55
mozammelthis is the error this time ''Idle - File "/usr/lib/cups/filter/pstocapt" not available: No such file or directory''08:55
icedwaterpriporg: true.08:56
Speirosmozammel Okay.  Sorry again that it's reached frustration level.  There are settings, but you mentioned it said "status is stopped".  Have you been able to unchange that?08:56
Speirosmozammel That last message you typed means that you're missing a file, or it's not where the computer is expecting it to be.08:57
mozammel@ Speiros: every time I try new driver and new method to install, its shows different error but result actually same, not printing.08:57
mozammelbut I have no idea from where and how to bring it in place.08:58
ledenimozammel, which printer i mean model08:58
mozammelCanon LBP290008:59
Speirosmozammel Yes, they can be frustrating.  If the file is somewhere else, I can only suggest what I'd do, and it includes a pen and paper.  I'd search for the file, and if I find it, I'd write where it is, and what is with it.  Then I'd look at where the computer is saying it is looking.  Then I'd copy and paste those files there in the correct file order.  I don't think I'd delete the other files though, in case they're bei08:59
Speirosng used by the kernel.08:59
icedwaterCust0sLimen: hi09:00
Cust0sLimenwhat does ubuntu 16.10 do for networking by default ?09:00
Cust0sLimennetworkd or networkmanager ?09:00
icedwaterGood question, hopefully someone using 16.10 can answer. :p09:01
ducasseCust0sLimen: network manager.09:01
Cust0sLimenthanks ducasse09:01
mozammel I will try your method too.09:02
Speirosmozammel I hope it works, but writing it down is so if it doesn't, it can be removed again.09:02
Speirosmozammel Therefore, write down where you paste them, if it happens.09:02
icedwaterSpeiros: yeah, a clean removal will help a lot, I suppose. I would prefer to redirect the output of, say, some find command into a text file, but as long as I don't have transparency in my gnome-terminal back yet I'll have to use pen and paper :P09:03
Speirosicedwater And if the pen and paper fail, they're easier to throw:)09:04
icedwaterSpeiros: yeah, I have a lot of text files that I don't remember making :p09:06
lasersaberi cant seem to play a video on here http://southpark.cc.com/clips/104439/anonymous-question-box09:06
lasersaberany idea why?09:07
Speiroslasersaber What system are you using?09:07
lasersaberubuntu unity09:08
lasersaberusing firefox09:08
hateballlasersaber: perhaps it requires flash, do you have that installed?09:08
lasersaberi guess because i can play youtube videos09:09
Speiroslasersaber Do you have any other script blockers installed, or website blockers?09:09
icedwaterlasersaber: YouTube changed to HTML5 at some point, I've been led to think..09:10
zhou_xingyulasersaber: you may try chrome stable09:10
lasersaberno luck with chrome09:10
zhou_xingyuicedwater: yes ,youtube is html509:10
lasersaberhmm i do have adblock but i disabled it for that page09:10
lasersaberi might need to completely disable adblock09:11
UnhammerI don't suppose anyone's tried the ASUS UX310UA with Ubuntu? I'm wondering if it's normal that the fans are on more than they are off (even when fairly idle in Xubuntu), or if it's maybe something I can fix with some powersaving settings or whatnot09:11
hateballlasersaber: youtube uses html5 to play video for the most part. guessing isnt very helpful, so instead you could go to "about://plugins" and see if flash is listed09:12
ledenimozammel, try ---> http://pastebin.com/mv0uaGXc09:12
mozammel Okay now I also try your method and found the missing file which is in lib64 and copid to lib and now when I test print, its processing for ever.. final result is '' not printing''09:13
Speiroslasersaber It wouldn't open for me either, but I've got blockers, but after undoing them one by one, it still wouldn't open.09:13
cfhowletthateball, not about:plugins       ??09:14
Speirosmozammel Ok.  Is it wireless or connected by a wire?09:14
hateballcfhowlett: you are correct, fingers faster than brain :p09:15
lasersaberabout://plugins didn't work09:15
hateballlasersaber: "about:plugins" like cfhowlett said09:15
lasersaberno //09:15
mozammel@Speiros : connected by USB cable09:16
Speirosfallen_ Did you go to another page to get the information you wanted?09:16
cfhowlettlasersaber, SP is not playing for me either though it did previously.09:18
cfhowletttest with chromium/chrome perhaps?09:18
Speirosmozammel Ok.  So, just peddling backwards.  Your computer is now seeing the printer which is connected, yes?  Or is it possibly seeing the files, and not the printer?  If it is seeing the printer, can you now configure the printer from the settings menu?09:18
lasersaberwhat now? :-/09:18
mozammelyes. can see the printer09:19
mozammelwhen connect , it also detect that printer connected.09:19
cfhowlettlasersaber, install chrome and test it ... in case there's some kind of driver crashing09:19
mozammelbut when try to print its just '' processing'' for ever, but never complete and print.09:19
Speirosmozammel Ok.  There's progress.  Maybe in the printer settings, clear the queue of any documents that might be loaded up to print.  Are there any there?09:21
* lasersaber :(09:21
mozammel no there is no queue09:22
lasersabercfhowlett, now what?09:23
Speiroslasersaber I just looked at the imgurl, and it is showing the video, but stating that you're not using Mozilla, which it suggests.  What happens when you use Mozilla?09:23
Speirosmozammel Ok.09:23
hateballlasersaber: was that with chromium or google chrome?09:23
cfhowlettlasersaber, did you install chrome/chromium?  fire it up and test SP playback09:23
lasersabergoogle chrome09:24
cfhowlettah I see. that's something new09:24
Speirosmozammel, and that printing is the test page, yes?  Sorry if you've already said it but I'm trying to see it from your shoes.09:24
lasersaberwith mozilla i get a black screen09:24
hateballHmmm, I clicked some random video and it threw me a flash version at any rate...09:25
Speiroslasersaber I get that too, but I can change the permissions.09:25
hateballlasersaber: for some sites click-to-play flash doesnt work properly, so you could try force-allowing it via the button in the url bar09:25
cfhowlettlasersaber, nah, something weird here.  I'm dual booting.  My safari reports flash issues as well.09:26
Speiroslasersaber Actually, I just got a "goo goo good..." then changed it, so it can work.  It may be through the Mozilla browser that you've got some parts blocked.09:26
Speiroslasersaber I allowed 0914.global.ssl.fastly.net and it worked (after allowing the sites' scripts too)09:27
mozammel yes I try test page from settings, I try nomal xcel printing, also try head cleaning. ... for all the job its just processing09:27
hateballcfhowlett: I'm running chromium with pepperflash and a video played... altho I was redirected to southpark.nu or some such09:27
Speirosmozammel Are those jobs now cancelled?09:28
SheepolutionAfter I kept getting the error: libGL error: failed to load driver: swrast, I updated my nvidia drivers. But something went wrong: http://imgur.com/a/4LxOO09:28
SheepolutionAnd now I'm not sure what to do09:29
lasersaberSpeiros, i completely removed adblock and still can't play on firefox09:29
mozammel yes cancelled.09:29
cfhowletthateball, yeah that redirect caught my eye as well.09:29
Speiroslasersaber Yes, ok.  I'm using Noscript, and I block most things, and have to allow them one by one if I want to see anything.  Do you have anything blocking scripts, rather than ads?09:30
Speirosmozammel Ok, that's good.  Once more (the page has scrolled past where you stated it formerly on my screen) what type of printer is it?09:31
lasersaberSpeiros, no script blockers or adblockers09:31
Speiroslasersaber Ok.09:32
lasersabermaybe i should reinstall firefox09:32
icedwaterHey folks, I've tried to run gnome-terminal and I get a locale error in my syslog: org.gnome.Terminal[6281]: Non UTF-8 locale (ANSI_X3.4-1968) is not supported - PID 6281 is a dbus-daemon --fork which is still running, though. Any ideas how to solve this? My LC_ALL is C, LC_* is en_SG.UTF-8 otherwise.09:33
icedwaterWait, hmm... let me C.09:34
Speiroslasersaber I'm unsure, but I can watch it after allowing that site that was blocked as well as a few more.  They are comedycentral.com, cc.com, mathtag.com and mtvnservices.com09:34
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Speirosmozammel Depending on the model printer, sometimes you can look backwards from the printer to confirm that the printer is seeing the computer, rather than the computer seeing the printer.09:35
Speiroslasersaber If you really want to, I can read you some of the announcements he's reading.09:36
icedwaterOK, setting LC_ALL didn't work, I'll have to see how dbus-daemon passes its env09:37
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lasersaberdang it just wont work :(09:40
SpeirosDid you reinstall Mozilla?09:40
Speiroslasersaber Did you reinstall Mozilla?09:41
ledenilasersaber, did you install 'ubuntu-restricted-extras'09:42
hateballrandomly reinstalling things are unlikely to do you much good09:42
mcphailicedwater: why is LC_ALL set at all?09:43
icedwaterhateball: agree :p They might just push the problem down the road, I think.09:43
icedwatermcphail: I don't know, should I unset it?09:43
SpeirosOk.  I'll tell you what I have and then maybe you can see if it would work for you.  I have noscript enabled, blocking almost all things, and have it set so that I can choose to temporarily or permanently allow things.  From there, it blocks most things, and I can allow things that I want to watch.  With this program, I can now watch that link, which was initially black-screened.09:43
mcphailicedwater: it should be blank by default, unless you are trying to override a locale09:43
icedwatermcphail: Ah, OK. unset it, but it still gives me the same error. Additionally, org.gnome.Terminal exited with status 8, I didn't get around to mentioning it earlier.09:44
Speiroslasersaber Then I allowed the five sites mentioned earlier in the two comments, and I can see Mr Mackey's lesson being taught.09:44
icedwaterThanks, mcphail09:44
rmx77hello all09:44
icedwaterrmx77: hi!09:45
lasersaberledeni, i just did and no luck :(09:45
rmx77i am having a few issues one of them is where the computer will randomly just black screen and i have to do a hard reboot and the other issue is with the usb m-audio box where it keeps turning it off and on each time it runs audio and no audio is there so if sound goes through it turns it on if no sound is going through it turns it off also after a hard reboot i have to unplug and plug back in the usb sound box to get the thing to work09:45
ledenilasersaber, close firefox09:45
ledenilasersaber, and reopen09:45
mcphailicedwater: i suspect you need to undo whatever messing around you have been doing with locales before it will work correctly09:46
lasersaberi can watch the commercial they play before the video plays but cant watch the video!09:47
icedwatermcphail: I believe it was only to set LC_, though I did try to sudo dpkg-reconfigure locale a few times today. I don't really know how to undo those09:47
lasersaberthe play button is grey out and i cant click play09:48
Speiroslasersaber Do you have Noscript on there?09:48
hateballlasersaber: do you have like a little... lego square in your url bar?09:49
hateballlasersaber: as I said, you may have to force-enable flash for some sites, when click-to-play does not work09:49
lasersaberhateball, yes09:50
Speiroslasersaber Ok.  I'm not certain, but my lack of trust of other sites leads me to believe that some things block on purpose other things, where this Noscript allows a person to control what is allowed to work or not.  I'm not certain also that it will definitely work in your circumstances.09:50
hateballlasersaber: can you click that and choose allow?09:50
Speiroslasersaber Still, it wasn't working in mine, and it works now, so I think it might work for you too.  If it doesn't, you can delete Noscript again, as it's an add-on.09:50
hateballlasersaber: in some cases you have pick allow and remember, then reload the page (F5)09:51
Speiroshateball True, that's an option.09:51
hateballlasersaber: you'll have the same behavior on http://www.adobe.com/se/software/flash/about/ for instance09:51
linuxcrazyare software packages installed on Lubuntu of latest versions?09:52
cfhowlettlinuxcrazy, errrrrrrr what?09:52
linuxcrazyare the softwares of latest version?09:53
lasersaberhateball, i click allow but there is no remember option. video still wont play09:53
cfhowlett!latest | linuxcrazy09:53
ubottulinuxcrazy: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.09:53
linuxcrazyfor example LibreOffice, VLC etc.09:53
cfhowlettlinuxcrazy, open a terminal and do:   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade09:54
linuxcrazythanks a lot.09:55
Speiroslasersaber When you allowed, did the video play?09:56
cfhowletthappy2help! linuxcrazy09:56
hateballlasersaber: right, click continue allow and then press F5 to reload the page09:56
lasersaberwhen i click allow nothing happens even after a page reload f509:56
lasersaberi cant right click allow09:57
lasersaberwont let me09:57
ubuntunewbiewhat colour means in ubuntu installation on disk09:57
ubuntunewbieorange green, blue09:58
cfhowlett!details | ubuntunewbie09:58
ubottuubuntunewbie: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.09:58
Speiroslasersaber Keep in mind the blocker Noscript, and then only allow what you want to dominate the website, rather than the possibility of some other website dominating what you can use.09:58
ubuntunewbiei have disks sd1 and sda5 to 909:58
Speiroslasersaber I have a feeling this is why you can't see it.09:58
ubuntunewbiesda1 and sda9 i set primary and swap09:58
hateballlasersaber: is that chrome or chromium?09:59
lasersaberbut i dont have any blockers09:59
Speirosubuntunewbie Those colours, you'll notice are all different.  It is making sure that you don't delete the wrong partition.09:59
cfhowlettpowered by hulu?   yeah that would be a dealkiller if you're overseas09:59
lasersabergoogle chrome09:59
ubuntunewbieorange colour is given on swap partition and my other drive got same colour10:00
hateball!screenshot | ubuntunewbie10:00
ubottuubuntunewbie: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here.10:00
lasersaberim in the usa10:00
Speiroslasersaber That's what I mean.  If there is none, there is nothing to block any malicious sites.  I could be wrong, but it won't hurt to try it, as one, it's free, and two, it works for me.10:00
ubuntunewbiesorry i'm unable to post screenshot i don't have camera  phone10:01
lasersabernoscript.net right?10:01
Speiroslasersaber yes10:01
cfhowlettubuntunewbie, are you using IRC from the install computer?10:01
ubuntunewbieinstall now show sda1 and sda9 will be formatted10:01
ubuntunewbiedifferent pc10:01
hateballSpeiros: Why would blocking ads help playing a video? That's making no sense, sounds more like promoting noscript10:02
ubuntunewbiecorrection #1 and #9 partition10:02
BluesKajubuntunewbie, use your prtscn key10:03
ubuntunewbiei'm worried about my backup drive which got same colour as swap partition10:03
Speiroshateball I'm not here to promote any specific program mate.  The reason I'm saying it is because I use it to stop other scripts from working on my computer, such as facebook, twitter, google, etc, and it works great.  If they aren't blocked, they are able to build up an account, and direct for ad reasons in an underhanded way to other sites.10:03
Speiroshateball The other reason is I have Mozilla, and opened his link, and got the same black screen, and now it plays.10:04
Speiroshateball No other reason, nor an ulterior motive :)10:04
lasersaberSpeiros, i've allowed comedycentral.com, cc.com, mathtag.com and mtvnservices.com10:05
lasersaberstill doesn't work :(10:05
Speiroslasersaber there's the first one too, the one before it...10:05
cfhowlettlasersaber, what country are you in?10:05
ubuntunewbiewait 1 min10:06
Speiroslasersaber The other one was  0914.global.ssl.fastly.net10:06
lasersaberits the damn lego in my url i think its the problem10:06
Speiroshateball If it doesn't work, it's easy to delete the add-on.10:06
hateballSpeiros: Just seems a very strange way to troubleshoot something by first blocking it and then allowing it. When it isnt blocked in the first place10:07
hateballBut who am I to judge :)10:07
Speiroshateball I appreciate that.  It's like a back-titration.10:07
Speiroshateball If it works, I'll be happy but if it doesn't, I can't suggest anything else on this point personally.10:08
ubuntunewbiedamn so network and slow system10:09
lasersaberi need to sleep10:10
Speiroshateball The ideology is by blocking everything, and then only allowing through what is requried.10:10
ubuntunewbielight weighted image site?10:10
lasersaberi will tackle this issue again tomorrow10:10
Speiroslasersaber Did you add that last one too?10:10
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
cfhowlettubuntunewbie, in English please?10:10
Speiroslasersaber And no success?10:11
ubuntunewbielight weight image hosting site with providing direct image link10:11
lasersaberthanks for the help10:11
Speiroslasersaber Sorry man.  I don't know what it is then from my end.10:11
cfhowlett!paste | ubuntunewbie10:11
lasersaberi'll be back ina few hours10:11
ubottuubuntunewbie: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:11
lasersaberno worries10:11
SpeirosDamn.  It's a shame that, but I got a good link to watch South Park on.10:12
Speiroshateball I have a feeling lasersaber's problem is a mixture of a site being a nuisance, and the allowing thing with flash.10:14
Guest22042i am looking for the chromium and opera bookmarks file in dolphin, can't find where are they stored ?10:16
Guest22042anyone would help10:16
icedwaterGuest22042: not sure where to start looking, I tried .cache but to no avail.10:18
cfhowlett.config ?10:19
=== wiselydoesit_ is now known as wiselydoesit
ubuntunewbiehere is image http://imgur.com/a/MuQ7D10:22
SpeirosHow do I open from here another page (as I want to go to Audacity and see why I can't get all the plugins)?10:22
ubuntunewbiesd7 has same colour as swap partition one.10:22
ubuntunewbieso it will format which one?10:23
Guest22042i am looking for the chromium and opera bookmarks file in dolphin, can't find where are they stored ?10:23
Speirosubuntunewbie The message you had at your imgur account shows partition 1 and 9, yes?10:24
ubuntunewbie#1 and #910:24
Speirosubuntunewbie They will be the ones you are formatting.10:25
ubuntunewbie_so which sda7 will be formatted along with #9?10:25
cfhowlettubuntunewbie, except that is NOT what it said.  you have to read the feedback.10:25
ubuntunewbie_sda7 is my backup drive10:26
ubuntunewbie_i just worried about sda710:27
Speirosubuntunewbie If you are unsure, stop the formatting, write down which sda is which, and then format.10:27
Speirosubuntunewbie If you are unsure, stop the formatting, write down which sda is which, and then format.10:27
ubuntunewbieso which sda7 will be formatted along with #9?10:27
ubuntunewbiesda7 is my backup drive10:27
ubuntunewbiei just worried about sda710:27
cfhowlettubuntunewbie, READ the feedback.  it says nothing anywhere about sda7.10:28
Speirosubuntunewbie Unselect them if you are unsure, then write them down on a piece of paper, so that you have all the details.10:28
=== ubuntunewbie_ is now known as ubuntunewbie__
Speirosubuntunewbie Only then, should you format any drives, when you yourself are 100% certain.10:28
cfhowlettor you could unplug the backup driver and install, plug it back in after you finish.10:28
ubuntunewbie__so which sda7 will be formatted along with #9?10:29
ubuntunewbie__sda7 is my backup drive10:29
ubuntunewbie__i just worried about sda710:29
ubuntunewbie__colour making me confusing10:29
cfhowlettnot sure if bot ...10:29
Speiroscfhowlett, quit, and then makes comment?  That's a little odd.10:29
ubuntunewbie__so i abort installation?10:29
Speirosubuntunewbie__ What do you think you'd say if I was to ask you the question, and you were to guide me?10:30
ubuntunewbie__i would say i don't know or i don't have knowledge10:31
Speirosubuntunewbie__ So if I wasn't sure, you'd not tell me to delete them?10:31
Speirosubuntunewbie__ Therefore, as you are about to delete partitions, you need to be 100% certain for yourself.  Only you are responsible.10:32
cfhowlettexcuse, wait, what?  what are we deleting now?10:32
Speiroscfhowlett ubuntunewbie__ wants to format two partitions.10:32
cfhowlettgot it.  not the same as deleting - scared me for a moment10:33
ubuntunewbie__i just installing but ubuntu picking other drive and give swap partition colour which i asking sda7 will be formatted10:33
Speiroscfhowlett True, but they'll lose information on the drives if there is anything on there.10:33
cfhowlettubuntunewbie__, forget the colors.  hear me?  forget the color.  read the text!10:34
ubuntunewbie__that is why colour is giving me confusing10:34
Speirosubuntunewbie__ The colours are so you can see that they are separate drives.  There is only a finite amount of colours used, and as for them being the same, you have a decent amount of drives.10:34
ubuntunewbie__so #9 is sda910:34
Speirosubuntunewbie__ If you are unsure, then stop, and then restart and write it down as you go as to whether #9 is sda9.10:35
Speirosubuntunewbie__ Then you won't make a mistake.10:35
cfhowlett!cookie | Speiros in lieu of the more traditional brew ...10:36
ubottuSpeiros in lieu of the more traditional brew ...: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!10:36
Speiroscfhowlett :)  I wish...10:37
Speiroscfhowlett Hey man...that cookie was nice, but those brown chunks that tasted a little spicy for chocolate are making me sleepy...10:41
Guest22042anyone can tell me where can i find opera bookmark file?10:42
SpeirosHow do I open another page on here?10:45
SpeirosWhat command is it after the backslash?10:45
cfhowlettSpeiros, you mean a new tab?10:45
SpeirosYes, I want to look at the audacity page and the libreoffice page10:45
cfhowlettSpeiros, /join #channelname10:46
freakhi everyone!10:46
Speiroscfhowlett Thanks.  I forget easily (I should write them down...lol)10:46
freaki need help related to snmpd service10:46
cfhowletthappy2help! Speiros10:46
freaki have configured snmpd service but i couldn't find where and in which file these traps will be stored10:47
freakany help will be appreciated10:47
Speirosfreak Hi mate.  Sorry, but I personally know nothing about it.10:48
Speirosfreak Others will though.10:48
SpeirosOkay, I think I'm back, yes?10:58
SpeirosCan anyone tell me what this forward slash mode means?11:00
FlannelSpeiros: If you set your mode as +R, you would block queries (think private messaging) from non-registered users.  There was a problem with botnet query spamming a couple weeks ago.11:06
SpeirosFlannel Ah okay.  Thanks for that.11:07
soheilhow can i install vmware on ubuntu 14.0411:07
cfhowlett!vmware | soheil11:07
ubottusoheil: VMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware11:07
soheilcan someone give me a link for download vmware.bundle11:08
cfhowlettsoheil, did you even read the link I sent?  ALL the info is there.11:09
IhrFusselIs Ubuntu 16.04 stable enough yet to use for a root server?11:11
cfhowlettI'd say so but check with #ubuntu-server11:11
ikoniaIhrFussel: "root" server ?11:11
ikoniawhat's a root server11:11
Speirossoheil That link that cfhowlett posted made the bot give you two links.11:11
IhrFusselA root server is one you don't share with others (like VPS)11:11
soheili did read that but i need a link for download .bundle11:11
k1lIhrFussel: it was stable from the beginning. the stableness means it doesnt change that much so the tested setups are stable.11:12
cfhowlettnugroho, sopt11:12
ikoniasoheil: talk to vmware then11:12
ikoniasoheil: it's their product, their website,11:13
IhrFusselk1l, alright thanks...I was wondering that cause my hoster now offers 16.04 and I used 14.04 before11:13
cfhowlettsoheil, right.  go to the website11:13
soheili cant11:13
cfhowlettIhrFussel, 16.04 is an LTS release as is 14.04.  sounds like your hoster is doing the decent thing keeping you advised.11:13
cfhowlettsoheil, well, since this is not an ubuntu product and is not even a recommended solution, not much for us to do.11:14
soheilit is denied from my country11:14
ikoniasoheil: then even if we had a URL you couldn't get it11:15
cfhowlettsoheil, but virtualbox is not11:15
ikoniasoheil: pickup the phone to vmware11:15
soheiljust give me link i can get it11:15
ikoniasoheil: you've just said the website is blocked, so you can't11:16
cfhowlettwww.vmware.com soheil11:16
ikoniasoheil: if the website isn't blocked, look at their website11:16
cfhowlettcurious soheil: what country blocks vmware?  or is it your ISP that blocks it11:16
soheilContent Not Available11:17
soheilDear user, the web content you have requested is not available.11:17
ikoniasoheil: then use the phone11:17
soheili see this when i browse11:17
ikoniasoheil: sorry, but this is outside the scope of this channel11:17
ikoniasoheil: vmware has a website, and other support resources11:18
soheilthere is no phone11:18
cfhowlettsoheil, not - an - ubuntu - problem.  use virtualbox11:18
soheilyou couldnt just tell me a link11:19
Speirossoheil At least you have some other places to start to look.11:19
ikoniasoheil: no11:20
soheilits what it is11:20
cfhowlett!vbox | soheil11:20
ubottusoheil: Virtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox11:20
feodoranone of my screens remains black even though it works during boot (and on windows). it worked just fine when I installed ubuntu. the other screen works just fine. what can I check for?11:34
cfhowlettxrandr something or other feodoran11:34
AnthaasWhat is the easiest way to take the contents of a machine running Ubuntu and clone it to a VM (VirtualBox for example)11:35
feodorancfhowlett: if I try to enable the screen in the settings it just stays black11:37
hateball!clone | Anthaas11:37
ubottuAnthaas: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate11:37
cfhowlett!clone | Anthaas11:37
hateballAnthaas: I'd use clonezilla, personally11:37
Speirosth___72 Hi:)  How's your computer going?  Well, how are you going too...11:40
Anthaashateball: Limitations of Clonezilla - the destination partition must be equal or larger than the source one. The source in my case is the machine Im on - its the whole machine - on the destination it will be a VM...11:40
SpeirosAnthaas Does that mean that your computer you're putting these things on is smaller than the partition you have already?11:41
AnthaasWell, its a VM so I would assume that is naturally the case?11:41
hateballAnthaas: you can resize your partitions prior to cloning. there's advanced flags to ignore the size limit as well, as long as the data fits11:41
ikoniaAnthaas: you can use disk images of a certain format to act as a virtual disk for a vm11:41
ikoniaAnthaas: you'll always have to make a few changed, eg: mac address on the nic11:41
hateballthat's also an option11:41
Speiroshateball's got it:)11:42
SpeirosAnthaas I didn't understand how a person could in a very broad and rough explanation "cut and paste" as such into a smaller filesize.11:43
IhrFusselMy root server installation now asks me about the partition...if I only choose / will I still have /home as folder? It gives me the options "only /" "/ and /home" "/ /home and /var" ... do I need to choose the one containing /home for it to create the user folders?11:44
mcphailIhrFussel: no11:44
ikoniaIhrFussel: home is a directory11:44
ikoniaIhrFussel: you need to stop calling it a "root" server as that means nothing to anyone other than you, and just adds confusion11:45
Anthaasapt-clone just copies packages right, nothing in the filesystem (Documents, etc...)11:45
ikoniaAnthaas: correct11:45
cfhowlettIhrFussel, you might consider taking this to #ubuntu-server.11:45
mcphailIhrFussel: unless you have a reason to create separate partitions, you can stick to a simple "/" partition. All the needed directories will be made11:45
IhrFusselmcphail, okay then I'll just stick with / partition..thanks11:47
IhrFusselikonia, the hoster advertises it as "Root Server Linux D100"11:47
ikoniaIhrFussel: it means nothing to anyone11:48
SpeirosWhy IS that an option?  What is the reason why when partitioning a drive, the name is for a certain sub alternative as well as "/"?11:48
k1lIhrFussel: that is more of a marketing name. root server could mean that its not a virtualized server. but that is not important for that partitioning.11:48
hateball!fhs | Speiros11:49
ubottuSpeiros: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier11:49
IhrFusselk1l, yep they mean a dedicated server that you don't share with other customers11:49
Speiroshateball Thanks man.11:49
hateballSpeiros: one reason is that you dont want to grind the system to a halt if some directory like /var gets full, for instance11:49
ikoniathats pretty much one of the best examples you could see11:50
hateballSpeiros: putting /home on its own partition is nice for reinstalling, since you dont have to backup/restore user data11:50
Speiroshateball Aah, okay.  So similar to having the files on a separate drive, except partitioned...I'm slow, but steady I think.11:51
hateballWell you couldnt really keep files on another drive without it having partitions either11:52
hawathis works `sudo tail /var/log/auth.log -n 30 -f | grep -i <searchword>`, this doesnt `sudo tail /var/log/auth.log -n 30 -f | grep -i <searchword> | tee -a outputfile`11:52
hateballhawa: and where is outputfile?11:53
hawain my home folder11:53
hateballalso you can read auth.log without using sudo11:53
hawaokay. thanks11:54
hawabut why isnt writing to file not working.11:54
hawahateball, third level pipe is not working for anything11:54
Speiroshateball Nice.11:54
* Speiros is away: He's off breaking something, probably!!12:00
* Speiros is back (gone 00:05:59)12:06
red_hey everyone12:12
red_how do I add items to the top bar in Ubuntu 16.10?12:13
red_I want to add CPU temperature to it...12:13
Speirosred_ You can drag them from the search button to the bar after they're downloaded.12:13
k1lred_: you can use indicators12:14
k1lred_: see http://askubuntu.com/questions/30334/what-application-indicators-are-available12:14
Speirosred_ Then you can lock them by right-clicking and selecting that option.12:14
red_k1l, ty, was reading that.12:15
Speiros* looks as he realises he might be in the wrong ball-park...:\12:15
k1lSpeiros: the standard ubuntu got unity as desktop.12:16
red_k1l, any indicators that you personally use/recommend?12:17
red_also, is it possible to correctly determine whether laptop is overheating, from the values shwn in such applets?12:17
cfhowlett!sensors | red_12:18
ubottured_: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.12:18
red_cfhowlett, i've installed it already, but how to enable then? running `lm-sensors &` in terminal didn't do it.12:19
red_ow, netsplit.12:19
k1lred_: well, that is a personal thing. but i use sshplus, radiotray, system load indicator, hardware sensor indicator, my weather indicator, cpufreq, caffein, redshift,  and others12:19
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Ben64k1l: weather works for you? it stopped for me months ago12:20
=== Pyker_ is now known as Pyker
red_k1l, all those in that AU link before?12:20
k1lBen64: there are 2 indicators, the my-weather-indicator works for me.12:20
k1lred_: yes. just look at the answers and read the descriptions. its a very good overview12:20
SpeirosWhat causes all these people to drop out and then re-sign in?12:21
ubottuA netsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit12:21
Ben64Speiros: irc server issues12:21
cfhowlett!quietirc | Speiros,12:22
ubottuSpeiros,: To ignore joins/parts/quits in your favorite IRC client, see http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages12:22
Speiroscfhowlett Thanks:)12:23
Firefly67I have some questions about partitioning a disk to install Ubuntu with Windows. Can I ask here, is there anyone around familiar with this?12:25
cfhowlett!dualboot | Firefly6712:25
ubottuFirefly67: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot12:25
cfhowlettread first, then ask12:25
Firefly67I have read, I have made a recovery image of Windows and a live Ubuntu USB, now I am wondering how to assign space to Windows and Linux12:26
Firefly67I followed these instructions: http://www.everydaylinuxuser.com/2015/11/how-to-install-ubuntu-linux-alongside.html12:27
cfhowlettFirefly67, depends on how much data you expect to have on your #buntu. a basic no frills/no data = about 15 gb12:27
red_k1l, ppa:alexmurray/indicator-sensors this one works for you?12:27
k1lred_: the "my-weather-indicator"12:28
k1lred_: there are other weather indicators. so please look carefully12:28
Conner05I just got an SSD and installed it in my Dell 7559 laptop. I now have a HDD and SSD. I want to install Ubuntu on the SSD and use it as my primary machine. Do I need to change from AHCI to ATA?12:28
hateballFirefly67: Do you mean you are unsure how much space to assign to each? Because the Ubuntu installer will do the partitioning itself, assigning 50% to each OS by default iirc12:29
Firefly67I have a 256 GB SSD, only 221 GB seems available (18 GB is taken up by recovery drive(?), not sure what that is). Windows is currently taking up 108 GB. I intend to use Ubuntu primarily, Windows only to make powerpoint presentations.12:29
cfhowlettFirefly67, 50/5012:29
red_k1l, you mentioned hardware sensor indicator...12:29
Firefly67cfhowlett, hateball, according to my tutorial, I shrink the space in Windows first12:29
hateballFirefly67: That's advisable yes, if you want to use that space in Ubuntu instead12:30
IhrFusselWill "adduser" create the home folder in /home by default?12:30
k1lred_: i just mentioned things that are named on the askubuntu link12:30
hateballFirefly67: Altho you can always resize things later on should you like12:30
hateballFirefly67: Can be good to keep that in mind12:30
red_k1l, <k1l> red_: well, that is a personal thing. but i use sshplus, radiotray, system load indicator, hardware sensor indicator, my weather indicator, cpufreq, caffein, redshift,  and others12:30
red_I meant this...12:30
Firefly67are there any guidelines? I have read variously that you must have at least 10 GB more on Windows than it is currently taking up, elsewhere I read you must allocate 10% more space than it is currently taking up, to prevent fragmentation.12:31
hateballFirefly67: Not much you can do to prevent fragmentation on NTFS anyway. Not that it matters much in the day of SSD anyhow12:31
k1lred_: yes, everything i said, you can find on that askubuntu page12:32
red_k1l, yes, but that PPA listed is 40412:32
cfhowlettFirefly67, split your available HDD in half.12:33
red_last build for hardware sensor indcator was 2 years ago, https://launchpad.net/~alexmurray/+archive/ubuntu/indicator-sensors12:33
zamanfhow can I access the music library of my iPhone?12:33
Ben64k1l: so it seems like the api has changed and it doesn't work by default anymore (at least on 14.04)12:33
zamanfI tried amarok and banshee it doesnt recongnise it12:33
cfhowlettmtp zamanf - hopefully12:33
k1lred_: you are right. its outdated. but i still have that on my machine, since its way older than 2 years12:33
red_so old k1l ;p12:34
k1lBen64: yes, there were some updates. maybe you need to change to another data provider. i use yahoo in the settings12:34
Firefly67cfhowlett, my SDD has 221 GB available, Windows already is 108 GB big, 1/2 would 110 GB which according to what I have read is inadvisable because it doesn't leave at least 10 GB additional space for Windows12:34
red_im on bleeding edge ubuntu :P12:34
cfhowlett!itunes | zamanf,12:34
ubottuzamanf,: itunes is not available on Linux, but there are many audio player alternatives (see !players). For Daap clients (sharing music with other iTunes clients on the network), install banshee12:34
ikoniared_: what is vleeding edge ubuntu12:34
cfhowlettFirefly67, fine.  75/2512:34
k1lred_: i am using 16.10. this machine was upgraded since many years12:34
ikoniared_: do you mean the 17.04 pre-release ?12:34
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs12:34
red_ikonia, please go easy on me, i was only kidding -_-12:35
zamanfcfhowlett, I installed banshee. I can't see my iphone there12:35
cfhowlettzamanf, and you might not.  apple deliberately makes it a huge PITA to use anything other than Apple with their products12:35
red_k1l, any way I can install it? by downloading the package and using dpkg?12:36
cfhowlettzamanf, I gave up, put a basic windows install in a virtualbox, added itunes and manage things from there12:36
k1lred_: i dont know if that works. maybe you can ask the ppa maintainer if he will make new builds12:36
Firefly67I want to allocate enough to Windows, but since it won't be my primary OS, not too much. I was thinking 125 GB for Windows, 96 GB for Linux - does that sound reasonable? Currently Windows is taking up 108 GB, and I have 221 GB to partition.12:36
zamanfI see12:36
cfhowlettFirefly67, more than adequate12:37
red_k1l, i don't understand how yours didn't break when you upgraded?12:37
cfhowlettFirefly67, OR ...12:37
cfhowlettFirefly67, keep your current windows, install virtualbox, install a light *buntu to the box; Lubuntu or Xubuntu.  Learn the system and get a feel for just how much space you're likely to need in a proper dual boot.12:38
hateballFirefly67: Or do the opposite, backup your data, install Ubuntu on full disk and run Windows in a VM or Powerpoint in Wine if that's all you need it for :D12:39
hateballthere are many options.12:39
Firefly67ok, I will do the simplest, just partition it. I am doing this for the first time, so want to keep it simple12:41
Firefly67also, once I install Ubuntu from the live USB, am I done, or do I have to do some partitioning on Ubuntu too? I hear of people allocation swap memory(?) and such12:42
cfhowlettFirefly67, use the ubuntu autopartition12:42
Firefly67the tutorial says " By default the Ubuntu installer will create an ext4 partition for Ubuntu and all of your personal files and a swap partition used for swapping idle processes when memory gets low."12:44
Firefly67so is this taken care of by the Ubuntu installation, it does it smartly by itself and I don't have to worry about how much swap space it allocates?12:44
cfhowlettFirefly67, yes.12:44
cfhowlettalso another good reason to practice first with a vbox before committing to a dual boot12:45
Firefly67and will it come with the directory structure already there - /usr, /local, /bin, /home, etc.?12:45
hateballFirefly67: Yes.12:45
Firefly67ok, and emacs, latex already pre-installed?12:45
cfhowlettFirefly67, nope, but easily addded12:46
Firefly67ok, with sudo apt-get?12:46
hateballOr a graphical package manager of choice, yes12:46
cfhowlettFirefly67, sudo apt or via the gnome software center12:46
littlejamesApp Grid is good choice12:47
Firefly67on my current (old) laptop I see "software and updates" - is that where I install emacs, python, latex from?12:48
cfhowlettFirefly67, depends on the ubuntu version12:48
Firefly67I am on 14 now, will install 16 on the new laptop12:49
cfhowlettFirefly67, nope.  things are changed in 16.40 which you should get12:49
littlejames sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:appgrid/stable12:49
littlejames sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install appgrid12:49
cyphixHow do I check if a given module is currently loaded?12:50
cfhowlettlittlejames, this aint' the terminal, amigo12:50
Ben64cyphix: lsmod12:50
Firefly67ok, I will think about that once I get Ubuntu installed first12:50
cyphixBen64: I see the output, but I can't interpret it. If a module has a 0 as a last info, does it mean it's not loaded?12:51
Ben64lsmod lists loaded modules12:51
cyphixah ok12:51
cyphixMy toshiba laptop does not wake up from sleep mode anymore. What should I look for in my investigation?12:53
Speiroscyphix When you shut it down and restart it, it works?12:55
web_212what does it mean when the url starts with "dl"?12:55
cyphixSpeiros: Yes. The problem only occurs when I put it to sleep. Then, when I try to wake it up, it stays black. I have to hold the power button to shut it down, and restart it. Every time.12:57
cfhowlettweb_212, no context = no answers.  try being less ... vague12:57
Speiroscyphix To start with, you could turn sleep mode off.  I know it's not the solution, but it would mean you have to physically turn it off consciously.  Does it do it when you log off too?12:57
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web_212there's specific website that starts out with the url "dl". I'm wondering what that means cyphix12:58
Speirosweb_212 Can you type the whole link, including the http:// bit?12:58
cyphixSpeiros: Logging off/on works fine too12:58
Firefly67someone here said it is possible to resize partitions later if my needs change. Is that a complicated process? I guess it would mean transferring files from one OS to another or something like that, which sounds complicated?12:59
cyphixSpeiros: I'll try with an older kernel12:59
cfhowlettFirefly67, not trivial but do-able12:59
Speirosweb_212 It's probably a language thing, or separated page from vahidfilm.com12:59
cfhowlettweb_212, did you open the site12:59
ioriadl = download ?12:59
web_212ioria probably, yeah12:59
Speiroscyphix Yeah, fair enough.  I'd be turning it off for the time being, but still, it's a security issue if you forget to log off in the meantime.13:00
Speirosioria True!  dl...makes sense regarding movies.13:00
cyphixSpeiros: I realize I can connect to it through ssh. So it's "working", it simply remains black13:01
cyphix(when I wake it up)13:01
ioriacyphix, it stays black or it does not wake at all ?13:02
Speiroscyphix  That's strange that.  I don't know what it could be.13:02
cyphixioria: the screen stays black. But I can operate on it through ssh13:03
ioriacyphix, try to switch to console and back to gui (ctrl+alt+fx)13:04
hateballcyphix: nvidia driver?13:04
cyphixioria: I just tried it, it does not help13:05
cyphixhow do I select which kernel to use at start up?13:05
cyphixhateball, I should check, but I don't think it uses nvidia13:06
cyphixit's an old toshiba13:06
ioriacyphix, grub -> advanced options13:07
cyphixioria: I don't see the grup options at startup...13:07
hateballcyphix: hold/hammer left shift13:08
fubAny recommendations for a good password manager? Keepassx has no/bad browser integration and keepass2 is just an ugly ported .NET app :/13:09
hateballcyphix: during bootup that is. I should be more clear13:09
ioriacyphix, edit /etc/default/grub and comment GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0 with a '#' and run sudo update-grub13:10
maxime__Hello, i have a question regarding a fresh ubuntu installation13:12
cfhowlettask, maxime__13:12
maxime__I just received a new laptop with ubuntu preinstalled. I start it up and I get a setup screen. I fail to enter the correct wifi password, decide to do it later and press 'Cancel'. It then went to a temporary 'Guest' user. How do i restart the setup process? Thank you13:14
cfhowlettmaxime__, reboot13:14
maxime__I tried restarting it, but it automatically goes back to the login screen with only a guest user.13:14
maxime__cfhowlett: I tried restarting it, but it automatically goes back to the login screen with only a guest user.13:16
cfhowlettmaxime__, contact your seller / manufacturer13:17
maxime__cfhowlett: I'll do that then. thank you for your time.13:18
Speirosmaxime__ cfhowlett has good advice, as it's still under warranty.13:18
ioriamaxime__, did you create a user ?13:18
maxime__ioria: I never created a user no13:18
Speirosmaxime__ What are you looking to do?13:19
ioriamaxime__,  so.... no other option then Guest account...13:19
maxime__Speiros: Just installing and setting up the computer. It went out of the main setup screen and i'm looking for that to reopen/restart...13:20
ioriamaxime__,  no experience with preinstalled stuff, but maybe you can restart the configuration setup13:20
ioriamaxime__,   usually ubuntu is configured by the user himself during the install process13:21
Speirosmaxime__ Yes, it's best off seeing the manufacturer if it's still under warranty.13:21
maxime__Speiros, ioria, I was trying to do it myself but indeed, i need that first configuring screen again. Can't find it anywhere in google thou...13:22
ioriamaxime__,   what  pc is that ?13:23
marekw2143hi, which terminal app can you suggeswt13:23
ripper17hi all, I can't play mp4 videos in firefox on Ubuntu 14.04 , even though gstreamer1.0-libav and gstreamer1.0-ffmpeg are installed (which is the solution that a google-search suggested) - any more ideas?13:23
marekw2143to easily navigate between tabs13:23
maxime__ioria: It's a new Dell xps 1313:23
elh9marekw2143, yakuake13:24
cfhowlettmaxime__, do not muck around if you do not know precisely what you are doing!  take this to the dell support forums, twitter and facebook13:24
maxime__cfhowlett: I'm trying to contact them right now through their site and facebook.13:25
cfhowlettmaxime__, I got more response via twitter13:25
maxime__cfhowlett: Ow, ok. I'll try that then, thankyou :)13:26
hateballmaxime__: dunno if this is relevant http://www.dell.com/support/article/se/sv/sebsdt1/SLN265750/EN13:26
hateballsuggests you can restore the OS during boot, quite easily13:26
cfhowlettyeah, no, it ain't that easy13:27
cfhowlettand that page is WAY out of date13:27
hateball"Note: While this article and the pictures used were created around Ubuntu 9.04, the steps listed are still valid for the latest LTS versions."13:28
hateballanyhow, contacting support if an option is probably best13:28
maxime__cfhowlett: ok, i have twitter but never really used it. You just make a tweed and add their hashtag?13:29
srulineed to do some ps grepping while apt / dpkg is running, what is a large application which might take at least few minutes to install so i can do my grepping?13:29
cfhowlettmaxime__, a very gentle "I'm frustrated! #dell XPS 13 won't install ubuntu!" should do it.13:30
cfhowlettthey do monitor that channel pretty continuously13:30
maxime__cfhowlett: haha, okay. I'll try that one13:31
ioriamaxime__,  you can try to press esc or shift right after the bios screen, and see if it presents some useful options, or exit if you don't feel safe with those13:31
red_k1l, if you are using sshplus, could you tell me how to retain it in the topbar? it seems i have to run it from a terminal and keep that terminal open always... i attempted to force to run in bg with `sshplus.py &` but that does not work.13:31
ioriared if it's a panel indicator you can use Startup Applications13:33
ioriared type Startup Applications in dash then 'add' and give it the path to the script13:34
maxime__ioria: esc gave Dell support assist but it has nothing to do with software or ubuntu sadly. Shift didn't do nothing. The bios is pretty bad to and also no ubuntu stuff there.13:36
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cfhowlettmaxime__, I have the m3800, i.e. xps13's big brother.  proceed with extreme caution13:36
Callekhihi, so I am having an issue... I'm on a lenovo laptop, connected to wifi -- frequently it seems (multiple times per day) lately (last 2 weeks) I'm getting internet drops. Network manager says wifi is still connected, I just lose DNS, a restart of network manager reconnects automatically and all works out fine...13:36
Callek... I just ran a loop with dig and timestamps to identify when that starts... it just happened again, and ONLY thing in syslog for that window was:13:37
CallekJan  3 08:32:15 Centaurus sudo: pam_ecryptfs: pam_sm_authenticate: /home/callek is already mounted13:37
ioriamaxime__, we don't want to nuke your warranty13:37
maxime__cfhowlett: I'm not changing anythin without knowing what it is or what it does, i just looked if there was an obvious option for restart the config13:37
CallekI was actively using the computer, so it wasn't a screensaver (afaik)13:37
CallekI'm on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS13:38
Callekgoogling only takes me to screensaver and stuff about remote login, neither of which are the case here.13:38
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ioriai frankly find weird that you don't have the chance to run that setu again ...13:41
cfhowlettioria, dell has some highly customized thing going on.  it is not the normal OEM install.13:42
Callek...incase it wasn't clear, `callek` is my username on this laptop :-)13:43
ioriacfhowlett, i see13:43
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taliptakoi didnt get any update from Ubuntu repos for a 10 day13:48
taliptakodid i enable the automatic updates ? or Ubuntu didnt realese any update13:48
=== Nicmavr is now known as Guest42712
cfhowletttaliptako, open a terminal: sudo apt update | pastebinit && sudo apt full-upgrade | pastebinit13:49
taliptakocfhowlett here they are13:50
cfhowlettwell there it is then.13:50
cfhowlettyou probably enabled background auto updates.13:50
taliptakooh yea but whats happening if i shut down my computer13:51
baffone85salve a tutti, ho un problema con ubuntu, non mi fa più scaricare gli aggiornamenti. Qualcuno potrebbe aiutarmi?13:51
taliptakowhile updates are installing13:51
cfhowletttaliptako, don13:51
enzotib!it | baffone8513:52
ubottubaffone85: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:52
cfhowletttaliptako, do not do that.13:52
Conner05I just did a fresh install of Ubuntu on my new SSD. I clicked restart like it said and now it's hung at the Ubuntu logo with 3 of the five dots being white. What should I do?13:52
baffone85grazie mille13:52
maxime__ioria, cfhowlett, I just called the dell technical support. He said I just had to install a new Ubuntu from the Ubuntu site. He said they don't have their own version. The os support is directly from Ubuntu. I told him I asked here first and that you guys told me they use a custom version. He said that is not true...?13:53
FinalXConner05: afaik, hitting esc when splash screen first appears, makes it show the normal startup, you can then more easily see where it gets stuck on13:53
cfhowlettmaxime__, no it is ubuntu, but their OEM install is customized.13:53
ioriamaxime__, if at first startup it asked you to configure the os, it's the standard ubuntu version13:54
cfhowletthis solution would indeed work BUT ... to keep all of the default grub options, do not install grub.13:54
Conner05Finalx OK. My fans are cranking right now. Is it OK to just shut it off with the power button then try to boot again?13:54
cfhowlettafter you complete the install, reboot to the terminal and do a sudo grub-update command13:54
FinalXConner05: I'd try ctrl-alt-del first, see if that helps. If your harddisk LED isn't showing any activity for a while, it's probably stuck. Keep in mind that it can also be a systemd timeout for networking, and that takes quite a few minutes. Shutting off power is never really a good idea, but sometimes it's your only option13:55
cfhowletta regular install will wipe out their options, including the Dell Restore option.13:55
ioriamaxime__,   if it ships with ubuntu preinstalled, how can he say that 'you need to 'to install a new Ubuntu from the Ubuntu site' ?13:56
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ioriamaxime__,   does it makes sense for you ?13:56
maxime__ioria: I don't know, they don't give a usb neither. I have to download it myself...13:57
maxime__ioria: nope it doesn't, but what choice do i have13:57
maxime__cfhowlett: In a normal ubuntu install does it asks me to install grub where i can say no or do i need a special instal?13:57
ioriamaxime__,   but, as cfhowlett remarked, it has (had) a highly customized version...  the new install won't be the same, iam afraid13:58
cfhowlettmaxime__, select the manual install option, do not format your existing partitions, and do not install a bootloader13:58
Conner05Finalx I restarted it and it took me to a screen asking me if I wanted to install Ubuntu or try it or whatever (weird since I already installed it supposedly) now the CMD line is saying the cpu#1 is stuck13:59
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Speirosmaxime__ So they gave you no startup disc nor a USB startup disc either?14:00
ioriamaxime__,   are you sure you don't have a rescue disk included ?14:00
maxime__Speiros: nope, a box with the laptop, charging cable, quick start guide (for windows...) and safety guide.14:01
cfhowlettSpeiros, nope.  restore to factory settings is in the boot options and I believe there was a reminder after booting up to create a startup uSB14:01
cfhowlettthe days of "hey dummy!  here's a disc in case you murder something vital!" are over.14:01
SpeirosOk.  Not good that they didn't supply a physical copy though.  That's (in my opinion) neglectful on the packaging department management.14:02
ioriathis is not the right place, but it's not fair14:02
SpeirosStill, it isn't helping the issue.14:02
Speirosioria, what is there on your computer now that you're worried about losing if you did a boot with a disc or a usb?14:03
cyphixSpeiros: ioria Sorry, had to leave. Switching to an older kernel doesn't change the problem. I still can connect to it via ssh, but the screen remains black14:03
Speirosioria is it correct that there is nothing yet on it?14:03
maxime__You know what is amazing. You guys don't get paid and he does. You give good and direct support whereas he only said, install it again. Can't do more for you...14:03
Speiroscyphix That's okay.  It's a shame it isn't working though.  Can it be turned off for now?14:04
cfhowlettmaxime__, regarding that: direct your email to the dell sputnik project staff and/or forums14:04
ioriaSpeiros, i agree with you, their conduct it's not fair14:04
cyphixSpeiros: What do you mean turning it off? I manually put my computer on sleep (or when I close the lid)14:05
cfhowlettmaxime__, http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/os-applications/14:05
Speiroscyphix Is there a setting for you to be able to turn that off in your "settings", like there is for battery power, etc.?14:05
cyphixSpeiros: probably yes, but that is not a convenient solution14:06
Speiroscyphix No, I appreciate it isn't the optimum solution mate.  Sorry I don't have anything else to actually address the issue, excepting that someone else has more experience, and also that it may be a physical problem.14:07
cyphixOk, thanks anyway!14:08
Speiroscyphix No problem, but sorry man:)14:08
Speiroscyphix Somebody else on here will have more experience than me man.  I'm pretty inexperienced.14:08
cyphixThat said, it worked fine until about a week ago...14:09
Speiroscyphix do you remember the trigger that made it happen, or any circumstances surrounding it?14:09
maxime__cfhowlett: I made a ubuntu img and am starting it right now14:10
cfhowlettmaxime__, best of luc14:10
IhrFusselDoes mv work recursively by default?14:10
Speiroscyphix Even if I don't know the solution, the questions will help in creating a log, and somebody else might be able to troubleshoot it.14:10
cfhowlettIhrFussel, nope.14:10
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IhrFusselcfhowlett, alternatives that do it recusively? =/14:11
cfhowlettIhrFussel, mv can work by default if you tell it to.  But not by default14:12
IhrFusselI don't see an option for that in the man page14:13
ikoniaIhrFussel: you move top level everything under it will go too14:13
ikoniaeg: mv /foo will take /foo/bar and /foo/blah with it14:13
IhrFusselikonia, But isn't that recursively? I'm confused14:14
Callekmy issue (posted ~30 min ago) just happened again -- but at 9:07 my time...14:14
cfhowlettas am I --- but more likely I was in error IhrFussel14:14
ikoniaIhrFussel: I think thats just a wording error,14:14
maxime__cfhowlett: I get 3 options for installing. Reinstall (all files, docs,... are kept, software kept where possible, system-wide settings cleared), Erase and reinstall (Deletes all above), Erase disk and resinstall. Then at the bottom there is 'Something else (create or resize partitions yourself or choose multiple parts)'. I'm guessing I need the second one?14:14
ikoniait's not "recursive" in such as moving individual items, but if you move the top, if has to take everything under it with you14:15
tozencypfix: what a problem u've got?14:15
Calleklog from syslog and then potentially related info of whats in my /tmp *after* a network manager restart https://irccloud.mozilla.com/pastebin/dKM1krXH/14:15
IhrFusselikonia, so if I have /a/b/c/d.txt and do mv /a/b /a it will take d.txt too?14:16
cyphixtozen: When I put my laptop on sleep, I can't wake it up. The screen remains black, although I can connect to it via ssh14:17
Speirostozen cyphix has a screen that stays black when the computer goes to sleep, even though he can see that it is not actually sleeping, but awake from sleep.14:17
cfhowlettmaxime__, yeah, sounds right, but14:18
Speiroscyphix Come to think of it mate, after typing that, it really could be a physical problem.  I had a laptop a number of years ago, and it was the connector between the laptop body and the screen.14:18
tozencyphix: which model? system release? kernel?14:19
cyphixSpeiros: It might, but I don't close the lid. I manually activate the sleep mode, so I don't move the screen. It shouldn't affect the connection then.14:20
noncom|2Flannel: it happened again. Emacs disappeared once more14:20
Speiroscyphix Yes, I see.14:20
cyphixtozen: It's a toshiba Satelite Pro, Ubuntu 16.04, kernel
noncom|2dpkg -i ***.deb did not do the trick14:21
maxime__cfhowlett: but?14:21
cfhowlettmaxime__, I've not done it from an OEM system like this so results may not be as expected. worst case: you'll have a fully functional ubuntu system but none of the dell extras.   first world problem14:22
maxime__cfhowlett: Oh yeah, well isn't so bad. What extra dell functions do they even give with ubuntu. And indeed, first world problem, I can do perfectly with just normal ubuntu :)14:23
noncom|2there is a problem I'm getting on ubuntu -- after I instal a package, the application disappears over time14:24
hateballcyphix: you could try a later kernel by installing linux-generic-hwe-16.04-edge14:24
noncom|2can anyone help with this?14:24
noncom|2last time I installed it -- I used dpkg -i PACKAGE.deb to install14:25
noncom|2now it's gone again, by itself14:25
cfhowlettmaxime__, noncom|2 if you dpkg install - which you should not be doing - yes, that can happen14:25
noncom|2why does it happen?14:25
noncom|2how can it get uninstalled... ?14:25
cfhowlettnoncom|2, 1.  dpkg does not capture dependencies.  2.  later upgrades can and do remove old packages that are no longer needed14:26
cyphixhateball: I simply install it and reboot?14:26
gt-my-testjoin linux from windows14:26
hateballcyphix: that's the idea yes. you can pick your kernel in grub menu (hold left shift) if the newer one doesnt work properly14:26
cyphixhateball: ok, I'll try that14:26
Speirosgt-my-test What do you mean?14:27
gt-my-testwhere is this place14:27
cfhowlettgt-my-test, this is ubuntu support - read the topic please14:27
gt-my-testi dumb windows 10 for linux14:27
noncom|2cfhowlett: you know, what, I installed Emacs 25.1.1 as by the instruction (./configure, make, checkinstall) because apt-get does not know about it. then I did apt-get upgrade which for whatever reason downloaded Emacs 24. after this happened, my installation of Emacs 25 automatically disappears after several hours after the installation14:28
Conner052nd fresh Ubuntu install and it's stuck on splash screen again after restart. Pressing ESC or ctrl alt del does nothing.14:28
gt-my-testis there something like itunes for linux14:28
cfhowlett!itunes | gt-my-test14:28
ubottugt-my-test: itunes is not available on Linux, but there are many audio player alternatives (see !players). For Daap clients (sharing music with other iTunes clients on the network), install banshee14:28
noncom|2cfhowlett: in my mind that behaviour is unthinkable -- its even worse than Windows Update -- the app gets auto-removed SILENTLY after a few hours14:29
cfhowlettConner05, did you 1. md5sum your .iso  2. md5sum your usb?14:29
gt-my-testthe problem is i can't connect to itunes14:29
Conner05Cfhowlett no I didn't.14:29
cfhowlettgt-my-test, do a dpkg -l | grep emacs14:29
noncom|2cfhowlett: do you maybe know how to fix this? how to install Emacs 25... ?14:29
Conner05Guess I better boot into Windows and do that.14:29
pokmoif i have a cronjob * * 1 * * <command> will it run only on the first of each month at 00:00?14:30
cfhowlett!md5sum | Conner0514:30
ubottuConner05: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM14:30
hateballpokmo: try this if you are unsure https://crontab.guru/14:30
pokmohateball, thanks14:31
gt-my-testis the remmina able to remote desktop to sql server14:32
cyphixhateball: no change unfortunately...14:33
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noncom|2cfhowlett: here is the printout: http://pastebin.com/L8qxwgqZ14:35
noncom|2and I don't need emacs 24, I only need 2514:35
cfhowlettnoncom|2, yep, certainly seems that 24 is the only one present ...14:35
noncom|2however, that apt-get upgrade for some reason wants to install 2414:35
noncom|2but how do I install emacs 25?14:36
noncom|2is this possible on Ubuntu?14:36
cfhowlettyou can selectively skip that particular update ... pinnning?  someone else will know14:36
noncom|2I don't know how to do this...14:36
ducassenoncom|2: there is no ubuntu version with v25 yet, you will need to use a third-party repo or build it yourself.14:37
noncom|2yes, that is the case -- I downloaded the source from the official repo, did everything as in the official instruction14:37
noncom|2ducasse: and then, when I did "apt-get upgrade" for other reasons, it started this with emacs. now I can't work with emacs 25 without reinstalling it every several hours14:38
noncom|2what puzzles me the most -- is how does it get installed and usable, and then, after a few hours, it's gone from the system14:38
* cfhowlett is also curious14:39
noncom|2does anyone know how to fix this?14:39
SpeirosNot me:)14:39
Conner05Cfhowlett how do I check the md5sum of the installer? The ISO is fine14:42
cfhowlett!md5sum | Conner05 use the "cdrom" instructions14:42
ubottuConner05 use the "cdrom" instructions: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM14:42
ducassenoncom|2: did you install emacs 25 packages from a repo, or did you build it from source?14:42
Conner05The CD-ROM instructions are for Ubuntu. Not windows.14:43
cfhowlettnoncom|2, found it ... "holding" in apt14:43
noncom|2ducasse: I downloaded the source and then did as it says here: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2016/09/install-gnu-emacs-25-1-in-ubuntu-16-04/14:43
noncom|2all official instructions14:43
noncom|2cfhowlett: what do you mean? ummm "holding" ?14:43
cfhowlett!pinning | noncom|2, see "intro to holding packages"14:44
ubottunoncom|2, see "intro to holding packages": pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto14:44
cfhowletthttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM#Check_the_CD Conner0514:44
noncom|2cfhowlett: thank you, looks interesting, gonna read this14:45
ducassenoncom|2: nothing official about those instructions :)14:45
noncom|2ducasse: but... its.. ubuntuhandbook?14:46
cfhowlett:) not from Canonical.  not from ubuntu.  not official.14:46
ducassenoncom|2: just a random tutorial site with 'ubuntu' in the name.14:46
cfhowlettshould be clearly stated but isn't.  confusion is natural14:47
noncom|2well, okay, could be..14:47
Conner05Cfhowlett I'm sorry but all of those instructions are for Linux. I don't see any instructions on verifying my burned USB on Windows.14:47
SpeirosConner05 You may need to speak to a Windows advisor for that mate:)  The processes and commands are quite different, as I'm sure you're aware.14:48
Conner05Yea, I'll keep googling.14:48
cfhowlettConner05,  you're correct.  sorry.14:48
cfhowlettConner05, restate the failure ?14:48
Conner05cfhowlett three days ago I got a new SSD and installed Ubuntu on it. I did have some issues with the USB i burned (I could only install when using legacy boot options, not UEFI), but after I got it installed everything was great...until I decided to install drivers for my nvidia card. I followed some tut from the internet. Seemed pretty innocent. T14:54
Conner05hen, everytime after a suspend my system would lock up and the display would be black. I turned it off and back on and then I couldn't see anything. I messed around with some stuff in "safemode" as root but that didn't help so today I decided to just do a clean install. I did and then after a restart I started getting an error at the splash screen14:54
Conner05that said "CPU#1 stuck for 22s!" ... so I try another clean install and I still get stuck at the splash screen ( probably same CPU stuck error)14:54
cfhowlettConner05, well your .iso was clean, I wonder if this might not need no further reinstallations.14:56
cfhowlettstuck cpu sounds ... highly questionable ... as in I have NEVER seen that on my systems14:56
Speiros*had a problem similar, and had to swap my hard drives around to fix the problem.  I don't know why though.14:56
Conner05I have an SSD and a HDD so not possible14:56
Conner05my system is a dell 755914:57
Conner05intel kaby lake i514:57
SpeirosNVIDIA drivers...interesting.14:57
Conner05yea I have a gtx 960m14:57
hateballConner05: boot using nomodeset14:57
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter14:57
hateballand then install nvidia blob14:58
Conner05but that isn't my problem right now14:58
Conner05right now I cannot get past the splash screen14:58
ducassethe only time i have seen that 'cpu stuck' message it was actually a hw failure14:59
ducassebut kaby lake - support might not be all there yet.15:00
ikoniaducasse: seen it on overheating too (although yes, that can be a hardware failure too)15:00
ikoniafunny enough, more so when apm isn't supported properly15:00
hateballhttps://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2307688 - solution -> nomodeset15:00
hateballand so on15:00
IhrFusselIs it normal that my server says total RAM 3919 MB, used 209 MB, free 90 MB, buffer 3619 MB ?? Why is free so low?15:02
FinalXIhrFussel: the OS caches a lot of often used data in RAM as to increase performance15:03
whitekidneyIhrFussel: https://linux-mm.org/Low_On_Memory15:03
FinalXIhrFussel: when needed, the buffers/cache is freed and given to the application that requires it15:03
SpeirosIhrFussel Looking at it, the buffer has ample space too.15:04
Conner05yea I am still getting the CPU stuck error15:04
IhrFusselBut my old VPS didn't keep that much as buffer o.o15:04
ducasseIhrFussel: http://www.linuxatemyram.com/15:04
IhrFusselWas it a bad idea to enable Swap on a dedi?15:06
Speirosthanks for that link there ducasse.15:06
treehug88IhrFussel generally speaking, no15:07
ikoniaIhrFussel: on a what ?15:07
IhrFusselDedicated server15:07
cfhowlett!linuxatemyram | IhrFussel15:07
IhrFusselOkay I understand the RAM part now...another question is about the load: If my CPU has 4 cores and the load says 1,0 it means only 1 core is fully used correct?15:09
Conner05should I change my SATA config from AHCI to ATA?15:09
ikoniaIhrFussel: no15:09
treehug88IhrFussel http://blog.scoutapp.com/articles/2009/07/31/understanding-load-averages15:10
IhrFussel"On multi-processor system, the load is relative to the number of processor cores available. The "100% utilization" mark is 1.00 on a single-core system, 2.00, on a dual-core, 4.00 on a quad-core, etc."15:14
SpeirosOk, I guess I'd better sleep.  :)15:14
IhrFusselMine is a quadcore so it should mean 4,00 is 100% load15:14
popeyIhrFussel: yes, that's a simplistic view of things15:14
popeyIhrFussel: it doesn't really match cpu utilisation, the number can go way above the number of cores. Think of it more of a number of items in a queue waiting for the cpu cores.15:15
IhrFusselpopey, so when should I start to investigate the CPU load? 1,00? 2,00?15:16
ikoniapopey: cleanest description I've ever heard15:16
popeyIhrFussel: it depends.15:16
ikoniaIhrFussel: do you actually have a cpu load problem ?15:16
Conner05So now I cannot even boot into windows. Both my Hard Drive and Second Hard Drive selections from legacy boot take me to my broken Ubuntu install15:16
popeyIhrFussel: if the number is very high (like tens, twenties, hundreds) it could be a problem15:16
popeybut it depends what the box is doing, maybe there are lots of little busy processes all wanting a bit of time.15:17
popeyhaving a high load average just means things are having to wait for some cpu time.15:17
IhrFusselWell I'm running a game server on it..the load is 0,50 right now15:17
popeythen you have no problem15:17
popeyit's under utilised15:17
Mr1NKneed help please, i just change the theme on my ubuntu with bash : gsetting set org.gnome......  and now i want to set into default theme,15:18
Mr1NKwhat the bash i need to write on terminal15:18
Mr1NKi should , i mean15:19
ikoniaMr1NK: why not just use the gui15:20
TheDamnedOneits on the tip of my brain15:20
TheDamnedOnegimme a minute Mr1NK15:20
ikoniaMr1NK: (I don't know the getting option off the top of my head) but it's clear your running a gui, so why not just use it15:20
Mr1NKikonia : ubuntu-tweaks its not work on my ubuntu15:21
ikoniaMr1NK: what happens ?15:21
ikoniaas I suggest there is a bigger problem when you're aware of if it can't set the theme15:21
Firefly67does anyone know what a live USB contains? I tried to do that, but my USB only contains efi -> boot -> {bootx64.efi, grubx64.efi}15:22
TheDamnedOneidk.. I may be mistaken.. but will it be possible to set it using update-alternatives?15:22
Firefly67*live Ubuntu USB15:22
TheDamnedOneFirefly67: It contains live OS.. its bootable..15:22
ikoniaTheDamnedOne: to set a theme ?15:22
TheDamnedOneikonia: to set a default theme..15:22
TheDamnedOneikonia: or is that only for commands?15:23
ikoniaTheDamnedOne: that seems unlikley15:23
ikoniaTheDamnedOne: that command basically sets symlinks15:23
Firefly67yes, but what kind of files does it contain? I am not sure if I have prepared it correctly. I followed these instructions: http://www.everydaylinuxuser.com/2015/11/how-to-create-ubuntu-1510-usb-drive.html15:23
Mr1NKikonia : idk, its happend when i just change the default repository into local repository15:23
TheDamnedOneFirefly67: wait.. i'll send yu a  snap of mine15:23
ikoniaMr1NK: whats actually happening when you use it15:23
TheDamnedOneFirefly67: I think you messed up somewhere..15:25
TheDamnedOneFirefly67: do you have the iso?15:25
ikoniaFirefly67: what are you actually trying to do15:25
Mr1NKikonia : its wont to open15:25
TheDamnedOneFirefly67: if so, I'd recommend using rufus.. its straight foeward15:25
ikoniaMr1NK: how are you launching it15:25
Mr1NKTheDamnedOne : so , thats itsn't solved ?15:26
Firefly67yes, I downloaded the iso15:26
ikoniaFirefly67: are you trying to create a bootable usb15:26
Mr1NKikonia : launching what ?, ubuntu-tweaks ?15:27
ikoniaMr1NK: yes15:27
TheDamnedOneFirefly67: ok so download rufus..15:27
Firefly67ikonia, yes15:27
ikoniaFirefly67: why are you not using the official docs/howto15:27
ikonia!install | Giant8115:28
ubottuGiant81: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate15:28
ikonia!install | Firefly6715:28
ubottuFirefly67: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate15:28
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Firefly67I am trying to do dual boot, following this tutorial: http://www.everydaylinuxuser.com/2015/11/how-to-create-ubuntu-1510-usb-drive.html15:28
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Mr1NKikonia : with double click15:28
ikoniaFirefly67: then stop following that15:28
Mr1NKTheDamnedOne : bro ?15:28
ikoniause the official document I've just given you15:28
k_szeI need help installing Ubuntu 16.10 alongside an existing Windows 10 installation.15:29
TheDamnedOneMr1NK: ?15:29
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ikonia!dualboot | Firefly6715:29
ubottuFirefly67: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot15:29
ikoniaMr1NK: try launching it from the terminal, that will give you more info15:29
TheDamnedOneFirefly67: go here https://rufus.akeo.ie/15:29
ikoniak_sze: also see the link ubottu just pasted15:29
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IhrFusselSo weird...htop says load is almost 1,00 but the CPU bars never go above 20%15:29
TheDamnedOneFirefly67: get this tool.. its quite straight forward when making bootable usbs15:29
ikoniaIhrFussel: thats not unusual15:29
Mr1NKTheDamnedOne  : i think you have same problem with me,15:29
ikoniaIhrFussel: why are you obsessing about this,15:29
Mr1NKikonia : ok, hold on15:30
k_szeikonia: the thing is, I have a m.2 SSD and I *don't* want a swap partition.15:30
ikoniak_sze: then don't create one ?15:31
IhrFusselikonia, well the VPS I had before hang a lot at ~ 1,00 load...but it was a dualcore15:31
k_szeBut then I'm not sure how I should use the manual partion step.15:31
popeyIhrFussel: 1.0 load is fine15:32
courrierHey guys, my 14.04's avconv has no support of codec x264, although I installed all the packages I could, and it is listed in the codec list... any idea? http://paste.debian.net/906175/15:32
k_szeWhat should I choose for the "Device for boot loader installation"?15:32
JP___Who needs help? noob here with time to kill15:32
bingbongHi. So after booting I have to establish some connection to the internet in the first few minutes, otherwise I cant establish connections to the internet.15:32
k_szeSame partition as the Windows Boot Manager?15:32
bingbongI found out that I get an IP assigned from the dhcp, but I cant resolv a host, so it's a DNS problem15:32
bingbongWhat can be responsible for this?15:32
ikoniak_sze: whatever disk you are booting from15:32
TheDamnedOnek_sze: Mr1NK has some issues with setting the default gnome theme.. or somethin15:32
ikoniabingbong: the dns server you are using15:32
TheDamnedOneJP___: Mr1NK has some issues with setting the default gnome theme.. or somethin15:33
TheDamnedOneFirefly67: done downloading rufus?15:33
IhrFusselpopey, yes I see that but 1,00 load is worse on a dualcore machine than on a quadcore correct?15:33
ikoniaIhrFussel: no15:33
popeyIhrFussel: a load of 1 is not bad on any machine15:33
ikoniaIhrFussel: is there a reason you are obsessing with the uptime stats ?15:33
ikoniado you have a reason to think you have a problem15:33
bingbongikonia, it's my DSL router (fritzbox)15:33
JP___Have never used gnome, unity ftw15:33
bingbongand for all other devices its reliable15:33
ikoniabingbong: what host are you trying to resolve15:33
k_szeikonia: it's a bit confusing because the installer allows me to select the whole SSD block device or just one of the partitions.15:34
ikoniak_sze: right, so what is your boot device15:34
TheDamnedOneeww.. Unity is bad!15:34
popeyTheDamnedOne: not helpful.15:34
ikoniaTheDamnedOne: no, it's not15:34
JP___It is? :(15:34
TheDamnedOneoh ok15:34
ikoniaTheDamnedOne: I've warned you before about only giving solid help15:34
IhrFusselI am running a game server and i moved to a dedicated server now because my VPS hung a lot...and the load was mostly at 1,00 so I'm surprised that this machine now does NOT hang at 1,0015:34
bingbongikonia, doesnt matter, cant resolv a single one15:34
TheDamnedOneokzz.. didnt know about the rules here15:34
JP___I am too lazy to learn anything new15:34
ikoniabingbong: what hosts are you trying to resolve15:34
cfhowlett!guidelines | TheDamnedOne15:34
ubottuTheDamnedOne: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines15:34
bingbongdoing dig google.com @<my router ip> works15:35
JP___Except for embedded linux, now that's fun15:35
popeyIhrFussel: it could have been something else. could have been busy doing IO or something else...15:35
ikoniaIhrFussel: you have zero concern with 1 load15:35
popeyIhrFussel: i wouldn't jumpt to the conclusion that it's bad because load = 1.15:35
TheDamnedOneJP___: cool.. is it possible to run embedded linux as a VM? I am new to embedded..15:35
ikoniabingbong: ok, so you know the router is working, how do you know yoru ubuntu box is using the router15:35
JP___Yeah it is15:36
JP___But why would you want to?15:36
TheDamnedOneJP___: I wanna see what embedded linux is..15:36
TheDamnedOneJP___: my router uses it.. and I wanna see how it works..15:36
stevenmHey, i've connected a usb sound device and in 'Sound Preferences' it says it is 'Disabled' how do I go about enabling it?15:36
IhrFusselOkay so you are saying 1,00 load should never make a system hang? Then it was something else...maybe because I shared the server with others15:36
JP___Oh it's just linux on some other architecture15:36
ikoniaTheDamnedOne: the same as the main distro15:37
JP___Only fun if you are into electronics15:37
ikoniaTheDamnedOne: this really isn't a topic for #ubuntu15:37
ikoniaJP___: ^15:37
JP___Embedded ubuntu? :p15:37
JP___Whatever happened to ubuntu phone?15:37
TheDamnedOneits dead already?15:37
cfhowlett!touch | JP___,15:37
ubottuJP___,: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch15:37
courrierNo clue about avconv + x264? :)15:37
k_szeikonia: looks like this is my answer: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=233013915:37
cfhowlettcourrier, restate the question15:38
JP___Thanks cfhowlett15:38
bingbongikonia, I dont.. How do I check this?15:38
courriercfhowlett: my 14.04's avconv has no support of codec x264, although I installed all the packages I could, and it is listed in the codec list... any idea? http://paste.debian.net/906175/15:38
bingbong"ip route show"?15:38
popeyIhrFussel: if it's a vps then you absolutely did share it with others15:38
ikoniabingbong: no15:38
ikoniabingbong: that shows routes15:38
ikoniak_sze: I don't think so15:38
ikoniabingbong: no, that traces routes15:38
stevenmJP___, i tried it on my nexus 4 and 10 the other day - it's stupidly bad, you're not missing anything15:38
bingbongokay, enlighten me15:38
ikoniabingbong: are you using network manager to configure your host15:38
bingbongI.. dont configured anything15:39
JP___stevenm: you could probably just build normal ubuntu for your phone15:39
k_szeikonia: why not?15:39
cfhowlettcourrier, sorry, no idea.  ask the avconv team?  better yet, upgrade to 16.04 and you can go with ffmpeg with avconv folded back in15:39
ikoniabingbong: right, so it's network manager configuring your network15:39
popeyJP___: can we stick to support questions please15:39
bingbongIt's just connected to an AP via ethernet15:39
JP___Or maybe a lighter flavor15:39
ikoniabingbong: this is a desktop install right ?15:39
bingbongthe AP is connected to my router15:39
bingbongikonia, lubuntu + i3 without gnome15:39
stevenmJP___, i'd love to have normal Ubuntu MATE 16.04 for my nexus 1015:39
ikoniabingbong: what is in /etc/resolv.conf15:40
=== wwalker_ is now known as wwalker
ikoniabingbong: ok, great so it's using dnsmasq15:40
bingbongand an entry that this is changed automatically15:40
TheDamnedOneI think that entry has to be for the router IP15:40
ikoniabingbong: nmcli device show (your network card name)15:40
tzmfenhey guys.. which server should i install..16.04 or 16.10. or is there much difference?15:40
courrierOther dependencies oblige me to keep 14.04 cfhowlett, but there's no #avconv channel... maybe installing ffmpeg then15:41
ikoniatzmfen: depends on your needs15:41
TheDamnedOneMy resolv.conf contains IP address of my router(the default gateway)15:41
TheDamnedOneMy resolv.conf contains IP address of my router(the default gateway)15:41
cfhowlettcourrier, installing ffmpeg in 14.04 might not be possible ...15:41
ikoniatzmfen: it shouldn't15:41
ikoniatzmfen: sorry, not you15:41
ikoniaTheDamnedOne: it shouldn't15:41
tzmfenikonia: ah ok15:41
ikoniatzmfen: that was for you15:41
tzmfenbut for 16.04 and 16.10 there is no real difference?15:41
JP___stevem: i dunno if it would work, but maybe try the yocto project15:41
ikoniatzmfen: depends on your needs15:41
ikoniatzmfen: yes, there are15:41
tzmfenaah ok15:41
ikoniatzmfen: they are a later release, with different support life cycles15:42
ikoniahence depends on your needs15:42
tzmfenwell i am just running web servers/websites and some irc stuff15:42
ikoniatzmfen: 16.0415:42
tzmfendovecot/sendmail etc15:42
tzmfencause its LTS ?15:42
popeyfor a public server I'd use LTS15:42
popeylonger support15:42
ikoniaonly real option15:42
courriercfhowlett: there's a PPA ppa:mc3man/trusty-media15:42
cfhowlettcourrier, well, okay then15:43
courrierhas all versions > 14.10 switched back to ffmpeg?15:43
tzmfenpopey:  ok thanks15:43
cfhowlettcourrier, might have been a later version; 15.10?15:43
RSA4096hello, I need to install this dependes libavutil52 | libavutil54, who can help me?15:43
ikoniaRSA4096: what needs it15:44
popeyRSA4096: pick one, the | means "or"15:44
bingbongikonia, currently I have internet (I rebooted and established a connection fast)15:44
JP___cfhowlett: i am thinking of building a commercial kiosk system, and am thinking of using ubuntu... My question: is it stable enough to work without updates for say.... 10 years?15:44
courriercfhowlett: ok, ffmpeg converts well my file, grrrr that clone...15:44
ikoniabingbong: I didn't ask you about your internet15:44
bingbongso does the output now helps you or should I do this when I have no connection15:44
ikoniabingbong: you need a connection15:44
ikoniabingbong: you need to know what dhcp server is setting is your dns server15:44
ikoniaJP___: you understand how pointless that question is15:44
cfhowlettJP___, 10 years?  the longest LTS - which will need security upgrades at the very least, is only supported for 5. I think RHEL/Centos goes for 10 but you'd have to research that15:45
ikoniaJP___: if it works out of the box - and you never update it, it won't change from it's "out of the box" working state15:45
TheDamnedOneikonia: my resolv.conf has 2 entries.. nameserver (ip address of my router) and search15:45
ikoniaTheDamnedOne: it shouldn't15:45
TheDamnedOneikonia: will look into what it should look like. thanks for picquing my interest in ti15:46
bingbongikonia, so currently (working state) it is this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23733938/15:47
bingbongshould I restart and then do this again when I have no "connection" to the internet?15:48
RSA4096ikonia, popey I need to install wickr messanger, and I can install this depency: https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?t=22684415:48
noncom|2could somebody explain what this means? http://pastebin.com/qu2Jp0Wu15:48
popeyRSA4096: what version of Ubuntu are you using?15:48
noncom|2I am removing a package, why is it complaining that something is not installed?15:48
noncom|2*could not be installed15:48
ikoniabingbong: ok - so when it's not working compare against that15:49
bingbongokay, I will reboot then, give me a few minutes15:49
JP___Ikonia: that is also what i think, but just wanted to make sure15:49
RSA4096popey, 16.1015:49
ikonianoncom|2: you have a broken install, so before it removes what you want it's trying to finish the install of the broken package most likely15:49
noncom|2ikonia: uh.. what would be my actions to fix this?15:49
ikonianoncom|2: look at fixing the broken install15:50
ikonianoncom|2: (confirm that is the problem first - I'm guessing)15:50
ioriaRSA4096, 16.10 uses 5515:50
ioria!info libavutil5515:50
ubottulibavutil55 (source: ffmpeg): FFmpeg library with functions for simplifying programming - runtime files. In component universe, is optional. Version 7:3.0.5-0ubuntu0.16.10.1 (yakkety), package size 198 kB, installed size 645 kB15:50
RSA4096ioria, do you have command for install they15:52
ioriaRSA4096,   libavutil52 or 54 are not available for  16.1015:53
RSA4096ioria, there are alternative?15:54
Conner05I tried doing a check on my installer USB and got a CPU stuck error... (2nd image) http://imgur.com/a/3l24v15:55
ioriaRSA4096,   you can try to install 55 , if not working try to force another version (but not advisable)15:55
ikoniaConner05: you said this earlier15:55
Conner05ikonia no this is new15:55
RSA4096ioria, how Can I install 55?15:56
ikoniaConner05: in what way is it new15:56
Conner05I got the cpu stuck error after installation15:56
Conner05now I get it just running a check on the usb installer15:56
ioriaRSA4096,   sudo apt install  libavutil5515:56
ikoniaConner05: yes, but it was suggested that cpu stuck = hardware problem or lack of device support15:56
ikoniaConner05: so cpu stuck = cpu stuck15:56
cfhowlettConner05, this is sounding more and more like hardware failure15:56
Conner05makes sense15:56
RSA4096ioria, libavutil55 is already the newest version15:57
ioriaRSA4096,   so....15:57
Conner05cfhowlett I will go over to #hardware and see if they have any suggestions for testing it15:57
popeyRSA4096: you might need to speak to sickr to get a build for 16.1015:57
RSA4096ioria, so I have same error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libavutil52|libavutil5415:58
RSA4096popey, :(15:59
k_szeHow do I quit the ubuntu installer with keyboard only?15:59
k_szeAs in tell it to reboot15:59
ikoniak_sze: tab down to exit15:59
ioriaRSA4096,   52 is for trusty and 54 for utopic15:59
anonlubHey everyone16:00
k_szeThere isn't an "exit" button.16:00
RSA4096ioria, ok thank you anyway16:00
ikoniak_sze: what are the button names16:00
ikoniathere should be an exit/quit/whatever button16:00
anonlubGuys i just need an information16:00
ioriaRSA4096,   you're welcome16:00
k_szeikonia: only "Back" and "Continue"16:01
ikoniak_sze: just turn the power off then16:01
ikoniak_sze: or alt f to a terminal and reboot16:01
selvodkakernel panic need help16:01
BluesKajRSA4096, were you trying to install ffmpeg?16:01
ikoniasanjeev: read error message16:01
RSA4096BluesKaj, I try install wirck messager16:02
workerbeetwoHi. does anyone know when the upgrade option to 16.10 will pop up?16:02
RSA4096BluesKaj, https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?t=22684416:02
boomAny tips i should i know for when i install ubuntu? The computer will mainly be just office work16:03
cfhowlettworkerbeetwo, if you don't have it, you likely have your system settings on Long Term Support release only16:03
ikoniaRSA4096: why are you using mint inforamtion16:03
cfhowlettboom, install libreoffice16:03
RSA4096ikonia, I foun only this16:04
boomHow does that compare to openoffice cfhowlett16:04
ikoniasanjeev: READ ERROR MESSSAGE16:04
cfhowlettselvodka, drop the caps16:04
workerbeetwocfhowlett: yes likely. was eager to install packer from the new release.16:04
ikoniaRSA4096: where are you getting the actual messagger package from16:04
RSA4096ikonia, about my terminal message16:04
BluesKajRSA4096, that's for mint , might not work on ubuntu?16:04
selvodkacfhowlett, want to be noticed16:04
ikoniaBluesKaj: it's a totally different mint version based on the wrong ubuntu version16:04
RSA4096ikonia, from this: https://www.linuxhelp.com/how-to-install-wickr-app-in-linux/16:04
cfhowlettboom, openoffice?  is that even still supported?  seriously, libreoffice is much more active and supported16:05
ikoniasanjeev: you're likley to get ingnored16:05
cfhowlett!patience } selvodka,16:05
ubottucfhowlett: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:05
cfhowlett!patience | selvodka,16:05
ubottuselvodka,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/16:05
BluesKajikonia, unless he's running mint16:05
RSA4096BluesKaj, I do, but whit my terminal's error, I found only this post for help16:05
cfhowlettselvodka, also, you were asked and question and ignored it.  not a good way to help us help you.16:05
BluesKajRSA4096, you do what?16:06
ikoniaRSA4096: you need to talk to the package maintainer and ask them to fix the dependenices to something thats available in ubuntu16:06
cfhowlettworkerbeetwo, do this: sudo apt update && sudo apt full upgrade16:06
ikoniaRSA4096: or you need to find a repo that contains those packages16:06
selvodkacfhowlett, i didn't see it16:06
workerbeetwocfhowlett: thank you.16:06
RSA4096ikonia, I try to find him, but I lose, can you help me pls?16:07
oniichanis anyone can't speak indonesian language16:07
ikoniaRSA4096: how can I help you  ?16:07
ikonia!id | oniichan16:07
ubottuoniichan: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia16:07
cfhowlettboom, you might also want the latest templates from https://github.com/dohliam/libreoffice-impress-templates16:07
RSA4096ikonia, install this app for ubuntu 16.1016:07
boomcfhowlett, So how does installing work, do I just download the one meant for windows, and it'll work fine?16:07
ikoniaRSA4096: read what I said16:07
oniichanokeeee wakatta16:08
cfhowlettboom, install the libreoffice for linux version please.16:08
ikoniaRSA4096: you either need to a.) talk to the package maintainer to get them to update the package to dependencies available in ubuntu b.) find a repo that contains those dependencies16:08
ikoniaRSA4096: how can I help you with that ?16:08
boomcfhowlett, Alright, thanks, also what program is best to turn the usb into something bootable to install from?16:10
cfhowlettboom, ubuntu startup disk creator.  don't let the name fool you16:10
boomI'm on win10 right now, my parts for the ubuntu pc wont be here for a few more days16:11
jmaderohi all - I just installed a second language for the first time in 16.04 (done it a lot on previous versions) but for some reason my system is defaulting to the secondary language every time16:12
=== deanman is now known as deanman_
zerousIs it alright if I ask a question regarding gdb here ?16:15
ikoniac++ debugger16:16
cfhowlettzerous, ask16:16
ikoniaif it's to do with the ubuntu package, sure, if it's to do with how to use gdb you may want to hit the gcc / gdb channels16:16
zerouscfhowlett, I am getting an error message while trying to change the file being debugged. The error message says "can't access memory 0x740"16:17
ikoniazerous: so thats "how to use gdb"16:18
cfhowlett?  :)  remember I asked "gdb"?  best to direct this to the channel at large or #gcc #gdb16:18
ikoniazerous: you can look at basic things like syslog to see if things like apparmor are blocking access via a security policy16:18
zerousWhat I am doing can summarized into the following "I happen to find the bug. I make the necessary changes, run make in gdb. delete breakpoints, Ctrl+C and then run program"16:19
zerousbut I get the same error message16:19
zerousIt goes away if I quit gdb and reopen it though16:20
evoluti0nAnyone here16:21
zerousikonia, what should I look out for ?16:21
EviaBUG: Ubuntu no run on intel HD 4600.16:23
EviaBUG: Ubuntu no run on intel HD 4600.16:23
EviaBUG: Ubuntu no run on intel HD 4600.16:23
troy1Uhh, ok.16:23
EviaAdd to bugtracker please.16:24
ikoniaas it works fine on a 460016:24
EviaFrom the flash and installed Ubuntu no run16:24
ioriaRSA4096, if really desperate you can check this out :  https://metalkey.github.io/installing-wickr-on-ubuntu-1604.html16:24
ikoniaEvia: it does16:24
Evianot work for me16:25
Eviayour ubuntu?16:25
Eviaintegrated intel on Guard Pro H9716:25
ikoniadon't know what guard pro is16:26
Eviamotherboard MSI16:26
troy1Evia: lspci -knn | grep -A2 VGA16:27
Eviai cant16:27
EviaUbuntu no run I said16:27
debouncerhello all, after installing ubuntu to my laptop, my laptop's battery gets drained rather quickly compared to when I boot Windows. Although i installed all drivers of the laptop, it is still same. Is there anyone who encounters this issue?16:27
EviaIm on Windows now16:28
ikoniadebouncer: there is often a difference in power consuption between windows and linux depending on how your power management is supported on linux16:28
troy1What does it say Evia?16:28
ikoniatroy1: he can't boot ubuntu16:29
EviaI have GPU-Z16:29
troy1ikonia: i read that. That could mean 5 million things16:29
ikoniatroy1: whatever it means, if he can't boot it, he's going to struggle to run lspci16:29
naccEvia: do you mean you don't get to a desktop? or do you mean nothing happens (not even grub, e.g.)?16:29
troy1ikonia: i was asking him what output he gets on trying to boot ubuntu16:30
Eviano run from flashdrive (live) no run from harddrive (installed)16:30
spacebaerhi, I think my Ubuntu desktop/server has a rootkit (getting seg faults when ssh'ing into it) what logs should I look at to do a little detective work16:30
debouncerikonia: so, cant I use ubuntu (and other linux distros) in my laptop?16:30
ikoniatroy1: apologie, I thought you where asking to run lspci16:30
ikoniadebouncer: you can, as you've said you're currently using it16:30
EviaI said I have GPU-Z on Windows16:31
troy1What output do youg et trying to run live?16:31
=== lethu__ is now known as lethu
debounceryes, but as a desktop16:31
naccEvia: i have no idea what 'gpu-z' is.16:31
EviaIntel(R) HD Graphics 460016:31
naccEvia: so the live USB doesn't boot?16:31
troy1Evia: we need the error from the live usb console16:31
EviaIntel 4600 +SmartTV16:31
ikonia+smart TV16:32
EviaSmartTV as display16:32
troy1I assume he's using a tv as display16:32
ikonianacc: it's a windows tool that identifies CPU info16:32
naccikonia: ah, so irrelevant to linux...16:32
ikonianacc: totally16:33
debouncerikonia: yes but as a desktop computer, it wanna use it as it is16:33
ikoniadebouncer: what's stopping you ?16:33
EviaAny solutions?16:33
troy1Evia: we can't provide a solution if you don't tell us the error.. "It doesn't boot" does not help us.16:34
EviaI said about error16:34
bingbongikonia, so it is working now. I guess this is some effect which happens randomly (it was not the first time today)16:34
nacc!who | Evia16:34
ubottuEvia: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)16:34
ikoniabingbong: wait for it to break (if it does again)16:34
bingbongwhen it happens again, I will run the command and see what differs16:34
EviaUbuntu + Intel 4600 + Smart TV = No Run16:34
ikoniabingbong: changes are, it may have just expired the DNS servers from your config16:34
debouncerikonia: the laptop's battery is now almost dead. However, while I was using windows 7, I can get 2 hour battery life16:35
naccEvia: that is not sufficient information. What does 'No Run' mean? You don't even see the bootloader? What about if you use a regular monitor?16:35
bingbongikonia, thanks for your help so far!16:35
EviaThere no signal16:35
naccEvia: imo, 'No Run' would imply your computer does not turn on.16:35
troy1Evia: How do you know it's that combination? We need the error output from the live boot16:35
ikoniabingbong: no problem16:35
Eviajust black16:35
ledeniEvia, just run live usb and from terminal give us 'lspci -knn | grep -A2 VGA'16:35
naccEvia: that does *not* mean it's not running.16:35
troy1ledeni: he claims he cannot live boot16:35
Firefly67I put ubuntu on a USB using rufus, but still can't boot into it. Windows keeps coming up. Any suggestions as to how to boot into the ubuntu live USB?16:35
troy1Evia: What version of ubuntu?16:36
naccFirefly67: do you need to specify a boot order (or allow USB to be before hard drive) in your BIOS?16:36
EviaI think xorg crach16:36
k1lEvia: "smart tv" is no output signal. they are: vga, hdmi, displayport,..... are adapters involved?16:36
EviaUbuntu of 2016 year16:36
troy1Evia: what output are you using? as k1l has said. HDMI, VGA?16:37
troy1Evia: 2016.04 or 2016.10?16:37
EviaHDMI -> DVI16:37
EviaAll work with the Nvidia16:38
Dreamanmy laptop vga and hdmi16:38
Dreamanlg ulltrahd16:38
troy1Evia: Have you tried displaying to anything else other then a TV? What do you mean all work with Nvidia?16:38
EviaProblem no in cable and in Ubuntu16:38
Firefly67nacc, I disabled fast boot in Windows. Am I supposed to do something else too?16:39
debouncerwell, what if i use another linux disto, can I get a better battery perfomance?16:39
EviaJust test it.16:39
ikoniadebouncer: unlikley16:39
ikoniadebouncer: depends on why it's not getting good battery use16:40
jmaderodebouncer: I get better battery life in Bodhi than I do in Ubuntu so it's possible16:40
troy1Evia: Are you using a laptop?16:40
naccFirefly67: so you don't even see an option to boot to your USB?16:40
troy1Evia: it has a dedicated GPU as well nvidia?16:40
nacctroy1: i think two different systems16:41
nacctroy1: a laptop that works and a desktop that doesn't16:41
k1ldebouncer: most manufacturers only give out drivers for windows. most linux distros use the same drivers. so its not a real change in battery time. you could try to adjust some settings which reduce some services to save some batterytime.16:41
EviaI said problem in Ubuntu16:41
Firefly67no, I don't see any option. I see "press escape key for startup menu", but nothing happens when I press the escape key16:41
troy1Evia: sorry can't help you if all you say is problem in ubuntu.16:41
Eviaxorg problem16:42
k1ldebouncer: look at powertop and such hints like: http://askubuntu.com/questions/400/tips-to-extend-battery-life-for-laptops-and-notebooks16:42
troy1Evia: so it spits out a xorg problem trying to boot live udb?16:42
troy1Evia: usb*16:42
EviaI think xorg crash16:42
k1lEvia: does it work with another linux? does it work with another monitor or tv?16:42
EviaI now downloading Mint16:42
naccFirefly67: i *think* that's your bios' menu, but i'm not sure16:42
k1lEvia: do you have any logs or errormessages? "i think" is not enough to help you16:42
EviaI cant read logs16:43
Evianeed manual boot16:43
k1ldebouncer: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/04/improve-battery-life-linux  those are basics tips that help on windows, too16:43
Firefly67ok, with F12 it seems to have booted, but now says /casper/vmlinuz.efi: file not found16:44
debouncerCan alinux offer a better battery perfomance than windows16:46
debouncerCan a linux distro offer a better battery perfomance than windows systems?16:46
LinuxNovicehello, when will the new Lubuntu with lxqt be available?is it going to be still suitable for old computers? I mean, is it going to be as lightweight as the existing one?16:47
jmaderodebouncer: usually no - google around for articles16:47
k1lLinuxNovice: maybe you get more detailed info on #lubuntu about that specific question16:47
LinuxNoviceI posted the question there too. Nobody is online there, it seems.16:48
ctjctjHello.  I'm attempting to mount a filesystem from an iscsi server.   My fstab has the _netdev option for the filesystem and it is using UUID.  The problem is that during the boot sequence iscsi-open start script hasn't run at the time the system attempts to mount the disk.  How do I get iscsi-open to run after network start and before the mounting of filesystems?16:48
jmaderoLinuxNovice: this isn't the right place for that question16:48
jmaderoif there's no one around in that chat it's a good sign that the community isn't super robust so the waiting might be longer16:49
ikoniaLinuxNovice: 17.0416:49
ikoniaLinuxNovice: thats the next release,16:49
ikoniaLinuxNovice: look in the repos to see if it contains the versions you want16:49
LinuxNoviceok. In what ways Ubuntu is different and better than Debian?16:49
k1lLinuxNovice: i know they plan to change to lxqt and it should be still lightweight. but as i said: for details you want to talk to the lubuntu team itself16:49
ikoniaLinuxNovice: try them, see what you like/don't like16:50
jmaderoLinuxNovice: that question is ridiculously subjective16:50
naccctjctj: you may want to ask in #ubuntu-server16:50
ctjctjnacc, thanks.  I will try there as well.16:50
k1lLinuxNovice: ubuntu is far more widespread so there is way more programs packaged for ubuntu.16:50
LinuxNoviceyes. I am just a linux beginner.16:50
ikoniaLinuxNovice: haven't we spoken many times about this sort of thing16:50
LinuxNoviceok. I can expect more packages in ubuntu.16:50
ikoniaLinuxNovice: perhaps if you did more "using" and less trying to upgrade to the next big thing, you'd get better16:51
Conner05ikonia looks like it was a bad stick of RAM16:51
k1lLinuxNovice: and debian is not really a beginners distro.16:51
ikoniaConner05: superb16:51
Conner05I took it out and ubuntu booted fine16:51
Conner05Just gotta deal with Amazon now... already tossed the pkging16:51
LinuxNovicek11, debian not for beginners?16:51
swebhow can i get new name of eth on ubuntu 14.04 like `enp7s0` ?16:52
LinuxNovicecan I get the latest versions of packages like Libre Office, pdf reader etc in Ubuntu or its derivatives?16:52
k1lLinuxNovice: the overall impression is that ubuntu is more directed at beginners than debian. speaking of default settings, community, documentation etc.16:52
nacc!latest | LinuxNovice16:52
ubottuLinuxNovice: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.16:52
jmaderoLinuxNovice: you can get whatever is in the repos, you can surely manually install newer versions as soon as they come out16:52
naccsweb: I don't think you can, although maybe switching to systemd (if it's supported) would do it16:52
ioria!info lubuntu-qt-desktop | LinuxNovice16:52
ubottuLinuxNovice: lubuntu-qt-desktop (source: lubuntu-meta): Lubuntu Desktop Qt environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.72 (yakkety), package size 2 kB, installed size 14 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; powerpc; armhf)16:53
LinuxNoviceOver here, in my place not many people use Linux. They rely heavily on MS Windows and MS Office.16:53
k1lLinuxNovice: yes you can. but you need to think about that ubuntu (like debian) is a stable release distribution.16:53
jmaderoLinuxNovice: and you can install PPAs if they are maintained by someone (LibreOffice for instance has a very active and maintained PPA)16:53
LinuxNovicemost of the documents generated by others will be from MS Office.16:53
ikoniaLinuxNovice: why are you obsessed with "latest versions"16:53
jmaderoikonia: seems like he thinks latest version = better interop16:54
ikoniaLinuxNovice: we've spoke about this before - you've created / almost created problems with this attitude16:54
jmaderowhich can be true but not always16:54
ikoniaLinuxNovice: we've spoke about this in detail16:54
LinuxNoviceI want a distro that  offers the latest features and in some way compatibility with say MS Office.16:54
ikoniaLinuxNovice: why16:54
jmaderoLinuxNovice: most recent version can mean more bugs, just know that16:54
ikoniaLinuxNovice: in what way is ubuntu 16.04 not offering the latest features of compatability with office16:54
ctjctjLinuxNovice, congratulations on picking a linux to try.  Regardless of which desktop version of Linux you are using you will get a great software system.  All distributions have sets of applications that you can choose to install to give you extra capabilities.  The benefit of a distribution is that somebody else is testing and making sure that the applications you installed work in that distribution.  If you need to do something16:54
ctjctjand you don't see the latest and greatest application version available to you.  Become a "User" and not a "Novice" and then attempt to use a PPA or equivlant.16:54
LinuxNoviceI am using Lubuntu, now.16:54
k1lLinuxNovice: the compatibility to MS office is not made by some distro. its by the programs in use.16:54
ikoniaLinuxNovice: ok - in what way does lubuntu 16.04 not provided the latest features or MS office compatability16:55
k1lLinuxNovice: and MS office has no interest to be compatible to other office suits.16:55
jmaderoLinuxNovice: and have you reported bugs against those packages when you find problems? if not, then you're not doing your part as a novice even16:55
LinuxNoviceikonia, I'm very sorry.16:55
ikoniaLinuxNovice: don't be sorry16:55
ikoniaLinuxNovice: I'm asking you a real question though16:56
ikoniaLinuxNovice: all the time you're looking for latest versions of packages....why ?16:56
jmaderoLinuxNovice: you just need to understand that Linux doesn't guarantee your pet bugs will be fixed16:56
ikoniaLinuxNovice: more so when you've caused problems with this, why are you not "using lubuntu" rather than constantly looking for packages16:56
jmaderoLinuxNovice: there are bugs in LibreOffice that have been around for 15 years16:56
LinuxNoviceI think, I'm too new to notice or understand the bugs. However, I'll do my part to report them, whenever I encounter them.16:57
ikoniaLinuxNovice: what is the problem with say lubuntu 16.0416:58
debouncerok thanks a lot, i hope these links work for me16:58
ikoniaLinuxNovice: what features or incompatability do you have16:58
ikonia(features that are missing)16:58
jmaderoikonia: well let's not pretend like there is perfect interoperability ;)16:59
ledenijmadero, i don't think so libreoffice is last 2 years default before was openoffice16:59
jmaderoso maybe he just wants to always be on latest "just in case" random things are fixed16:59
LinuxNoviceI have some pdf files that I am trying to open in Ubuntu or its derivatives. Tried Debian stable also. But, they keep asking for password.16:59
ikoniajmadero: no is pretnding that16:59
jmaderoledeni: I work on the LibreOffice project, I know where it began ;)16:59
jmaderoLinuxNovice: new version won't fix that, guaranteed16:59
ikoniaLinuxNovice: ok - so how will upgrading package versions fix that16:59
LinuxNoviceBut, somehow I can open them in a Debian testing based distro called Sparky Linux.17:00
jmaderohe wants a new version to hack around a password encrypted pdf? comical17:00
ikoniaLinuxNovice: ok - so how will upgrading package versions fix that17:00
LinuxNoviceDon't know. Whether latest ones will fix that or not.17:00
ikoniaLinuxNovice: right17:00
ikoniaLinuxNovice: so don't do it17:00
ikoniaLinuxNovice: you need to understand a problem first before trying to fix it17:00
ikoniaLinuxNovice: ask people how to fix a problem17:00
ikoniaLinuxNovice: not how to deploy the fix you think you need17:00
LinuxNoviceno. It is not password protected. I can open them in Windows and on my android tablet, without password.17:01
ikoniaLinuxNovice: eg: I'm trying to open a PDF with application X, it's asking for a password17:01
ikoniaLinuxNovice: instead of "I want to find a 3rd party repo that gives me version Y+1 of application X"17:01
jmaderoLinuxNovice: try using a different PDF viewer in Lubuntu 16.0417:01
jmaderothat's easy enough tod o17:01
LinuxNoviceactually, I have tried every available pdf reader on Linux.17:01
jmadero<1 minute of effort17:01
LinuxNoviceI have this problem only with some pdfs. Not all.17:02
LinuxNoviceand these same pdfs open without any password on Windows and on my android tablet.17:02
ikoniaLinuxNovice: great, so you have a problem, work that problem through with people, rather than blindly try to upgrade things that will probably break things more17:03
ikoniaLinuxNovice: really - you need to stop chasing version numbers, and just "use" lubuntu17:03
ikoniaany problems, ask for help17:03
LinuxNoviceikonia, ok.17:03
ikoniastop chasing package versions though, this is where %90 of your problems have come from in the past17:03
ctjctjLinuxNovice, so the thing we teach our techs is "getting a good problem description".  You have a problem "I can't open some PDFs because it asks for a password"  but the problem you reported was "How do I install the latest and greatest PDF reader".17:03
LinuxNoviceactually, I have dumped Windows entirely for Linux.17:03
LinuxNovicelet me provide the link to the pdfs.17:04
ctjctjThe first question we ask you, LinuxNovice, is "Do you know the password for these PDFs?"  and "Are these PDFs actually password protected?"17:04
jmaderoLinuxNovice: can you share this pdf to my email?17:04
jmaderoLinuxNovice: please just one17:04
jmaderoI don't want 50 ;)17:05
jmaderoLinuxNovice: no need for more17:05
jmaderookay so immediately it opens in Firefox for me17:05
LinuxNoviceplease, save that pdf on your system.17:05
ikoniaopens just fine17:05
LinuxNovicethen, try to open it with a pdf reader.17:05
jmaderoLinuxNovice: yes it asks for a pswd17:06
LinuxNoviceI can open them in Firefox.17:06
LinuxNoviceit is not encrypted.17:06
LinuxNoviceI can assure you.17:06
LinuxNovicebecause, they open in my tablet.17:06
ctjctjLinuxNovice, jmadero 16.10 clicked the download and opened it with Evince(sp) with no issues, no password request.17:06
FinalXit is encrypted17:07
ctjctjIt opens fine in Firefox as well.17:07
FinalXjust open the file in vim17:07
jmaderoctjctj: interesting, I'm on a derivative of 16.04 and it won't open17:07
LinuxNoviceI did try Evince also.17:07
ctjctjjmadero, LinuxNovice might actually have found an issue.17:07
FinalXit's full of encrypt xml :p17:07
FinalX(or rather, decode)17:07
LinuxNovicethen, why it doesn't ask for a password in Windows?17:07
jmaderobut it's weird that it opens elsewhere17:08
ctjctj21 pages of real stuff.17:08
FinalXI'm sure it's just basic Adobe PDF protection17:08
k1lLinuxNovice: opens in evince just fine for me on ubuntu 16.1017:08
LinuxNoviceor in Android?17:08
jmaderolet me try installing latest evince quickly17:08
jmaderoone second17:08
FinalXIt's protection, not encryption, it seems? Against editing, I guess. I also guess that it's better supported in updated clients.17:09
squintyLinuxNovice, fwiw, no password needed here using foxit pdf reader17:09
LinuxNoviceI don't have Windows installed on my laptop. Entirely relying on Linux. That's the problem.17:09
ctjctj16.04.1 requests a password.17:09
jmaderoI'm updating evince now17:09
LinuxNoviceok. how can I install Foxit.17:09
ikoniait looks like it depends how the client is trying to open it17:09
ikoniaif it tries to open it in read mode, it opens just fine17:09
ikoniaif it tries to open it in edit mode it asks for a password17:09
LinuxNoviceplease download it and try opening it offline.17:09
ikoniaI just did17:10
k1l3.18 on 16.04 and 3.22 on 16.1017:10
ctjctjGNOME Document Viewer 3.22.0 works GNOME Document Viewer 3.18.2 fails17:10
iLembus_anyone know if i can install Ubuntu snappy core without connecting a screen?17:10
iLembus_i need to "follow the instructions on screen" while first boot17:10
iLembus_after that i can SSH into it17:10
LinuxNovicecan anybody suggest a solution?17:10
jmaderoLinuxNovice: patience17:10
jmaderoif this works then it's an easy solution17:10
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nacciLembus_: may want to ask in #snappy17:11
ctjctjLinuxNovice, please note how the responses to you have changed since you presented the actual problem you were having.17:11
LinuxNoviceok. I understand now.17:12
LinuxNoviceI just thought it could be due to not having the latest versions of software.17:12
k1lLinuxNovice: you cant tell that without seeing the exact program in use and the exact issue with it.17:12
jmaderoand LinuxNovice there is never a need to install the latest entire distro for one package17:13
jmaderothat's begging for problems17:13
LinuxNovicewhy does it open in a Debian testing based distro? I could open it in Sparky Linux, using qpdfview.17:13
jmaderoevince 3.22 fails for me in 16.04 derivative also17:14
LinuxNovicebut, I tried with qpdfview in Lubuntu. It still asks for password.17:14
icedwaterWhen I run gnome-terminal in an xterm, I get an error message saying org.gnome.Terminal exited with status 8. It seems from syslog and forum posts that the locale is the issue. How do I fix it so that dbus passes the right locale (not ANSI_X3.4-1968) to allow gnome-terminal to launch?17:14
LinuxNoviceand I update/upgrade everyday.17:14
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jmaderoLinuxNovice: just because you update every day doesn't mean anything, there are a ton of packages held back in each distro, unless you have PPAs installed that guaranteed latest and greatest17:15
jmaderoCanonical has a strict policy against adding packages with regressions17:15
ctjctjLinuxNovice, one of the things that you should be aware of is that sometimes there are multiple "frontends" that use the same "backend"  so you could have "evince" and "qpdfview" and a dozen other programs that all use (made up) libpdfsuperreader17:15
ctjctjIf the library is where the issue is then all of the frontends that use that library will fail in similar ways.17:15
k1lLinuxNovice: trying blindly with reinstalls and other distros doesnt help. you dont just change the cars when one is not starting, right?17:16
LinuxNovicectjctj, all this is greek to me.17:16
ctjctjLinuxNovice, I understand.  Which is why I'm trying to explain it while others are attempting to help you.17:16
LinuxNovicek11, I understand.17:16
LinuxNovicectjctj, ok.17:16
jmaderothe weird thing is that 16.10 updated the libraries as far as I can see but still no good17:17
LinuxNoviceas an end user, I just want an OS that I can install and get to my work.17:17
ctjctjA quick google search shows that LinuxNovice's issue is documented in a couple of different places.  I've not checked the change log for evince but it looks like evince is incorrectly detecting a PDF as encrypted when it is not.17:17
ikoniathere is a flag I think for "read" and "edit" mode17:18
ikoniatry forcing read mode17:18
ikoniaI think it's trying to open it in edit mode by default17:18
ctjctjLinuxNovice, here is a work around for you, first check to see if you have the program pdf2ps installed.17:18
fenecoso I use ubuntu gnome 16.04 and just got hacked, can anyone help identify what could be the breach?17:21
ikoniafeneco: what has been "hacked"17:22
fenecoikonia: tried to enter google.com, said certificate was invalid, and issued by another domain, rebooted/reconnected, tried to access again, got a defaced page17:23
fenecosaying that i was hacked lol17:23
ikoniafeneco: how do you know you where hacked17:23
fenecowhat do you mean?17:25
ikoniafeneco: how do you know you where hacked17:25
fenecoI don't understand your question, I just said the reason above17:26
ikoniafeneco: so is that one site or all sites17:26
fenecoit's google.com17:27
ikoniafeneco: so is that one site or all sites17:27
fenecoonly google.com17:27
fenecoit's normal in my laptop17:27
ioriaLinuxNovice qpdf --decrypt 35523bos25026cp1.pdf output.pdf17:27
fenecoonly desktop was compromised17:27
ikoniafeneco: so if you run this command what do you get17:27
ikoniafeneco: "nslookup www.google.com"17:27
ikoniafeneco: (use a pastebin please)17:27
fenecoseems ok now ikonia17:29
ikoniafeneco: ok - so there is your problem17:30
ikoniafeneco: the dns server you are using is giving out bad addresses17:30
ikoniafeneco: one of those IP's is a braizilian home IP17:31
ikonia(they all are)17:31
ikoniafeneco: so what dns server are you using ?17:31
selvodkaneed help kernel panic17:31
ctjctjFenco, pastebin the contents of /etc/resolv.conf17:31
ikoniaselvodka: you've been told 3 times that is not the way to ask a question17:32
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selvodkaikonia, sorry17:32
ikoniactjctj: resolv.conf won't help17:32
ctjctjikonia, why?17:32
fenecoikonia: from network manager it says and
ikoniahe's using dnsmasq17:32
ikoniafeneco: so...lets see17:33
ctjctjikonia, thanks.  I need to verify that because I believe that dnsmasq gets its DNS configuration from /etc/resolv.conf.  But that's me babbling until I verify.17:33
ikoniactjctj: not it doesn't17:34
fenecoresolv.conf seem ok17:34
ikoniactjctj: you can see it's
ikoniafeneco: run "nmcli device show (network device interface name)17:34
selvodkai asked cuz i just joined it17:35
ikoniaselvodka: and you've been told when you asked earlier you don't ask a question like that17:35
ctjctjikonia, thanks.  I see what is happening.  DNS queries are being sent to (localhost) where dnsmasc is resolving it for him.  Thanks.17:35
selvodkaikonia, How ?17:35
fenecoikonia: http://termbin.com/ugsi17:35
ikoniaselvodka: you need to explain details17:35
ikoniactjctj: you got it17:35
ikoniafeneco: ok, so that looks good17:36
ikoniafeneco: I assume it's working just fine now ?17:36
feneconow google opens fine17:36
ikoniafeneco: I don't believe you've been "hacked"17:36
fenecowhat do you believe that happened?17:36
ikoniafeneco: for some reason the dns service you where using was giving false info,17:36
selvodkai tried to boot on both kernels and on recovery mode too i had a kernel panic17:37
ikoniaeither you where set to use a different dns service and network manager has just set it back to google (maybe you where hacked?)17:37
ikoniaselvodka: kernel panic doesn't help anyone17:37
ctjctjfeneco, it could be that a DHCP type server gave you a bad DNS server.17:37
ikoniaselvodka: thats like may saying "fix it"17:37
ikoniafeneco: or as ctjctj you got your ISP's dns server and they forwarded incorrectly17:37
ikoniafeneco: or maybe a cache was compromised on a DNS server elsewhere and it just got flushed when someone noticed17:37
ikoniaselvodka: your missing files on your system17:38
ctjctjfeneco, it is often the case that people that install household routers don't bother to change the passwords.  Those routers are much easier to hack than a Linux box.  So they reconfigure the router to give a "bad" DNS server.  That DNS server is configured to redirect things like banks and searches to a phishing site.17:39
ikoniaselvodka: what version of ubuntu is this17:39
fenecoif I'm using google's public dns and not my isp dns, how could that happen?17:39
selvodkaikonia, xubunu 16.0417:39
ikoniaselvodka: did it ever work17:39
ikoniaselvodka: what happened to make it not work17:39
selvodkathat i don't know17:39
ikoniaselvodka: so you are missing file17:39
fenecoyea, i Just got an used router from my ISP17:39
ikoniaselvodka: that is your problem17:39
fenecothat was from another client, and it has the default pass17:40
selvodkathey keyboard most of the keys don't work17:40
fenecobut it was always like that17:40
ikoniaselvodka: you should just re-install17:40
selvodkacould fsck on live usb fix it ?17:40
ikoniaselvodka: you can see above it does a disk check and marks it as clean17:40
ikoniaselvodka: you then see it complains for missing files17:40
ikoniaselvodka: fsck will not bring files back17:40
selvodkado a clean install ikonia17:41
fenecoctjctj: for that, one would need the wifi pass to access the router17:41
ikoniaselvodka: yup17:41
tdannecy_selvodka: By chance, do you have a RAID?17:41
selvodkaidk it's a laptop17:41
ctjctjfeneco, not if they are coming from the other side.  Some routers refuse connections from the public side, others do not.   It's a security issue that has been known for a long time.17:41
ikoniait's not a raid problem17:42
ikoniafeneco: if in ANY doubt, re-install ubuntu17:42
ctjctjfeneco, The point I was attempting to make is that the DNS change could have been accomplished in many different ways.17:42
ikoniafeneco: but based on what you've just shown me, I don't think the problem was yours17:42
ikoniafeneco: (keep in mind - from what you shown me, nothing more)17:42
tdannecy_selvodka: I'm going to say it's an IO issue. Your HDD might be failing. That's just my 2 cents.17:42
ioriaselvodka, maybe a bad iso or bad media17:42
ikoniahe's not live booting17:43
ikoniathats his install17:43
selvodkasomeone said on reddit to  fix selinux17:45
fenecoikonia: do you know why I get different output from nslookup google.com from my desktop and laptop?17:45
ikoniafeneco: do you still get it from nslookup ?17:45
fenecomy laptop shows different output for this command17:45
ikoniaselvodka: they said wrong17:45
selvodkaok , sry17:45
fenecolet me try again from desktop17:46
fenecoyes, I get different IP's from my desktop17:46
selvodkaikonia, thx17:47
selvodkafor your time sorry for my attitude17:47
ikoniafeneco: you get the 191 addresses from the laptop ?17:47
ioriaoh, i see .... selvodka  have you installed something out of the offcial repos  ?17:47
ikonia(if you run it now)17:47
selvodkarecently i install intel update tool17:47
ioriahere we are17:48
fenecoikonia: http://termbin.com/5hdh17:48
Firefly67I am installing ubuntu, I want a dual boot, but ubuntu isn't detecting Windows and offering the "boot alongside Windows" option. What should I do?17:48
ikoniafeneco: you may still have cache17:48
ikonialets find out17:48
ikoniafeneco: (or you may have been compromised)17:48
ioriaselvodka  not sure you need it on ubuntu17:49
ikoniafeneco: are you in brazil17:49
ikoniafeneco: (obvious question I know but I have to ask)17:49
fenecobefore that it showed even a different IP:
fenecoyes, I am17:49
ikoniafeneco: ok,17:49
tdannecy_Firefly67: It looks like you installed the bootloader to an incorrect location. You could reinstall or live boot and reinstall GRUB. Make sure to install it to the boot disk (usually / )17:50
selvodkadoes the usb keyboard work on the bios17:50
ioriaselvodka, usually yes17:50
fenecoI'm trying to check system logs, auth logs, but I can't find something clear17:51
selvodkaok. cuz of most of the keys don't work so i use a usb keyboard17:51
ikoniafeneco: reboot the laptop17:51
ikoniafeneco: so network manager is restarted clenaly17:51
ikoniathen re-verify17:52
MOUDHey all17:52
Firefly67tdannecy_, I have not installed ubuntu yet. I am not sure what a bootloader is, or if I installed it incorrectly17:52
fenecothe problem is in the desktop, you mean i should reboot the desktop right?17:52
Firefly67I am trying to install ubuntu from a live USB17:52
ikoniafeneco: sorry, yes17:52
ikoniafeneco: got it back to front17:52
tdannecy_Firefly67: Ah! I read that wrong. Sorry about that.17:52
MOUDhow can I make ubuntu to check for new hardware? I just plugged a wifi usb dongle. I'm using ubuntu 16.0417:53
ikoniaMOUD: it does it real time17:53
MOUDikonia, I see. So how can I see all my available network adapters?17:54
ikoniaMOUD: if it's supported17:54
tdannecy_MOUD: You can also check what's plugged into your computer by using the Terminal command "lsusb". It'll give you a list of what's plugged in.17:54
fenecoikonia: when it happened first, when I tried to access google at first, said the certificate was from vivawebhost.com (I saved the picture)17:56
ikoniafeneco: yes because it was an exploit directing you to the wrong site17:56
ikoniafeneco: so the certificate won't match the site17:57
fenecodifferent ips17:57
ikoniafeneco: so thats still looking at someone home connection17:57
ikoniaahh no it's not17:57
ikoniathats google17:57
ikoniano wait17:57
fenecoyou see it's different17:57
fenecofrom google.com and google.com.br17:57
ikoniafeneco: thats fine though17:57
ikoniahang on17:57
fenecoboth are from the desktop17:58
fenecomy laptop show different results17:58
fenecobut I don't use google public dns on my laptop17:58
LinuxNovicehello, guys. I am really sorry. There was no network18:03
LinuxNoviceanybody online here?18:03
fenecothere must be, tell your question18:05
MOUDikonia, tdannecy_, sorry for not replying, something came up. In the "lsusb" command I got this: Ralink Technology, Corp. RT5572 Wireless Adapter ; Does it mean it's working?18:11
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Firefly67I am trying to install ubuntu 16.04 alongside Windows 10 from an Ubuntu live USB, but I am not getting an option which allows me to install Ubuntu alongside Windows - it says no other operating systems are detected. Does anyone know how I can fix this?18:15
tdannecy_MOUD: That message means that it's detected by ubuntu and that it recognizes it. It doesn't mean it's "working" per say, just that it can see it. You might have to install some packages to get it working.18:15
Drohello, how can i check what running on startup ?18:15
tdannecy_Firefly67: Which version of Windows is on the HD?18:15
tdannecy_Dro: Which version of Ubuntu are you using?18:16
selvodkashould i reinstall ubuntu or  erase disk and install ikonia ?]18:16
Firefly67Windows 10, I believe18:16
Drotdannecy, 16.0418:17
Firefly67I say "I believe" because it is the installation that came with a new laptop, it has MS Word 201618:17
selvodkaioria, ?18:17
ioriaselvodka, erase disk and install18:17
LinuxNovicelost the connection.18:17
DroI have a strange problem, openvpn is running automactly on startup, with an address that I never used and I don't know18:18
Drothis connection don't appear in the connections manager18:18
selvodkaioria, thx18:18
MOUDtdannecy_, I see. Thanks.18:18
tdannecy_Firefly67: It sounds like there's an issue reading the HD. You're able to boot into Windows 10, right?18:18
DroI can stop it only with "killall openvpn"18:18
tdannecy_MOUD: Welcome! :)18:18
LinuxNoviceikonia, are you still online?18:19
Firefly67tdannecy_, yes. I am pressing F12 to boot into the live USB instead of Windows18:19
Firefly67otherwise it goes to Windows18:19
tdannecy_Dro: You should be able to see what's running at startup by running gnome-session-properties in the terminal.18:19
tdannecy_Firefly67: Okay, open the app "gparted" and let's take a look.18:19
Firefly67gparted opens in Linux?18:20
Firefly67or Windows?18:20
tdannecy_Firefly67: Sorry! It runs in Linux on the live USB.18:21
Firefly67I am currently on the trial version of Ubuntu live USB18:21
Firefly67so I just type gparted?18:21
Firefly67in a terminal?18:21
tdannecy_Firefly67: Yep. It should come up in the app menu.18:21
tdannecy_Firefly67: No need for terminal.18:21
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Firefly67it says root privileges are required for running it18:22
Firefly67ok, from the app menu I could open it18:22
Firefly67tdannecy_, I see/dev/sda3: 122 GB, unallocated: 94 GB18:24
Firefly67and several smaller ones18:24
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tdannecy_Firefly67: Can you send a screenshot?18:25
fenecoikonia: gonna have to reinstall the system :/18:27
Bashing-omFirefly67: A thought. Win10 us a UEFI system, did you boot the installer also in UEFI mode ?18:27
Firefly67Bashing-om, I don't know. How do I know that? I pressed F12 to get to the live USB18:28
Firefly67tdannecy_, trying to get a screenshot, a bit hard from the trial version, so it's taking time18:29
Firefly67not connected to the internet on the trial version18:29
Bashing-omFirefly67: That I can not tell you . If ya booted up the USB as "legacy" Will then have isssues installing ( MBR versus EFI), maybe driving the install system nuts ?18:32
ctjctjWhere do I find documentation for the configuration files in /etc/init?18:32
Bashing-om!uefi | Firefly6718:35
ubottuFirefly67: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI18:35
Firefly67just realized my new laptop doesn't have an ethernet port at all18:37
cheshircatHey, did anyone else get their efi system partition messed up by the latest windows upgrade?18:38
cheshircatAlso, my laptop is refusing to boot from a flashdrive18:39
tbottom[m]Yep, although I don't use Windows, I've heard many of my friends have messed up their windows partition during an update happening on the NYE18:40
Bashing-omcheshircat: What we often see is that Windows rewrites the boot code . Requiring us to re-install ubuntu boot code .18:40
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Firefly67how do I share an image?18:44
tdannecy_Firefly67: Upload it to imgur and paste the link here.18:45
Droin my startup programs i found a program called "Torzm Duuif" with this path /usr/lib/jvm/java-7-oracle/jre/bin/java -jar /home/ubuntu/.Qjytmqba/Nezqzwta.jar18:45
Drois it a malware??18:45
Droand how can i check if its running?18:45
tdannecy_Dro: I'll bet that's something nasty. Delete the entire .Qjblahblah directory18:46
LinuxNoviceI have a problem, here. I have some pdf files, not encrypted, but still ask for password in Lubuntu. I have tried every pdf reader available.18:46
tdannecy_Dro: You can check if it's running to see if there are any Java apps in your System monitor.18:46
tdannecy_LinuxNovice: How do you know they're not encrypted?18:46
LinuxNoviceI tried a debian testing based distro, Sparky linux. I could open them there by using qpdfview.18:47
ctjctjLinuxNovice, there are two fixes for your PDF issue.  1) You can use a more current version of evince (don't) or 2) use a different tool to read and convert them.18:47
LinuxNoviceI installed qpdfview in Lubuntu, they still ask for password.18:47
tdannecy_LinuxNovice: You might have to open and "Print as PDF" or re-export them again.18:47
LinuxNoviceI have tried evince also.18:47
ioriaLinuxNovice have you tried   qpdf --decrypt 35523bos25026cp1.pdf output.pdf   ?18:48
MonkeyDustlinux malware, exciting, i wonder what it does18:48
ctjctjLinuxNovice, open a command line terminal.  Use "cd" to go to the directory where the file is stored.  run pdf2ps file.pdf >file.ps.  Then to read your file use evince file.ps18:48
ctjctjioria, tdannecy_ this is something LinuxNovice has gone over already.  He has rediscovered an issue with the version of evince shipped with 16.04LTS18:48
ioriactjctj, oh, really ?18:49
LinuxNoviceI checked in distrowatch.com for the version of qpdfview. It is in Sparky Linux.18:49
LinuxNovicebut, in Lubuntu, it is 0.4.1418:49
ctjctjioria, tdannecy_ the PDFs are not encrypted but are detected by GNOME Document Viewer 3.18.2 as password corrected.  In GNOME Document Viewer 3.22.0 the files open correctly.18:49
Drotdannecy, nothing about it in the system monitor18:49
Dromaybe its running hidden?18:50
LinuxNoviceI just updated all the packages on Lubuntu which I am using.18:50
ctjctjioria, so yes, really.18:50
Firefly67tdannecy_, http://imgur.com/a/vaZVV - I took a photo with my phone for gparted, trial Ubuntu live isn't connected to internet18:50
tdannecy_Dro: I doubt it would be "hidden", but let's check in the terminal. Open it and run "top"18:50
ctjctjLinuxNovice, see the work around I gave you above.  What version of lubuntu are you running?18:50
tdannecy_Firefly67: Great! Thanks!18:51
fenecowhat's the command to open the software store?18:51
LinuxNovicecan I update qpdfview to 0.4.15?18:51
ctjctjLinuxNovice, there is a 16.10 which is not LTS.  Does lubuntu have "software settings" option?18:51
LinuxNoviceI will be able to open the files, then.18:51
Drotdannecy, nothing in top too, damn I googled it and it seems to be a RAT (Adwind) !18:52
tdannecy_Firefly67: The unallocated space is where you're going to install Ubuntu. Right click on the unallocated list in the menu and click "New". We're going to create an ext4 partition.18:52
tdannecy_Dro: Well I'd suggest deleting the directory at the least, but reinstall Ubuntu just to be safe.18:53
MonkeyDustDro  and use locate to, well, locate it ... most probably in ~/.cache only18:53
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Firefly67tdannecy_, do I type ext4 in the blue box?18:54
Firefly67I right clicked and a "create new partition" window came up18:54
ctjctjLinuxNovice, open "Software & Updates" in the menu.  Select "updates" tab.  Select "for any new version" from the Notify me of new lubuntu versions drop-down box.18:54
Firefly67or do I just click on "add"?18:54
tdannecy_Firefly67: Sorry, but you're going to have to give me another screenshot. :(18:55
LinuxNovicethe latest version available for this version of lubuntu is 0.4.14-1. But, Sparky has 0.4.15-1. May be it is because of this.18:55
ctjctjFind the "software updater" and tell it to check for updates.  If this doesn't work I can only do the cli version of this as I'm not running lubuntu.18:55
ctjctjLinuxNovice, according to the web there is a lubuntu 16.10.  Sorry if I'm wrong.18:55
LinuxNoviceI am using the LTS version. that is 16.0418:56
LinuxNoviceI just updated all the packages.18:56
ctjctjLinuxNovice, one moment to give you some info.18:56
LinuxNoviceok. Last time I had asked this question, I had lost the connection. So, am not aware what transpired after that. Sorry for that.18:58
ctjctjLinuxNovice, LTS means "Long Term Support".  This implies lots of things but for the people that need software to run forever it means that the release will be supported for a very long time.  But with that support comes some restrictions, those restrictions are that *packages* are not updated to the "latest and greatest" for stability reasons (or testing or a dozen other things)18:58
ctjctjYou don't need LTS stability.  You have a particular problem that has been solved.  The 16.10, 17.04, 17.10 releases are not LTS.  They will not have that long term support but they do get changes.18:59
LinuxNoviceAs far as I can remember, I tried with Lubuntu 16.10 also.18:59
ctjctjWhen we move from one release to another things can break.18:59
ctjctjSo for stability we don't want that to happen.  Since evince works *in most cases* in the 16.04 (3.18.2 version) there is no reason to move to a new release.19:00
ctjctjBut in ubuntu 16.10 they did move to version 3.22 which solves your PDF issues as you rightly suspected.19:00
LinuxNoviceI have evince installed now. I have tried with that too.19:00
LinuxNoviceok. Will try with 16.10 also.19:00
ctjctjSo you need the more current version of evince.  The best way to get that 3.22 version of evince is to upgrade your lubuntu from 16.04 to 16.10.19:01
cheshircatBashing-om: thanks for the speedy reply, I wasnt expecting to hear back so fast :) How exactly do you fix the boot code?19:01
LinuxNoviceok. Let me create a live usb of 16.10 and check if I can open those files.19:01
xanguactjctj: pretty sure yakketty will never get gnome 3.2219:01
ctjctjSo do that upgrade to Lubuntu 16.10 and let us know if that solved the issue for you.    run evince --version from the command line and you will see the version.19:01
Bashing-omcheshircat: Sorry, I have no UEFI experience, here I can not advise .19:01
ctjctjxangua, those are evince version numbers.19:02
xangua!info evince19:02
ctjctjxangua, I think you were making a joke? Maybe?19:02
ubottuevince (source: evince): Document (PostScript, PDF) viewer. In component main, is optional. Version 3.22.0-0ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 255 kB, installed size 810 kB19:02
xanguaI see19:02
cheshircatBashing-om: no worries, thanks anyways19:03
LinuxNoviceIs 16.10 going to suit a beginner's needs?19:03
xanguaSo much problem for a PDF, can't you share it? Or is it confidential19:03
Bashing-omcheshircat: Hang loose here, others can advise who have the knowledge .19:03
ctjctjLinuxNovice, 16.10 will do you just as well as 16.04 and maybe better.19:03
nicomachusLinuxNovice: for a beginner, an LTS release like 16.04 is probably best.19:03
LinuxNoviceI did share the last time I asked for solution. I lost connection in between.19:04
LinuxNovicectjctj, that's great. Will try 16.1019:04
ctjctjnicomachus, you are correct. But LinuxNovice has a particular issue that needs resolving which is most easily solved for him with 16.1019:04
sarkishey all - would you suggest the latest version of ubuntu desktop for a development workspace?19:05
LinuxNoviceok. I'll try with Xubuntu 16.10 this time.19:05
ctjctjxangua, the really cool thing is that you can read the PDF in firefox with the JS library for PDFs but if you download it with wget and test it fails for 3.18.2 and works for 3.2219:05
nicomachusctjctj: ah, I missed that.19:05
sarkisso in this case Ubuntu 16.1019:05
LinuxNoviceI will install it alongside this Lubuntu 16.0419:06
sarkisi like to keep my servers on LTS - but desktop i'd imagine latest is ok?19:06
LinuxNovicewill that be ok?19:06
ctjctjnicomachus, no problem.  LinuxNovice has been working this issue for a while and had the right idea but the wrong way of asking earlier.  He's made great progress.19:06
ctjctjLinuxNovice, don't install it, just run it as a livecd (or usb).  Download the file and test.  IF it tests, upgrade from 16.04 to 16.10.19:06
Firefly67tdannecy_: http://imgur.com/a/IBKqd19:07
LinuxNoviceI checked in some places like distrowatch.com. Checked for the difference in the versions. Got this doubt that this issue could be because of that.19:07
ctjctjsarkis, my development team is using 14.04LTS for development but we'll migrate to 18.04 at some point.  *grin*  Just use a LTS for server support.19:07
sarkisctjctj: same here .. using LTS - if you don't mind me asking what version do you use on your desktop?19:08
sarkisdo you match your server version?19:08
ctjctjLinuxNovice, it is hard to figure out if a particular issue will be fixed as there are so many issues.  I *know* that 16.10 will resolve your issue, but we'll prove it with a livecd and a test.19:08
LinuxNoviceI checked the website of qpdfview also. They have versions higher that this.19:08
sarkisctjctj: nvm i read that wrong - looks like you guys use 14.04 on your desktops? :)19:08
LinuxNoviceok. Need to download the image and create a live usb.19:09
ctjctjsarkis, my desktop runs 16.10.x.  I run a KVM virtual machine for development work.  So our desktops run at "latest and greatest" but our sandboxes run at 14.04LTS19:09
sarkisah perfect - thanks ctjctj19:09
fenecook, not sure if I was hacked yet19:09
sarkisnow just waiting for Lenovo to "officially" announce the X1 Carbon 5th gen :D19:09
fenecomaybe someone can help me analyze the logs19:10
sarkisgoing to finally make the leap from osx -> ubuntu for everyday ... on the X1 carbon19:10
ctjctjsarkis, I have a puppet configuration that keeps all of the servers (about 20) running the same software load.  It also keeps all of the development sandboxes (virtual machines) with *almost* the same software load.  The differences are how noisy they are in telling our system admins when something happens.19:10
tdannecy_Firefly67: Perfect. You're in the right place. Set a label to "Ubuntu" or something you'll remember and click "Add". Then when you're finished, you'll have to accept the changes. That should take a minute or two.19:11
fenecoI couldn't find anything on bash history, both for my user and root19:11
ctjctjsarkis, the path we took was to lock the development environment to a LTS but to allow the developers to use whatever host OS they wanted at whatever software revisions they wanted.19:12
Firefly67tdannecy_, it now says "1 operation pending" at the bottom of the window - is that ok?19:12
tekkhey guys, is there a way to force ubuntu to apply a network config to "any" NIC...19:12
Bashing-omtdannecy_: Firefly67 A swap partition ??19:12
tekkthe scenario is this...19:12
tekki have a machine thats headless, it expects to configure eth019:12
tdannecy_Firefly67: Yes. That's what you'll be doing when you click "Accept".19:13
tekkbut the card will come up as eth1 and i need it to take the netwrok config19:13
ctjctjsarkis, so I have some devs running Apples on laptops, some use Ubuntu laptops, some are using M$ laptops, some (me) use desktop machines.  But all of us have a local VM that looks just like a server.19:13
Firefly67and also, "Create primary partition #1 (ext4, 94 GB) on /dev/sda"19:13
tekkuntil the weekend i can't get it not-headless19:13
tdannecy_Bashing-om: BAH swap. Psh. Nah.19:13
LinuxNoviceSo, I feel that Debian Stable would have even older versions of packages than what Ubuntu LTS has. is it so?19:13
tdannecy_Firefly67: Yep. That's what you need.19:13
Firefly67Bashing-om, idk, I think I am creating space for Ubuntu19:13
xdevnullHello people, I've problem. I don't have any sound in my ubuntu. However, i tried to run aplay -l. I think the device has been detected.19:13
xdevnullif i go to sound setting. almost everything is disabled19:14
ctjctjtekk, you can use the /etc/network/interface configuration file if need be?19:14
tekki do use that ctjctj but it requires specifying the name of the nic19:14
ctjctjxdevnull, what version of ubuntu?19:14
tekki wondered if there was a "Wildcard" style setting19:14
n-iCeOk, I thought my device was screwed or something, but tried with another and the same, the thing is, I cannot connect a bluetooth device(speaker, and headphones) and make ubuntu to sound though those devices, any idea?19:14
tekkthat would apply the interfaces config to any connceted nic19:14
xdevnull16.04 LTS19:15
ctjctjtekk have you read "man interfaces"?19:15
Firefly67tdannecy_, when it says "pending", does it mean it is doing something? Should I wait for a "done" message? "top" doesn't seem to indicate anything is happening19:15
LinuxNoviceguys, Debian Stable not for beginners?19:15
tekkiface ethernet inet static19:16
tekkor am i up the wrong tree?19:16
ctjctjLinuxNovice, given the name of the channel the answer is going to be "Ubuntu"19:16
tdannecy_Firefly67: There should be a "Go" or "Apply" or "Accept" or "Make it so" button at the top of the window. I don't have a good screenshot, but that's what you're looking for.19:16
LinuxNovicewill I face such problems, I explained above because of not having the latest versions of packages?19:17
ctjctjtekk, what you are asking to do is non-standard for me.  There is a default that says to use DHCP.19:17
mazen160_Is there is anyone from Ubuntu security team online?19:17
tekkctjctj, for any interface?19:17
Bashing-omtekk: Depends on "who" controls networking .. the system or do you manually manage networking ?19:17
ctjctjI don't understand why you want a default manual configuration as that would cause problems if you ever had more than one interface.19:17
LinuxNovicethe problem was because of the difference in the package versions, I feel.19:17
tekkits ubuntu-server19:17
ctjctjtekk, as far as I know you should have it default to DHCP.  If not DHCP then get the interface name and configure it.  That interface name should not change.19:18
Firefly67tdannecy_, /dev/sda7 has been created19:18
blamiLinuxNovice: in Ubuntu LTS you'll get pretty recent and stable versions of software. I've personally never run into any missing feature issue.19:18
tdannecy_Firefly67: Great! Now go back to the Ubuntu installer window and refresh the drives.19:18
ctjctjLinuxNovice, you can use which ever distribution you wish.  I have suggested using 16.1019:18
tekkduring installation it finds the interface thats active19:19
tekkafterwards it needs manually editing19:19
tdannecy_You're going to point your install to /dev/sda719:19
Firefly67tdannecy_, what do you mean by refreshing the drives?19:19
Bashing-omtekk: Then if you are manage networking, make sure that ' dpkg -l network-manager ' returns null .19:19
tdannecy_Firefly67: Just make sure the ubuntu installer shows your new partition.19:20
blamiLinuxNovice: in case you need anything bleeding edge or so, you can install latest into virtual machine or so... it's safer and hurts less when there's an unexpected error and something goes wrong19:20
ctjctjtekk, that might be the case but the name of the interface should not change once you've booted the first time.19:20
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MOUDVLC doesn't show subtitles or any kind of text (like increasing/decreasing volume, audio speed, etc). How can I fix it?19:21
xdevnullctjctj, I installed PulseAudio now everything is ok.19:21
Bashing-om!alis | marco__19:21
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tekkctjctj, the interface name can change if i add /remove / change nics19:21
tdannecy_MOUD: Can you see the menu text? (File, View, etc)19:22
Fohlenheya there, I am having some errors and warning on startup in my vnc console, where would I find the respective logs on the disk? (since I can't capture them via vnc)19:22
ctjctjtekk, that depends *greatly* on the ubuntu version.  The NEW interface will get a NEW name.  but the given interface should always have the same name.  See udev19:22
FohlenI've tried dmesg but it contains no errors19:22
tekkyes true19:22
Firefly67tdannecy_, so I choose /dev/sda7 ext4 in the "installation type" window?19:23
tekkso i basically want the NEW interface to use the /etc/network/interfaces config for the OLD interface automatically with no intervention from me19:23
tdannecy_Firefly67: I think you're on the right track, but to be sure I'd need a screenshot.19:23
tekkand i know no way of doing that without making some kind of start-up script that will enumerate interfaces and edit the file.. which is hacky at best19:23
blamitekk: so you want new interface added automatically?19:24
tekkand for it to use the existing config yes19:24
tekkit may be claled p3p0 instead of eth0 for example19:24
blamitekk: why don't use network manager which autoenumerates interfaces?19:24
tekkcan i use network-manager on cli ?19:24
blamitekk: sure19:24
tekki'm not destined to need to use /etc/network/interfaces19:24
MOUDtdannecy_, yes19:24
ctjctjtekk, blami I believe that what he is doing is planning on testing different NICs.  And he wants each nic, one at a time, to use the same manual configuration.  And not DHCP.19:25
tekkso network-manager is a great option if it works as i need it to19:25
blamictjctj: i don't see why he couldn't do that with nmcli19:25
ctjctjblami, I don't know either.19:26
tdannecy_MOUD: Go to Tools > Preferences > Video and tell me what's listed as the output.19:26
blamitekk: clean way to do it without networkmanager is to prepare systemd generator stencil19:26
MOUDtdannecy_, automatic19:26
blamitekk: but that requires knowledge about systemd generators and way how systemd communicates with udev19:26
tdannecy_MOUD: Play with those options and see if changing that fixes the issue.19:27
Firefly67tdannecy_, does this look ok: http://imgur.com/a/YTmnE19:27
Firefly67do I click on "install now"19:27
tdannecy_Firefly67: Before you start, right click on the sda7 partition and assign a mount point of "/"19:28
MOUDtdannecy_, it's working now. Output: XVideo output (XCB). I was trying to make it work since yesterday. Thank you very much :)19:30
blamitekk: I have had a lot of hackery around ifup/ifdown /etc/network/interfaces and udev. You don't want to do that as networking is porcelain and unpredictable... Now I have that hackery (profile switching, drive automounting, vpn autoinitialization, docker routing) around networkmanager and it's way more maintainable19:30
tdannecy_MOUD: Good to hear! You're welcome.19:30
Firefly67tdannecy_, if I right click, nothing happens. Do you mean I should change "device for boot loader installation" at the bottom?19:30
blamitekk: because nm is something that constantly watches your network situation (hotplug events which trigger ifup/ifdown are not)19:31
ctjctjwhat is the best way to capture the startup text?19:32
tdannecy_Firefly67: No, leave the boot loader alone. Click on "Change..."19:32
ctjctjboot startup text.19:32
Firefly67tdannecy_, ok, I see two fields, "size" and "use as" - "use as" has a dropdown list19:33
Bashing-omctjctj: systemd ? ' journalctl -b -0 ' shows messages from the current boot,19:34
blamictjctj: journalctl -b -019:34
=== niee is now known as Ig0r
ctjctjBashing-om, blami 14.04LTS19:35
ctjctjno journalctl :-(19:35
tdannecy_Firefly67: The "use as" should be set to "/"19:35
sudhirkhangerShould my swap size be in GB or GiB?19:35
=== Ig0r is now known as niee
blamictjctj: dmesg19:35
blamictjctj: dmasg should do - at least for kernel messages19:36
Bashing-omctjctj: sadly, in my experience upstart does not have that capability . Best I have been able to come up with is to pause the boot screen while booting .19:36
ctjctjblami, unfortunately I'm trying to capture the output of the upstart scripts.19:36
=== Spydar007 is now known as Guest70417
ctjctjBashing-om, yeah, about where I'm at.19:36
=== Pyker_ is now known as Pyker
=== RAX is now known as rax-
Firefly67tdannecy_, I only get a drop down list, can't set ot to "/"19:37
tdannecy_Firefly67: What does the dropdown list contain?19:37
elichai2I have a problem, My Ubuntu stopped working after I've updated some stuff and now I get the BusyBox-initramfs screen on boot19:37
elichai2Google search told me to restore superblocks, but I have encrypted LVM and when I mount it via Live-CD it works fine19:37
elichai2ideas on how to fix?19:38
blamictjctj: aren't they in /var/syslog?19:38
blamictjctj: afaik if you change loglevel to info `% sudo initctl log-priority info`19:39
ctjctjblami, not that I can verify.19:39
Firefly67many options, "do not use partition", "ext4 journaling file system", etc. This screenshot is not mine, but it suggests I choose "ext4 journaling file system"? https://i.stack.imgur.com/5JkQX.png19:39
ctjctjblami, hmmm.19:39
blamictjctj: messages from services should go either to syslog or /var/log/boot.log19:39
blamictjctj: I don't remember much about upstart, however19:40
=== joeblow is now known as Hashdog
blamictjctj: there was also per-service log somewhere in /var/log, would expect /var/log/upstart but that's a mere wild guess19:41
LinuxNovicehello... the problem got solved in 16.1019:41
ctjctjLinuxNovice, Great!19:42
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Bashing-omLinuxNovice: :))19:42
LinuxNovicevery happy now.19:42
ctjctjLinuxNovice, so upgrade to 16.10 and you are done!19:42
LinuxNoviceyes. Great.19:42
LinuxNovicethanks guys. for your help.19:42
LinuxNovicethanks a lot.19:42
LinuxNovicewill install 16.10 now.19:43
sudhirkhangerShould I create my swap in the middle or on one end of the disk if I may be looking at expanding it in future if hibernate requires more?19:43
Bashing-omLinuxNovice: Just keep in mind that soon from 16.10 will need to release-upgrade to 17.04. As soon as 17.04 is available .19:44
ctjctjblami, Yes!  boot.log.  Thank you thank you.19:44
LinuxNoviceok. that will be even better.19:44
elichai2anyone? please?19:44
ctjctjBashing-om, don't torment the boy like that!19:45
LinuxNovicectjctj, Lubuntu or Xubuntu for my laptop?19:45
blamisudhirkhanger: if you plan to expand it its always better to place it after partition you plan to shrink in order to get more space19:45
ctjctjLinuxNovice, stick with Lubuntu.  It is what you are already use to.19:45
Bashing-omctjctj: :) . But LinuxNovice Not a big deal huh ?19:45
LinuxNoviceI have used Xubuntu also.19:45
ctjctjLinuxNovice then it is your choice.  Not mine.19:45
ctjctjThat's the problem with Linux.  The answer is always "well pick one...."19:46
LinuxNoviceI mentioned the specs of my laptop.19:46
LinuxNovicewhich one suits it better. It is very old.19:46
tdannecy_Firefly67: That screenshot you attached is what you're looking for. You need an ext journaling file system with the mount point set to /19:46
Firefly67tdannecy_, did you see my post above?19:47
ctjctjLinuxNovice, ummm, you are speaking to a guy that use to run slackware '96 on a P100.... Even if I spent the time to research the specs on your laptop it isn't up to me to choose which will feel best for you.19:47
Firefly67oh ok19:47
LinuxNoviceafter this I don't want to keep changing the distros. Need to get on with my work.19:47
ctjctjI'm just as likely to be an arse and say something like "bohi" or "mint"19:47
sudhirkhangerblami: my setup is going to be efi---root---swap or efi---swap----root. If I have to shrink which config is going to be easier former or the latter.19:47
ctjctjLinuxNovice, then stick with Lubuntu which you have been using.19:47
Firefly67tdannecy_, other pages suggest I should have a swap partition, and I don't have one. Shouldn't I create one?19:47
blamiLinuxNovice: no big deal, you can install xfce to lubuntu by just installing xubuntu-desktop metapackage afaik19:47
LinuxNovicectjctj, ok19:47
Firefly67like this page: http://askubuntu.com/questions/490801/how-do-i-install-ubuntu-14-04-without-losing-data-on-a-windows-7-pc-physically19:48
LinuxNoviceblami, that's great too.19:48
LinuxNovicewill go for lubuntu19:48
blamisudhirkhanger: efi root swap19:48
sudhirkhangerok thanks19:48
LinuxNovicethanks a lot, guys. again.19:48
elichai2if I get initramfs how can I know what caused it? (no errors shows up on screen)19:49
blamielichai2: like when ubuntu does not boot further than to initramfs environment?19:50
elichai2blami, yes. stuck in BusyBox19:51
=== programmercpp is now known as bits
blamielichai2: I don't know anything about those "rescue" options when booting ubuntu. I'd start with pressing e in grub and removing quiet and splash from kernel cmdline to see what's going on from messages ...19:53
=== dougsko_ is now known as dougsko
elichai2blami, it's too fast to read19:53
=== bullet_ is now known as Guest97299
blamielichai2: and there are no error messages before it drops you to busybox?19:54
sudhirkhangerblami: any opinions on standard or lvm. I head lvms are easy to move around.19:54
elichai2It's hard to see19:54
blamielichai2: my guess is that initramfs is unable to find/mount root filesystem, but can be dozen of other issues19:55
dStructsudhirkhanger: you have a lot more options with LVM over conventional volumes19:55
elichai2blami, that's my guess too, but I don't know how to fix that problem19:55
sudhirkhangerdStruct: I just want to make sure that I can resize swap if more is needed in future for hibernation. Ubuntu installer assigns 16GB for 16GB of RAM. The wiki says I need 20GB.19:56
blamielichai2: do you see the root device from initramfs environment? I mean is there device node in /dev ?19:57
blamisudhirkhanger: lvm gives more flexibility19:58
tdannecy_Firefly67: Don't worry about swap. If you have over a gig in ram, you'll be fine.19:58
blamitdannecy_: he wants to hibernate (not sleep) that imho dumps ram image into swap or something like that19:59
dStructsudhirkhanger: you should be able to resize the volume regardless of LVM19:59
FixaderI hope I'm not interrupting any conversation. If so, if anyone is willing to PM me so I don't distract from the topic, that'd be great. I'm really interested in switching to Linux over Windows. I tried Ubuntu studio on another computer and loved it. I was ready to switch right there, the only thing is I'm an audio engineer and Cubase & Pro Tools are my bread an butter. Has anyone successfully ported them in Wine or the like b4?19:59
fenecowhen I try to open gnome-software20:00
fenecoI get this error:20:00
fenecoUnable to load image-loading module: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/2.10.0/loaders/libpixbufloader-png.so: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/2.10.0/loaders/libpixbufloader-png.so: cannot open shared object file: Too many open files20:00
fenecoany ideas?20:00
tdannecy_Fixader: I think if you're using two or three programs for your daily life, you shouldn't completely switch. Maybe dual boot or buy get a second computer to try it out on. Then you can go from there.20:00
sudhirkhangerdStruct: I haven't done resizing in ages. In older days it used to take hours. I have to hope it should have improved by leaps and bounds. Standard partitions make more sense for single small disk like mine which is 256GB SSD.20:01
CodeMouse92Fixader: AFAIK, those aren't ported (I'll have to double check). Running a VM or a dual boot (as tdannecy_ suggested) is probably your best bet.20:01
blamisudhirkhanger: as swap is salvageable in nolvm environment drill will be: shrink rootfs, grow swap. In lvm there will be also step shrinking the lvm volume holding the filesystem ...20:01
elichai2blami, I see /dev/sda1 in the initramfs env20:01
blamisudhirkhanger: what filesystem is your rootfs?20:01
blamielichai2: is that your root filesystem?20:01
CodeMouse92Fixader: Otherwise, you'd have to switch software to Linux-friendly FOSS projects like Ardour.20:01
sudhirkhangerblami: ext420:01
elichai2hmm wait, it's /dev/sda5. that's my root20:01
elichai2/dev/sda1 is the boot partition20:02
blamisudhirkhanger: then shrinking will be relatively fast20:02
Fixader@CodeMouse92 Yeah Ardour looks impressively similar to Cubase in it's newest version. The thing is I don't know if my VSTs would work. That'd be a bummer. But ya, maybe dual boot is ideal. I've just been afraid of accidentally erasing Windows if I set up a dual boot. Is it pretty straight forward?20:02
blamisudhirkhanger: and should be no problem ... and swap is salvageable (you'll either grow it over space made by shrinking or completely destroy and create new one - and update fstab)20:02
Firefly67tdannecy_, I have 8 GB of RAM, I think conventional wisdom is to assign 4 GM in swap? My old laptop has that. Here is where I read that: http://askubuntu.com/a/4913820:03
quantibilityi went from xubuntu to a fresh install ubuntu, is there any way to transfer certain parts of my previous home folder into my current?20:03
bekksquantibility: sure, just copy your desired "parts".20:03
elichai2blami, so?20:03
tdannecy_Firefly67: I mean, there are a million thoughts about it, but I always run my ubuntu installs with no swap and I've never had an issue. Feel free to add one, but in my experience, a swap drive is not required.20:03
CodeMouse92Fixader: It's worth dual booting, and then experimenting with the VSTs. I have a similar issue - I have to keep a Mac handy for running my Garritan VSTs, although I feel like there is some sort of compatibility layer in development for Windows/Mac VSTs20:04
quantibilitybekks, so, if i had like a bunch of files just unzip it? cut and paste?20:04
Kmanhi, how to install QT 5.7 in Ubuntu 14.04? via PPA or binary20:04
jwitkoHey All, question here on ISCSI mounts during a network loss.  I had the following errors come up on a server using an ISCSI connection to a SAN http://cdn.pasteraw.com/j6tsqwua0qhop1cfl59t4spnmmku3z1 .   The issue was easily resolved by unmounting the device using "-f", doing "multipath -F" and "multipath -r", and then remounting the device.  My question is, is there any way that I could have20:04
jwitkoprevented the need for manual intervention here?  Any settings I'm missing that could make iSCSI recover on its own ?20:04
blamielichai2: i'd try to mount it into /root and drop from busybox to see if it boots fine20:04
sudhirkhangerFirefly67: I am following SwapFAQ myself. For my 16GB RAM it says to use 20GB Swap if I am looking to hibernate. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq#How_much_swap_do_I_need.3F20:04
blamielichai2: did you do any partitioning changes?20:04
sudhirkhangerThanks blami and dStruct20:05
bekksquantibility: Did you zip them before?20:05
dStructsudhirkhanger: :D20:05
elichai2blami, no20:05
bekksquantibility: So unzip them :P20:05
elichai2the thing is how do I mount it without cryptsetup20:05
Kmanhi, how to install QT 5.7 in Ubuntu 14.04? via PPA or binary20:05
Fixader@CodeMouse92 Good advice, thanks man/woman! Lol, screen names, I never know how to attribute. Do you use Ardour much then? And, so when I install Ubuntu it'll just have a dual boot option?20:05
quantibilityoh so if i unsip em anywhere i should be good enough for me to sifft through?20:05
CodeMouse92Fixader: I'm a dude. And, I use Ardour a little bit...not as much as I would like, though. (I haven't been able to get it working w/ my audio drivers on this laptop yet).20:06
blamielichai2: well that little bit complicates things ... I understand now20:06
CodeMouse92Fixader: As far as dual boot goes, it depends on your version of Windows. There are dual boot tutorials around.......20:06
Firefly67sudhirkhanger, I only have 256 GB total and only like 90 GB for Ubuntu, I certainly don't want to devote 20 GB to swap, but it is suggested in the link that I posted that you need 4 GB swap if you have 8 GB RAM, so I might want that, though I'm not sure if that's necessary, as tdaneecy_ says20:06
blamielichai2: problem probably is that your initramfs does not have cryptsetup20:06
blamielichai2: can you run cryptsetup?20:06
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quantibilitybekks, what my problem was before is i some how messed up my working home folder name and current screen name with the system, it seemed off with the permissions.. i screwed up somewhere.. anyhow. now im working off of authoring and setting up mystem before i make a new working defualt of my current set up..20:07
CodeMouse92Fixader: Your best bet may be to stick with Ubuntu Studio for your purposes, tho. The low latency kernel and the audio setup is helpful. You can totally install those on any other Ubuntu distro, of course, but pre-packaged is nice. :320:07
CodeMouse92Fixader: What version of Windows do you have?20:07
bekksquantibility: I have no clue what you are talking about.20:08
bekksquantibility: Create a folder, unzip your zip-file into that folder, done.20:08
blamiFirefly67: will he be able to dump e.g. 12GB of occupied memory to swap then when hibernating?20:08
Fixader@CodeMouse92 Cool, I will do that! I hope these n00b questions aren't too annoying haha. I'm running Windows 8.120:08
elichai2blami, no20:08
blamielichai2: so now we have culprit20:08
Firefly67blami, I don't have much of an opinion or understanding of swap20:08
blamiFirefly67: it's not about swap. Hibernation uses swap partition to dump ram before powering off20:09
quantibilitybekks, thanks for your help.20:09
quantibilitynow that i wait for all this to unzip.20:09
sudhirkhangerFirefly67: my understanding is if you are not looking for hibernating and or photo/video editing then go with minimal swap.20:09
Firefly67so trying to decide whether or not I want swap - seems to be important only when hibernating. If it is useful even in some rare cases, I would like to have a small swap, given I am not tech savvy and I wouldn't know what to do if things go wrong.20:10
blamiFirefly67: I heard rule is to have at least RAM + 2G to be able to hibernate even in case the memory is full (e.g. lot of docker images running)20:10
_adbubuntu server 14.04.5. attempting to join wireless (WPA encrypted) network on boot. when the system is starting up, it hangs "waiting 60 more seconds for network configuration", then times out and completes booting without ever getting a connection. once booted up, however, i can log in and `ifdown wlan0; ifup wlan0` will successfully join. why wouldn't this work on its own at startup?20:10
blamiFirefly67: for ordinary use you'll hardly need swap with 8G of RAM20:10
blamiFirefly67: 2-4G for safety reasons is fine, I think20:10
Firefly67is it possible to add swap later if needed, or is that complicated?20:11
dStructsudhirkhanger: I run a 1gb swap because I have 16gb of ram, it works fine on Debian for my purposes20:11
blamiFirefly67: it's easy and you don't even need partition I think  (as long as you're not on btrfs)20:11
blamiFirefly67: you can just create sparse flat file and mount it as swap20:11
blamidStruct: I am running swapless on 16gb machine20:12
blamidStruct: no problems as well20:12
dStructblami: I've done that as well, I probably could have since my machine literally never touches the swap20:12
Firefly67my current laptop, which I have had for 3 years, has swap, and I have never had any issues with RAM, so I am inclined to add it, but idk if lack of issues was due to presence of swap or just the machine being a good one20:12
sudhirkhangerdStruct: that's what I have been reading if you are not hibernating and or doing memory intensive work only a minimal amount of swap is needed.20:12
Firefly67but can that minimal amount be 0?20:12
dStructsudhirkhanger: if you don't plan on hibernating, you can just use sleep, or shut the machine down, with a SSD it only takes seconds to boot back up20:13
sudhirkhangerNop don't go with 0.20:13
blamidStruct: problem is not speed of boot but losing the session20:13
Firefly67but people seem to report they've run with 0 with no harm done20:13
sudhirkhangerFirefly67: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq#Why_do_I_need_swap.3F20:13
blamidStruct: I hate even reboots20:13
_adb/etc/network/interfaces includes "auto wlan0\niface wlan0 inet dhcp\n wpa-ssid <ssid>\n wpa-psk <passphrase>"20:14
dStructblami: I shut down on a regular basis to keep my encrypted volume locked when I'm not around20:14
fenecoany idea where this can come from? http://termbin.com/ey4p20:14
blamidStruct: Understood. On my laptop - this is why I hibernate and not sleep20:15
sudhirkhangerIs it common for installer partition editor to leave 1mb or 0mb free spaces between partitions.20:15
CodeMouse92Fixader: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot20:15
dStructblami: hibernation does not lock encrypted volumes tho..20:15
vitimitiIs there a way for Nautilus to give my "New file" option back? It's making me mad having to use the console to create a new file20:16
Cust0sLimenwhat is ubuntu's default mode ?20:16
blamidStruct: It does depending on setup. I have encrypted LVM of (btrfs, swap). RAM is dumped to swap which is encrypted, then turned off. When I boot again I need to unlock whole LVM and THEN restore image. Neat. Safe.20:16
Cust0sLimendefault selinux mode I mean20:16
Firefly67I would like to add 4 GB swap, how do I do that?20:16
blamidStruct: much safer than just sleep and screenlock20:16
dStructblami: oh very nice indeed, I just have my root and swap LVM'd and 512-bit encrypted20:17
Cust0sLimenoh by default no selinux20:17
Cust0sLimenfair enough20:17
_adb....i can put @reboot root /sbin/ifdown wlan0 && /sbin/ifup wlan0 in20:21
vitimitiSeriously, though, has the GNOME team flat out removed the Nautilus option to create a new file?20:21
_adbmy /etc/crontab, but this is a horrible solution.... any ideas?20:21
Fixader@CodeMouse92 Thanks!20:22
blamielichai2: problem is that your initramfs has no cryptsetup - did you change kernel or something?20:22
SebthreeBQM10HDvitimiti, just joine here so missed your chat, but I doubt it20:22
vitimitiNo, yeah, it's missing20:22
blamielichai2: usually these things should be automatically included as long as your rootfs is encrypted and properly stated in /etc/crypttab20:23
vitimitiJust checked the Arch wiki, too, you have to add a script20:23
Firefly67is swap going to be relevant for hibernation in only ubuntu, or also for windows hibernation?20:23
xanguaFirefly67: Linux only20:24
SebthreeBQM10HDFirefly67, uhmm a Linux swap is Linux only20:24
Firefly67I see, I never hibernate ubuntu20:24
SebthreeBQM10HDFirefly67, however whilst I Was uh deleting WIndows 10  since re installing things on al p top, but whilst I  did that yesterday20:24
SebthreeBQM10HDFirefly67, I noticed Windows 10 seems to have some kind of swap file program or something20:24
SebthreeBQM10HDby default built in20:25
SebthreeBQM10HDFirefly67, if you have lots of ram, and not going to hibernate or suspend LInux, well it's herbinate that swap needs, but yeah if not going to do that, then I guess no need for swap with lots of ram20:25
SebthreeBQM10HDFirefly67, how much RAM?  also you could add a swap file yourself later if suddenly you want swap, in fact Ubuntu is going to do swap files only I read, and drop the swap partition20:25
Firefly67I have 8 GB of RAM20:26
elichai2blami, it should. the problem is tools like Boot-Repair don't handle encryption20:26
SebthreeBQM10HDFirefly67, well then what I put above, and you decide20:26
elichai2so how can I regenerate /etc/crypttab + fstab + grub acording to the encryption and correct UUID's20:27
Firefly67and only 256 GB SSD, of which Windows is taking up a lot, so I am only left with 90 GB for Ubuntu, so I don't want to waste space if possible20:27
xanguaThen don't, make 4 GB swap20:28
SebthreeBQM10HDFirefly67, then don't bother with swap20:28
SebthreeBQM10HDFirefly67, not going to hibernate anyway etc and lots of ram20:28
Firefly67xangua, how do I make a 4 GB swap20:28
SebthreeBQM10HDin custom install20:28
SebthreeBQM10HDor  a swap file20:28
akahello , i had an issue in Grub 220:28
vitimitiSebthreeBQM10HD, Windows uses "Pagination", it's different from Swap20:29
akait doesn't boot windows 10 and just restart every time i choose it20:29
Firefly67I am just afraid once everything is installed I won't be able to tweak things further, I am not an expert at computer/system administration20:29
SebthreeBQM10HDFirefly67, oh you don't have an install yet?20:30
Firefly67are you saying 4 GB swap should be easy to make later on, if needed?20:30
Firefly67no, I am installing now20:30
Firefly67no swap yet20:30
SebthreeBQM10HDFirefly67, ok you make a swap partion now and continue installing, or you go without20:30
Firefly67wondering whether to add20:30
SebthreeBQM10HDFirefly67, I have ran fine with 1gb ram and no swap,  but I guess i dind't hibernate20:30
SebthreeBQM10HDFirefly67, swap file could be added later, Ubuntu 17.04 or was it 17.10 will do swap file by default not partiiton20:31
Firefly67here is my gparted screen: http://imgur.com/a/YTmnE20:31
SebthreeBQM10HDI read20:31
akahello ,who is good at technical issues of grub2 ?20:31
SebthreeBQM10HDFirefly67, I'll probably put some swap in myself when getting to the linux stage,  trying to get al tpo pall re set up windows and linux, well slowly getting there.  but  it only has 2gb ram so, with a samller amount of ram swap makes more sense20:32
SebthreeBQM10HDor is it 4gbb ram I got hmm20:32
bekks!ask | aka20:32
ubottuaka: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:32
akaokay bekks and ubottu , i have windows 10 and ubutun but when i choose windows 10 to boot from grub 2 it just restart the pc20:33
ubottulollololiooolom: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:33
akabekks: ubottu : so how i can fix it ?20:35
beatsteakGuys, I don't even know where to start. I got k-lined on freenode. Is there still an issue with Quassel? It doesn't even load the GUI anymore on 16.10, although it does start and connect to the freenode server in the background. Also, the Polaris IRC client seems to be nastily broken. It uses too much CPU and caused my notebook to overheat and finally shut off. What's the process name of Polaris? I didn't find any when I tried for 20:36
elichai2blami, ok, I get volume group not found20:36
beatsteak... way to close Polaris, I had to reboot the machine! Also, why is there no thermald shipped with the network install image? I had to manually install it?20:37
crippledmonkaka: take a look here. Mabey it will help? No guarantee but worth a look. http://askubuntu.com/questions/725290/grub-windows-10-doesnt-start-anymore20:37
akacrippledmonk: i remove grub and reinstall it and still the same issue20:38
crippledmonkhave you run sudo update-grub20:39
akacrippledmonk: when i type /boot/grub/grub.cfg at terminal give me permission denied20:40
crippledmonkare you running it with sudo or just /boot/....20:40
jwitkoHey All,  if I have a multipath iSCSI setup on a server and the server has a total network failure (all paths in the mpath I/O go down), is there any way for this to automatically recover when the network is restored?  Currently I've been having to unmount the stale mount (due to I/O network loss errors), flush and reset multipath, and then remount the device.  Wondering if there are some20:40
jwitkosettings or recovery options I'm missing that would make this work?  It seems like the iscsi sessions recover gracefully but linux isn't happy until the mount is removed and brought back?20:40
SebthreeBQM10HDFirefly67, it's eaiser to work with gpart the partition editir, if going to make a swap of a certian size and such first20:41
akajust boot20:41
SebthreeBQM10HDFirefly67, gparted20:41
crippledmonkaka: preceed with sudo then the /boot/grub.... stuff20:42
_adbis there a version of https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/net-wireless-connect.html document, for example, that is written for server installs that do not have X? "click the network menu in the menu bar" ain't gonna work for me, and i'm coming up empty looking for the relevant config files in /etc/20:43
akacommand not found20:43
SebthreeBQM10HD                                                                                                                                                 20:43
akacrippledmonk: do you know the main reason for it20:44
ikoniaaka: it's not a command20:44
ikoniaaka: that it a config file that should not be manually manipulated20:44
crippledmonkaka: well if your trying to edit eh config file you need to choose an editor to use. nano if you're running in terminal for example gksu gedit if you want a gui program etc.20:45
crippledmonkaka: I would suggest not messing to much if you are unsure.20:46
akai am not expert , and i amnot sure but i want to fix that issue ,20:46
akahere what happened , first i install ubuntu then i was booting both well , but i try to customize Grub 2 screen and install grub 2 customizer and windows doesn't boot since it20:49
akacrippledmonk: ikonia: here what happened , first i install ubuntu then i was booting both well , but i try to customize Grub 2 screen and install grub 2 customizer and windows doesn't boot since it20:51
ikoniaaka: so you broke grub20:52
ikoniaaka: undo what you did20:53
crippledmonksudo apt-get remove grub-customizer  mabey.20:53
akaikonia: i remove grub then and install it again and still the same issue20:53
ikoniaaka: not properly it would seem20:54
akaso i remove grub customizer , should i remove grub and reinstall it again ?20:55
ikoniaaka: depends what grub customizer changed20:56
akai remove timeout and remove memetest from boot list to have only windows 10 and ubuntu20:57
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ikoniaaka: so it's only windows 10 thats not booting20:58
akait get me a black screen then restart the pc20:59
ikoniaaka: so you need to look at the windows 10 boot option you need to look at20:59
akahow then ?20:59
ikoniaaka: look in the grub config about what it's trying to do when it boots windows 1020:59
akahow then to look , sorry i am not expert20:59
ikoniaaka: look at the grub.cfg file you where told to earlier21:00
dStructWinblows 10 is a nightmare, they're trying to hard to be like Apple and Mac OSX, when you install it, it then shares a bunch of your personal information, contacts, accounts, browsing history, etc with Micro$oft21:00
akahere what i type "sudo /boot/grub/grub.cfg21:02
akasudo: /boot/grub/grub.cfg: command not found21:02
ikoniaaka: thats a text file, not a command21:02
ikoniayou can't execute it21:02
dStructaka as a super user?21:02
ikoniadStruct: it's called "windows"21:02
dStructikonia: not in my world lol21:02
ikoniadStruct: I'm not laughing, stop it21:02
ikoniadStruct: and that comment is nothing to do with this channel, so please keep it to your self21:02
dStructikonia: ahh, very true, my apologies :D21:03
akaso what i write ikonia21:03
ikoniaaka: you need to open it in a text editor21:03
akai open the file now21:04
ikoniaaka: ok, so scroll down to the boot options for windows 1021:04
akaikonia: ## BEGIN /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober ###21:06
akamenuentry 'Windows 10 (loader) (on /dev/sda1)' --class windows --class os $menuentry_id_option 'osprober-chain-F47E7E1F7E7DDAB6' {21:06
akainsmod part_msdos21:06
akainsmod ntfs21:06
akaset root='hd0,msdos1'21:06
akaif [ x$feature_platform_search_hint = xy ]; then21:06
ikoniaaka: didn't ask you to paste it21:07
greyodaI want to connect a bluetooth keyboard to my PC, recognizes it as a keyboard and starts pairing with it but it fails afterwards. I suspect it's because it requires me to input a pin on the keyboard but the setup device wizard never prompts me to do so.21:08
akaikonia: what should i found and what should i do then ?21:08
ikoniaaka: look at the boot options it's trying to boot for windows 1021:09
ikoniaaka: make sure they match up with your system21:09
akaikonia: what statement should make me sure of that , because there is a word parttool {root} is hidden21:14
ikoniaaka: just pastebin the windows 10 boot options21:14
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aka: sorry for being lost but now words for windows 10 boot options at all21:17
ikoniaaka: I don't know what you just said, sorry21:18
akai am sorry for unprofessional, and  i found no words about boot options for windows 10 at all21:19
Vin3dual boot u saying?21:20
Vin3with windows 10?21:20
akaVin3: you mean me ?21:20
ikoniaaka: what does the grub menu option for windows say21:20
ikoniawhen it's on your screen21:20
Exterminadorweird thing that happened to me. before zero out the drive, Stremio was working like a charm. now, it don't even load a single movie. any ideas?21:21
Exterminadorthat on Xubuntu 16.04 LTS21:21
ikoniaExterminador: zero out the drive ?21:21
akaIkonia: grub menu gives me Ubuntu and windows 10 loader , and advanced ubuntu and memory test..21:21
ikoniaaka: ok, so search for the windows 10 words in that file21:22
Exterminadorikonia: yes. dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=1M21:22
ikoniaExterminador: if you've zerod the drive how do you expect it to work....21:22
ikoniaaka: if it's on the screen, it's in that file21:22
akaVin3: yes dual boot with windows 1021:22
Exterminadorikonia: i've reinstalled all again. in windows works well. on Xubuntu it dont even load the movie. even with the addons installed21:23
Vin3aka: ok I can help you21:23
akai press Ctrl+f to find all words about windows 10 and only one line but i didn't get what it means21:24
Vin3what's is your mother language?21:24
akavin3: good, Arabic21:24
greyodaAre there any Bluetooth drivers that don't come pre-isntalled with Ubuntu?21:25
akavin3: here what happened , first i install Ubuntu then i was booting both well , but i try to customize Grub 2 screen and install grub 2 customizer and windows doesn't boot since it21:25
Exterminadori've updated the system, all like i had before. and it simply dont start the movie. it stays on the loading screen and then closes.21:25
Vin3aka: update your grub21:25
ikoniaExterminador: sounds like a codec is missing21:26
ikoniaExterminador: at a guess21:26
akaVin3: i remove it and install it again and update it many times still the same21:26
Vin3aka: gksu update-grub21:26
Bashing-omExterminador: Dumb question, you have tried other movies, yes ? and others also do not load ?21:26
bekksaka: So where did you install Ubuntu to, after installing Windows 10?21:26
Vin3aka: try gksu update-grub21:27
Vin3go to login screen on ubuntu21:27
Vin3then press21:27
Vin3then login21:27
Vin3and gksu update-grub21:27
akabekks: i install it alongwith windows 10 at c i guess21:27
Vin3then reboot21:28
bekksaka: that doesnt answer my question, technically. Which partitions did you have, and wgere did you install Ubuntu to?21:28
Exterminadorikonia: maybe. i think i've used to have VLC installed. i'll give it a shot21:28
akapartition sda1 , C21:28
Cust0sLimenwith ubuntu server install iso ... can I somehow get to a terminal so I can manually format disks ?21:29
akaVin3: you mean in Terminal ?21:30
ExterminadorBashing-om: seems it depends on vlc libraries. lol21:31
Exterminadornow, the damn movie is loading.21:31
ikoniaExterminador: it probably doesn't depend on vlc21:32
ikoniajust the codec it installs21:32
Bashing-omExterminador: :) makong progress .. as ikonia surmissed - codecs missing in the new install (??) .21:32
Exterminadorit's weird in some point, but i've installed vlc and it's working like a charm21:32
Exterminadorwell, it depends on vlc libs21:32
Exterminadorseems i'm improving something into linux world21:33
akaVin3: hey ?21:35
Exterminadorikonia: tks for the hint. as you talked in codecs, i've google stremio codecs linux ans found it pretty fast21:35
NecyIs is straight forward to install kde on 'ubuntu gnome'?21:35
Necyso it functions well21:35
xanguaYou can install as many desktops as you want Necy21:36
Necydo you know if i install kde on gnome, will i be able to choose from the login you can on unity21:37
ikonialiberpater: ?21:37
liberpaterIs this really what I need to do to get gem to work properly?21:37
xanguaNecy: yes21:37
Necycool cool21:37
liberpaterseems kind of hacky21:37
lasersaberhi guy21:37
lasersaberi'm back21:37
ikonialiberpater: is what ?21:38
ikonialiberpater: do you have a question21:38
lasersaberstill can't play video at http://southpark.cc.com/clips/104439/anonymous-question-box21:38
liberpaterI am trying to do gem install scss-lint, but I get "You don't have write permissions for the /var/lib/gems/2.3.0 directory."21:39
lasersaberno ad blockers or no scripts installed. using firefox.21:39
ikonialiberpater: so sort the permissions21:39
liberpaterikonia: why would there be permissions issues if all I have done is install ruby and run that command?  Seems like that's an issue with the package21:40
ikonialiberpater: not really21:40
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ikonialiberpater: look at the permissions on that directory and look at the user your trying to do the gem install as21:40
liberpaterThe directory is root:root21:40
ikonialiberpater: and what user are you executing the install as21:41
liberpaterrunning as sudo gives me "ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension."21:41
ikonialiberpater: thats not what I asked21:41
akabekks: hey21:42
liberpaterIBinder: I'm 'ubuntu'21:42
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akahey guys , i was dual booting windows 10 and ubuntu very well ,and i install grub customizer and unmark time out and delete memory test from grub boot list but hten i can't boot my windows 10 any more21:49
elcap1hi, I am running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS under virtualbox, want to share files between host and guest but I have problems connecting21:50
akait just restart my pc when i choose it to boot21:50
RoidTUxelcap1: What is your connection problem?21:50
elcap1I can see the share folder I created in virtualbox for the mac show up in ubuntu but I can’t access it21:51
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elcap1when I try and click on that shared folder in ubuntu is says I don’t have the right permissions21:52
elcap1I spent the last 2 hour running in circles trying to fix it but was not successful21:53
aka<aka> hey guys , i was dual booting windows 10 and ubuntu very well ,and i install grub customizer and un-mark time out and delete memory test from grub boot list but then i can't boot my windows 10 any more21:53
enzotibelcap1: add yourself to the vboxsf group21:54
akahey guys , i was dual booting windows 10 and ubuntu very well ,and i install grub customizer and un-mark time out and delete memory test from grub boot list but then i can't boot my windows 10 any more  it just restart my pc when i choose it to boot21:54
elcap1how do I do add myself to that group ?21:54
enzotibelcap1: sudo adduser $USER vboxsf21:54
ikoniaelcap1: open the groups tool and add yourself to it21:54
ikoniaelcap1: users and groups tool21:54
elcap1k, let me try this…hold on ….21:55
enzotibelcap1: you should also restart the session21:55
makos20hi guys21:56
elcap1ok, I made that change in the terminal, I should restart, right ?21:57
enzotibelcap1: at least the session, not necessarily the machine21:57
elcap1gdamn it ! it works now, thanks so much !!21:58
elcap1I can see the contents of that folder now21:59
elcap1thanks again, happy new year to you all22:00
elcap1bye for now….22:00
wafflejockhi Cust0sLimen22:03
Cust0sLimenso fedora generates a kickstart file in /root/ after installation with options selected during install22:04
Cust0sLimenis there some way to do same for ubuntu ?22:04
naccCust0sLimen: not really, no.22:04
Cust0sLimenso for preeseed - basically have to write it by hand ?22:04
naccCust0sLimen: most people start with the wiki example, i'd guess22:06
Cust0sLimennacc, thats fine  - just checking - I have always written files for fedora/redhat by hand also ... just like to have an example as a base from a system I installed22:07
Cust0sLimenbut yeah wiki should do fine22:07
naccCust0sLimen: there are some tools to extract preseed-able values, iirc -- debconf-get-selections, maybe?22:08
Cust0sLimennacc, ye just saw that on askubuntu - will check it out thanks22:08
naccCust0sLimen: gl!22:08
Cust0sLimenso another question ... I'm installing ubuntu server iso ... and its downloading stuff ... is there some way to get a server install iso that can install without downloading or would it install fine if I did not have internet connection ?22:09
Cust0sLimenI guess it probbably would install fine if I did not have internet ...22:09
* Cust0sLimen holds thumbs22:11
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
wedgieit will install without internet.22:14
Cust0sLimencool stuff22:14
Necydoes anyone know how much extra space kubuntu-desktop would take up?22:25
_adbdepends how many of the dependnecies you already have installed. apt-get will tell you22:25
Bashing-om!info kubuntu-desktop | Necy22:26
ubottuNecy: kubuntu-desktop (source: kubuntu-meta): Kubuntu Plasma Desktop/Netbook system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.344 (yakkety), package size 3 kB, installed size 41 kB (Only available for amd64; arm64; armhf; i386; powerpc; ppc64el)22:26
Firefly67tdannecy_, are you still around?22:28
Firefly67I am trying to install linux, and am getting this message:22:29
Firefly67The partition table format in use on your disks normally requires you to create a separate partition for boot loader code. This partition should be marked for use as a "Reserved BIOS boot area" and should be at least 1 MB in size. Note that this is not the same as a partition mounted on /boot.22:29
Firefly67If you do not go back to the partitioning menu and correct this error, boot loader installation may fail later, although it may still be possible to install the boot loader to a partition.22:29
ikoniaFirefly67: so do what it tells you22:30
Firefly67does anyone know what I should do at this point?22:30
Firefly67how do I create another partition?22:30
ikoniaFirefly67: the same way you created others in the partition section22:30
Firefly67I shrunk it in windows22:30
Firefly67and used gpart to create a new partition in the unallocated space22:30
ikoniaFirefly67: the installer comes with a partitioning section22:31
ikoniaFirefly67: use that to change the partition layout22:31
Firefly67should I click on "new partition table"?22:32
ikoniaFirefly67: no that will delete the old partition table22:32
Firefly67a partition is the same as a partition table?22:32
ikoniait's the thing that holds the information about all the partitions22:32
Firefly67oh I see22:33
Firefly67so I go to gparted to do this?22:33
ikoniaFirefly67: there is a partitioning tool in the installer !22:34
Bashing-omFirefly67: There is not already a EFI partition that Windows created ? for boot code to reside in ?22:35
Firefly67which is the partitioning tool? Does it look like this? https://i.stack.imgur.com/a8Xcn.png22:37
Firefly67Bashing-om, it created unallocated space, I had to create a new partition called /dev/sda7 there, as it wasn't able to find any other os on the computer and was saying it'd wipe out everything else and install only ubuntu22:38
Firefly67I can edit a a partition there and make it smaller - will that create unallocated space?22:40
Vin3Firefly67: gparted22:41
wedgieFirefly67: yes22:43
Bashing-omFirefly67: I can only surmise that your Windows is a EFI install (EFI boot partition), and that with ubuntu you are installing as legacy ? Maybe ? As I have no experience with Windows/EFI .22:43
Bashing-om!dualboot | Firefly67 : Does this help ?22:45
ubottuFirefly67 : Does this help ?: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot22:45
Firefly67I was following this tutorial at first: http://www.everydaylinuxuser.com/2015/11/how-to-install-ubuntu-linux-alongside.html22:46
Firefly67then started the official one22:47
chickenbreastcan anyone tell me how to how i can make it so that a python module/script from my home folder can be run from the python interpretor window? i think i need to add the directory to PATH, or PYTHONPATH, or something like that. can anyone explain everything.22:47
Firefly67I entered USB live by pressing F12 during booting22:47
ikoniachickenbreast: /path/to/python/script.py22:47
chickenbreastyeah, but what if i just want to be able to execute script.py, without typing the path everytime?22:48
chickenbreastbecause i want to store scripts in my home folder, ikonia22:48
lethuhello, I have installed the latest mesa from oibaf ppa, and after entering the following command : "glxinfo | grep "OpenGL version"" I get "OpenGL version string: 3.0 Mesa 13.1.0-devel"22:48
lethuI need opengl 422:48
Firefly67why would you run scripts from the interpreter?22:48
chickenbreast...i dont know. im just learning22:48
chickenbreastbecause im trying to do stuff22:49
Firefly67if you need modules, you can do "from /home folder/file.py import *" - that will import all functions from that script22:49
chickenbreastthats what i want to run^22:49
Firefly67scripts are usually run on command line, not interpreter22:49
Firefly67actually when I'm testing scripts, I copy-paste and run on the interpreter22:50
chickenbreastyeah...i tend to use the idle interpreter for some reason22:50
Cust0sLimenis there any good reason to not use networkd for xubuntu or ubuntu server ?22:50
chickenbreastthanks guys22:50
Firefly67a whole script should be run only when you're sure it runs properly, you can test parts in the interpreter by copy-pasting22:50
chickenbreastyeah. thats what i will try to do , Firefly6722:51
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Bashing-omFirefly67: From your link " The important link on this screen is the “EFI USB Device” option. " Are you sure sure that you booted the installUSB as EFI ?22:52
Firefly67Bashing-om, no, I wasn't able to do it that way22:52
Firefly67I pressed F12 during reboot to get here22:52
Firefly67I couldn't find USB in the menu like they said I should22:53
wedgiechickenbreast: if you add the script location to your path, mark it as executable, and it has a proper shebang you can run it without the full path. Note that if you can create a 'bin' directory in your home directory that will be added to your PATH by default22:53
Firefly67well, there was something that said USB, but when I clicked on it I got back to Windows22:53
wedgiechickenbreast: though I have no idea how that affects the python interpereter window22:53
chickenbreastnice to know. thanks, wedgie.22:54
lethuhello, I have installed the latest mesa from oibaf ppa, and after entering the following command : "glxinfo | grep "OpenGL version"" I get "OpenGL version string: 3.0 Mesa 13.1.0-devel"22:55
lethuAnd I need opengl 422:55
ikonialethu: does the ppa contain version 422:55
lethuikonia, let me check22:56
ikonialethu: you don' tknow22:56
ikoniabut you installed it anyway ?22:56
ikoniaI'm not interested in that approach to solving a problem22:56
lethuikonia, I had already installed it previously and it worked22:56
ikonialethu: not what I asked22:56
lethuikonia, * OpenGL 4.5+ support and new OpenGL extensions: http://mesamatrix.net22:57
ikonianot what I asked22:57
lethuikonia, what did you ask?22:57
Bashing-omFirefly67: Well, until you can verify that the install matchs the Windows install type ( EFI) there is not much else that can be done, On a single shared hard drive you MUST match the install method of Windows . I Do not have the experience to advise how to match Windows .22:57
ikonialethu: I asked if the PPA contained Mesa 422:57
ikonia(or opengl 4 to be specific)22:58
lethuikonia, it's mesa 13 not 4 it's opengl 4 that I need22:58
ikoniathats why I corrected it22:58
lethuikonia, and yes it has opengl 422:58
ikonialethu: so do you need a specific version of mesa to use it, or is it stand alone22:59
lethubut for a reason it's not enabled for me22:59
ikoniawhat's not enabled22:59
ikoniais the opengl 4 package instlled ?22:59
lethuikonia, opengl 422:59
ikonialethu: then how do you expect it to work22:59
ikoniawhat do you expect the opengl version to be if you haven't installed it22:59
Firefly67Bashing-om, how do I make sure the Ubuntu install is also UEFI?23:00
tomaszjak z tableta zrobić ruter23:00
bazhang!pl | tomasz23:01
ubottutomasz: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.23:01
lethuikonia, how do µ%I install it?23:01
ikonialethu: how do you know the repo has it if you don't know how to install it ?23:01
lethuikonia, https://launchpad.net/~oibaf/+archive/ubuntu/graphics-drivers23:02
ikonialethu: opengl support23:03
ikoniadoes that mean it actually provides opengl, or just the packages it provides support opengl 4.523:03
lethuikonia,  it provides support for it23:05
CommonCentsGood evening everyone.23:05
ikonialethu: right, so again....if it doesn't contain the packages for opengl 4 - how do you expect them to be on your system23:05
CommonCentsJust got a second video card installed.  I'm having some problems getting two monitors working with my xubunut 16.04.23:05
lethuikonia, then where do I find opengl4?23:06
ikonialethu: no idea23:06
CommonCentslethu, have you tried "sudo apt-get install opengl4"?23:07
Cust0sLimenhow can I see all packages that require python-minimal ?23:07
lethuCommonCents, let me check23:08
lethuCommonCents, there is no such package23:08
CommonCentsOK.  I'm checking23:09
kambeiUsing 14.04 LTS, which I attempt to mount an nfs4 volume with the sec=krb5 option, it fails "an incorrect mount option was specified"23:09
kambeiAny ideas on why sec=krb5 would fail?  I have the proper modules loaded.23:09
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Ben64lethu: i don't think your problem is related to packages23:11
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lethuBen64, CommonCents I found the fix, I did not add the correct repository23:12
lethuthanks for your help!23:12
CommonCentsOK.  That's good.23:12
lasersabervideo will not play. unsing firefox. help. http://southpark.cc.com/clips/104439/anonymous-question-box23:13
Guest4617what tool can I use to check vram allocation? so I can see what application is using what23:15
Bashing-omFirefly67: Laundry tool my attention. Were me I would consilt the firmware manual for your hardware and see what the boot option are and how to get them up .23:20
GroundZero1hey there..can i ask a question about ubuntu mate? on the ubuntu mate channel is nobody online23:21
GroundZero1GroundZero1> anyone here? need help with my panel menu23:21
GroundZero1<GroundZero1> i wanted to edit the order of my categories of the apps in the upper menu23:21
GroundZero1<GroundZero1> and now..the application list is just empty23:21
GroundZero1<GroundZero1> and when i open the window to edit the order again...the windows closes and doens't show up23:21
Firefly67Bashing-om, I think I will consult the system administrators at work, this seems beyond my expertise level, I really don't even understand BIOS/UEFI/legacy mode/secure boot etc.23:22
KRAANhello there i have a toshiba satellite p85 laptop with ubuntu 16/4 installed on it and i wanted to give another operating sytem a try but i cant boot from a usb the computer boots straight into ubuntu without a promp i tested the usb on a different machine and it works fine so i dont know why this computer wont boot from it i would appreciate any help23:22
lasersaberKRAAN, have you considered Virtualbox?23:23
Bashing-omFirefly67: Do not feel alone, many of us are in that boat with you . I have yet to work with a EFI system .23:23
Firefly67yeah, if I could do it myself I would learn and my confidence would increase, but I am kinda terrified of destroying my new laptop by doing things wrong23:24
KRAANLasersaber yes but i wanted to figure out whats wrong with this specific machine i can install it into another machine as well if it doesnt work23:25
Bashing-omFirefly67: Going back to your link, I bet that if you were to look with 'efibootmgr' thre is no entry for ubuntu .23:25
c00lbardKRAAN: BIOS/UEFI boot order?23:25
priporgis nano a graphical application?23:26
k1l_priporg: its a cli editor23:26
KRAANc00lbard the order is set to boot from usb first but even then it skips it completely i tried uefi and legacy modes no difference23:27
Bashing-omFirefly67: You will not destry beyond what you can fix . Worst case is to re-install Windows and ubuntu . It is all softwaare. Make you feel any better ?23:27
priporgk1l_, cli like gedit?23:27
k1l_priporg: cli means "command line interface". some call it terminal23:27
k1l_or konsole23:27
Firefly67yes, and I have backed up windows to a HDD23:27
priporgk1l_, yes i understand. is gedit also a cli  editor?23:28
k1l_priporg: no, gedit is a gui editor. graphical user interface.23:28
Bashing-omFirefly67: See, You are all set for the learning curve :)23:28
Firefly67yeah, these days you are supposed to administer your own machines, system administrators only do the network stuff, they get impatient with people who are incompetent at managing their own machines23:29
c00lbardKRAAN: Is USB enabled pre-OS?23:29
priporgk1l_, thanks. how do i add a launcher?23:30
k1l_priporg: for what? if the program is installed from the ubuntu repo it should create a launcher by itself23:30
priporgk1l_, i want to create a custom launcher23:31
para000hi guys23:32
KRAANc00lbard: i think so before i installed ubuntu 16.4 i was able to boot into any usb i prepared as a bootable drive but there is no specific option for pre os usb in my bios as far as ive seen23:32
k1l_priporg: look at this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/78730/how-do-i-add-a-custom-launcher23:32
Bashing-omFirefly67: Any consolation. none of us were born knowing what we know - it is all a process of learning . Presently you are to know how to boot that USB in EFI mode .23:32
KRAANc00lbard: i had ubuntu 14. something before i installed the latest version if that helps23:32
k1l_priporg: but that is not the right thing, if you mean a launcher for the unity starter bar on the left23:33
para000I have ubuntu 16.04 and I wanna assign multiple external IPs to it, and I searched the internet for the past 2 days can't find any viable solution.23:33
k1l_priporg: this is the proper documentation: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UnityLaunchersAndDesktopFiles23:34
priporgk1l_, a launcher icon to be place on the left bar23:34
Firefly67when I type "efibootmgr" in the trial version, it says: EFI variables are not supported on this system23:34
kambeipara000: Is it behind a firewall?23:34
Ben64para000: you need to have the ips23:34
priporgk1l_, which link should i be reading?23:34
kambeiAlso, what he said23:34
para000Ben64: i have the IPs23:34
k1l_priporg:  the second one23:34
para000i rented a server with 9 aditioanl ips23:34
Ben64para000: so add them to an interface23:34
priporgk1l_, thank you23:34
para000i just need to add them to the server23:34
para000ubuntu server 16.04 is complicated23:35
Ben64para000: nope23:35
Ben64para000: http://askubuntu.com/questions/313877/how-do-i-add-an-additional-ip-address-to-etc-network-interfaces23:35
para000Ben64: this is my interfaces file https://codepaste.net/np9uah23:36
para000Ben64: i tried that and i fuckted up the server and needed to reinstall23:37
para000Ben64: and this is what the interfaces points to https://codepaste.net/vsvzbq23:37
Ben64doesn't look like a server install23:38
para000Ben64: do i need to make my main IP static first ?23:38
para000Ben64: is fress install of 16.04 LTS, and done only update and upgrade on it23:38
para000nothing more23:38
para000just this 2 commands since my last reinstall23:39
Ben64doesn't look like a server install23:39
para000k, Ben64, in my situation what i need to do?23:39
para000cause i rented from OVH one VPS and selectged Ubuntu 16.04 LTS23:40
Ben64no idea, it doesn't look like a server install23:40
Ben64good, ask them what to do23:40
para000i checked the Google Comput Engine that is runing Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and that has same configuration23:44
para000so :(23:44
DarkchaosIs here anyone which knows about the ddebs.ubuntu.com repository? I am having a 404 for yakkety-security/main/binary-i386/Packages and yakkety-security does not have a Release file, thus I get some errors23:46
=== Dragnadh_ is now known as Dragnadh
ZJAYhow would i soft link a path like /Volumes to my main path /media/dumpebut/<somehugedrive> i need it to see the soft link path in a script..23:48
Ben64ZJAY: man ls23:48
ZJAYwillit see the softpath in a bash shell or korn shell script23:49
Ben64it's not a shell function, it's a filesystem thing23:49
wedgieln -s <link path> <link name>23:49
priporghow to edit existing launcher file? for example, the File launcher.23:50
ZJAYsolike "ln -s /Volumes /media/dumpebut/"23:51
ZJAYwill do it23:52
wedgieln -s /media/dumpebut/whatever /Volumes23:52
wedgieassuming /Volumes is the link, not the original23:52
ZJAYok my bad23:52
ZJAYyes /Volumes is the link tyvm wedgie23:52
fegsgrhth/mode $me +x23:57
fegsgrhth/mode $me +x23:58
ZJAYyea that didn't work right or i did it wrong i need /media/dumpebut/<somehugedrive> to be able to look like /Volumes/<somehugedrive> so basically if i do a cd /Volumes/<somehugedrive> it is the same as doing a cd /media/dumpebut/<somehugedrive>23:59

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