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cpaelzerrharper: hi14:59
rharpercpaelzer: here15:00
rharpersmoser: should be online in just a few15:00
rharperwe can three-way sync15:00
cpaelzerrharper: why did you start without telling me - and wrote the same fixes as I had :-P15:00
rharperit was sporadically done during the morning with getting the kids ready15:00
rharperso I wasn't "officially" at work yet15:00
cpaelzerrharper: fyi the test numbers are not referrign to any other doc's test numbers - to explain why I confused you15:01
rharperthe other thing that changed though was that cloud-init doesn't not look for other datasources15:01
rharpercpaelzer: I saw that after I read the appendix15:01
rharperso I understand now15:01
rharperthe big change this morning was that we need to specify the datasource_list; otherwise cloud-init will search the "Default" list of sources as well15:01
rharpereven if we've specified one directly15:02
cpaelzerI consider it a special kind of review for each of us that we both decided to write out to dataource_list15:02
rharpersmoser may show the error of my ways but this way works15:02
cpaelzerrharper: I really had issues with the missing mkdir15:03
cpaelzerrharper: and it makes sense logically15:03
rharperthat was annoying15:03
cpaelzerrharper: to safety-create the dir15:03
cpaelzerrharper: to if you could pick up that change that would be nice15:03
rharperit should be in my branch15:03
cpaelzerah fine15:03
cpaelzerrharper: I didn't check what you pulled/changed yet15:03
cpaelzerrharper: about the "report full log" change - I liked it for debugging15:04
rharperI'm testing a xenial image with my latest c-i deb in it15:04
cpaelzerrharper: what do you think on adding that to your branch as well?15:04
rharperyes, that should go in too15:04
cpaelzer"The updated branch will be faster, if you look at cloud-init.log the current bits you tested still check for local seeds and such."15:04
cpaelzerrharper: is that still true^^ or was that part of the misunderstanding15:05
* cpaelzer is checking my logs15:05
rharperit's not quite straight forward in sh to capture the execution trace of the program15:05
cpaelzertrue, but that is just to move the output to the log15:06
cpaelzerfor the slow/fast question - my logs show it only checking for the one local DS I set in datasource_list15:06
cpaelzeranyway I think we concluded on the same set of things and are good now15:07
rharperah, I didn't realize you set _list15:07
rharpernow it makes sense15:07
rharperwhich is good15:07
cpaelzerI did in my branch15:07
cpaelzerthat is what I meant with "special review"15:07
cpaelzertwo people coming to the same conclusion15:07
rharperI have an appt I have to go to shortly; smoser should be online in a bit;15:07
cpaelzerI'm out a bit, then meeting and I should be able to chat while in the meeting15:08
rharperI think today is a matter of building the UC16 image with the right bits15:08
cpaelzerwe will see15:08
cpaelzeryes I agree to the UC16 building15:08
smosercpaelzer, here.15:09
cpaelzerone thing - it might be worth to build one with the worst case where cloud-init is enabled and polling all15:09
smoserrharper, here.15:09
rharperah, perfect15:09
cpaelzerand then the "good one" where we can configure with NoCloud or ConfigDrive15:09
rharperlet's sync quickly15:09
cpaelzersmoser: howdy - happy NY and such15:09
cpaelzeras happy as it can be - you should still be on vac15:09
smosercpaelzer, ok... so after lookign at changes in rharper branch what should i then look at15:38
cpaelzersmoser: ??15:39
smoseri'll look at rharper branch, and the changes he made there, understand them... maybe offer some chagnes.15:39
smoserthen what15:39
cpaelzersmoser: if you don't have huge changes next step is ryan building a UC16 image with it15:40
cpaelzersmoser: in that we will try the testaces for the POC show next week15:40
cpaelzersmoser: feel free to devel some configs for the use cases we had in mind, but given that this should be a free day for you ... you might as well drop off if you are ok with the current changes15:42
cpaelzersmoser: if you want you can do the silly go-hello world comparison in KVM and uncache before starting (echo 3 > proc/sys/vm/drop_caches)15:45
cpaelzerand send the results to the mail thread15:45
cpaelzerthe next major work on verifying and creating testcases can only start when the custom UC16 image is done by rharper15:48
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smoserrharper, when do you get back here ?18:02
rharpersmoser: here18:15
smoserchat a bit ?18:15
smoserrharper, ^18:20
rharpersmoser: I merged your branch and retested, things look good;  I'm going to build a UC16 image with that cloud-init and exercise the UC16 image locally and in OpenStack;  thanks again for coming in today19:39
cpaelzerrharper: hey - checking if anything unexpected came up before final EOD for me?21:22
rharperonly in the snap builds21:22
rharperI've got a working cloud-init updated from smoser21:22
rharpernow just debugging snap builds; but I expect things to be fully working once I work through getting the right cloud-init into a UC16 image21:22
cpaelzerrharper: ok, great - continuing tomorrow morning then21:24
rharperyep, I'll send an update21:24
cpaelzerrharper: touching all kind of wood for your image builds to succeed21:24
rharpersmoser: around ?  I can't seem to find out why the Z99-cloud-init-locale.test does or does not get included in a build....21:29

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