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jubo2I'm trying to figure out what is causing this Kubuntu 16.10 to occasionally freeze for 5-10 seconds (except the cursor moves with the mouse) and then the system performs the clicks and key punches made during the freeze in a very rapid manner05:33
jubo2The HW shop guys figured it'd be something with the RAM or disk05:34
jubo2said they didn't have much experience with Linux05:35
[Relic]does it happen at a specific time or when a specific application is open and running?05:35
jubo2So I'm thinking intalling stress and trying different parametered runs on it05:35
jubo2[Relic]: happens seemingly randomly05:35
[Relic]phoronix test suite05:36
jubo2I install that05:37
jubo2"unable to locate package"05:38
jubo2I found the download page05:39
[Relic]is it dashed not spaced05:39
jubo2installer download dialog says 9 extra packages are needed and recommends older versions from "channel"05:39
jubo2[Relic]: okk05:39
[Relic]ksysguard running somewhere where you can see it when this happens set to show cpu% might be something that narrows it down05:42
jubo2installed now05:42
jubo2Warning: Program '/usr/bin/phoronix-test-suite' crashed.05:43
[Relic]run from konsole05:43
[Relic]there are a whole slew of tests there, but you need to list and then install them before you run them05:46
jubo2[Relic]: okk.. Instructions please05:47
jubo2I could just look at their website instead of bothering you for them05:47
[Relic]they might have some hints on what might be best for you05:48
jubo2listing the test-suites seems awfully slow05:49
[Relic]I found it when I added my new vid card so it seemed pretty decent for gfx tests looks like it has a ton of tests to hammer a system with too05:49
jubo2it prlly compiling the list from some sources05:49
jubo2the gui keeps on crashing05:53
jubo2I need to cli it05:53
jubo2maybe I just start with booting to memtest and run that a few times05:53
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sintrehi blues :)07:47
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jubo2seems a HW problem07:56
jubo2run Memtest86+ several times07:56
jubo2in SMP mode it gets stuck at same exact point in progress with Core #3 state showing waiting07:57
jubo2so either something wrong with the RAM in bank #0 or core #3 or the membus or I dunno07:57
jubo2I sent the info I have to the HW shop. Lets see what further action plan they come up with07:58
jubo2In Safe mode the test passes that part07:58
jubo2this would indicate it not a RAM problem but more with the memory bus or whatevs we call it07:59
jubo2Safemode == single core ( I think )07:59
hateballAre you blogging?08:00
BluesKajhey sintre08:01
jubo2gotta go08:02
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BluesKajHi folks12:52
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excognachi all. I have a wierd connection problem on 16.10 64bit. Sometimes the wifi drops off sometimes the wired.  This is my card and driver https://paste.kde.org/pqtqdpipi . any ideas how to fix it?13:12
excognacmost things i googled never worked.13:13
hateballexcognac: what does "drop off" mean? Do you get a notification you've been disconnected?13:14
hateballexcognac: Do you lose LAN connectivity (eg ping your gateway/router) or are you unable to do DNS lookups to Internet?13:14
BluesKajexcognac, if it's with both wifi and ethernet  check your router/modem internet connection13:18
excognachateball: Yes I get this notification and it actually happens as I'm unable to ping. Until now it was constant with wired and it's wifi. Now they swapped: wifi dropped off non-stop (the router is far though, i don't even mind it) but now the wired works as it never did before13:20
excognac*and now it' with wifi13:20
hateballexcognac: Like BluesKaj said, if you lose even LAN connectivity to your router... check your router.13:22
excognacBluesKaj: hateball: I'm 100% sure it isn't the router as it works non-stop for others. The problem with LAN is inconsequent: now works perfectly, otherwise it drops of non-stop. I had the same problem on manjaro-kde but I forgot how I fixed it. :/13:24
hateballAfraid I've no advice in particular, ethernet tends to be quite... either it works or it doesnt13:27
excognachateball: thanks a lot still.13:28
BluesKajexcognac, that's a puzzler alright ...intermittents are always hard to track down13:30
excognacBluesKaj: aye, I know. I'm more than happy to provide any further detail if anything comes on your mind. I think the drivers are correct (see above).  The only thing I haven't set back since trying to fix is /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager-intern.state deleted. Everything else is set as default I guess.13:33
BluesKajexcognac, I personally don't use NM on ethernet connections, since the interfaces and resolv.conf files can do the work without any problems with static IP13:37
excognacBluesKaj:  I see. Mine is static too.13:47
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skritehello all14:23
skritei've a question for all. I wish to rip audio cds to wav files and then stitch the wave files together, then encode the resulting large wav file to mp3. what software would be best for this?14:40
hateballskrite: I think you can do CD ripping in k3b14:45
hateballI havent had an optical drive for quite some time so I don't really know many options14:46
hateballYou can use audacity to stitch/compress if that cant be done in k3b itself14:46
skritethanks, hateball!14:50
teiseiHello everyone! Does anyone have a clue of when guest account login will be available in SDDM?14:52
BluesKajteisei, it's available in system settings>acount destils>user manager>new user14:54
marco-parilloThat was the biggest regression when Kubuntu downgraded from LightDM.14:54
BluesKajonce you logout it should be available in the login14:55
marco-parilloBluesKaj: If I am not mistaken, once the new user is created, even as a guest, then it is permanent. LightDM used to mount home under tmp. It was fresh every time.14:55
marco-parillo(for the guest login).14:56
BluesKajmarco-parillo, I see, ..never had any occasion to use thae option14:56
marco-parilloHere is my wishlist (going nowhere): https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34540415:01
ubottuKDE bug 345404 in kcm_sddm "SDDM does not present Guest Login" [Wishlist,Unconfirmed]15:01
marco-parilloThis is the launchpad bug (not mine, and I am not sure I would call it a dup): https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sddm/+bug/145182215:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1485185 in sddm (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1451822 sddm doesn't work with passwordless accounts or expired passwords" [High,Confirmed]15:02
teiseiIndeed. Creating users has been a workaround for me, but there is convenience in not having to create fresh users every time someone else wants to use your computer (and especially when you are not around)15:05
teiseiI wonder if there is a separate issue for guest account functionality which is kind of different from passwordless accounts15:08
teiseiPerhaps the term "temporary" should be highlighted15:09
marco-parilloIt is on the SDDM to-do list https://github.com/sddm/sddm/wiki/TODO but I do not think it is going anywhere unless somebody contributes it: https://github.com/sddm/sddm/issues/38815:18
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teisei@marco-parillo The status of that issue is "Closed" ... does this mean the feature is not on the TODO list after all?15:29
hazamonzoAfternoon folks. Whats the best desktop recording software for Kubuntu these days?15:31
teiseiOBS probably15:33
* hazamonzo googles15:33
hazamonzoHmmm, is this not more broardcasting software insteal of recording software?15:33
teiseiI have used it as a recording software15:34
teiseiIt also functions as a broadcasting software as the name implies15:34
teiseiThis is also, in my opinion, the best free/open software for this purpose on other platforms15:35
hazamonzoSounds good. I need to record a couple of things for marketing purposes15:35
soeehazamonzo: im using simplescreenrecorder15:35
hazamonzosoee: I'll check that out too. I've used a couple on the past but i can't for the life of me remember what they were called15:36
teiseiSimplescreenrecorder works too but OBS is more versatile and less resource hungry in my opinion15:36
hazamonzoThoughts on RecordMyDesktop ?15:36
teiseiI think I tried it at some point but had little success with it15:37
hazamonzoIt looks limited in video output / encoding options15:37
teiseiI just could not get it up and running properly15:38
teiseiOBS worked without hassle15:39
teisei(and still does)15:39
hazamonzoteisei: Is OBS in a third party repo?15:40
teisei$ sudo apt show obs-studio15:41
teiseiMaintainer: Ubuntu Developers <ubuntu-devel-discuss@lists.ubuntu.com>15:41
teiseiAPT-Sources: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu zesty/universe amd64 Packages15:41
hazamonzoCheers :)15:42
teiseiEnjoy :)15:42
hazamonzoThanks! :D15:42
hazamonzooooooo now this looks a little more advanced15:44
teiseiIt is advanced but the basic functionality is quite simple once you get used to it15:45
teiseiBasically you just set the encoding options and then the capture devices (such as your own screen + microphone)15:46
hazamonzoJust looking for the capture devices as we speak since i just recorded a black screen :)15:46
teiseiI only have "Screen Capture (XSHM)" in Sources and everything works fine :)15:47
hazamonzoteisei: Oddly enough im looking through the settings and struggling to find Sources15:48
teiseiIt should be in the initial (main) UI15:49
teiseiScenes, Sources, Mixer, Scene Transitions etc.15:49
hazamonzoI was in settings15:49
teiseiNo problem :)15:50
hazamonzoteisei: Okay I have something although the quality is pretty poor and blurry. Any hints on decent output / recrding settings?15:53
teiseiHmm let's see15:54
teiseiEncoder x264, Rate Control CBR, Bitrate 2500, CPU usage preset fast, profile high15:56
hazamonzoOkay lets give that a try15:56
teiseiIn File -> Settings -> Output15:56
hazamonzoAlso i noticed that in my video settings the output res is much lower than my base resolution15:57
teiseiYou can also see Video tab for FPS and resolution as well as downscale filter15:57
hazamonzoThat could be the issue maybe?15:57
teiseiHehe that may explain15:57
teiseiJust change that for now15:57
hazamonzoOne thing though, thats streaming options you mentioned above15:57
hazamonzoNot recording ones15:58
hazamonzoOr oes the streaming options double up for the recording ones15:58
teiseiOh yes sorry about that15:58
teiseiI was in the wrong tab15:58
hazamonzoOkay the scaling option made a big difference15:59
teiseiContainer Format mp4, Bitrate 2500, Video Encoder libx265 (could experiment with x265 though at some point), Audio bitrate 160, track 1, Audio Encoder aac15:59
teiseiYeah that usually does15:59
hazamonzoOkay i'll give that a shot also then16:00
teiseiSorry, currently I have libx264 (I had a typo there)16:00
hazamonzoOkay, recording is looking good. How about simple video editing software? Something where I can add in fades, maybe text boxes as layer and static image as frames?16:35
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Walexhazamonzo: there are several...17:14
Walexhazamonzo: the KDE one is called Kdenlive17:14
hazamonzoWalex: I'll take a look at that as OpenShot just froze on me :s17:15
Walexhazamonzo: it might be a GPU driver issues...17:16
hazamonzoWalex: OpenShot?17:16
Walexhazamonzo: with any video editor.17:18
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viewer|78207first time using kubuntu. after install, i'm having trouble getting my computer to detect wifi networks19:45
viewer|35984Do the computer see any wifi?19:46
viewer|78207driver manager doesn't see any updates either. would I need to manually install them?19:47
viewer|35984Ok. Open a Terminal and do lshw to see what is the exact Wifi xip you have. After that, look at the internet to see if any driver is needed. It happens some time with wifi.19:48
viewer|78207i'll try that. thanks!19:49
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srvrmrdrhello all22:47
srvrmrdrDoes anyone happen to have information for newbies?22:47
srvrmrdrregarding IRC setup and account registration22:47

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