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ochosiflocculant: youll soon have more stuff to test (settings for the log are slowly getting ready)14:01
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ochosiflocculant: ok, i have added several options for logging now and rebased my branch upon master, so no additional - already fixed - issues should appear. so anything you notice there should also affect master and would be report-worthy16:14
ochosiflocculant: here's the link to the branch if you find the time for some testing: https://git.xfce.org/users/ochosi/xfce4-notifyd/log/?h=logging_rebased16:14
ochosiflocculant: you should also be able to mute clementine and decide whether you want to log its notifications or not ;)16:15
flocculantochosi: okey doke16:43
flocculantochosi: fatal: remote error: access denied or repository not exported: /users/ochosi/xfce4-notifyd/log/?h=logging_rebased16:47
ochosithat's what the browser says..?16:48
flocculantthat's what terminal does when I git clone it 16:49
ochosiif you're in your terminal then just go to the 'ol git directory and do a "git pull; git checkout logging_rebased"16:49
flocculantoh right ok :)16:49
ochosiand then possibly run a "make distclean" before "./autogen.sh && make && sudo make install && killall xfce4-notifyd" all over again16:50
flocculantta - doing that now - then will undo all my stop this thing notifying changes :p16:51
flocculantochosi: so this version should scroll in settings-manager?16:55
* flocculant thinks more about changing nick to the_grinch16:55
flocculantochosi: bit confused here - but also just got in from work ... you around for a bit later on?17:00
ochosiif the scrolling works for you on master it should work in this branch as well17:06
ochosisure, i'll be around a little later as well17:06
ochosiwill head out for a bit though17:06
ochosianyway, just ping me when you need help, otherwise just click through the options and lemme know whether they make sense to you17:15
ochosii'm also happy about feedback regarding the wording from native speakers17:15
flocculantochosi: ack - still doing the just got in stuff - will look in a while and ping you :)17:17
ochosiknome: so i just finished the log options for notifyd (just to let you know)17:52
ochosieven implemented your suggestion of dynamically updating the infobar label with the logging state ;)17:53
knomemhm ;)17:53
knomelooks good to me17:53
ochosiyeah, the "Do not disturb" label is still a bit odd17:55
ochosibut it's the best i could come up with so far17:55
knomei guess17:56
knomeok, going to do other things17:56
ochosisure, hf, me too in fact :)17:56
knomeyup, hf too17:56
flocculantochosi: this version still won't scroll in Settings Manager (zesty)18:36
flocculantand when we were talking the other day about options - there appears to be one missing - eg have notifications but not logged18:37
flocculantor is that just not possible? 18:37
* flocculant sort of envisages something like http://i.imgur.com/zpDF4o3.jpg 18:37
flocculantfor example clementine notifies to desktop - but doesn't fill the log with hours worth of track names :)18:38
ochosiflocculant: initially i thought of adding another row in the applications tab but then it felt like total overkill, you know, it's also a burden to the user having to handle so many switches/options19:36
flocculantyea understood19:37
flocculantanyway - seems to work - except scrolling in s-m19:37
ochosiso in this sense the "mute" option is reused for the log19:38
flocculantdoesn't *work* for me with what I'd want - but that's something else entirely :)19:38
flocculantimagine wanting to see notifications from media - but not wanting it logged 19:38
ochosiin fact that's a problem of media players tbh19:39
ochosithe freedesktop.org notification standard (and pretty much all of its practical implementarions in DEs) has a "transient" property that nobody seems to use19:39
ochosiif clementine would mark its notifications as transient, they would never be logged (i implemented that)19:40
flocculantoh right19:40
ochosithe whole "persistence" feature - which is what the log is in the end - is described that way19:40
ochosithat's another reason - apart from the settings overkill - why i didn't want to re-implement something that was already there19:40
ochosihopefully disappointed users (like yourself ;)) will report bugs to media player devs19:41
flocculantok - I did think perhaps it was an unlikely thing :)19:41
ochosinah, i totally get the use-case19:41
ochosii also need to still implement the transient feature in xfce4-volumed19:41
flocculantyea of course - wish I could patch that and send it to them - more likely to occur 19:41
ochosicause really: why would you want to log audio volume changes...19:41
ochosithat should be easy though19:41
ochosiit's just an additional bit to set on the notification19:42
ochosiso a one-liner, most likely19:42
ochosibut first i need to release that darn thing, otherwise you have no good grounds for arguing ;)19:42
flocculantmmh - easy for you perhaps I have trouble with a shebang :D19:42
ochosiso more testing and fixing19:42
flocculantha ha ha yea ofc :p19:42
ochosisure, if you point me to the source i can take a look later, but first notifyd19:42
flocculantochosi: ok - that'll be a deal :p19:43
ochosibtw, also thanks for the mockup :) that's totally awesome19:43
ochosireally made clear what you meant19:43
ochosippl should draw more19:43
flocculantwelcome - sometimes it's so much easier :D19:43
flocculantso - for me only issue I can see is the scrolling19:43
flocculantI've got it set up in a vm too - I will double check there a bit later tonight19:44
ochosiok, i'll double-check too19:45
ochosicrap, so it still works for me19:46
ochosimust be zesty19:46
ochosior can you reproduce in yak as well?19:46
flocculantI did try in yak - not reproducing there for me19:47
flocculantand by \o/ I mean at least it's zesty and not flocculant's frankenstein install ;)19:47
flocculantochosi: I'll boot the vm now 19:47
ochosiyeah, if it's zesty it could be some problem with gtk3.2219:48
ochosicause i presume that's what zesty has19:48
ochosiyeah, so that may be it19:49
ochosiideally it'll just be a small setting somewhere19:50
flocculantdoes parole not work in this ?20:03
flocculantoh nvm - it caught up :)20:05
flocculantochosi: ok definitely not working on a vanilla zesty20:06
flocculantrebooting to yak20:06
flocculantochosi: ok - so not sure what's up here then - this is a pretty much vanilla yak install, scrolling with mouse in notifications works - notifications from settings manager - not working20:15
flocculantguess I didn't look properly the other day20:16
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flocculantwhen I say scroll - I mean up and down with the mouse wheel - not grabbing the bar and moving it up and down 20:17
ochosiflocculant: yeah, i subscribe to the same basic concept of "scrolling", but it works for me...21:07
flocculantjust thought I would make completely sure we're on the same page there ;)21:14
flocculantnot sure what to say then tbh - doesn't work on yak for me in s-m21:15
flocculantonly other thing is perhaps you have more up to date other stuff than a default install would have - perhaps 21:20
slickymasterknome, pleia2, there's a typo in the http://xubuntu.org/news/integrating-releases-website/ page21:40
slickymaster"documentation" in the second paragraph of the Release Pages section21:41
slickymasteractually, currently it's "documentaion" :P21:41
slickymasterfixed and updated21:42
* flocculant wanders off again21:44
knomeslickymaster, :P21:44
slickymasterhf flocculant 21:44
slickymasterhi knome :P21:45
knomeanyway, you like the integration?21:45
slickymasterit's really a one-stop shop for all our supported release21:46
knomeunsupported too21:46
slickymasterand I suppose that in maintenance terms it's much better knome 21:48
knomeway better21:51
knomeall download lists are now created dynamically from one list of mirrors21:51
slickymasterhm hm21:52
knomewhat? :P22:02
slickymasterjust agreeing with your reply, knome 22:15
knomeaha :P22:27
ochosibluesabre: hey there! wanna help out with your threading power/experience on this one? https://git.xfce.org/users/ochosi/xfce4-notifyd/tree/xfce4-notifyd-config/main.c?h=logging_rebased#n48623:04
ochosi(unless it's just g_thread_new())23:14

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