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hotellinaHi everybody, I reported a bug for Ubuntu and I got asked more information. After having provided more info do I have to manage the status myself setting the status from Incomplete >> to Confirmed?16:26
cjwatsonit won't happen automatically, if that's what you mean; either you change that or wait for whoever asked you for the information to (maybe) do it16:30
hotellinatnx cjwatson, I am going to change the status now myself.16:33
sigmavirushotellina: you might not want to change to Confirmed though. That status doesn't mean what you think it means16:34
hotellinaOk, I'll leaving rotting in Incomplete then....16:35
cjwatsonConfirmed isn't likely to be worse than Incomplete16:37
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rbasakI suggested new in #ubuntu-bugs. If someone thinks the question asked that caused it to be set to Incomplete is answered, New is always an improvement I think.16:42
hotellinarbasak is your suggestion for someone acting as submitter or for the reviewer of the bug itself?16:47
sigmavirushotellina: so you're the reporter, I'd move it to New16:52
sigmavirusIf you were reviewing the bug, moving it to Confirmed would be fine16:52
sigmavirusBut based on what you said at first, you're the reporter, not the reviewer16:52
hotellinaOk, thanks, it make sense now. It was my first bug reported.16:53
sigmavirusNo worries =)16:53
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