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dCLCpIs there any way that I can have my display have a default setting such that when I turn on the TV it goes straight to mirror display?03:49
someone235Hi, after I restart lightdm, I try to login again, and then a new session is started, instead of getting back to the old one. Someone knows how can I prevent it?07:29
flocculantthe question perhaps is why are you restarting lightdm when you're already running a session? restarting it will do exactly what you see happening.07:33
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selvodkaneed help kernel panic16:03
selvodkaneed help kernel panic16:06
selvodkaneed help kernel panic16:28
Chlorophytusselvodka: I'm here to help you with your panic.16:58
selvodkaChlorophytus, thx16:59
selvodkatrying to find a thumbdrive16:59
selvodkaafter selecting xubnuntu from grub17:00
selvodkasomeone on ##kernel said to "fix userspace "17:01
selvodkaand on reddit to filesystem check17:02
ChlorophytusYeah I know how Linux works sorta so I'd be happy to guide you. hm...xubuntu from GRUB, and an error when finding libpthread, a critical runtime library (the libc's multithreading library I think).17:02
ChlorophytusHm. Check /lib with "ls -al" or are you new to Linux?17:07
Chlorophytushold on17:07
Chlorophytusnvm. I'll boot the Xubuntu machine when I need to.17:07
selvodkanot super new but not good at it17:08
Chlorophytusmhm. Let me boot up my Xubuntu box then. Not even an emergency mode...?17:10
selvodkai tried on an older kernel and still panic17:11
Chlorophytuswhoops forgot to plug in my peripherals17:11
Chlorophytusah...I mean like a rescue disk. The kernel wants to load an init (normal stuff) that depends on a bunch of things that are not present.17:12
Chlorophytusbrb 1 sec17:14
selvodkathis showed when i tried to boot on the older kernel for recovery mode https://i.imgur.com/sjI8H4B.jpg17:24
ChlorophytusNot really experienced myself but still, I sorta know your problem's cause.17:27
flocculantselvodka: if there's not many people awake able to help with this in here - try #ubuntu17:28
flocculantonly time I ever had a kernel panick, fsck fixed whatever the issue was for me17:29
ChlorophytusHis problem is with the uh......ld system? not sure how it all comes together xubuntu-wise so I'll just leave it be. Best for me to just chill.17:30
selvodkai'll try to fsck on live usb 16.0417:30
flocculantChlorophytus: at this stage of booting - it'd be nothing xubuntu ish at all - hence pointing to #ubuntu where there are more people watching and responding :)17:34
selvodkaon ubuntu they said to do a clean install17:53
ubuntu-mateweggle ze du se um dameeen19:58
ubuntu-mateclientel succe direson19:59
ubuntu-matementinal botac19:59
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ballOooh, that's weird.21:08

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